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Meet Kevin Johnson #1 For DVR Gains

By docarzt,

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As was predicted, LOST picked up major gains from DVR views following what some choose to dub a ‘disappointing’ night for Kevin Johnson (my least favorite episode of LOST ever, FYI.)

Time shifted numbers (live plus people who watch on DVR) brought in close to four-million additional viewers, a total of around 135% of the live views.

Number two was Smallville, and three was Jericho.

Even though I despised Kevin Johnson, I love this news because it shows that the audience is pretty consistent this season.  The numbers are certainly a nice counter to the chilly breeze being blown by pundits.  The ratings chart also points out, quietly, that LOST’s live views were under 10 million.  That may just be a first.

Source:  TVBytheNumbers

  • Nathan

    If I miss it live, I stream it on the next day. I mean, I could wait like an hour for it to download from bittorrent and have it take up all my bandwidth in the meantime, or I could just stream it, and then close the window and go back to what I was doing.

  • Diego

    Worst. Episode. Evar!

  • Trevor

    I honestly still don’t get why you didn’t like Meet Kevin Johnson, Doc, or how it’s relevant to this article; but disregarding that, I think 135% of the live viewers is quite a bit high for four million extra viewers? I mean, that’d mean only about 2.96 million watched the episode live, off the top of my head…

  • DocArzt

    Trevor… did you do the math? 135% of 9 million = 9 million + 4 million

  • Watching Mr. Ecko die for no good reason, as well as watching Nikki and Paolo steal a couple scenes, not to mention seeing Locke return to his old self by inviting random beach people along to go to the Pearl Station (Let’s go for a hike!), still makes me cringe when I think about it. Kevin Johnson wasn’t nearly as bad as that. That said, I was disappointed that they didn’t show the immediate aftermath of leaving the island, and that there was no revelation of a time distortion, but Kevin Johnson wasn’t a bad episode.

  • Shaun

    Wait… if “live views” were around 10 million, how does 4 million extra “time-shifted” viewers make for 135% of the “live views”? Am I missing something here?

    To be 135% of the live viewers, you’d need another 10 million (or whatever the exact number is) PLUS another 35% above that.

    Either I’m missing something (and I might be), or Doc’s posting is way off the mark.

    Oh, and MKJ wasn’t that bad. Did it leave a lot to be desired? Yes. But it’s not like Lost has ever left viewers with more questions than answers. And nothing will ever be as bad as “Stranger In a Strange Land.” The Lost episode I mean, not the classic book.

  • Shaun

    Oops… Meant to say “it’s not like Lost has NEVER left viewers with more question than answers.” Mea culpa.

  • JDSalinger

    Meet KJ isnt nearly as bad, Doc come on….. I think the expectations were VERY high & excution wasnt stellar but in my opinion there were more boring episodes this season (“The Other Woman”, anyone…?). Anyway, those are great news, Doc…now knock off the bashing 😉

  • David

    Doc, a question for you.

    How do the networks/advertisers view this jump? Obviously, it means more people are watching the show after it has been aired live (something that has been difficult to measure in the past). However, the whole point of DVR, other than being able to watch it on your terms, is to skip through the commercials. Does this mean that no ad revenue is generated for these +4 million viewers? If so, is this information relevant to the networks, who at the end of the day are looking to make money off of Lost?

    Also, are there any statistics on viewers who stream it on or purchase the episode on iTunes? I feel like just looking at the ratings isn’t quite fair when there are so many ways to watch an episode of Lost (or any show).

  • Willaim

    What category does this fit in: I watch it live – Sort of. On the night of the show, I start watching at about 9:20 off the DVR. I skip the commercials and am finished right about 10 (before I get a WTF spoiler call from one of my friends!).

  • BiggsDarklighter

    So Doc,
    I hear you did not like the “Meet Kevin Johnson” episode. You should probaby blog about it so eveyone here can know how you feel.