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Rate and Rant – Lost 6.16 “What They Died For”

By Koobie,

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That was the last hour-long episode and the last cliffhanger of Lost. What did you think?

A couple things I noticed:

  • Alpert was flung by the smoke monster, but I don’t think he’s dead…
  • Ben and Widmore’s rules flew out the window with Widmore’s death, what changed?
  • Jack took up the mantle of Jacob’s successor pretty quickly-I think he was preparing for that moment
  • Jack quoted Eko (and Locke), “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.”
  • Looks like Desmond has front row tickets to a Driveshaft concert
  • How can Locke destroy the island with Desmond?  Is he going to throw him into the Light?

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Enjoy the last week waiting for a new Lost episode!

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  • amy

    I belive Desmond and the rest of the Losties are headed for David Shepards concert…

    My only hope would have been for more action less walking through the jungle talking. I am just burned out on intimate conversation at this point…but still remaining faithful. As long as the finale does NOT follow the pace of the rest of the season I will be satisfied. I enjoyed this season, I realized early on that I needed to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to the end. I just really really want the ending to be big and full of everything lost was up to this season.

    That being said, I feel like episode certainly put things into motion.

    • Brandon

      Yeah definitely Davids concert….not Driveshaft.

      Also I believe only Kate and Desmond (not the rest of the losties) are going so that Desmond can introduce Kate to Jack so they can each have their own island timeline moment.

      I bet anything Hurley is taking Sayid to visit Shannon so they have their moment.

      • RichPundit

        … perhaps going to a Driveshaft concert with Jack, son David, David’s Mom and all the “ready” 815ers?

        • Jonny

          The concert is likely Daniel Faraday’s experimental idea of fusing classical music with modern rock. David Shepherd will be there to represent classical music and Drive Shaft will be there to represent modern rock.

          • There’s the answer folks. Good job Jonny. Awesomeness abounds as the end nears.

          • Ugly Smitty

            You know… you’re probably right about that. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be corny as hell.

          • maybe. but miles also mentioned a concert taking place at his father’s (chang) museum and that charlotte would be attending (which promptly turned sawyer off to the idea).

            Faraday/Shepards (both father and son)/Kate/Desmond/Miles/Chang/Charlotte seem to be all but confirmed for attendance.

          • Buzzkiller

            I think Faraday needs to listen to some Muse

    • The Black Rock

      Of course, won’t we all just riot if it’s a Justin Bieber concert ?!

      • s.w.a.c.

        Young MiB did kinda have a Justin Bieber haircut. That would explain a lot, actually.

    • Hawknest

      I think it will be a concert by Daniel Farady, remember he is a pianist in the alternate timeline. His mother will be there, Eloise, and father Widmore. Eloise is the key to melding the timelines.

    • William

      @amy “I realized early on that I needed to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to the end.”

      This is so hilarious. As each season ticked away LostFan has always cried “Just wait till the end! They will answer everything! Have faith!” over and over and over.

      Now LostFan, still worshipping at the altar of Darlton, has changed their collective mantra to “I’m ok with not getting any answers. I’m just in this for the ride!” Not only that, you do not hesitate criticizing people who actually care about all of the loose ends Darlton has left in their wake.

      Really? I mean, really?? After all of the theorizing and asking about what this meant and what that meant you are just in this to “enjoy the ride” LostFan?

      You guys are the most hardcore fans of any TV show in history. Instead of holding the Lost people accountable for the standards THEY THEMSELVES SET, you are just here to “enjoy the ride”.


  • Jack took that job way to quick! Hmmm… Now Floke wants to blow the island to kingdom come! Ben is back to his old self. Richard is still alive, just all bust up. Guess we will have to wait until Sunday to find out who Jack’s baby momma is!

    Driveshaft concert or the recital Jack is attending with his son? Anna Lucia, that was awesome.

    Can’t wait till Sunday! Desmond = Failsafe.

    • black dress

      They are definitely going to the recital & not driveshaft. In no way does Kate need to wear an LBD or a cocktail dress to a rock concert, especially in LA. However, the dress that Desmond provided is perfect for a symphony concert or a piano recital.

      Plus Kate & Jack haven’t made their sideways connection yet.

      • amy

        I think they have…on the plane. After Kate stole his pen Jack started acting kinda funny … memory of the appendix surgery, the cut on his neck, very strange relationship with son…

        • Baldi

          Is the cut on the neck from his island encounter with MIB, that we will see on Sunday?

      • Pantagathus

        Why in the world does everybody think they are heading to a recital by David!?! He was trying out for a school. Daniel is the musician regardless of Driveshaft showing up… Eloise will be there… Come on folks!

        • sparafucile

          That benefit/concert was already held. The Daniel/Driveshaft performance was scheduled to happen the day of , or day after, flt 815.
          This benefit, (while also?) at the museum, is different. It may very well be performed by ‘student musicians’.

          • Pantagathus

            Ok, just rewatched… And I had forgotten about David asking his Dad if he was coming to the concert.

      • Jeremy

        it’s not a conventional rock concert, it’s a charity event that’s combining classical music with rock, so it will be a more upscale event thus requiring a cocktail dress. think back to desmond’s episode “happily ever after. he went to where the concert/event was to take place to meet with eloise widmore, you could tell from how things were being set up that it was a fancy event, here’s a line from the transcript as they’re getting things ready: “ELOISE: [to waiter in reception tent] Please, tell me, how is it that someone in your line of work is not aware that the butter knife is placed handle to the right, blade facing left? Just so.”

        • Jeremy

          also, miles asks sawyer if he wants to go to the benefit concert with him, sawyer declines but i’m sure in the end he will go, it was also mentioned that charlotte would be there. we know dan will be there since he plays piano. jack’s son asks jack if he’s going to the concert, he doesn’t say “my” concert, he says THE concert, so it seems most likely that they’re all going to end up at the benefit concert that eloise is hosting.

    • The Mantis

      OMG! Like for sure!

      • Josh

        $10 says Jack’s ex-wife is Juliet.

        • Vern

          Since Jack and (maybe) Juliet are divorced, any chance Sawyer will meet up with her at this concert and Jack meets up with Kate and we break up this bizarre love-quadrangle we’ve been suffering through??

          • Jackisjack

            I think Sawyer seeing Kate at the concert will wake him up, but it would be cool if it was Juliet that did it.

  • Aldo lover

    Loved this episode. Definitely picked up the pace as oppose to last weeks’ slower Across the Sea and is setting up the finale nicely. It was cool to see Ana Lucia again, I was surprised to see Ben going bad again, enjoyed campfire story time with Jacob. I think they are going to the Driveshaft concert though, not David Shepherds recital. We will see. Very excited/sad for Sunday to come.

    • Esteban

      I guess we could positively say that they are going to David’s recital. I don’t really see Kate going to a rock concert wearing that black dress (though possible).

      • rivum

        true…plus, they went to the trouble of specifically mentioning that david had a recital that evening – that would be pointless except for the setup of kate going there.

      • amy

        they also set it up with Miles..his father’s museum is hosting the concert. I am pretty sure we have seen the last of Charlie. He has come back and served his purpose, the focus is on the candidates.

        • Aldo lover

          Okay you convinced me they are going to the recital. The Driveshaft/Farraday concert seems like it would be a lot more exciting though. I wonder if Dogen and his son will be there?

  • brian

    I’m rooting for Ben right now. Something tells me that, like he reminded us 2 years ago, he always has a plan. ‘Dr. Linus’ was too powerful an episode for Ben to just be Sickness’d like that. But then again, it happened to Sayid and Claire, so who knows.

    Am I a bad person for wanting Ben to get his revenge? I love Penny. But Ben wants his sweet, sweet revenge so badly. And I love Ben.

    I’ve gotta say though, if that was the end of a human, untainted Ben, then what an end it was. Just sitting there with the Man in Black. Completely accepting his fate.

    • DeSelby

      Widmore was being such a dick to Ben, especially that line “he won’t do anything.” We knew Widmore had to go down and who else could have killed him? But yeah I was kind of thinking he had a plan, too. Gain MIB’s trust, and if he got to kill Widmore in the process, that’s just a bonus.

      • Naultz

        I Have faith that Ben is not “taken” but is just working an angle. even if he was altar boy, totally reformed Ben like in the sideways, he still would have killed Widmore to avenge the death of Alex.

      • Frank

        Or…Ben didn’t want Widmore to give away all his secrets to FLocke, and decided to cover his act of mercy with a dose of vengeance.

  • desmond is the smartest one of the tribe. hickmanblues

  • Todd

    What about the most unexpected clue we got tonight – “Oh, you didn’t tell me A.L. was gonna be here!” Not only has he had open discussions with this stuff about Des, he’s even has his island memories. (And it was great how they slipped it in there – classic Hurley-can’t-keep-a-secret, only we’re not in on it this time.)

    Very pleased with how the episode worked, set everyone with a motivation and a collision course for Sunday without all the insignificance of a “moving the pieces” episode (I’m looking at you, “What Kate Does”)

    Taking bets on who’s popping up in the finale:
    Mikhail, just for the hell of it?

    • Beena

      Even though the actress is now on V, I think it would be cool to see Juliet in the finale. She had a huge role in the story.

      • amy

        pretty certain you will see her at the concert. Have been pretty convinced that she will be David’s mom.

  • mr eko is gonna show. hickmanblues

  • shauniqua

    david is totally IN driveshaft. you all everybody!

  • I just loved how Jack stepped up. I agree, he was ready. I was a little bit surprised that all four of them didn’t step up, or at least have Hurley have a ‘Samwise Gamgee’ moment and offer his eternal loyalty to Jack. He would make an awesome Richard to Jack’s Jacob. Still, it didn’t look like they were in any hurry to leave Jack to his own devices.
    “How long will I have to do this job?”
    “For as long as you can.”
    It would be great if he didn’t have to do it alone. If only Kate could count on Claire to raise Aaron…

  • mad_bob

    I dont think Widmore is dead. It’s against the rules for Ben to kill him, remember. I think Ben saved his life by conning MIB. Ben is good (please).

    • shea

      thats a good one. i thaught he was trying kill him before he told loche why he brought desmond to the island. think his motivation is good. yeah you might have it though.

    • They’reNotDead

      That didn’t even occur to me. That would be an awesome little twist I hope your right.

      • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

        Yeah, something tells me that Widmore did not die (vest or rules or whatever) and Ben is conning Locke. Ben is still on his road to redemption and is probably planning on working with Widmore for something big in the finale. How he knew he wouldn’t kill Widmore is up in the air, but it’s an interesting thought! We’ll see though.

    • ben is certainly good, but i think he’s realized what his skill set is and will be using them subtly against mib throughout the finale. he seemed pretty sure that “he’ll get me sooner or later” and that he’s never really had any power over the smoke monster (“it’s where I come to summon the monster…before I realized he was the one summoning me.”).

    • richie k


  • Mikhail

    1.) This set-up venue where they’d all get together is driving me crazy. First I thought it was the hospital, but now that it’s in David’s concert? That’s even more awesome. A place where they all are watching the one thing that mightbrake the barrier between the two universes.
    2.) On Anna Lucia.
    HURLEY: Wait. She’s not coming with us?
    DESMOND: She’s not ready yet.
    3.) The Shepards eating together.
    4.) Me feeling weirdly giddy as every character are being killed.
    5.) Can’t wait for Boone, Charlotte, Daniel, Shannon and all the rest to be there as well.
    Well that sums it up. I think. I’m still taking it all in.

    • s.w.a.c.

      Might the concert be at the museum? At the police station Miles was putting on a suit for the “benefit concert at my father’s museum”, which would pretty much put everyone in the same place (including Dr. Chang, Miles, Charlotte, and eventually Sawyer when Miles sees Kate there and calls him). Maybe Faraday will wind up there as well.

      • They’reNotDead

        That’s what I was thinking. It would be a great way to bring them all together.

        • s.w.a.c.

          And, as Jonny so astutely posted further up (and in case anyone missed it):
          “The concert is likely Daniel Faraday’s experimental idea of fusing classical music with modern rock. David Shepherd will be there to represent classical music and Drive Shaft will be there to represent modern rock.”

    • sparafucile

      Don’t forget to bring along good ole teacher Doc Arzt!!! Whyd didn’t Des spend a little time with him….after all, he’s preactically living at that school.

      • Jackisjack

        It seems he’s only waking the up the key people of the show, not enough time to show all the passengers get beat up by Des. Thats why he told Hurley, Ana Lucia wasn’t ready yet.

  • I can’t believe such a pools result… Are you guys CRAZY or what? It was a bad, very bad episode… I mean:
    1 – Ben’s actions were incomprehensible, like when he killed Widmore. What’s the point of killing Widmore? There was no point at all!
    2 – When Ben, Richard, and Miles pass over Alex’s grave, nothing happens…
    3 – The Man in Black offers Ben the job of leader of the island, yet he later reveals to Ben that he intends to destroy the island – nonsense…

    • Dan

      I sort of agree with you on these, but maybe the significance of Alex’s grave was to explain why Ben became very vengeful quite suddenly? If you were having those thoughts about how you believed it was Widmore’s fault your daughter died, and then you have a chance to kill Widmore, I’m not surprised he took it. And also Flocke offers Ben that role before he talks to Widmore, so whatever he said when he whispered to him, possibly it changed Flocke’s plan a bit.

    • jimmyzer00

      bloopity bloop

    • RodimusBen

      1. He always wanted to kill Widmore. I guess with Jacob dead he lost any interest in sticking to “the rules.”
      2. When did this happen? Miles reacted when they passed by where she was killed, but I don’t remember them passing by her grave.
      3. It is illogical, but I don’t think Ben is really believing anything the monster says. He has a plan.

    • 1. we all know how bitter Ben is about people meeting or being summoned by Jacob. it was a reaction to that or simply because Widmore inadvertently had Alex killed through Keamy. or, long shot, Widmore was wearing a bullet proof vest and Ben knew, but probably not. I’m just trying to think of the thinks the writers are trying to con us
      2. i don’t understand? they talked about how Richard buried her, Ben said thank you. did you not see what i was seeing? they had a shot of the place where Alex was buried, an establishing shot (yes, very close up) but it was to show that she was buried there.
      3. it’s a con on MIB’s behalf. he’s trying to get Ben on his side because he can’t kill the Candidates himself. altho i believe Ben actually has a con of his own, it seems entirely calculated on Ben’s behalf because as he’s always said he has a plan for everything.

  • wafs

    more importantly,


    • B.A.Y.

      I can’t understand why so many people were thrilled to see Zoe slashed. What was so abominable about her? She was simply inept and kinda stupid. A Widmore tool. Not a major villain.

      • Ben’s Glasses

        I think it’s that she gave off the same kind of creepy vibe as a stalker or other insane type does. There was just something very “off” about her.

        • The Mantis

          I think it’s because with so little time left we just didn’t need anyone new introduced and she was merely taking screen time away from the characters we give a shit about.

          • amy


          • Jackisjack

            I found it pretty funny that after her throat got slashed, Widmore grasped her to comfort her like everything is going to be ok. I can imagine her last thoughts…”your a f***ing tool, get your hands off me”!

        • Beena

          There was something very “Frogurt” about her! I can picture those two together!

      • Glue your eyelids

        Idk, that is worse than being a villain IMO. A villain gets the story going at least… She was never really useful to the plot or interesting on her own account.

      • Ugly Smitty

        It’s because she illustrates the time wasted in seasons 4-6 on characters like Caesar, Ilana, Bram, Zoe and others who contributed very little to the show, despite the amount of time the writers devoted to them. It was time that could have been spent on characters that mattered.

        • Nick Turner

          The amount of time spent on Caesar, Ilana, Bram, and Zoe? Seriously? I don’t remember flashbacks on any of those characters outside of Ilana and that was more of a Jacob flashback anyway. They were all just named extras filling small roles. Nothing more, nothing less.

          Zoe was just ugly and everyone wanted her to die as a result.

          • Glue your eyelids

            I wouldn’t talk about amount of time but rather of buildup? Like “look! look! this character is going to be IMPORTANT!”, and then they weren’t. Okay, save maybe Ilana. But Caesar is good example for this. He was just there as a Sayid double on the Ajira flight. The actor was wasted on that role.

      • sparafucile

        She never learned to wash her face?

    • Micah

      That’s not Tina Fey. It’s Sheila Kelley who slightly resembles her. Kelley

      • rivum

        i’d like to think he knows that, but maybe that’s my foolhardy optimism coming out.

        • s.w.a.c.

          I’ve been referring to her as “Tina Faux”.

      • wafs

        I could have sworn it was Sarah Palin as the real actress.

  • boonesghost

    Is it possible Ben could become the next Smoke Monster????

    • B.A.Y.

      We don’t need another smoke monster. The idea is to get rid of the smoke monster. Not create a new one.

      • sabrina

        I think we still do need a smoke monster; a yang to the yin

        • Ben’s Glasses

          And why should we even believe Jacob who got his info from a lying,lunatic, murderous fake-mom.

          • but that’s the trick, right? no one is ever truly as base a character as a “lying, lunatic, murderous fake” something or other. she did what she had to do to get what she thought was Right to happen.

            and also, it’s pretty clear that if the smoke monster left the island, bad things happen all around (via shared opinions of jacob and widmore, both seemingly not connected morally in any way).

      • Ament

        That may not be true, if in fact Momma was a smoke monster herself AND a Jacob.

  • Barnes (#17)

    Great episode. It hit me during the episode that there’s just one more left. It’s going to be hard not having the show around. I miss it already but I have a feeling the cult status will carry LOST for a very long time. Who will make an appearance in the finale? Please, please, please let it be Mr. Eko. No LOST character spells redemption with a capitol R better than Mr. Eko…



    • Kate’s Perfect Butt

      Well, except that… Eko WASN’T redeemed. He refused to admit he’d done bad things, and was thus killed for it.

  • BasiaK

    I knew Richard was going to get his butt kicked. MIB didn’t need him anymore. Richard looked so cool when he first appeared in the series, but as we got to know him, he was just an errand boy with great eyeliner. He was not the sharpest pencil in the box, which was made obvious by his “I know what he wants” speech. He had NO CLUE what MIB wants.

    As for Sideways, no way it’s a Driveshaft concert. A coctail dress for a rock concert? Uh nuh. I like the idea of it being at the museum – get everyone “who’s ready” together. For what, I have no idea.

    As for Ben killing Widmore? He didn’t. As with Jacob’s death, the rules required a middle man to do the job. Thus, MIB did the killing for Ben. No rules broken.

    I hope all appear Sunday – Eko, Juliet, etc. Like a final curtain call.

    Thought on Jack’s conversion: from whom will he learn the ancient magic that converts the next “watcher” to be “like Jacob”, eternal and without death unless killed? If Jacob disappears when the fire goes out, Jack will be without all the knowledge that Jacob got from his step-mom. Whom I guess was put on the island by Egyptians (ancient Atlantans from Atlantis even). Jacob had a whole lifetime to learn from his mom, Jack has what, an hour or two?

    Will the MIB kill the remaining Oceanic 8ers now that he can? They aren’t candidates anymore.

    And is anyone surprised that Jack took the mantle? He’s been preparing himself for this since he put the bottle down and started getting ready to go back to the island.

    Finally: Not that it is required, but I would love to know what MIB’s mom called him. Give the guy a name, Darlton. He at least deserves that!

    • Kate’s Perfect Butt

      BasiaK, you are incorrect on a few points:

      1) Jacob didn’t learn anything from his mom over the course of his lifetime. She kept him in the dark until the very end.
      2) Widmore was killed by Ben, not MIB.

      • BasiaK

        Jacob’s mom kept him in the dark on some things, but we didn’t see every waking moment of every waking day with them. He had to learn that “spell” from someone. He learned how to weave, sew, etc. He must have learned something.

        Yeah, you’re right, my bad, Widmore was killed by Ben. Sorry, was low on caffeine. Hmmmm Now I have to think on that. Was the rule that they couldn’t kill each other based on what they were sworn to as “others”? Was it that there was an “others” code that Ben finally broke because he had nothing to lose?

        • Nikki’s Perfect Curves

          I think the rule is that the writers haven’t a freakin’ clue what they’re doing this year.

    • Nick Turner

      It’s all in the drink. “You’re like me now” and wham comes the info… did you see Jack’s eyes?

      • agreed…jack definitely had a few gulps of epiphany.

      • Ament

        Still debatable, I mean if you give someone a few non-alcoholic beers and don’t tell them, they may act tipsy because they believe they are. It is possible Jacob did this very thing to Jack such as leading him to the Lighthouse. Make him BELIEVE that he has power to do what Jacob couldn’t by going through the motions. That is Jacob’s thing right? Don’t directly interfere but help along.

        Also not for nothing, it’s been Desmond this entire season playing Jacob’s role playing the guiding light. I think Widmore’s story of Desmond being “the backup plan” was to throw smokey and us off. Desmond is the plan.

        • naultz

          Desmond maybe playing a “Jacob” role in the sideways reality, but on island he has done little to make me think he is the new jacob. he got zapped with electricity and thrown in a well. not exactly a Jacob role.

  • ghanima

    I don’t think the little black dress that Desmond gave Kate rules out the Driveshaft concert. Remember that Whidmore mentioned his son’s crazy idea to combine classical music and rock music- plus Miles’ talk of a benefit concert- so the concert probably features both classical music and rock and the dress would be entirely appropriate. And I could see a young prodigy like David being invited to play in some capacity. There, everyone in on place.

    • You got it!

    • Trip

      Driveshaft doesn’t have to be playing for Charlie to show up since he is island enlightened and doesn’t need to be manipulated. The venue for the concert is irrelevant considering the main focus is the coming together of the 815ers in the sideways universe.

      • amy

        good point. but I dont think that charlie needs to be present. this is going to focus on the main candidates that are left. I don’t see Jin/Sun being there either. I think it is the remaining candidates that need to be enlightened and what not.

        I also realize none of them are essentially candidates anymore, now that Jack has accepted the role.

        • Ament

          Expect a “Lost” shocker coming up, I feel Jacob was just getting Jack to believe.

    • Cody

      Aren’t you guys reading the posts before you? this has been covered a couple times now.

  • Casey

    I don’t think Jack’s tenure as Island Protector is going to last very long at all.

    • Jacob’s Revenge

      Yeh, I thought it was a pretty lame “passing of the torch”. The other three candidates had no reaction at all to Jack’s “I’ll do it.” And the whole hostile dynamic between the two Island brothers is lost with Jack taking Jacob’s place. Seriously, what does Jack know about protecting the island ?! Jacob didn’t give him an Owner’s Manual or anything but a cup of water he mumbled over. Very poor transition, ugh.

      • MacCutcheon

        He had some kind of weird look in his eye, like all of a sudden he knew something he didn’t know before. I took it as the “owner’s manual” suddenly becoming clear to him.

      • daveisreal

        After he drank the water, Jacob said “Now you’re like me.” I think he received some special enlightenment. The “mumbling” was some kind of blessing.

        • Kate’s Perfect Butt

          Well, obviously–that’s how Jacob became enlightened as well. We saw that last week.

          • BasiaK

            I hate that. It’s an Deaux ex Machina thing, whee you just pull a god out of your hat when you need a change-up and – voila – everything is settled, like the plots of Baroque operas. You drink a liquid that has had some mumbo jumbo mouthed over it and you suddenly “know all”.

            I’ll hold my judgement, but that’s a little to lazy an answer for me.

          • daveisreal

            Right…Jacob’s Revenge apparantly missed that, see above…”Seriously, what does Jack know about protecting the island ?! Jacob didn’t give him an Owner’s Manual or anything but a cup of water he mumbled over.”

      • Juliet’s Sagging Cleavage

        I was really holding out for a good ‘Island Glowry Hole-Guarding’ Training Montage:

        It starts out with Jacob dunking Jack’s head into the stream a few times, then CUT TO:

        Jack sweating bullets as he sands the Four-Toed Statue’s stone toenails down. Jacob looks on disapprovingly and shakes his head. CUT TO:

        Jack slowly piling on white rocks onto one side of a giant scale to balance against black rocks on the other side. He steps back to check if it’s in balance- it is!- and looks to Jacob. Jacob golfclaps slowly.

        You get the idea.

        • Season Six Man Boobs

          Love it.

          • Season Six Man Boobs

            Soundtrack: “Somethin’ Tells Me I’m Into Somethin’ Good”.

        • adam118

          No. Play “Blister In The Sun” 🙂

    • MacCutcheon

      I have the same feeling.

      • rivum

        i agree. they did a whole lot of setup towards desmond being so important. i think the jack taking over idea will fail and desmond will be the key to it all.

        • Trip

          Desmond will be the key to Jack failing or Desmond will be the key to whatever the island becomes?

          I don’t think Desmond would want to stay on the island since he has Penny and baby Charlie. On the other hand, didn’t he tell Widmore that he was OK with making a sacrifice?

          • Ament

            Desmond woke up, he realizes his life on the island means nothing because his mind is crossed with the other universe. He knows he won’t lose anyone because once his time ends on the island, he can redeem in the other universe.

    • giggity

      Sawyer didn’t look too pleased that Jack became a leader again.

      I also thought it was strange that Desmond didn’t really talk to alter-Sawyer in the police station. Maybe the reasons are connected.

      • Trip

        Sawyer hasn’t looked pleased all season. The only time he was even remotely happy on the island was when he lived as LaFleur.

    • amy

      I think jack is going to have to fail at this job. Someone mentioned the other day on another post that Christian Shepard might have been preparing Jack his whole life for this role. Think back to that conversation between little boy Jack and Daddy Shepard….Christian tells jack he doesn’t have what it takes to fail. I thnk this was yet another glimpse at what Jack’s true purpose is….To let go. I think he is destined to fail at his job of Island protector.

      • Trip

        Wouldn’t that be the opposite of the redemptive story arcs that Darlton seem to favor for this series?

        It is interesting though. In this scenario, Jack accepting the failure and his inability to fix something could complete his redemption story.

        • amy

          I am still not so convinced that the island is supposed to be protected. I am still holding out for the big twist..pull the rug out from under you… ending where everyhting we thought we knew was wrong. I just feel like THAT would do LOST justice and would explain the slow pace of this season. I feel like Jack has been setup to let go more than be a leader/protector.

  • The Mantis

    Am I the only one wondering where Miles went? Did he go off on his own? I thought he was heading into the room with Widmore and Zoe… thought that was weird.

    • He’s running thru the jungle!!

    • Jacob’s Revenge

      Miles is awesome, he’s like a proxy for us fans.

    • Dominick

      He heard Flocke tell Ben they were going to kill Desmond in the well over the walkie-Talkie, so he ran ahead and freed Desmond.

      • ErasedSlate

        good call

        • Trip

          And he knew about the well from his time with the DI?

          • maybe he helped map the island with jin

          • Ament

            MIB told Des there were hundreds of wells like this one over the island when he was in search for the light. Miles doesn’t know which one, I think the rope was dropped by Sayid, or someone that hasn’t cameo’d yet.

      • The Black Rock

        Not. Sayid was dispatched by Flocke to kill Dez but freed him instead. Jeez, that was only one episode back guys.

        • liza

          uh no…Sayid was the one who told the candidates that Desmond was in the well. He didn’t free him, he just didn’t kill him.

      • adam118

        sounds smart

      • Dharma Chameleon

        I believe there is further evidence that smokey isn’t Jacob’s brother. MIB dosen’t include himself as one of the excavators of the old wells when describing them to Desmond.

        I feel that smokey is some mysterious entity that was liberated by Jacob’s brother going into the light.

    • Kate’s Perfect Butt

      They showed Miles running off.

      • amy

        yes he is running off int the jungle. prob going to catch up with Hurley and gang soon enough.

  • rivum

    it just occured to me that, despite the episode title and jacob’s statement that he will dish on it, that we never did actually find out “what they died for”. or did i black out for a second and miss that?

    • JoshuaRowan

      That’s what I kept thinking after the fireside chat! Yes, Jacob said he was going to tell us why they died, and Kate even asked the question point blank, but for some reason I can’t come up with the actual ANSWER to that question. Did Jacob ever actually explain why???

    • daveisreal

      They died in the process to protect the light. If the light goes out, everyone dies.

      • rivum

        are you just making shit up now?
        j/k, but did he actually say that or is that your inference?

        • i think jack’s the only one who got any real answers (via the cup)…but at the price of forsaking whatever future he might have had off-island with the lonely job of protecting the island.

          • Ament

            Jack drank a placebo, I do believe the wine gave Jacob everlasting life along with Richard, but they were both mortal.

    • amy

      NO they did not really answer this! unless we were supposed to take the answer from his whole speech but I was a bit confused as to why the titled the epi that and then went on a couple times to say we would get an answer and then…nothing. ugh

  • Lee

    This was a rather disappointing episode. Very disappointing. It wasn’t terrible. But let me put it this way. “Across the Sea” was better, in my opinion.

    • ???? I repeat. ????

    • Kate’s Perfect Butt

      I agree that this episode was disappointing. The entire season has been a wash, in my opinion. (And before any troglodytes start trashing me, remember–this is my opinion. You have a right to yours, and I have a right to mine. Discuss, don’t attack.)

      • not meaning to attack…but what exactly would have made it more interesting for you?

  • Dan

    Just occurred to me as well that of course Flocke needs Desmond now; its possible that under “the rules”, he might not be allowed to destroy the island on his own. Regardless, I’m sure to destroy it he needs to go into the source/light/heart of the island, a place where you are affected by high levels of electro-magnetism. And who do we know who can survive these high levels? Desmondo.

  • Dominick

    Isn’t it infered that dead people need to be buried so that MIB can’t manifest in their likeness?
    When Ben went into the caves with Locke and fell through the floor, he saw Alex (I always presumed this was a MIB manifestation of Alex). We found out last night that Richard buried her, so how then did she reappear to Ben in the cave?

    • sabrina

      Good question! We know the smoke monster manifested as Yemi as well but Yemi was never buried, he was just decomposing in the plane. BUT! Smokey also appeared as Isabella, Alpert’s wife and I would assume she was buried back in the Canary islands after she died. Smokey was able to “read” Richard’s thoughts and then appear as his dead wife to trick him. So, perhaps Smokey can appear as whomever he wants despite how they are buried but can only take the actual form of someone who has not been properly buried.

    • Mr. Austen

      I don’t believe that bodies need to be buried in order to be impersonated by MIB–they just need to be on the island. Christian Shepherd was not buried.

      I’m not sure that Isabella, Kate’s horse or Ben’s mother (bodies NOT on the island) were MIB impersonations–I can’t explain what they are but I assume that Jacob was behind those visions. Just my guess on that…

      • Dominick

        I think you misunderstood. It was my impression that bodies needed to be buried quickly so MIB could NOT assume their likeness.

      • Nikki’s Perfect Curves

        You misunderstand–a body has to be buried so that he CAN’T impersonate them.

      • Ament

        Remember smokey killed Keamy’s crew, he seen Alex’s body and at that point he was able to impersonate her. When Richard made his demands to DI to bury their dead, I think it was to quickly hide the body before noticed by smokey.

      • naultz

        Some of the people we have seen I think are not MIB but just ghosts. Isabella, was MIB in the first scene on the black rock, but at the end of the episode that was Isabella’s ghost, not MIB.

  • Acheron

    I know someone above said Ben could be the next smoke monster… I don’t think that’s the right question. I think someone does have to be the embodiment of evil, as Jack will be the embodiment of good. I think sadly and tragically Desmond will have to fit that role. He has more of a reason to get off the island than anyone at this point, no one else has anything to go back to… just Desmond for Penny. It’s a bit of a stretch, but we’re all stretching, I just wanted in print and on the record in case I’m right. God I’m gonna miss this show. I don’t know if anyone outside of New York knows about these guys, “Previously on Lost,” they’re a band that re-caps episodes of Lost in song and they’ll have a song on the finale this Sunday. I’ll be watching the finale in Brooklyn with them:

    • Kate’s Perfect Butt

      No one else has anything to go back to? That’s not true. Hurley has his parents, and Sawyer has Clementine.

      • Trip

        We have already seen 1 father make an orphan of his daughter. Other than asking Kate to deliver money to Celementine’s mother, has Sawyer EVER showed any interest in or feelings for this child?

        I agree that Hurley would likely want to return to his parents, especially since he now knows that he really isn’t cursed.

  • jackisjacob

    this has been my user name since season 3. check it out i told you all JACK IS JACOB

    • SPF22

      I, like you and many others explored the idea that Jacob was someone we had already been introduced to, however, that was CLEARLY wrong.

      Jack is Jack playing the role of protector of the island from this point on into the future. Jacob is Jacob and played the role of the protector of the island prior to Jack. Nice try though.

      • Jackisjack


  • Sarah Clarke Stuart

    Re: The Concert
    Regardless of who is performing, certainly Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu will be played, right? This particular piece has been featured four other times throughout the series–perhaps it will serve as a magical snap-out-of-it tune and awaken all of the Lostaways to their true calling. Or not. Just anxious to know what is so significant about this concert…


    I’d like to start calling jack Jackob for the next 4 days

    • JACKOB

      Who’s with me?

      • rivum

        (tumbleweeds go by…)

      • Pantagathus

        Kind of a fail Jackob

  • carlos


  • Ok they need to kill smokey. Just a feeling but I think Jack is going to let sideways Locke die while he is under the knife to accomplish this. Also Sawyer had a strange look on his face when Jack was being sworn in with Jacob. A twist that I thought of was that next to die would be Kate.{Fans have been wanting this} Somehow Jack is going to be held responsible by Sawyer.That will now be two woman that Sawyer loved taken out by Jack. When Jack goes to the Light, Sawyer is going to follow. They will get into a fight and Jack will throw Sawyer down the river and Sawyer will become our new smoke monster and the series will end with History repeating itself. Shazzam ;-)or not.

  • sparafucile

    The gorgeous black-haired gal watching her first episode of LOST with me last night says the dress is Dolce & Gabbana. This is *not* for a Driveshaft concert.

  • joe_bones

    widmore’s death was perfect. we have seen others get in trouble for killing other others…. except when the other is about to divulge important info. then, it is preferable to kill the other. just like mikhail shot bea, and how widmore broke the neck of cunningham in the 1950s, ben killed widmore as he was about to reveal important info to an enemy.

  • l-i-v-i-n

    for everyone who says this episode was bad… really? like character motivation and development are a bad thing. this was great. i had goosebumps nearly the entire time!

    • Rosie

      Sideways Ana-Lucia is “not ready”, yet a Sideways Kate who had killed a guy, while trying to kill her father and the murderous Sayid . . . are?

      We’re supposed to buy this crap? To hell with that! Typical Cuse and Lindehof sucking to the fan geeks.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Uh, Kate redeemed herself going back for Claire (I think). Supposedly she is innocent in Sideways© (that has to be shown in Sideways© to prove it).

        And while The Darlton have both played and catered to the geeks, I really think the story’s core is the same (and oh how silly was that). This was far and above that dreck last week, but still not the best of by a long shot.

        • naultz

          Kate is far from redemption in my eyes. going back for Claire does not make up for all her sins in the sideways.

  • Rosie

    [for everyone who says this episode was bad… really? like character motivation and development are a bad thing. this was great. i had goosebumps nearly the entire time!]

    I was just disappointed. It wasn’t bad. It was an exercise in mediocrity.

    • Matt

      Sounds like a personal problem.

      • Rosie

        Fuck you! I make a criticism of the episode and you see this as a reason to insult me? Fuck you!

  • Where’s Vincent?

    I’m confused as to why people are so concerned about the rules regarding Widmore and Ben not killing each other! Maybe I’ve got my timeline wrong or I’m remembering something completely false but I was under the impression that, yes, the rules DID govern that they are not allowed to kill each other. HOWEVER, Widmore broke the rules by (indirectly) killing Alex. I seem to remember Ben saying something along those lines….

    am I crazy??

    • Ament

      Good point, but isn’t that exactly what MIB does to all the candidates including Jacob? He gets other people to get their hands dirty so he doesn’t directly break the rules.

  • Ament

    This was a really good episode, some things really weren’t explained greatly like Widmore’s death by Ben is now allowed as opposed to an earlier encounter. Ben’s ability to manipulate is so overpowering that he’s even tricking MIB along with us one last time. His sincerity in “Dr. Linus” was too powerful of a moment to be dismissed that easily. Here is his shot at revenge for being manipulated to kill Jacob. His line directly after shooting Widmore “He doesn’t get to save his daughter” was perfect in the sense that he shot Widmore in hopes to not let him tell MIB what he knows, and at the same time it convinced MIB he’s still selfish and evil at heart. Emerson kicks ass.

    Richard may not be dead, but he was literally taken out of the picture. Thats one of those interpretations left open.

    If this concert that they are going to is in fact a Classical meets Driveshaft moment at Chang’s Museum would be fantastic. Finally a moment where Charlie and Claire could possibly reunite would be really cool. Also if this is a rescheduled concert because Driveshaft dropped out of the last charity event then we would have Sawyer, Miles, Faraday, Charlotte, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Desmond, Jack, Charlie, Claire, and Chang. If this is a school event and David goes to the school Ben and Locke teach at, then most likely Ben, Locke, Alex, Danielle, and Arzt would most likely attend. Of course the mom *cough*Juliet*cough* will be there. All we need is Mr. Friendly play security, Frogurt at the concession stand, and Boone/Shannon as attending donators. I can’t see how Sun and Jin can be invited or even be connected but hey lets throw them in there too.

    My biggest hope is Walt goes to school with David and shows up with Michael.

  • Rosie

    I don’t see Jack as the embodiment of good . . . anymore than I saw Jacob as the embodiment of good. Why do we need an “embodiment of good” in the first place? There is good and evil in all forms of nature.

  • adam118

    So it all comes down to “How I Met Your Mother”…

  • milo

    I thought it would take answers to make me happy. I’ll have some disappointment if they don’t come, but I loved this episode and I’ll be pretty happy if the finale pays off what they’re setting up in the sideways and gives a good reason/resolution for it.

  • neofunk

    I have always been a big Lost fan and have always defended it but I am really feeling short changed this season.I love the characterisation but if being honest it is the mythology which hooked me.I was not looking for everything to be wrapped up in a bow but the writers seem to be totally side stepping major plot mysteries that they have being building up for six seasons.This show’s that they have being making it up from season to season.Darlton said the Adam and Eve reveal would prove that they had planned this from season 1 bullshit.MIB and “mommy” really was an after thought stemming from the deus ex machina that was the introduction of Jacob in season 3.The story telling this season has been mainly filler with little answers that were given were mainly flat “The Whispers” what a joke.I have always said that Lost as a whole hinged on the last season and so far the pay off is lacking.It is the fan’s that have made Lost what it is with theories and research making it a very interactive experience which I love and will miss but we are being hoodwinked I just hope what remains prove me wrong I really do.There is just so much that can’t be answered to give a satisfactory resolution.For ppl to say it’s the characters that matter and not the answers is bullshit if i wanted to watch a show about only the characters i would have watched a soap.Why should we just accept lazy writing and allowing the writers an easy copout.I was looking forward to a full rewatch knowing where the interweaving story was going as a whole.Spotting all the different things through out that proved the plot was dilectly preconceived all along as we were led to believe.Not that it was being made off the cuff season to season.You never know maybe we will to some degree but i just feel a lot of what has come before is being tarnished by the laziness of the writers and under estimation of the fan’s intelligence.I expected some things to be left open for debate but not 70% of the mythology this late in this promised season of answers. I would have loved a flashback episode of the Egyptian period of the island’s history and that it would have been integral to the story’s arc maybe even being the Genesis of Jacob/Flocke.They will never explain what the island is we just got a McGuffin cave of light that if anything else was the one question that needed to be answered.As the Dude said ” I just wanted the rug that tied the room together”.I just hope that it is worth staying up till 5am to watch it cause they are showing it here in Ireland at the same time as the U.S.A to avoid spoilers.

  • happy time to play the game with you.