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Nikki Stafford Takes on the Lost Season 4 Finale, and Wins!

By docarzt,

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jeremybentham.jpgYou have to hand it to Darlton: These guys know how to pull off a
finale!! This one didn’t pack quite the punch of the season 3 finale,
but it certainly brought the season to a close by taking a bunch of
storylines and pulling them together here. FINALLY we have a lot of
answers that will allow us to begin to solve the mysteries…..

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  • Nikki says:
    “Walt tells Hurley that Jeremy Bentham came to see him, and wants to know why everyone is lying. But it was Locke who TOLD them to lie. So does that suggest Bentham and Locke are two different people?”
    Awesome catch! First time I saw it!

  • Mick

    Slithering on his belly, possibly snake equals Locke. I call that bad math. It never ceases to amaze me on how many people don’t get Locke, defend Ben and excuse Jack. The funny thing is that it’s usually the same people

  • forgiventhewarlord

    Nikki… Walt never says that Bentham wants to know why they’re lying. He says that Bentham came to see him and then Walt asked Hurley why they’re lying.

    “Bentham came to see me… why are you guys lying?”
    is different than:
    “Bentham came tos ee me and wants to know why you guys are lying.”

    Whomever was using the name Bentham obviously told Walt to only use that name, so “Bentham” was lying and wouldn’t ask that question.

    Mick… I agree completely.

  • jimmy ze00

    She did point out something that happened in the orchid which I saw too but chalked up to fandom-induced hallucination. Did anyone else notice that when Locke is trying to stop the vcr from rewinding, he himself seems to be moving in 1.5x fast-forward?

  • jimmy ze00

    I also agree with you guys about Walt being the one who wants to know why they’re lying. As for “Sleepin’ on your belly” somehow being a Locke reference….

    All I’m gonna say about Nikki Stafford is that it’s a damn good thing she has an army of blog talkbackers to fact-check(write) her books for her. She’s the luckiest moron since the O.J. trial.

  • Brian

    I saw Locke fastforwarding too. I thought it was a production mistake. They finished filming this episode like 2 weeks ago so I am not surprised at little mistakes like that. Also some os the effects weren’t great. The Helicopter crash and the boat explosion lookes like cartoons. Great Episode though

  • Keiran

    I think Locke is Bentham… because he took over ben.. and ben used to have different names when he was off island. I believe Locke was doing what ben used to…

  • mad_bob

    did anyone notice that when sayid aked the guy sat ouside hurleys mental hospital the time he was about to say 8:15, nice inside joke i thought.

    hooray for lost

  • SithLord

    Im thinking they probably filmed that whole scene with Jack and Kate at the airport last year. Makes you wonder what else they have filmed and havent showed yet………

  • MLo

    SithLord- I was thinking that too… the setting and everything was too much like Through the Looking Glass
    I loved that he said it was 8:15