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Place Your Bets! Gives Odds for LOST Death

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grim_reaper_by_blackpointNote: This is speculation, not spoiler – live a little. If there IS a major death this season, the stataticians at have crunched the numbers to determine who is most – and least – likely to by the farm by the end of the season. Click on through for the results. (Reaper image from

Next LOST Character to be killed:
– Juliet Burke +150
– Kate Austen +200
– Miles Straume +250
– Daniel Faraday +300
– Jack Shepard +350

So by these odds, it’s nearly even money that Juliet will die, but looks like the LOST fans at BookMaker don’t see Jack Shepard taking a powder.  I find it a bit surprising that Kate is favored to croak before Miles, who is really a sort of tangential character at this point.  Opinions?