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Michelle Rodriguez as confused as us!

By triangulatedsignal,

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analuciaMichelle Rodriguez has claimed to be as lost about lost as the rest of us.

Speaking at the premiere of her new film ‘Fast And Furious’ , she said “You know I am tired of coming up with theories, because every single time I come up with a damn theory you know, there goes JJ Abrams to pop that theory and turn it to s**t”

Michelle previously played the role of Ana-Lucia in Lost, an ex-police officer who was in the tailsection of the plane. She also said “So I don’t know what to say now, I am scared that he might pop my theory again. So I am just gonna keep shut and wait for the answer. You know, patiently like the rest of the world.”

Source : Salisbury Journal

  • Beena

    I wonder if she’s supposed to make anymore appearances on LOST. Thought her last scene, pulling Hurley over, was hilarious.

    Every time I see her, I can’t help but think I should go buy one those “Michael killed me” t-shirts!

  • RodimusBen

    I miss Ana-Lucia…

  • ubermensch

    I don’t miss her character at all. She was so annoying. I’m glad they killed her character off and it was by another character (Michael) who was also annoying.

    • Vital10

      I agree, she was extremely annoying. I think it was her voice and her horrible acting.

  • Henry Holland

    Yeah, I’d agree, her acting wasn’t great, but there was one scene that I thought was really effective: when she’s about to shoot Ben, but stops and says “I just can’t do this anymore”.

    As for Michael, I can see why Harold P. got pissed about how they handled Michael. Here was this dude who’s an artist, can design a aqueduct, can build stuff and he ends up just screaming “WAAAAAALLLLLTTTTTTT” most of the time. I can see the point of his obsession –guilt about not being there for “his boy”– but damn did they over-do that. What a waste of a (potentially) interesting character.

    For me, if you wanna talk about super-annoying characters, go no further than Shannon. I never bought for a second that someone like Sayid would fall for someone like her. Totally contrived “Let’s have the characters hook up even if it makes no sense”. When Ana-Lucia shot Shannon, I did the Snoopy Dance of Joy around my apartment. Wish they’d kept Boone though……

    • Ali

      Amen to that. Shannon annoyed me more than any other character. Re-watching season 1, she was constantly saying things along the lines of “No one thinks I can do anything” and etc. and it was like well, what do you expect? You laid around the beach complaining and not helping out at all for the longest time. Her romance with Sayid was out-of-the-blue and unbelievable, so I was pretty joyous when she got shot. Ana Lucia bothered me a bit as well, but it was great when she put an end to Shannon.

    • sarcastiguy

      Yay other people hated shannon as much as I did, but lets not forget boone, the best thing that happened to him was dying.

      • boonesghost

        Are we sure Boone is dead?

  • RodimusBen

    Ana-Lucia was a great character precisely because she was not easy to like. Every character can’t be Barney and they can’t all realistically have a love-in. Not when you put dozens of complete strangers in a survival situation. Ana-Lucia’s two flashbacks explained clearly the elements of her past that made her the person she was on the Island.

    Problem is, so many LOST fans are ultra character loyalists or just flat-out resentful of ANY new blood, she wasn’t really given a chance to develop naturally as a multi-faceted character before she was crucified by the fandom. People hated her for the right reasons, but never opened their minds to the idea that the character could change or expose another side of herself.

  • rob

    man, crash me somewhere with ana-lucia or shannon and i’ll populate the whole island, annoying or not. foxiest chicks on LOST, ever. you guys are crazy bout hating on my sweet michelle. i totally dig her. bangin!

    • dolce


  • It bugs me when people assume that Abrams has anything to do with Lost at this point. I can forgive it when writers do it, but I would think someone who was actually on the show would know that it’s Cuse and Lindelof calling the shots. As far as I know JJ was just involved with creating the concept and has no part in the show’s ongoing story or production.