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Rate And Rant! LOST 5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened

By docarzt,

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An episode with a lot of answers, therefore – as is usually the case – probably a very divided audience.  Am I right?  Let’s find out.  Rate and reflect on LOST 5.11, “Whatever Happened, Happened.”

As usual, for all of the finite details, check the extraordinary clueless1der’s live blog post in the forum!  A great place to converse about the episode as well.

Ben Linus becomes evil because of a magical experience in the temple?  Too ‘easy’ for you?  Maybe we should all consider the semantics.  Losing innocence does not mean becoming evil, in fact the usage of ‘innocence’ here could be in the most rudimentary biblical sense: whatever experience awaits Ben within smokey’s island condo will open the young lads eyes to what separates good and evil – leading to a more fateful choice later on.

Kate ditched Aaron?  Did it play out with the emotional force intended, or were you expecting a bit more for the wait? I definitely do not get the connection between cleansing your soul and sudden angry sex – does anybody understand this enigmatic creature known as the human female?

Hurley takes on the role of the fans, and Miles takes on the role of the smarter fans.  Their banter was an amusing wink, or was two sessions of excerpts from The Fuselage and ImFromThePast’s awesome time travel lessons right here more than enough?

Elle? Charles?  What up?  If Faraday was aware that that mum and pops (?) were on the island, did he pay them a visit? More analysis, easter eggs, theories, and more coming up.  In the meantime, tell us how you felt.

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