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**Minor Spoilers** Matthew Fox on the end of “Lost” & his character Jack

By DarthVibbert,

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Hey guys, I’ve been around here for a while, but I just started contributing. So here’s the first little bit of news from me… enjoy!

img_01902On the end of ‘Lost’ in 2010

“Personally, it’s a relief. I owe this show a great amount, and I think it’s exceptionally good . . . [but] I am looking forward to the freedom that comes with not working on one project professionally. All of us knew that if the show was strung out indefinitely, it was going to ruin the story. It’s not like a doctor drama, where you have a new case each week.”
On his ‘Lost’ character

“When it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to look at the six seasons of ‘Lost’ and see a pretty amazing character arc. Jack has been evolving, and not necessarily into a good place. We started the show with him being this hero who had no concept of what that required, sort of trying to live up to the expectations… and then finding the way to redeem himself.”

On the shows conclusion

“This show started with a plane crash on an island in the South Pacific, and it’s going to have a very global and epic ending… I have some idea.”

Source: Full Article @ Popeater

  • professorstotch

    I read this article like 10 minutes minutes ago. I was like “Oh that should be posted.” And then, right on queue, it shows up on my RSS feed.

    When I originally pulled up the article, I was expecting him to mention being unhappy. I wonder…by saying it’ll be a relief…is he secretly saying: “Man, I can’t wait…just one more year, and I’m done with this crap.”

  • TRoss

    It’s probably a relief like your kids leaving the nest is a relief – you love ’em, you’re proud of ’em, but you’re relieved they’re finally out of the house and you can do something else with their bedrooms.

    I get the impression from his comments that he knows the end of the mythos portion of Lost, not so much the character part.

  • Annie79

    I wonder what he means by ‘a very global and epic ending…’?? Sounds big!!

  • cameron

    If it ends like The Sopranos i will hunt down Darlton and make them reshoot an ending. (btw sopranos ended with a random black screen halfway through a sentence in a song. Youtube it, you’ll be mad)