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Preparing for Comic-Con!

By Tapdawg,

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splash_ccilogo.jpgHey everyone, Tapdawg here!

I know the majority of LOST fans won’t be attending Comic-Con this year, but there are also going to be several of you attending for the first time. Comic-Con is attended by 100,000+ people and because of this, it can be quite overwhelming to be attending and have no idea what you should be doing. Thus, I’ve decided to help you out with some tips and ideas to make your trip the best it can be!


  • Before attending Comic-Con
    I’d suggest browsing the program schedule
    to see if any other
    programs interest you besides the LOST panel.
  • If you find any that
    do interest you, it might be a good idea to plan ahead for where you need
    to be and at what time you need to be there.The maps of the convention center can be a beneficial tool in planning your paths.
  • Check out the vendor list to see where you can find your favorite paraphernalia. They sell everything you could want: comics, action figures, DVDs, T-shirts, etc. Some of the vendors that sell or have LOST items include — Inkworks (Booth 2629); ABC (3913, 3915, 3917, 4012, 4014, and 4016); McFarlane Toys (2601) and I found this beauty on the vendor list Dharma Initiative (3529).


  • This might be the hardest thing to find while on your trip. My suggestion is to try to park in the Petco Park Parking. Checking out this map, will help you see that it’s the closest parking and it’s not too bad for funds ($10-20/day).
  • Another option is parking farther away and saving yourself some money ($8 vs $20). My suggestion is the Horton Plaza on 4th and Broadway.

Checking In:

  • When you first arrive, be prepared to wait! It usually takes an hour or two to get through the check-in process.(I’ll arrive on Thursday around 6-7am even though check in doesn’t start till 9:30… it’s definetely worth being in there early to see all the neat items) If you have a 4 day pass, you might also want to try checking in the night before!
  • To help speed the process, I’d suggest that you print your ticket online and bring it with you. When you arrive, they separate those who printed their tickets and those who didn’t… and the line for those who printed their ticket gets moving a lot faster!
  • It’s also a good idea to bring one or two water-bottles with you or a couple of small snacks to keep you hydrated and energized.
  • Before you check in, the security does a quick check of all bags being taken in, so be prepared to open your bags for the security.
  • One final reminder about checking in: Bring your ID, you need it to prove you are you!

Once Inside:

  • You start on the top floor and in front of you is a SWAG area… loot up! Most of the items are ads or junk, but every once-and-awhile you find a really awesome free item.
  • Follow the masses to the escalators that take you down to the main floor and soak up the size and scope of the exhibit hall. Now would be a good time to check out the map you recieved in your bag when you checked in. The map gives you the numbers for each vendor (the numbers can also be seen aobve your head on the huge signs).
  • You can either start from one end and work your way through or go to specific tables you know you’ll like (DC, Marvel, ABC, etc). 


  • They have food for sale inside the convention center (pizza, hot dogs, other like items) and these items are located on the level between the two sets of escalators you take to get to the main floor from the check in area. This food costs about $7-10 dollars per food item and about $2-4 per drink item.
  • You can also leave the convention and find numerous food locations nearby


  • If you found programs you want to attend, I’d suggest arriving at least an hour beforehand to be assured a spot inside. I’d arrive earlier then that (maybe 2 hours early) for programs feauturing pilots, a movie screening or actors from a show.
  • The LOST panel this year is a bit tricky. I’d usually advise getting there 2-3 hours early for assured seating, but with the panel being in the same room as the Heroes panel, I’d suggest getting to the Heroes panel 2-3 hours early or in other words sometime between 7:00-8:30am or even earlier!

If you have any other questions or anything you think I should include feel free to post about them in the comments below!



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