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Priming for the Season Premier

By ErasedSlate,

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It’s back!  The fourth season started at a break-neck pace and I am certain that this season will be no different.  We only have 17 hours of Lost to satisfy the appetite of the hungry.

In preparation for tonight’s episode, let’s go back and review some of the things that may or may not be relevant.  There is nothing spoiler-ish about what is written below.  It is merely preparation for the episodes.

“Because You Left” Season 5 Episode 1
Certainly this will follow up where we left off previously.  The Island has moved.  Sayid is trying to protect Hurley.  Jack and Ben are discussing what to do about Locke and the rest of the Oceanic 6.  Sun is plotting something.  And, Kate looks like she will stay put protecting Aaron.  Desmond and Penny are in parts unknown, as well as Frank.

The Constant – This idea was introduced last season and was a theme throughout.  When the Island begins to make people leap within their own lifetimes, there is only one cure, a constant.  There has to be something that connects that person from the present to the past.  It could be an object or a person.  In the case of Desmond, his constant was Penny.  Once he made contact with Penny in the present, he averted the fate of so many others, death. We assumed that this condition of flashing in time is the sickness that people experience on the island.

It is also important to note that experience of the sickness is different to different people.  Minkowski was conscious of the present but flashed to the past.  Desmond’s mind from the past flashed to the present.  The flashes were always within the lifetime of the person experiencing them.  One thing that is in common is that a bloody nose is an indication of the progression of the illness.

The Rules – Ben made the statement that Widmore had broken “the rules” when Keamy killed Alex.  These Rules were a big mystery last year and will certainly play a role this year.

“The Lie” Season 5 Episode 2

Karma – The title suggests that we are going back to the theme of cosmic justice, that there are consequences for your actions.  There are good guys and bad guys, good actions and bad actions.  And, whomever is good is never crystal clear on this show.  Everyone, even Ben, has to account for his actions.

Guardians of Time – Desmond is certainly a special character in the show.  We have been introduced to two people, Ms. Hawking and Brother Campbell, which pushed Desmond into a certain path. For Locke, Abbadon and Alpert gave him guidance in his life.  It seems that all of the characters were encouraged or pushed to be on flight 815.  There were series of unique events that caused these people to be at the right place, at the right time to get onboard flight 815.  It was fate. As Locke would say, it was destiny.

I think I am ready.  Let’s get the show started.