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Questions for Team Darlton ?

By lyly ford,

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Chicago Tribune will meet Darlton in fews days but here are the rules about posting a question on their comment

1. Not surprisingly, I have my own list of questions for Lindelof and Cuse. I certainly want to know what the show’s viewers are curious about as “Lost’s” final season approaches (Season 6 begins Feb. 2), however I don’t want you to get the impression that I’ll only be asking reader questions. In a perfect world, many of your questions will be similar to mine and the resulting roster of queries will be a mind-meld of issues and questions we all have. But I’m excited to ask for your input because readers always come up with brilliant questions I would have never thought to ask.
2. I’m putting this in bold type, but I’m still thinking people might not get the message. But here goes anyway: I am not going to ask questions about whether specific plot points will be paid off in Season 6. You know, “Will we see Libby again?” “What is the smoke monster?” “Will you explain the numbers?” etc. I’m sure we’ll discuss, in a broad way, the sixth season and how they approached writing and shooting it. But I don’t want to know specific plot points and details about what we will and won’t see in Season 6 episodes. As I explained in this post about the show’s return date, I want to be spoiler-free during the final season. (If, during the course of this interview or later in Season 6, if I obtain information that some might regard as even slightly spoilery, you can be sure I’ll supply warnings before you see that info. In the poll on this post, many said they didn’t regard casting intel as spoilery, but if that sort of news emerges, I’ll post it with warnings).
3. You might be wondering, “Well, if you’re not asking about specific plot points and whether we’ll see Boone again, what will you be asking about?” Good question. I’ll be asking more general — but hopefully interesting — questions about what it was like to approach and create the final season, what regrets they do or don’t have about previous seasons and the ups and downs of interacting with the show’s rabid fan base. So if you have questions along those lines — or something else you really want to ask that doesn’t veer into spoiler territory — please share them!
4. I’ll be shutting down the comment area on Friday morning, so get your questions in before then.
5. I might post a small excerpt or two from the Lindelof/Cuse chat before Christmas, but I’m not 100 percent sure about that (and by the way, I’m on vacation Dec. 21-Jan 4). In any case, the vast majority of the interview will be held until much closer to the show’s Feb. 2 return. That’s in a mere 64 days!

Thanks, fellow “Lost” fans!

  • neoloki

    What was the single best piece of written television in the last 10 yrs.?

    How much of an influence was the actual Dark Tower in Stephen King’s series on the creation of the Island in Lost?