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Netflix to Add Lost to Streaming Library

By professorstotch,

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netflix-watch-nowI’ve been a Netflix subscriber for just over two years now. I have about 10 movies in my queue, and one sitting on my desk at home that I’ve had for…I’d say…a solid three months. You’re probably wondering what the point of having a service like Netflix is if you don’t actually get the movies mailed to your house every other day like most people. Well, the truth is, I’m a huge fan of Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. Most of their monthly plans come with the ability to watch a select number of movies and shows instantly online, rather than waiting for them to be mailed to your house. It’s because of this feature that I’ve been able to catch up on shows like Heroes and Dexter, or finally watch Oscar winners like no Country for Old Men.

But I came here today to do more than preach the awesomeness of Netflix and watching instantly. In case you haven’t heard, Netflix will be teaming with ABC to bring a few of the network’s top shows to their streaming service. These shows include Grey’s Anatomy, Legend of the Seeker, Desperate Housewives, and everyone’s favorite island drama, Lost.

I’m personally excited about this, as it allows easy access to Lost with no commercials or interruptions. Since Netflix is a paid service, you avoid the annoying commercial breaks of and Hulu. It may not seem like that big a deal, but some of us like to watch our Lost episodes in one uninterrupted segment.

How does the Lost community feel? Are you guys excited about this, or just kind of uncaring? What will keep me interested is the availability of episodes during season six. With Heroes, Netflix works similar to in allowing episodes for streaming the day after they air. At the rate that Netflix is adding our favorite shows, it’s becoming a much cheaper alternative to cable TV. We’re already well aware that Lost is the top downloaded show on the interwebs…could it soon become the top Neflix’d show as well?