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Major Spoiler! Just Another Hit and Run? Not Hardly! Finale Shooting Pics!

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My good friend Ryan from TheTransmission podcast, and HawaiiWeblog, has come into possesion of some very interesting photographs.  A source on the scene of today’s shooting forwarded the images to Ryan who has in turn forwarded them to us to share.  I have to admit,  I was reluctant to post them.  They depict a heartbreaking moment in LOST’s history, nearly from the camera’s point of view – you could practically count one of these shots as a promo pic.

Since ryan is giving us first shot at these, I’m putting a light watermark on them.  Be sure to watch for the un-watermarked phots and a full report on Ryan’s blog later on.   Apologies for the watermark, but it’s a dog-eat-dog world.


  • Wow… I bet Ben is definitely the person who killed Nadia

    • Michel

      Ben couldn’t even have planned Nadia’s killing, being too busy trying to save hismelf and his people’s life from the Freighter-Blackwater crew. When he appeared in Sahara’s Desert, Nadia was already dead.

      You guys give Ben wayy to much credit and Widmore way too little.

  • dolce

    Holy crap! Is Sayid dead too?

    • dolce

      …and wait, that kinda sorta looks like Ilana (maybe the boots?). I don’t remember how Nadia’s death went down, but this does not seem familiar to me. Better rewatch that one. Again.

      • Michel

        Nadia’s death happened in a street crossing in Los Angeles.

        • dolce


  • adam118

    Personally, doesn’t seem like a HUGE spoiler just from the pics.

  • Malakai

    Ive always been amazed at characters’ willingness to believe what Ben says. Despite a history of about 90% of what he sasy being provably false.

    Ben: “Juliet your sister has cancer again. You don’t believe me? Here’s a piece of paper.”

    Juliet: “Oh well I guess if you have a piece paper everything you say must be true”

    Ben: “Sayid, this man killed your wife. Look I have a picture of him in a car.”

    Sayid: “Yes this picture IS of him in a car, and his hands are at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions on the wheel! He MUST be the killer!”

    • Ed Holden

      Ben: “I know Jacob told you to move the island. But what he meant was, I have the move the island. You have to go hang out with Richard in a ditch.”

      Locke: “Well, when you put it that way I guess I interpreted everything he told me in confidence a little too literally. Have fun moving the island.”

      It’s a skill. The only one immune to it so far is Sun with her outrigger paddle. She understands how to work with Ben effectively.

      • Michel

        … and with Widmore. By the way, that arab guy Sayid killed first (the one Ben said was the Nadia’s murderer) was indeed working for Widmore. I know Ben is lying sack of BS, but he couldn’t have killed Nadia. So, if Widmore didn’t gave the order, who did? I think Ben was telling the truth there.

        • A good liar has to tell/mix the truth sometimes. Gotta maintain that credibility.

          I think Capt Jack Sparrow said it best. “Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for”

  • April

    Ahhh, so are we starting to back and see this and other important moments in Losties lives for a reason? Like could it be that someone is there for all of them?

  • Mike

    So, since it looks like its a Sayid centric finale – one can assume he’s the crucial cast member to die this season

  • Vayne81

    Well Sayid doesn’t look dead. From my gathering, he looks as if he’s trying to figure out if the lady he is with looks alive or not. But the scene they are in looks like where you would board a plane, I can’t figure out why they are laying there.

    I have a feeling that, although he is in cuffs on the plane, that there might be alternative to what we see.