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Possible Lost Panel and Octagon Global Recruiting Spoilers

By Koobie,

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The ODI at DarkUFO has gotten a hold of some potential spoilers of the events that may occur during the Lost panel and the Octagon Global Recruiting booth at Comic Con. 

OGR is the Dharma Initiative’s recruiting force, and Comic Con will be the first place they go to recruit fans to become part of the Dharma Initiative.  Many of us recieved an email a couple of weeks ago describing how the recruitment process will go.  The initial recruiting push will be followed soon after by an online recruitment for those who were unable to attend Comic Con.  OGR could be the start of the TLE2 that we have all been waiting for. 

These “spoilers” are new details about OGR and the source anonymous, so we can’t say if any of this is accurate.  But then again, its always fun to speculate!

  • At the OGR recruitment booth there will be actors who will playing members of OGR recruiters.
  • They are there to promote and make us sign up to an “online recruiting game”.
  • The
    recruiters will stand next to computer terminals that are connected to
    the fake site, in order to help users create profiles and to guide them
    through a fake questionnaire.
  • A second group of individuals
    (3-4 actors) that are NOT the recruiters will also be at SDCC. No
    confirmation if they will be on the floor or at the booth yet, but most
    likely just the LOST Panel.
  • OGR will also be a part of the LOST Panel. There will be 4 members of OGR.
  • As of today, no cast members confirmed to appear and the only word so
    far is that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will of course be there.
  • At the panel, the OGR recruiters will make a LIVE “performance” to recruit new members of Dharma.
  • The second group of individuals will make an appearance at some point
    during the performance to “throw a wrench” into the OGR’s plans.

Read the ODI’s impressions here.

  • chris

    anyone know WHICH day they will be there. I think July 24th. I want to get my one day pass.

    Sounds exciting, I wish I knew how to be one of those actors, since I am an actor.

  • litemakr

    The panel is on Saturday, around noon. Unfortunately, Saturday passes are sold out at this point.

  • How the hell did Saturday passes sell so fast? I got my Friday pass two weeks ago, and Saturday was already gone. 🙁

  • How the hell did Saturday passes sell so fast? I got my Friday pass two weeks ago, and Saturday was already gone. 🙁

  • rob

    man, you sdcc noobs. i always get my pass as soon as theyre available. the lost panel was on friday last year, nicer being that there were 160k on saturday. thats what a convention center employee told me. what also sucks about this is that if the panel is held in the larger auditorium, then there may be difficulty in obtaining a seat. the heroes panel last year was in the largest auditorium and those peeps get to keep their seats all day long. hoping itll be a smaller room so we can all just roll in without missing it.