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Mysteries of the Universe – Episode 2 Appears on

By Koobie,

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The second video of the Mysteries of the Universe, entitled “A cloud of answered questions…”, is screening at

The video is full of fun little Dharma recruiting tidbits, from interrogating a college student on his choice of a halloween costume to the DI owning Area 51 (another vile vortex?).  The video focuses on two recruitment centers of the DI, Area 51 and Portland, Oregon.  They even interview Olivia Goodspeed’s father about her disappearance and recruitment into the DI.

A couple of easter eggs even pop up in this 6 minute video.  AS the narrator discusses Area 51 you can see LOST printed on the side of an “alien spacecraft”, and one of the “strange questions” that the DI asks for recruitment is “Who is your constant?”

The MU team leaves you with a little gem at the end of the video, “This place setting is serving up mystery.”  Check out the full video at

  • THinIL

    I hope we are supposed to chalk up the alien/ufo references in this “show” to nonsense. Surely the writers won’t go down that road in S6.

    • Oh, I don’t know, that Donkey Wheel looks like alien tech to me!

    • Paul Rand

      I really really hope its aliens. If anyone can do crazy sci-fi concepts in a believable way it’s the LOST team. I’m just really worried the ending will involve some crazy mythological concepts that err on the side of magic rather than a hard sci-fi ending.

      • JacobsLather

        I seem to remember reading somewhere legitimate–might’ve been a Doc Jensen article in EW–that Darlton said that for the first time in the series, the audience has probably has enough information to make some reasonble theories about what the end will be. They’ve always said before that we just didn’t know nearly enough to even guess; now we do, apparently. That leads me to think that while it would be cool if it was aliens (as long as it was done well), it’s not very likely they’ll introduce some new major twist like that. I’d like to be wrong, of course, and Darlton have been known to be dirty liars from time to time.

      • I think what The Darlton calls “electromagnetic energy” or what I call zero-point energy does not necessarily lead down the road to magic, but rather science. We don’t really know the source of mass or even gravity, but we (edumacated peoples) don’t consider it magic, or maybe – maybe – not even supernatural. Science in essence is the constant questioning of a subject until it can be fully explained.

        Now, some might argue that spirituality is by nature based on the supernatural, but I won’t. It’s just something else that hasn’t been explained “scientifically” enough to qualify or quantify any scientific legitimacy to it. (Okay, that’s arguable for some – just don’t involve me in that argument.)

        Because we don’t understand the science behind something doesn’t mean we’re talking magic.

        As for “mythological concepts,” there’s a whole lot of that definitely going on. Most fiction by definition is based on such concepts. At the same time, Lost is creating its own myth as well.


    got a feeling that the other missing guy in discussion is phil( security guy who got spear’d in the season 5 finale’) very good watch shame its a long wait for the others now

  • Annebeth

    I thought that too, hurleyfries, but unless they made an error, that can’t be the case. Because his neughbour Phil only went missing in 1977 (‘last year’ and the video was made in 19780. And our Phil was present in Dharmaville in 1974….
    But it can be an error 🙂

    • Wally

      you don’t know how long ago that was shot. Documentaries such as this (if it were real) would often take years to make and often use footage shot for other things. They could have shot it in 1975

      • Annebeth

        oh yeah, that could be the case 🙂

  • Why does the Dharma Initiative give the same battery of tests to scientists and janitors as given to psychotic killers!


    Oh, I don’t know, perhaps they’re looking for a few psycho killers!!!

  • Will

    At 2:05 into the video, the picture on the left of the “MISSING” newspaper, does that look like Daniel Faraday? It does to me but I don’t know, perhaps just a coincidence? Comments/thoughts?

    • Will

      It appears again between 3:15 and 3:16 briefly.

  • Bezmina

    Nah Will I don’t think it is Daniel, I reckon is coincidence.

  • cekma

    Would be great if the puppy is vincent. I don’t think it’s aliens. This is suppose to be a conspiracy theory “show.” They’re just having fun and boy they are definitely doing a great job.

    I consider this canon. Damon said at con this would be included on season 5 dvds and shed more light on dharma. To me that’s canon.

    • Wally

      I agree if this were real they would easily make the jump between Dharma and area 51 even though no connection could be established

  • Andy

    Here’s a mystery of the universe: What happened at Every story beyond January 2009 has vanished. I wonder if they’re being hidden away at Area 51.

  • Andy

    By the way, Doc, every time I visit your site, pop-up ads flood my system. My settings are set to repel them, and no other site I visit does this. Any idea why?

  • Shawn

    This is off the topic from the Mysteries of the Universe videos (well, sort of off topic because it relates to what is canon and not canon for the actual show) but I was wondering if anybody has any idea if the theory behind the Valenzetti Equation and the numbers is canon to the actual show. It came about in the Lost Experience and I am trying to figure out if this will play a big role in the final season/the end game of the show since the equation relates to the numbers bringing about the end of human mankind…interesting to ponder right?

    • Zonker

      Re: the numbers… Damon has said revealing too much about the power of the numbers would be akin to pulling together the pseudo-science explanation for the power of the Force in Star Wars– it would rob the idea of its mystery. I’m thinking the Valenzetti Equation from the Lost Experience is about the last word we’ll get on the subject, especially since Damon & Carlton indicated that in S6 Dharma will play a relatively minor role.

      Re: figuring it out. On their final S5 podcast, Damon said that after both the S5 finale and the S6 opener, he hoped the audience would have enough information to potentially see where the writers are taking us. Carlton piped up and said that he hoped that by the *final* S6 episode, the audience would have enough information to potentially see where the writers were taking us!

      • JacobsLather

        Thanks, Zonker.

        I’m not sure that Valenzetti or his math will show up in the final season, but I’d like to think that the numbers will be further explained by way of a little explanation about the purpose of the DI. According to the Lost Experience, the numbers represented how humans were going to destroy themselves, and the DI was commissioned to change the numbers and thus our fate. I think this has to be discussed at least somewhat next season. Darlton have said that one doesn’t need to know all the peripheral stuff to understand the show, but so far that’s the only place such an explanation has showed up.

        • Zonker

          I hope so too… I’ve always been much more interested in the DI than I have been with the Others. Pressing the button to save the world. The Fail Safe. The Blast Door Map. The Lockdown Food Drops. The de Groots. Alvar Hanso. Radzinksy’s edits to the orientation film.

          Right now it seems like they’re abandoning all the unresolved bits of Season 2 and are yet again going off on a new tangent with their rebooted timeline. Sigh.

          • Cutter XXIII

            I think Damon and Carlton are lying through their teeth. At least, I hope they are.

            Way back, they claimed time travel had nothing to do with the show. Last year’s comic-con video turned out to be a red herring too.

            Way I figure it, it’s the last chance they have to completely surprise us. Total radio silence doesn’t work, because stuff gets leaked. All-out lying would really preserve the surprise.

            I’m hoping their claims of being “done with time travel” and “not focusing on the DI” are lies, because it’d be nice to get some resolution on these Swan matters.

            We’re rewatching Season 2 right now, and I really want to know more info. The time has come, for Eris’ sake!

  • bps

    Perhaps the reason that the DI plays a much smaller role in S6 is because the future of the alternate reality/timeline that was created at the end of S5 is Dharma free. Just maybe this “new” incident sent the DI crew packing, making them therefore irrelevant to the post 70’s story. Couple of clues that would back up that theory would be the “more than expected” deterioration of the Dharma camp, and the picture of Dharma 815’ers hanging on the wall. If Dharma leaves willingly post incident, perhaps the others never take over their camp, thus explaining the deterioration and also explaining why that picture was never taken down a long time ago by Ben in the reality/timeline that we know so far? The Ajira flight is already in the future of the alternate reality/timeline. Just a thought.

    • Cutter XXIII

      The “deterioration” was not natural. Keamy & Co. attacked Otherton and blew it all to hell.

  • The Magician

    No way will they introduce aliens. In fact, I’d quite happily put money on it.

    • Ament

      I’m with you, I really hope it’s not the case. Except the smoke monster. It may be native to the island but it’s alien to the people on the island. The Swan’s timer contains Heiroglyphs, why? Why on Earth would DI place Egyptian symbols (that are found throughout the oldest parts of the island)in the Swan during it’s doomsday countdown, so they can confuse the person who is about to die or communicate to someone/thing that may be present? Makes no sense, unless the DI knows some origin of the island. Heiroglyphs were found on Ben’s secret door, the Temple, the Donkey Wheel room, and on Lostpedia…very interesting… on the classroom chalkboard in Dharmaville as if being taught to the kids. If you can believe that there is some kind of alien ties to ancient Egypt…then who knows. I still think RA is more Egyptian looking (eyeliner) then a Black Rock sailor.

      Sorry for the long rsponse, I just wouldn’t put money on it.

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