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reWatching Lost: Spend Your Summer With DocArzt and Friends!

By AstroJones,

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Brace yourselves LOST fans, because next year, in January, Lost will begin its sixth and final season as a television series. The excruciatingly long hiatus leading us to the end will begin by the end of the night and I can’t imagine anything worse than waiting that long just to watch the final chapter of a story that I don’t want to end at all. But all of this The End is Coming stuff got me thinking about how to pass the time this summer (and fall). For some time now I’ve wanted to go back and rewatch the entire series, from beginning to end, but it’s never felt like quite the right time for me…until now.

Myself, and the rest of the staff here at Docarzt and Friends would like you all to partake on this journey with us over the hiatus. It will be like a book club and a watch party mixed together. Here are the details.

  • We’re going to watch all of Lost, and I mean all of it, from season 1 up thru season 5 in the next 7 months. We’ll all watch the same episodes each week (if you choose to participate), and then meet back here, at Doc’s at the end of the week to discuss and give our thoughts.
  • Most week’s will require us to watch 4 episodes between Monday and Saturday (though some weeks only have 3 episodes on the schedule).
  • I’ll write a single article that covers all of that week’s episodes each Sunday, giving a very brief synopsis and then dive into the items that I found interesting, based on things we now know. At the end of the article I will link to additional blogs and other lost fansites who will be writing their own take on the same episodes, as well as any additional resources you may find interesting.
  • Then, each of you will have the opportunity to respond and give your thoughts as well, in the comments. We hope that you will all join us and watch the episodes with us each week, however, even if you just want to pop on the site every Sunday night (or Monday morning!) and see what we all had to say, that’s fine as well.
  • So far Lost blogger JOpinionated is onboard to give us her reWATCHING thoughts each week, and Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff will also feature one to two articles a week on the past episodes, focusing mostly on the mysteries, both solved and not solved.  Other Lost sites are encouraged to join us in this endeavor and keep the community riding high this summer.

Nothing will better prepare us, or be as much fun as doing this as a community. So while the days are growing shorter, and the sadness of the end looms over us, we can rejoice in all that made us fall in love with this series to begin with, and maybe even pickup a few new clues in the process. So remember, after Lost ends its fifth season there’s still work to be done. Come back to regularly, every week, and reWATCH Lost with us.

reWATCHING LOST will begin on June 1.  Below is the schedule of episodes to be covered each week.

If you’re interested in participating in this event, and you’d like us to link to your articles each week, please email me at with the subject of “reWatching Lost” and I’ll give you any necessary details.

June 1 – June 7
-S1E01 – Pilot: Part 1
-S1E02 – Pilot: Part 2
-S1E03 – Tabula Rasa
-S1E04 – Walkabout
June 8 – June 14
-S1E05 – White Rabbit
-S1E06 – House of the Rising Sun
-S1E07 – The Moth
-S1E08 – Confidence Man
June 15 – June 21
-S1E09 – Solitary
-S1E10 – Raised by Another
-S1E11 – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
-S1E12 – Whatever the Case May Be
June22 – June 28
-S1E13 – Hearts and Minds
-S1E14 – Special
-S1E15 – Homecoming
-S1E16 – Outlaws
June 29 – July 5
-S1E17 – …In Translation
-S1E18 – Numbers
-S1E19 – Deus Ex Machina
July 6 – July 12
-S1E20 – Do No Harm
-S1E21 – The Greater Good
-S1E22 – Born to Run
July 13 – July 19
-S1E23 – Exodus: Part 1
-S1E24/25 – Exodus: Part 2
-S2E01 – Man of Science, Man of Faith
-S2E02 – Adrift
July 20 – July 26
-S2E03 – Orientation
-S2E04 – Everybody Hates Hugo
-S2E05 – …And Found
-S2E06 – Abandoned
July 27 – Aug 2
-S2E07 – The Other 48 Days
-S2E08 – Collision
-S2E09 – What Kate Did
-S2E10 – The 23rd Psalm
Aug 3 – Aug 9
-S2E11 – The Hunting Party
-S2E12 – Fire + Water
-S2E13 – The Long Con
-S2E14 – One of Them
Aug 10 – Aug 16
-S2E15 – Maternity Leave
-S2E16 – The Whole Truth
-S2E17 – Lockdown
-S2E18 – Dave
Aug 17 – Aug 23
-S2E19 – S.O.S.
-S2E20 – Two for the Road
-S2E21 – ?
Aug 24 – Aug 30
-S2E22 – Three Minutes
-S2E23/24 – Live Together, Die Alone
-S3E01 – A Tale of Two Cities
-S3E02 – The Glass Ballerina
Aug 31 – Sept 6
-S3E03 – Further Instructions
-S3E04 – Every Man for Himself
-S3E05 – The Cost of Living
-S3E06 – I Do
Sept 7 – Sept 13
-S3E07 – Not in Portland
-S3E08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes
-S3E09 – Stranger in a Strange Land
-S3E10 – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Sept 14 – Sept 20
-S3E11 – Enter 77
-S3E12 – Par Avion
-S3E13 – The Man from Tallahassee
-S3E14 – Expose
Sept 21 – Sept 27
-S3E15 – Left Behind
-S3E16 – One of Us
-S3E17 – Catch-22
Sept 28 – Oct 4
-S3E18 – D.O.C.
-S3E19 – The Brig
-S3E20 – The Man Behind the Curtain
Oct 5 – Oct 11
-S3E21 – Greatest Hits
-S3E22/23 – Through the Looking Glass
-S4E01 – The Beginning of the End
Oct 12 – Oct 18
-S4E02 – Confirmed Dead
-S4E03 – The Economist
-S4E04 – Eggtown
Oct 19 – Oct 25
-S4E05 – The Constant
-S4E06 – The Other Woman
-S4E07 – Ji Yeon
Oct 26 – Nov 1
-S4E08 – Meet Kevin Johnson
-S4E09 – The Shape of Things to Come
-S4E10 – Something Nice Back Home
Nov 2 – Nov 8
-S4E11 – Cabin Fever
-S4E12 – There’s No Place Like Home: Part 1
-S4E13/14 – There’s No Place Like Home: Part 2
Nov 9 – Nov 15
-S5E01 – Because You Left
-S5E02 – The Lie
-S5E03 – Jughead
Nov 16 – Nov 22
Nov 23 – Nov 29
-S5E04 – The Little Prince
-S5E05 – This Place is Death
Nov 30 – Dec 6
-S5E06 – 316
-S5E07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
-S5E08 – LaFleur
Dec 7 – Dec 13
-S5E09 – Namaste
-S5E10 – He’s Our You
-S5E11 – Whatever Happened, Happened
Dec 14 – Dec 20
-S5E12 – Dead is Dead
-S5E13 – Some Like It Hoth
-S5E14 – The Variable
Dec 21 – Dec 27
Dec 28 – Jan 3
-S5E15 – Follow the Leader
-S5E16/17 – The Incident
  • Charlie’s Ghost

    that’s one hell of a syllabus, but i’m up for it!!

    • AstroJones

      Yes it is, but keep in mind that if you fall behind, you can always just read a recap from the Lostpedia or something. Or just drop in to read what we had to say and get a refresher. It should be fun!! 🙂

  • lostinnashville

    What a fun idea. I am totally in.

  • Jayman

    I was thinking of doing this as well a few days ago. Good wife and I are gonna try and follow this schedule to a “T”! Looking forward to reWATCHING.

  • JJStrange

    I’m in. I was going to do this already but this way it’ll be even better! =]
    Happy viewing tonite to ALL!!

  • This is awesome. My wife and I were planning on doing this anyway. It’ll be nice to have somewhere to talk about it.

  • Nikita

    I’m in! I think the insights will be great now that we know the winding down’s begun. My teenage son is picking it up, so we’ll make it a family event!

  • clueless1der

    Ok, dumb question, but for those of us who may…not…have them on DVD can someone help with where to watch them online?

    • Gripp

      Last I checked, had every ep online. Thats how I was able to see Sawyer run by the dharma classroom during the other attack flashback last season.

      Next best bet would be Hulu. Beyond that, you’re going to have to get grimey to watch online. Send me an email if you need to and I’ll tell you how.

      • greg

        only in us,not for poor french losties …

      • KissyS006

        I’ve found that right now ABC only has the last 4 or so episodes of S. 5 available. Maybe once the season is over they will have all of them again. I just think its weird that they don’t have them.

    • AstroJones

      Gripp is correct that every episode is currently on, if you’re in the U.S. In addition, will most likely have them available soon, since ABC just signed the deal with them (not sure if people outside the US can watch that either, though). Finally, iTunes typically has them as well, though you would have to shell out some cash for it. At least that way you’d only buy each episode you needed for that week and better spread out your cashflow. And finally, the obvious…Go buy the DVDs!! You know you’re going to eventually anyway. 🙂

    • Shift

      I use The downside is that the site is in Japanese, but just searching “Lost S1” or whatever brings you to all the episodes.

    • triangulatedsignal

      haha why are you asking you know il send u some links hehe!!!

      • neoloki

        There are a bunch of sites out there where you can watch the whole series for free and not just for Lost. If you do some research through google you should be able to find them. I will post one and if Doc Arzt is not comfortable with the mention please delete.

    • buzmeg

      You can rent Seasons 1 thru 4 at Blockbuster.

      If you are watch from DVDs; activate the captions and listen through headphones. It makes for better understanding, and you don’t miss any dialogue.

    • sarmie

      Click on this website. It has all the episode

  • im so up for that. ive also been thinking about jotting down the questions that are asked and answered for each ep, but season 5 dont come out till december the 11th? what we do about that

    • AstroJones

      we’ll have to make use of and Hulu for the most part. I realize that many people might not be able to watch with those sites, but there are still written and podcast recaps available online, and we’ll have the articles on Docarzt that should make it easy to continue following along. We’ll get through it! 🙂

  • Gripp

    Yeah, I was gonna do this anyway. It’s going to be way more fun now that you guys are doing the same thing and reporting on it.

    • love it, and im getting them bad ass blu rays too cant wait. i will join in with this guys

      • neoloki

        Yeah! I have season 4 on blu-ray and it is spectacular. I read a newspaper article last month that has Lost S.4 as one of the best HD experiences you can get to show off your system. You can literally count the grey hairs in Jack’s stubble. I was waiting for S.1 to come out on blu-ray before I do a series re watch, so I might just play catch up with the re watch here.

  • meems

    I’m IN, Im’ IN! My kids and I often go back and just watch a whole group of episodes or a season over again from the DVDs. I just bought Season 4 so I haven’t rewatched them yet, but we were sort of planning a marathon soon anyway. This should be fun!

  • catholicdude

    Yeah, Kevsta’s right. You’ll ahve to readjust the schedule because, as it is, you have people watching shows a month before they’re released on blu and DVD. Maybe space out the episodes more before December 11, and then do a more intense cover-all for Season 5 after it gets released.

    • catholicdude

      Unless we can convince Uncle Walt to release Season 5 earlier than December, eh? Anyone got a white bunny in a cage?

    • AstroJones

      Actually the only way to get through it all before season 6 starts is with the schedule above. I’m willing to bet alot of people still have season 5 on DVR, and and Hulu should be able to provide season 5 episodes to most of the rest of us based on the schedule above. Then there’s always iTunes as well, and heaven forbid, bit torrent downloads. Anyway, those who can’t use one of the methods I just mentioned will either have to catch up later, or trying reading recaps from Lostpedia for the episodes that week. At least season 5 will be the most fresh on our minds. 🙂

  • Jacie

    I was going to do this anyway! It will be so much fun being part of a community, people who love LOST as much as I do! Without a doubt LOST is the greatest show in TV history. Thanks to all!

  • Jennyfurr

    I’m in!

  • dlbarrus

    Great idea, count me in too


  • seenitlovedit

    i am so in.

  • Jason

    I’m definitely into this. Way to tap into something that a lot of people are going to do anyway. For me, for the most part, it’ll be a re-re-watching, since I just got done with a second watching of seasons 1-4…. Looking forward to the discussion on this throughout the rest of 2009. It’ll make waiting for S6 a lot easier (and more fun).

  • LV

    I’ve been rewatching on SciFi, 4 eps per week (currently in Season 3), but I’m totally in for participating in the discussions on this schedule. Awesome!

  • rob

    sweet. loved looking at your calendar and seeing it take us right up into january 2010, makes it feel that much closer. thanks for that.

  • teNsFredZ

    i would actually love to do this but im doing LOST MARATHON sometime in June, so I don’t want to watch anything up until then. Yes, me and my mates are going to do seasons 1 – 5 in a a row, and we’re going to try raise money for charity as well. I think after the marathon i’ll pick up with the episodes on the timetable :D.

  • me and my kids dad always rewatch during the breaks, so it will be great to have Doc & friends watching right along with us. count us in!

  • Luddite

    I’m so in. I usually rewatch the series in the few weeks before a new season starts, which builds up a great momentum leading into that first episode. Unfortunately, it also requires me to do nothing else for that few weeks but watch Lost in a frenzied panic, missing out on any chance for reflection or analysis. My hope is that spreading things out and checking in with what others thought will result in a much deeper (and infinitely more relaxed) viewing experience.

  • Tiqui

    I’m in too. And for the people who wonder where to watch the episodes, a simple google search “Watch Lost online” will give a lot of sites to choose from. Also if you’re not in the US. I had no problem neither from Argentina nor from Norway.

  • sv

    Wow, I can’t do this… Why?
    Actually, I rewatch all LOST episodes beteen each season since season 3 ended. And you bet I’ll do it again this time. The thing is, I just can’t watch 4 episodess in a week… Sometimes I watch 4 episodes *in one evening*…So yes that means that I actually watch the whole series serveral times before the new season begins 🙂
    But it reallt saddens me that next year will be the last season. I don’t want it to happen and at the same time I can’t wait for the 6th season to start. It’ll feel so strange one year from now, when we’ll all be here not wanting to believe that it’s over. Now, I’d consider the Lost staff the most awesome people in the world if somehow they managed to not make us sad when it’s done by giving us the most kickass series ending ever. You know, something that would make us say “Damn, it’s sad and yet, I’m not”.

  • Jharris

    Sounds great — have three small kids so the number of shows I watch has dwindled all the way down to one: Lost is the last survivor of my former life… when it finished up, I thought I was tv-free for eight months — will be interesting to get feedback from those who know more about the show.

  • shoegirl927

    Sounds wonderful!! I’m in!

  • shoegirl927

    I posted a link to this article in a set on, as there are alot of “LOST” fans on there as well.

  • Lottery Ticket

    I’m in.

  • Rooky

    I would suggest moving

    -S2E22 – Three Minutes

    from Aug 24 – Aug 30
    to Aug 17 – 23
    Otherwise there will be 5 episode that week.

  • Kwijt

    Looking forward to it. I’m in!

  • gbuc

    Found out about you from Erika’s Long Live Lost site.

    Count me IN! First time participant, so this should be cool… Will be good to re-view the episodes to pick up new clues…

    thanks, all…

  • pixies

    i’m in!
    already a nice print version of the scheme?

  • angelaparker45

    live together-die alone……i’m in!

  • singitloud

    Wouldn’t it be great if we had SPOILER ALERTS, pictures from “next week’s episodes”, and even a few teaser clips? We could act like we were speculating as to what was going to happen. imfromthepast could give us time-travel theories as though he didn’t know what was going to happen… just a thought – it would be fun.


  • Andy

    What about Lost: Missing Pieces? That should be worked into the schedule as well.

    • Ben

      Before watching the pilot watch “So It Begins” Christian tells Vincent the dog to go and find Jack.

  • Ed Einstein

    Brilliant idea! The perfect thing to fill out the dead zone before the final tearjerker!

    • Ed Einstein

      Oh yeah…and I’m in!

  • chris

    One step ahead….my girlfriend, who has never seen an episode, and I are now 4 episodes in to season 1. So far ive hooked her on to Lost, Arrested Development, Galactica and It’s Always Sunny…i think she’s a keeper 🙂

  • Ben

    This is a great idea! I was planning on rewatching the series myself to prepare for the final season.

    If you scheduled watching Season 5 the week of December 8 people can buy and watch season 5 DVDs! I think there is more then enough time to watch the season after Dec 8. I usually wait to get a season of Lost for Christmas, but if you change the schedule to start watching season 5 after Dec 8th I’ll pick up that week.

  • For those who don’t have copies of LOST Seasons 1-4, although I have to wonder how you can call yourself a fan ;>), you can order discs from Netflix. This is how I’m watching back seasons of House and 24.

  • Jafool

    Me and my friends were planning on doing this, but rather trying to smash it out in a week and a half LOL, allowing minimum time for flaws like sleep and hunger 😛

  • Chris

    How do we watch season five in November if its not out on DVD until December 8th?

    Maybe this is a stupid questions.



  • frikky

    Nicee… tottaly in 🙂

  • jana lalewicz

    Believe it or not(Oh, I’m Soooo.. embarassed to admit this), I just started watching lost a couple months(On channel 32-Sundays) ago & then found out the show was like 5 yrs old!! So, I found the ABC website & between that site & several others(wherever I could find the 5th season episodes) I watched every episode from Pilot #1 to The Incident. It took me several weeks to do that but I was ADDICTED!! I thought my husband might threaten to leave me. He thinks I’m crazy & just doesn’t get the whole “Lost-thing” at all even though I’ve done my best to get him to watch it!Ha! Anyway, I just finished all 5 seasons a few days ago so it’s all fresh in my mind but I’m IN on this re-watch thing!! I’ll be following along with the schedule. Is should be easy after my 5-season marathon watch!! Oh, but is my husband gonna be MAD,MAD,MAD!!Ha! Jan

    • sarmie

      OMG! I thought I’m the only one in this world who got so crazy over LOST.
      My son ‘FORCED’ me to watch Season 1 and he said if I don’t like it, I don’t even have to finish the first season. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I got hooked big time that I couldn’t do anything else around the house but sit in front of my TV and watch episode to episode…I would hurry home from work just so I could watch it! I was able to finish Season 1-2-3 in 2 1/2 weeks! I would go to sleep like around 3-4am coz I just couldn’t stop! I have to know what happens next every episode.
      Anyway, that’s the story of my life…LOST in REALITY..

  • Im definately in. My girlfriend and I rewatched Seasons 1-4 before Season 5 and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully we will all realize some new things this time around in preparation for the last 17 hours of the LOST story.

  • monika

    guys, this is simple, yet genius idea and i am totally with you as well as many other fans are! seems like the hiatus won t be that long after all:-)

  • downthehatch

    LOL I have done his since Season one. I think I have watched the Pilot oh about 4-5 times now. Be prepared for how awesome Lost is on a second rewatch…or 3rd. LOL. I am already in as We started this last week.

  • buzmeg

    I’ve been re-watching since May 23rd. I just finished Season 2 today. Watching 49 episodes practically back to back to back gives a much different perspective than the usual one per week or longer. A hint: (if you are watching from DVDs): activate the captions and listen through headphones. It makes for better understanding, and you don’t miss any dialogue.

    Another hint: watch and listen closely to S2E18 “Dave.”

  • jet7111

    Hey so I see we all have a schedule of the shows that we are to watch and stuff but when will we get together and where to go over what we have rewatched? Site link, location, date and time? Can anyone help me with that, I’d love to join in the fun. Thanks

  • Gamme15

    i do this every year lol

  • What a great way to stay Lost until 2010!!!

  • Phineas

    Looks like ABC took down Seasons 2-4. The free ride was fun while it lasted.

  • Windy

    No, seasons 2-4 are still online, at least in the US. I’ve been watching them.

  • xiaonia


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