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Reader Theory of The Day – “I Was Supposed To Fly That Plane”

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270px-franklapidusEvery day we comb our LOST Discussion Forum for theories, notions, or realizations that strike us as particularly inspired.  Today it is the incomparable MsDee’s “I Was Supposed To Fly That Plane!”  A particularly interesting idea since the next episode of LOST, 316, may – or may not – deal with how the Oceanic 6 return to that island.  Read on and join in on the conversation.  If you see – or write – any theories in the forum that you think should be featured, send me a private message on the forum and I’ll check it out.  Take it away, MsDee –

“I can’t help but think that Lapidus will be returning. The Oceanic 6 has to get back to the island. I doubt they will hijack a plane filled with innocent people to get to the island.  Here’s my theory:

Sun has something to do with Ajira. Why Sun? Because it is most plausible. She has loads of money, more than just the Oceanic settlement (if she even accepted it) Her father’s (now her) company is loaded and can have some possible affiliation with an airline , in this case, Ajira.

Sun is finally convinced to go back to the island as well as the rest of the gang. We know this is inevitable. They’ll need a plane. So Sun suggest one of the planes owned by one of the companies she has some or complete ownership over via Paik industries.

Now they’ll need a pilot. The only pilot that knows about “The Lie” is Lapidus. So Lapidus will fly the Oceanic 6 to the correct bearing that will take them to the island.”

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