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Michael Emerson Spills the Beans on the Lost Epilogue

By Koobie,

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I’m not really sure if this is a spoiler or not, but I’ll be on the safe said and keep the front page summary clean.  During an interview on Attack of the Show Michael Emerson revealed what the DVD bonus epilogue will entail.  No, it won’t be 20 years later when Walt is all grown up and sends his own kids on a train to Wizard School.

The epilogue will actually be a self-contained story featuring Number One and Number Two, Hurley and Ben respectively, and will also have an appearance from Walt. Here is what Kristin Dos Santos from E! reported:

“For those people that want to pony up and buy the complete Lost series, there is a bonus feature,” Michael just told our Kevin Pereira of Attack of the Show!, which airs tonight at 7 on E!’s brother network G4. “Which is um, you could call it an epilogue. A lost scene. It’s a lot; it’s 12 or 14 minutes that opens a window onto that gap of unknown time between Hurley (Jorge Garcia) becoming number one and the end of the series.”

Michael says this extra footage is not the premise for a spinoff. “It’s self-contained. Although, it’s a rich period in the show’s mythology that ‘s never been explored, so who knows what will come of it.”

  • Lostfan24

    this makes me happy, yes it does.

  • Mama Lost

    Holy Black Smoky! This would be amazing. Beyond amazing. [mind boggles]

    Mama Lost

    • Mama Lost

      I’m hoping there’s a reference to the hot pocket scene.

      Mama Lost

  • Looking forward to this. Interesting to hear the final comment, about not being spinoff material, then “who knows what could come of it…”
    Yes, who knows indeed!

  • Henry Holland

    Good news! My friend Hugh at work thinks they should do the Hugo & Ben Reign on The Island as something like Watchmen, a comic novel (sorry, I have zero interest in that kind of stuff, I don’t know what they’re technically called).

    • Close. It’s “graphic novel.”

      • Henry Holland

        Right, graphic novel. That format would work for me and probably be a lot less expensive to make.

    • Gerry Jackson

      Tell Hugh “great idea!’

  • Ament

    Great news. Perhaps it would explain how “the rules” are created and used. When Hurley was in the car with Sayid I got a feeling that Hurley imposed the meeting up together rule, but thats just silly wishing for now.

  • Ioannes

    But where will it be set?!

    Will Walt find himself back on everyone’s favourite island and then having Hurley and Ben help him off – or will it be a visit, a conversation and a shoulder tap

    Will Walt get closure on what happened to his dad?

    • johr77

      so this will be the ending?

      buy the dvd’s and you get to find out how it ends?

      that’s as lame as the TV ending.

      • Greg

        Epilogue, not ending, epilogue.

        • Brandon

          Its really not even an epilogue since this will take place before all of the flash sideways events. Everyone had died in the flash sideways. Ben and Hurley will be well and alive here on the island.

      • Meg

        Just their way of making more money, people want to know more so they buy the dvd’s. very lame.

        • Brandon

          A true lost fan would buy the complete series regardless so go cry me a river.

          • jessea

            Well, but a true Lost fan might have already bought each season as it came available and only need Season 6 to complete the set…sounds like this Epilogue will only be available if you buy the COMPLETE box set…which would mean re-buying the first 5 seasons…
            very disrespectful to the fans, actually…at the very least just make it available on the Season 6 DVD set…
            It’s like how they put the Lost University stuff as a bonus feature…but only if you bought the Blu-ray. WEll, I don’t have Blu-ray, so I don’t get to have that…not cool!
            My hope is that eventually, it will all be available one way or another, because I really have no need to buy all 6 seasons…
            Having said that, I am relieved and excited to know that there is a little bit of Lost still to be seen…I’m all for a Hurley/Ben epilogue, in fact I think it would make a great MOVIE!
            Not big on graphic novels but I can deal with them…depends on who’s writing it and how focused it stays…

  • Chris

    I likey!! I knew there would be more tidbits dolled out later!

  • jimmyzer00

    that is fucking insane

  • shea

    ah brillient. but yeah would call that a spoiler, nice though.

  • Maybe Walt will end up being picked as the Island protector to follow Hurley….

    • jessea

      that would work…

  • Ann

    That’ll be something to look forward to. This is sooo great!

  • wafs

    I’m looking forward to it BUT I’m not going to over excite myself and set high expectations. I wouldn’t want to dissapoint myself!

    Gosh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I get the LOST Blu ray mega collection. Watch from s1e1 or just go straight to the ending stuffs!

    • Brandon

      I would definitely watch this before you go back and watch the whole series again…because they might explain walt and some other things so that will give you a new perspective on the rewatch.

  • Pete317

    Is it only going to be a on the series box set, or will it be on the Season 6 set as weel. I already own Seasons 1-5, and don’t want to be forced to buy them again just to see this.

    • Jackisjack

      That would be so funny if it’s on the Blu-Ray boxed complete series holographic edition with 4000 hours additional home videos of the entire cast and crew collectors set. Starts at $499.99 and requires $200 donation to the “Save The Islands” fund. Also the extra 15 minutes is actually extended credits where only pictures of Hurley and Ben are seen giving each other wedgies and headlocks on the beach.

      • jessea

        haaaahaaaaaaa! that would be so typical of what we have come to expect from the PTB…
        WHY oh WHY must they run a racket on us, to make us buy MORE? Have we not been THE most devoted, involved, faithful, freakish fans of any show EVER? Do we not deserve more?

  • Rams

    I think Hurley will figure out a way to let Michael “move on”.

    • Brandon

      That’s an interesting idea. That makes me think about Boone as well…In the beginning of season three Locke sees Boone when he does his little sweat lodge thing. Maybe Boone was also a spirit trapped on the island. AND MAYBE that is why Hurley and Boone seemed to already have a good grasp of what was going on because Hurley helped Boone to move on.

  • Henry Holland

    I’m not bothered with having to buy DVD or Blu-Ray or either, because I’ll watch it like I’ve watching the show since episode 0104: via BitTorrent. Somebody will slap this on to BT and I’ll grab it from TVTorrents or The Pirate Bay.

    • elginmiller

      I bet your ghost winds up trapped on the island for stealing then bragging about it.

      • Henry Holland

        Well, I don’t believe in any afterlife, so I’m good to go.

        And I wasn’t bragging, just stating a fact. If they actually counted the people that grabbed episodes from BitTorrent sites, the number of people they could count as watching would go up quite a bit I’d think. I watch the BitTorrent versions for one simple reason: they have all the commercials stripped out, so I don’t have to sit there hitting the FF button.

        • Brian

          What terrible reasoning. It’s not about the people watching, but about the people WATCHING the commercials. The fact that you are watching it WITHOUT commercials means you’re basically another viewer that doesn’t count.

          You should try supporting Hulu.

        • It doesn’t matter if you believe. Like Jacob said… What about you?

  • fronald

    Get ready for 20 delightful minutes that will pose more questions than it gives answers!

  • jessea

    Hey, you know what? If ABC/Disney wants to make MORE MONEY so bad, how about THIS idea:

    Hire the entire LOST cast and crew back and REDO the Finale as a MOVIE, which every freakin’ one of us would pay to see in the theatres! This show has set a precedent for interaction of author and audience, fan influence, etc…It would be perfectly in line with this new way of responding to audience opinions for the PTB to say, “The fans aren’t happy. They want to know certain things. Let’s do it.” And they could do it with no shame in their game by not changing the ENDING, really, but by filling in the gaps where they need to. It would be more like an expansion of what they already did–as if they’d had 4 more hours in which to tie up the story properly.
    I like this idea so much that I may take some time this summer to write it up formally and send it to the PTB. If anyone else is with me on this, please do the same…
    This reminds me of those times when you’re at a concert, and the show ends, and the audience claps…and then keeps clapping, and then it becomes this sort of rythmic demand of clapping for MORE, for an encore…and when it finally gets loud enough, the band comes back out for ONE MORE…

  • Island Dweller

    watch Lost II: Fantasy Island with Hurley as Mr. Rourke & Ben yelling, “Da Plane, Da Plane…”