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Michael Emerson talks season finale

By triangulatedsignal,

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Michael Emerson talked to Hollywood411 about the season finale, Ben Linus, the smoke monster, and tries to discreetly spoil, but if you watch the show at all, it is not discreet!

Some points he touches on include :

– being judged

– filming the 100th episode

– what his plans are post-Lost

– if we will see the monster again

– what he thought of Dead is dead

– and how fans react to him.

Source : sl-LOST

  • JJStrange

    So, lots of story lines coming to “a head”…”a BIG head” I wonder if that’s in direct reference to the statue?! Can’t wait, two weeks is too long to go w/out my drug!

  • Hipster Doofus

    He was talking about Jacob!

    • neoloki

      Definitely! The finale is going to revolve around Jacob. Maybe a Jacob flashback? Could we dream so big?

  • Jelly


    • neoloki


      • neoloki

        could they end season 5 by blowing up the Island?

        • triangulatedsignal

          thats what im thinking anyway

        • Jelly

          I bet they’ll find a way to stop it with, for example, the massive amount of magnetic energy housed behind the cement in the hatch that can crash planes and turn the sky purple. ‘Course, that doesn’t explain why no one died of radiation poisoning after those events. Hm… perhaps I need to rehtink this theory.

        • That’s the Season 6 finale!


      • Cecil

        Yeah, Michael Emerson tends to be literal with his hints if you’ve seen his interviews in the past. “Explosive” seems pretty obvious…

  • Neville

    Emerson said the finale will end on an “explosive” note..He chose that word for a reeason. Bearing in mind that Team Darlton said to keep in mind Stephen King’s “The Stand” in relation to Jughead, I think it will go off this season

  • icraig

    Hopefully Jacob but also maybe the DeGroots … not seen them anywhere at all apart from those Dharma videos

  • theglasseye

    I was actually really hoping for the DeGroots coming out of the sub at the end of the last episode. I’d also love to meet Alvar or even Magnus Hanso!

  • Andy

    “I was actually really hoping for the DeGroots coming out of the sub at the end of the last episode. I’d also love to meet Alvar or even Magnus Hanso!”

    I, too, would love to have them on the show…but I have a feeling we never will.

  • bender b. rodriguiez

    Jacob = statue, we’ve never seen either of their faces for a reason. I think I may have figured it out. man, I have got to quit smoking weed.

  • BawlzMcGee

    It’s Jacob we finally see, but I demand a Richard backstory before the season ends. I think the two might be intertwined so to say.

  • Theory156

    I don’t think he’s talking about Jacob actually, I think he’s talking about whoever has been dwelling in the temple all this time.

  • ashleyb

    I think he was talking about Jacob. Or the DeGroots.

  • Dick Head

    So many stories come to an explosive HEAD… hahaha. Well we still don’t know whose stories and when. Daniel and Sayid, anyone?

  • elephant in the room

    Isn’t the finale called “Follow the Leader”??? It’s thought to be Locke centric but I think by Locke helping Jacob (like he asked him to do in the cabin) we’ll meet the new leader in Jacob (new to us and the 815er’s at least). After seeing Jughead, Faraday told Richard to bury it back in 1952 (or 54, can’t remember) and I was safe to assume that the incident was because of the bomb being buried and then Dharma would have to come in and build the hatch/Swan. Then last week we see that it was already in construction (which I’m sure was another Faraday suggestion). I can’t wait to see the Variable next week to see where and what Dan was up to those 3 years. Let’s get Des back to the island too, he’s the Variable because he is special. Being special could be a curse on Lost though (Walt anyone??).

    • Mr. Friendly’s Beard

      I think “Follow the Leader” is the penultimate episode. The last episode (the 2-parter) is “The Incident.” Maybe Jacob is a member of the Dharma initiative used as a guinea pig in their new time travel experiments. He gets displaced in time, and begins to exist simultaneously in all periods of the island’s history.

    • brent

      I believe “Follow the Leader” 5×15 is Richard-centric. Maybe not as centric as Some like it Hoth was for Miles but that’s the feeling I’m getting.

      Also of note, Jughead was buried in 1954, 23 years later.. BOOM. I feel that two things will be happening, jughead exploding and something at the Swan. I don’t think they are one and the same but that’s just me.

  • Vlad

    The Variable will be a play on The Constant… Desmond is gonna change something in time…

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