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Rate & Rant – Lost 5.13 “Some Like It Hoth”

By docarzt,

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After the awesomeness that was “Dead is Dead,” Lost 5.13 “Some like it Hoth” landed like the final punch in a lethal combination. This time the biography went to Miles Straum, with a protracted expose on the corpse-whisperer’s well defined daddy issues. As usual, our own Clueless1der plunged into a stream of consciousness live blog of the festivities, and we’re here to hit the fine points and vote our consciences!

  • Tons of number Easter Egg winks in this episode.  Number references, white rabbit appearances, Star Wars geekisms.
  • We got to see the Naomi recruitment which  seemingly revealed without a doubt that the fake 815 wreckage was a plant.
  • We saw the Swan construction site.  Hurley tole Miles that it was responsible for the 815 crash.
  • We met possibly a third group of players.  People who know Miles past, and seem to have all of the answers.  Whose side are they own?
  • Hurley wrote Empire Strikes Back.  Or would like to, anyways.
  • Faraday is back on the island, as a scientist.

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