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R.I.P. Daniel Faraday?

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As we close in on the next episode of Lost, the burning question on the minds of most fans is, “Daniel Faraday, dead or alive?”.

If Daniel’s predictions about detonating the bomb to rid the energy were correct, then is dead really dead? If the Oceanic flight was to never have crashed on the island and instead reached it’s destination what would this in turn mean for our Losties, especially the ones who died on the island, and even further down the chain, the people who died as a result of the events following the crash? Some of the most memorable ones to note are Mr.Friendly, Mikhail, Alex, Naomi, Charlotte and now of course, our beloved Daniel. Does this mean at some point, if Kate and Jack can figure out Daniel’s plan and carry it off in the four hours Daniel predicts they have left before the ‘accident’, we may just possibly one day see a return to normality for every character?

Anyway, enough of tangents for me, the purpose of this post is to look back over Daniel’s time on the show so far, whilst we wait for this week to see if dead is REALLY dead or not!

Daniel Faraday arrived on Kahana, and then parachuted onto the island from the helicopter. We now know he is most likely the child of Eloise and Charles, and an avid space-time physicist and lecturer (professor).

EARLY LIFEdan-theresa

Daniel grew up not knowing who is father was, and living with his mother Eloise Hawking, whom we know was an other and hell bent on making sure Daniel lived out his destiny, and at no cost too high. As a kid he was a keen piano player, but his mother wanted this to stop, and for him to focus on his ‘skills’. The next stage of life we saw Daniel at was his graduation day from Oxford, it was during this scene we also saw that Theresa was Daniel’s old girlfriend and also to be noted, was Eloise’s hostility towards her and someone she saw as stopping Daniel fulfilling his destiny.


We recently learned that the person who invested in Daniel and his experiments and career was none other than his father, Charles Widmore. Daniel claimed he gave 1.5 million to his work. This came as quite a shock to his mother Eloise, who for reasons yet unknown, holds some resentment towards Widmore.

Daniel was once visited by Desmond Hume and it was during this that the notion of constants was first introduced into the storyline. We now know that Daniel believes the variables (people) are the important key to his ideas. Daniel said Desmond was his constant and under his watch, completed an experiment with his lab rat (ironically called Eloise). The experiment revolved around the rats conciousness travelling through time. Daniel would then go on to test this theory on Theresa, his assistant and we now know, girlfriend, resulting in the state we saw her in when she was lying in bed. daniel

Oxford were quick to discredit and disown Daniel after everything, and his next step was a move to America. Experiments now had clearly taken their toll on Daniel and he was suffering from bad memory, and a clearly nervous dispositon. During ‘The Variable’ we saw Charles visit Daniel and offer to send him the island. Widmore told Daniel of the island’s healing powers and the oppurtunity he had to carry on with his research. Clearly uneased by the footage of the apparent Oceanic wreck found, Widmore owned up that he had planted the wreck and after some persuasion from his mother, Daniel at some stage made the decision to go to the island.


Daniel arrived during season 4 and instead of talked endlessly about everything he has done, I have picked a few videos highlighting some of his best moments on the island (hopefully so far, but most likely all together).