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McPherson: “No Big LOST News At Comic Con” — Say It Isn’t SO!

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ogr.jpgIs Stephen McPherson for real?   Last year he blew the return of Michael at the Television Critics Association press tour, a surprise that had been planned for Comic Con.  This year, according to McPherson, he will not only NOT be scooping Darlton, but there is absolutely nothing to scoop about.  Here is Ausiello’s live coverage of McPherson’s statement:

“McPherson says that there will be no big Lost announcements
this morning, unlike last year when he broke the news that Michael was
returning. (He also assured us that they weren’t holding some big scoop
for ComicCon either.)”

Source – Ausiello on

  • Ben

    He’s probably just trying to “lead us astray” this year to make amends for blowing it last year.

    They’ll never see it coming!

  • milo

    I actually think this could be a GOOD thing. The announcement of the return of Michael just overhyped it and ended up with many people feeling let down when he finally showed up. They would have been much better off making no announcement and leaving his name out of the opening credits.
    Maybe this means they learned their lesson. Why would they need to make a major announcement anyway? This far into the show’s run, vague hints and teases are probably better anyway.

  • lyly ford

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