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Netflix to Add Lost to Streaming Library

By professorstotch,

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netflix-watch-nowI’ve been a Netflix subscriber for just over two years now. I have about 10 movies in my queue, and one sitting on my desk at home that I’ve had for…I’d say…a solid three months. You’re probably wondering what the point of having a service like Netflix is if you don’t actually get the movies mailed to your house every other day like most people. Well, the truth is, I’m a huge fan of Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. Most of their monthly plans come with the ability to watch a select number of movies and shows instantly online, rather than waiting for them to be mailed to your house. It’s because of this feature that I’ve been able to catch up on shows like Heroes and Dexter, or finally watch Oscar winners like no Country for Old Men.

But I came here today to do more than preach the awesomeness of Netflix and watching instantly. In case you haven’t heard, Netflix will be teaming with ABC to bring a few of the network’s top shows to their streaming service. These shows include Grey’s Anatomy, Legend of the Seeker, Desperate Housewives, and everyone’s favorite island drama, Lost.

I’m personally excited about this, as it allows easy access to Lost with no commercials or interruptions. Since Netflix is a paid service, you avoid the annoying commercial breaks of and Hulu. It may not seem like that big a deal, but some of us like to watch our Lost episodes in one uninterrupted segment.

How does the Lost community feel? Are you guys excited about this, or just kind of uncaring? What will keep me interested is the availability of episodes during season six. With Heroes, Netflix works similar to in allowing episodes for streaming the day after they air. At the rate that Netflix is adding our favorite shows, it’s becoming a much cheaper alternative to cable TV. We’re already well aware that Lost is the top downloaded show on the interwebs…could it soon become the top Neflix’d show as well?



  • Laura

    I’m highly excited, simply because this means when we get to Season 3 on the Lost rewatch, I won’t have to pay full price to go buy the DVDs. I can just watch it online through Netflix!! YAY!

    • professorstotch

      $9 a month for commercial free viewing!

  • I joined Netflix a couple days ago on a trial basis for the Watch Now feature.

    And I am sooooo disappointed it. Newer movies aren’t available, and I’m wondering if the the depletion of watchable episodes at Network sites is because of Netflix’s TV feature.

    I’d rather watch with commercials and save the $9.

    I can’t say right now if I will stay with Netflix or not, but I’m leaning towards cancellation at this point.

    • ElPrez

      I see a pattern here. You seem to be disappointed with everything, including LOST. So I’ve figured out what’s up with you. You are a malcontent who only comments to see himself type.

      Netflix streaming is awesome. Thousands of flicks and tv shows available on demand, I love it.

      • No reason to get personal, bud. Differences of opinion. You wanna’ call names, become a Democrat or something, okay.

        I touch-type, don’t have to watch myself type.

        And it’s confirmed, Netflix sucks. Just got charged for my free trial period. Go figure.

        Furthermore, if one is disappointed with God, then don’t they have to be disappointed with everything….


        • well, if the Almighty Creator of the universe is incapable of pleasing you, what chance has Netflix?

          • Exactly!

            But if It’s so “Almighty,” what can’t It please me?

            Oh woe is me….

        • professorstotch

          Hey kids, don’t fight.

          And its 1999.99% likely that you got charged for your “free trial” because you didn’t cancel. Go figure.

      • Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Why is he even here? The only time I ever see him all he does is whine.

  • butwhatifitisnt

    My only concern is this: I can’t afford Netflix unfortunately. So I rely on’s online player to rewatch episodes or watch missed episodes, in fact, this is how I first became acquainted with Lost. I’ve noticed in the last couple weeks, the only episodes available on abc’s online player is Season 1 & the last 5 or 6 episodes of Season 5. I think it’s great for those who can subscribe to Netflix, but for those of us who can’t, I REALLY hope abc still provides free episodes online, even if I have to sit through commercials. I will be devastated if not. πŸ™

    • professorstotch

      Unfortunately is the same way. So it looks like if you’re looking for all Lost episodes, you need Netflix or you’ll have to buy the DVDs.

      Netflix will initially offer the first 4 seasons, but season 5 will undoubtedly come eventually.

  • ElPrez

    I see a pattern here. You seem to be disappointed with everything.

  • Etalyx

    Yes Netflix is pretty much awesome. People who complain about the instant queue fail to realize that it is FREE in addition to your regular movies/dvds-by-mail! You can’t ask for more than that! Both at the same time? Craziness.

    Anywho, they are all already up. Tested Season 1 out yesterday. And lemme tell ya is it a thing of beauty! Netflix displays all 4 of the available seasons in amazing High Definition via my Xbox 360. It’s spectacular.

    If only they could ink a deal with ABC to update their shows like they do with NBC. Back to season 3 of Heroes, NBC allowed Netflix to put the latest episode up in HD within 1 or 2 days of airing on TV. That would be awesome for all of ABC’s shows, notably Lost.

  • I concur about the quality. I was really impressed. I added it to my queue and watched it on my xbox and was blown away by how good the quality was. It looks better than the dvds.

  • bps

    So….now we find out why ABC took all the episodes down. Too bad we had to find out this way.

    • butwhatifitisnt

      I agree. Like I said, Netflix is great for those who can afford it, & even though it’s not expensive, in this economy & my spouse being unable to work because of an injury, we’ve had to cut out lots of unnecessary items. So I can’t justify spending on Netflix. I have a lot of down time at work & like to rewatch Lost episodes, I guess that’s over? I at least hope they air the latest episodes online during Season 6 so we can rewatch while waiting for the next week’s epi.

      • Alex K

        There are all sorts of places on the internet to view television shows and movies free of charge. You just have to look around for a bit. Try going to — it’s a search engine that looks through many of the popular steaming video sites. I know for a fact that LOST is readily available on many of these sites and usually in DIVX near-DVD quality. Thought it was worth sharing…

        • butwhatifitisnt

          Thx! I’ve tried a couple of sites, but that was like 2 weeks ago, & they pulled Lost off. But I’ll keep checking. I love abc’s online player, so I hope they continue to post episodes on there. I told my hubby to get me Seasons 1, 3, 4 & 5 for anniversary (I have Season 2), but he said, “that’s not very romantic.” aggghh!

          • Alex K

   has every episode in DVD quality. To watch them, however, you have to open up their “video helper beta”. Don’t worry there isn’t any malicious software attached — I’ve been watching videos on the site for quite a while and it has been my go-to site during the rewatch…

          • professorstotch

            Not romantic? He’s on crack!

  • butwhatifitisnt

    Alex K: thanks! it worked!!! πŸ™‚

  • neoloki

    TVshack also has everything for free. No need to pay if you don’t want to. I personally have a ps3 and watch everything on blu-ray. It is the best quality you can get and it is worth it. netflix is supposed to start streaming for ps3 soon also.

    Oh and smitty, you are a malcontent and misanthrope, but I think you want take that as a smear on your character. I wouldn’t.

    • Insulted, pas je!?! Aucune maniΓ¨re!


      Proud of those designations when you think a bit deeper about them. I think The One’s minions are applying such terms to any dissenters and naysayers to his directives.

      Although, I don’t hate Man (humankind). Society, that’s another story.

      Not always dissatisfied or rebellious, either. I mean, I am a school teacher.

      Names such as that, they tend to be blurted out by extremists, anyway. Name-throwing ain’t my t’ang. In fact, I would suspect those throwing out such terms fit the categories at times as well.

      WTF, man, say something sucks on this site- and not even the SUBJECT MATTER of the site itself – and SOME people turn into JUGHEADS!


      • Uncle Beaver

        Dude, continue saying what you want to say. You make some good points, and I don’t agree with everything you’re saying, but, jeez… these other people need to get their heads out of their asses and worry about a something a little more worth while.

        As far as Netflix goes… I kinda like it. I can get Blu-rays sent to me reletively quickly, and I can stream a lot of other stuff (mostly TV shows. It’s not as quick (responsive as my TiVo or Blu-ray, but it serves it’s purpose.

  • I watched the first 4 seasons of Lost through youtube because I live in Canada and they don’t let you watch hulu videos here. It was slow (I’m one of the few who still have dial up), but at least it was free. It was well worth it though.

  • Ament

    With today’s technology everything can be combined to get the best of everything. I mean today’s laptops equipped with a wireless network, keyboard, and mouse, and a video card with a HDMI port is all you need to hook up to your 55″ HD TV in the living room. Watch Netflix on your TV using the internet, it should work. HD streaming is right around the corner, if ABC can show LOST in HD on it’s site Netflix will be right there. It’s yet another way to watch Kate and Juliet wrestle into the mud again.

  • Leopold

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