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Of Spoilers Lost, aka “Revenge of the Asterixs”

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The question most asked this week: “Is the Lostfan108 synopsis true?”  My answer?  ABC sure as heck seems to think so.  The video DarkUFO used to convey the spoilers to the masses has been removed a couple of times, and DarkUFO claims it is at Disney’s request.  If you remember, the same thing happened when the Eggtown spoilers were posted at the beginning of season 4 – which I thought was weird, why not spoil 1,2, and 3 while your at it?

Of course, my position is solid on this.  It all comes down to self control.  Do you have the self control to watch the story as it is intended to be presented, or will you give into the attention deficit inspired urge to skip to the end?  Will subtle clues and thought provoking nuggets of intel be enough to get you stoked, or are you the type who wants to go in knowing where all the surprises are hidden?  My point is, whether the spoiler exists or not isn’t really the issue, it’s the personal choice.  I see ABC’s actions as the most subtle extent of their power when it comes to the fan-sites.  ABC is incredibly tolerant of the rampant copyright abuses we scene regulars inflict on the show, but then again… we help promote the show, right?  Wrong.

At the end of the day, when I look at the hundreds of hours of design, writing, and sleuthing that goes into a site like, I don’t think “Boy, ABC would be lost without me.”  Because, that isn’t true.  A fansite has little value without an audience, and the audience is created by the efforts of the writers, actors, directors, and crew that bust their ass every day to make a great show.  This is what I call perspective.

So yeah, is it disrespectful and less than ‘fan’ as a publisher of content to spoil the efforts with acts that you know are going to diminish the impact of the story.  That’s my opinion, of course, but it is based on logic that I find pretty solid, vs the strange concept that by releasing spoilers of that magnitude we are somehow preventing their spread.

So the weird fringe opinion forming around the latest Lostfan108 debacle that ABC shouldn’t be mad because we in the fansite community do so much to promote the show is bogus.   I like to think that under the right circumstances, the original voice of the fansite community enhances the show show to some degree in the analytical side of things, but when it comes to spoilers of the full episode magnitude, the results are seldom good.  Consider the reaction to the latest synopsis:  several fans who have read it are already balking at the twists, as written by LF108.  Is that really fair?  LF108 writes about the twists with open sarcasm, and many commenter are merely channeling his impression.  It’s a negative review from someone who is untested as a reviewer.  We don’t even know if Lostfan108 is truly a Lostfan.

One thing that seems pretty clear to me, though, is that someone who is a true fan of the show, who is thankful for ABC, Damon, JJ, and Carlton creating something so powerful to have generated the fan community that we service, would not repay the opportunity by acting in a way that is harmful to the show.

That said, are there going to be more Asterix quizzes? Yup.  Beginning this Wednesday I’m going to start releasing an asterix quiz a day.  The quizzes will not spoil any MAJOR points of the story, but will hopefully stimulate some informed discussion and generate some creative speculation over what the finale may hold.