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Parting Gift

By imfromthepast,

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If you haven’t watched the finale yet, read no farther.

R.I.P. John Locke. You poor amenable to coercion bastard.

To commemorate the revealed passing of one of the key players in LOST at the end of Season 5 tonight, I drew this portrait of Locke.



  • mebbeido

    That was the most incredible episode… I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    John Locke. We will miss you.

  • Mack

    A terrible way for a character to go. Yet Kate keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on……………

    • AMEN! I wish she would have fallen down the hole!

      • sin

        Fallen into the hole?
        i wish she dies in misery and burn in hell for eternity.

        • Trip

          I thought that was a pretty half-hearted attempt on her part to help Sawyer rescue Julliet.

          • Landry B.

            I agree completely and I think that Juliet saw that too…lol…that was seriously gut wrenching to watch…feel like Locke is there, but he isn’t…all together a wonderful, blow you socks off, can’t wait for the ride downhill, kick ars finale…

  • apackofmonkeys

    Man, I feel SO bad for Locke. It turns out that apparently everything we thought finally made him “special” for once was just manipulation by Jacob’s Enemy. I hope somehow they can bring him back to life for real and he actually gets to do something truly special, but I’m thinking that it might be true that “Dead is Dead”.

    • Mack

      My thoughts exactly. Locke had a lot of potential to be a cool character. But think about this, people can see the dead on the island and ole Locke may just return in Obi wan Kinobi fashion.

      • Steven

        No they can’t. People can see the Smoke Monster take on the appearance of dead people. If that wasn’t known before last night, it certainly has to be the case now.

        • adam118

          Dude, Jacob confirmed that Hurley does indeed see dead people.

          • Landry B.

            Agreed…Hurley does see the dead off-island, but I have a feeling that Christian, Claire, Echo’s bro and so on were all Jacob’s Enemy or a.k.a. Smokey…

        • donuteyes

          then explain how shannon and locke saw walt at different times, and he’s obviously not dead.

          • Vital10

            Walt obviously has a special ability to connect psychically. He is like Desmond. Special and unique, just in a different way. I also find it interesting that Walt told John that there people mad at him and chasing him in. I don’t believe we saw that prophecy come true. Maybe next season. So Locke may be gone bu Terry O’Quinn should still be on the show.

  • LockesDad

    I shoulda taken both kidneys. He was worthless as are all men of faith.

  • JimmyJon

    I’m pretty those who see dead people on the island, not necessarily Miles or Hurley, but everyone else have been seeing Jacob’s enemy.

    Ben’s daughter wanted Ben to do whatever Locke told him. Huh, like kill Jacob? How easily manipulated he was…

    Christian told John he would have to die, Jacob’s enemy wanted him to die.

    I think this guy has been manipulating everyone since the first season, and now Jacob is dead becasue of it.

    • chopperuk72

      The clue was there all along. Just had a quick look at Black and White on lostpedia and came acroos the following :

      Claire had a dream in which Locke has one black eye and one white eye

      • That is very interesting, but it also suggests that both good and evil forces are within Locke. So, perhaps the original Locke still exists, but merged with Esau.

      • JimmyJon

        thats a bit of a stretch, everyone wears black and white on this show, and that would suggest he would come back to life and save everyone in the end, or at least plot-wise.

  • George

    Who says Jacob’s enemy has to revert to his real form? Why can’t we just have Terry O’Quinn playing this evil guy for season 6? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

    • I agree, I’ve had enough of Patsy Locke and look forward to Evil Doppelgänger Locke.

      • Mack

        Jack will assume the role of Jacob and dark Locke and Light Jake will continue the conflict that started in season one between real Locke and real Jack….

        Terry O’Quinn can pull of evil Locke no doubt and I do look forward to his portrayal. I just feel that killing Locke the way they did,leaving him a pathetic pawn is a big FU to Locke fans who have invested so much into the character. Characters of lesser merit have gotten better treatment.

        • Lego

          Totally agree. I’m not even really a Jack fan anymore. Locke was the best!!!

          • rick

            gotta say SAYID is the best .. honestly .. is there anything he can’t do or fix? .. he is the island’s McGiver

          • Justin

            More like the Island’s MacGruber.

        • milo

          I don’t know if I’d consider it leaving him a pawn. While the “new” Locke definitely seems to have the spirit of the unnamed man at the start of the episode, he also still seems like the real Locke to me, with the same (but improved) personality and his memories.

          Until there is clarification otherwise, as far as I’m concerned I’m still thinking of him as Locke, just a reborn and altered version.

        • Iwantmykidneyback

          couldn’t agree more. I’m probably the biggest Locke fan ever and here’s my thought process when they dumped his body out of the box: Oh man! That guy in the statue isn’t Locke! This is insane!…wait a minute…AAAAHHHH Locke is really dead!!!!!!! it was a good plot twist but at the same time I can’t believe he’s really dead. If he doesn’t come back in season six as the real Locke, I will be so torn inside. (Locke, you complete me) come on, he can’t really be dead can he? I still cling to the thought of him saving the day being the ultimate hero. until the series is over I will stick to it.

  • George

    Also, great drawing.

    • hey, thanks!

      • 316 Tail Sectionite

        An amazing drawing. Really like the scar that harkens back to the pilot episode, but with a facial expression that pefectly captures what he has endured through Seasons 1-5. Almost begs the question, “all that was just for this?” Captures well how I felt when we saw John’s real body tumble out of Ilana’s box… Very nicely done.

      • Landry B.

        Yes, great artwork…are you selling anywhere?

        • not really, but if you check out my picasa web album and take a liking to my work, I believe you can order prints from there. I don’t get anything from that and they are not originals, so…


          PS, this is my masterpiece

    • KeepingAwake

      Yes! You are quite talented!

  • HurleysBeard

    Did juliet pounding on the bomb remind anyone of locke pounding on the hatch door at the end of season 1

    • Doos

      I was thinking more Brody shooting the tank at the end of Jaws. Just, with considerably less rage, and more despair.

  • Great drawing! I wonder whether there are any double entendres in the riddle that we finally learned the answer to in “The Incident”.

    Oh, and if anyone is interested in translations of the Latin and Greek phrases in the episode, I’ve posted them on my blog:

  • Ryan

    Just a thought if the bomb went off and prevented the crash of flight 815 then isn’t Locke still alive along with everyone else who was on the plane. So do we know for sure if he is really dead yet.

  • James

    imfromthepast, you are really talented – that’s a fantastic sketch. If you don’t know of her, Erika Olsen writes a Lost Blog called, “Long Live Locke.” You should send her a copy or link to the pic, she’ll love it and probably put it on her site. Link:

  • RDS

    Locke’s only as dead as the other losties who received “The Touch of Jacob.” They rest were all within range of a detonating H-bomb. They can’t all be dead, and neither will Locke be. Jacob’s touch has signifigance – it will end up saving them somehow.

    • bps

      I agree. Locke will not be dead. Juliet or Sayid? One of them is dead. And if the touch has anything to do with it…..sorry Juliet.

  • DarthBubba

    Nice rendering! If you get the chance, friend me up at myspace, I’m also an artist:

    • I only do facebook. Sorry.

      • DarthBubba

        One of these days I’ll get myself motivated to do Facebook. . .
        anyway, soon I’ll have an official DixonArt site. The gallery I show at wants me to look more professional and myspace isn’t cutting it. 😉

  • WLN

    I said it on June 2nd, 2008… Locke is not the new leader…

    • Mack

      What do you want, a cookie? You weren’t the only one.

      • OOH! I want a cookie!

        • WLN

          Simply pointing out a theory that some Doc Arzt’s readers may not of seen last year, and an article that may be of interest.

        • Mack

          Cookies for everyone….on WLN

          • apackofmonkeys

            Did somebody say COOKIES?!?!?

      • Iwantmykidneyback

        if only I had a cookie for everytime they’ve tried to make me believe Locke was going to be dead…ok so I’d only have like 3 cookies. get off my back!

    • milo

      But you got the rest of it wrong. You said that Ben was still in charge and manipulating Locke, and instead Ben was totally played by Locke…it just turned out that Locke isn’t quite Locke any more.

      And I’d argue that Locke 2.0 (whether it really is Locke or someone else) IS sure looking like he’s the leader now.

  • Mike

    So “loophole” Locke told Alpert to tell alive Locke that he needed to die. Ben was told by Smokey/his daughter to follow “Locke” or else. So this yang to Jacob’s yin has orchestrated everything leading up to Ben stabbing Jacob.

  • milo

    While the “original” Locke is still dead, is it really so bad for the audience while we still have “new/fake” Locke running around? Terry O is still on the show, and we still have a “Locke” – frankly, I like the new and improved version better anyway. And is he really an impostor? He still seems to have all the Locke memories.

    Is there any reason to expect that the fake Locke will go away or revert to a different form?

    To me it’s like being sad that Gandalf the Grey is dead…even though his spot is filled by Gandalf the White.

    • I suspect Jacob’s enemy has the same ability as Miles, albeit in a perfected form, and by reading Locke’s corpse, was able to download his memories and personality. Same with Christian and Yemi, both of which I suspect are also the impostor.

      • apackofmonkeys

        I agree with you that he’s the monster, but it is strange though that sometimes Smokey’s abosrbed people’s bodies disappear (Christian, Eko’s bro) and sometimes they don’t (Locke). But in all cases it appears that people that Smokey directly kills itself are never absorbed and redisplayed by Smokey, ONLY people that are killed by other means (the above people, Alex, Ben’s mom, etc). Maybe that’s why he wanted Ben to kill Jacob, so now the monster can absorb Jacob as well?
        Hmmm… that did get me thinking about why did the Others in 1974 want the dead Others’ and Amy’s old husband’s bodies so badly? To give them to the monster to make it have more forms and memories?
        Sorry, this reply got way off topic.

        • briguyx

          I’m not so sure that Smokey and Man # 2 are the same thing or that The Man In Black has power over Smokey. I thought Loophole Locke seemed surprised when Ben said Smokey told him to do whatever Locke said, but immediately took it in stride and decided it would be even easier to get Ben to kill Jacob.

          Let me add that in the Bible, Benjamin is one of the sons of Jacob, which adds to the “Lost” theme of sons killing their fathers!

        • MrGrinch

          I think there is something to the idea that bodies need to be buried on the island. If the bodies are buried, perhaps that means the smoke monster cannot inhabit them.

    • jm22

      So, I was thinking that Locke IS dead, and Jacob’s nemisis/enemy (in opening scene) thought Locke’s body would make the perfect “life form”(I mean, the faith locke’s put into the island, just crowned “leader” of the Others…makes sense). And, I was also thinking that this enemy of Jacob’s IS the smoke monster! Afterall, “it” took on Alex’s form, to tell Ben to follow Locke’s every order. He found his loophole (locke’s body), after over a century of searching for the “one” who believed in the island, AND he found someone else to do the dirty work (Ben). Plus, w/ Illana showing Richard Locke’s body, I think Richard just realized he’s made a grave mistake…he was tricked by this “enemy” of Jacob’s, and allowed “Locke” to confront Jacob. I believe Richard has been protecting Jacob from just this sort of thing. I kind of think this enemy is Jacob’s brother…someone we know, but not quite sure who yet. I don’t think Christian. Maybe the grandfather? (Christian’s dad, Jack’s grandfather). A stretch, I know!

  • Hi all,I am New here. Great show last night. Great drawing above as well.

  • ihailu

    Gorgeous drawing! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  • themachine

    Wasn’t the whole reason for the H-Bomb blowing up, so they could have Oceanic 815 land safely in LAX? Well if that is what actually happens, than Locke 2.0 would not have been able to manipulate Ben into killing Jacob. My new theory is Jacob recruited the main players on Oceanic 815, so they would come to the island and detonate the H-Bomb in 1977, so they could save him from dying, thus finding another loophole…I havent figured it out 100% yet, but thats the way I’m leaning…

  • Matthew Perry

    If Locke is dead permanently, then I will eat my hat

    • BenLinus

      Some have already dubbed the new Locke “Mocke” and I quite love it of course

    • Iwantmykidneyback


  • Shawn

    Does anybody think that the fade to white in the end could have represented the last time jump? Every time jump thus far has been accompanied by the bright white flash. Maybe, this last time jump/flash, caused by Juliet’s detonation of the H-bomb, immediately sends Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Miles and HOPEFULLY Juliet into island present (where Ben, Sun, Lockeganger, etc. are) before they are harmed by the bomb. In the hour “Journey Through Time Special”, Damon and Carlton both mention how the flashes occur as soon as somebody completes a certain task that they might have been destined to complete, sending the whole brigade into a new time. I am convinced that Juliet was destined to set off the bomb, sending the whole brigade, including Juliet, into island present. Anybody have any thoughts?

    • “…the flashes occur as soon as somebody completes a certain task that they might have been destined to complete…”

      like Quantum Leap?

      • Doos

        “We’ve got to go Bacula!”

        /I’ll show myself out.

    • Ryan

      Good analyzation, do you think when Jacob said they are coming they were referring to our favorite castaways stuck in 1977. I hope you are right I really don’t want to see the past completely wiped out.

      • Shawn

        Yeah I definitly think he was referring to them. Why else would have D&C put the scenes with Jacob visiting the castaways in the finale? “They” in the “They are coming”, has to refer to the castaways…Jacob has no other direct connection to anyone we know. I def think that the fade to white is bringing “them” to island present.

    • briguyx

      Sadly, I think Juliet’s gone for good, unless she gets a cameo in the final show and meets Sawyer then, due to the actress’s upcoming starring role on “V,” plus the fact that in her flashback, Jacob never visited her. Doc Jensen at EW thinks that Jacob touching each castaway means their souls will survive after the explosion, which makes sense to me!

  • VERY good piece of art, imfromthepast. I like it a lot.

  • Thanks everyone for your praise, it makes me want to do another drawing of Locke, and this time put more than ten minutes worth of effort into it.

    • Iwantmykidneyback

      you should do one of him in “walkabout” just after the camera goes to him after he throws the knife and says, “we hunt.” that would be epic. Nice drawing though.

    • ihailu

      Oh how I wish I had the ability to draw even half as well! And if you want to do more, I’m sure you wouldn’t hear any objections!

  • RodimusBen

    Awesome drawing; however I wouldn’t be too quick to write off John Locke just yet. The writers know how popular he is. Maybe there’s a little Locke left in Mocke.

    • LOL @ Mocke! That has to be the best nickname yet!

    • INawe

      I agree.. Maybe there is some Locke in Mocke..

      At first i felt that everything that Locke had believed and went through,
      was for nothing and that in the end, he just got tricked by Jacobs Rival..
      And he did in a way.


      Locke now has something that never had before (if there is still Locke left in Mocke) and he said it to Ben..
      “Because i have a PURPOSE now…”

      Either way Locke will carry on as a mix.. or purely as Jacobs Rival..

      What i really dont understand, is why did Jacob visit/touch John Lock like he did with the others?
      What “thread” did Jacob have for Locke,?? that didnt obviously work,
      since he was (became) part of the loophole..

      • Mack

        BUT WAIT!!!! I just watched the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham again and during the scene with Walt and John, Walt says that he had a dream where john was surrounded by people who were going to kill him wearing a suit. Now he could be referring to John’s confrontation with Caesar on the beach but there could be more to the story or it could just be wishful thinking on my part.

        We know that Mocke is not currently wearing a suit but you know who is, Corpse Locke or Cocke…well maybe that doesn’t work but you get my drift.

        • Mack

          Two Locke’s fighting would fit nicely with Claire’s dream of Locke with one dark eye and one white. Locke has been fighting his duel nature the entire series, wanting to believe and being skeptical.

  • watson

    Hi To Evryone Here It’s a greet Blog ! Furst i have to say sry for my riding i dont know meny english , i em from BULGERIA ! And i em a big lost fen ! end i may to say i have some thinking for share ! i thing that the jacob enemy is the Monster ! end in the same time hi is the locke we know from seson 5 ! 1 reason we never se where is locke when moster tallk to ben ! he apear after the monster gone so i thing maby hi end the black smoke are the same thing ! maby the soul of the enemy of jacob ! the last episod whas tharifik or i know this is right the best ! i thing i l ike share vision whit = SHAWN : I def think that the fade to white is bringing “them” to island present. They all be once agen face whit the island i ges i hope … And for the last i have to say that imfromthepast have gift/SkiL !!! sry for my riding agen 🙁 like i say befor i dot study english . but that not stop me to whatch lost whitqut sub 🙂 its what WE ALL WONT TO SEEE … SEASON 6

  • cap10tripps

    What if the man we see as Jacob’s rival died (perhaps in the incident?). His soul is portrayed as a black mass of smoke with the ability to get into one’s psyche and even take the form of those who have died on the island. Now if this seems like it could be true, then why couldn’t Jacob have that same ability? This harkens to Claire’s dream (Locke with one light and one dark eye). We could def be seeing a Locke vs. Locke showdown next season…

    • Mack

      I keep thinking about the orchid video and Chang making it absolutely clear that the two rabbits can not touch. Consider the possibilities of two Lockes and the consequences of them touching. Like a collision of matter and anti-matter would they in essence annihilate each other. Complete annihilation from existence is a major and significant sacrifice.