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New Lost Official Podcast

By roomforhuman,

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Podcast.jpgDamon and Carlton give us tons of information in this latest Podcast.  Go listen.  You’re gonna find out why S2E19 “SOS” is so much more important than we once thought.



Click here to listen.

  • Carolina

    Cause of Ayers Rock?

  • roomforhuman

    Yes. Damon pointed out that there was a certain other place in Australia that had special properties along with Tunisia and the island. This points to many theories about vile vortices, including, but not limited to, this one by Normandy not too long ago:

  • lostfanboy16

    I love thier podcast. They’re are really funny.

  • Mark

    I am not aware of Ayer’s Rock being on one of the so-called “vile vortices.” We may be looking at something similar, but not the vile vortices if Ayer’s Rock is in the equation.

  • ErasedSlate

    Compress the Plan into 5 episodes
    The three hours will be added to the next two seasons

    There can be no paradoxes in the use of the time travel. They cannot change what we have seen. However, they did not say that the timeline couldn’t be changed. But, what we see is real.

    Prehash on the ‘Other Woman’ refers to the ‘other’ woman, Juliet
    Is she one of the Oceanic 6? We will know by ep 7.

    Where are the others?
    We will learn where they are specifically. There will be hints in “‘the other’ woman.” There will be more of Richard Alpert.

    My Notes on the podcast…

    On he Oceanic 8, it doesn’t matter who the other 2 are that died. Just the ‘6.’

    Geography Lesson: certain special places on the globe that are important to the island like: Ayers rock, Tunisia (where the Polar Bear was found)

    Why the name Eggtown? because it dealt with eggs. Not a reference to bad deals or children’s books.

    Was the memory game testing the effects of the island on memories. It is more likely that Daniel has a pre-existing memory problem prior to arriving on the island.

    Orchid and time travelling will be revisited soon.

  • Devin

    Is the iTunes version not working, or is that just my computer? It’s listed, but it doesn’t automatically download the episode, and when I say to get it, it says it can’t find the link or something. Oh well, at least I can use the link above.

  • Chris6o7

    When will the new video podcast with Rob Kyker be out?

  • Ganiman


  • milo

    I also can’t get the podcast through iTunes, on a couple different computers. Anyone get it to work?