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OGR/Comic Con – Exclusive From Comic-Con! Let The Dharma Begin!

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How quick is our man on the Comic Con floor?  Lightening quick, that’s how quick.  Who needs a whole team when you have the incomparable Tapdawg!   I just talked with Tap via cell and he gave the following report:

“As I was going in to Comic Con some guys in Dharma jumpsuits were coming out, they gave me a hand-out.  Basically, it is information on setting up an appointment to take the aptitude test.  On the back is a Swan.  It’s an origami thing.”

What is the significance of Origami? I like this PARTICULARLY because of the work of a physicist named David Bohm.  Aside from being a pioneer in thought experiments, he came up with a model of the universe that involved infolded (implicate) and enfolded (explicate) space.  The book “The Holographic Universe” covers this in a very accessible way.  I’ve suspected Bohm’s presence in the science of LOST since it steps outside of traditional relativity or quantum sciences.

I totally paraphrased him, but close enough, right?  So without further ado…  a look at the handout (click to enlarge):