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Ropes and Compasses

By imfromthepast,

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Before I get into the meat of this article, let me tell you a story.

Fred was a looser, and what made it worse  is he knew it. Nothing he ever did worked out right, and nothing that worked out right, worked out right for him. The glass was not just half empty, what was left had spit in it.

So when the time machine appeared in Fred’s cramped living room, interrupting his Ramen Noodle dinner, his first thoughts were not about all the wonderful things that he could do with a time machine, but about just how this supposed blessing was going to blow up in his face.

He slowly approached the time machine, and inspected it. It appeared to be a rather outlandish Lazy-Boy. There was a keypad for entering the destination date, and it seemed that one pulled the lever to activate it. 

Fred hesitantly took a seat and considered his options. “If I go to the age of the dinosaurs,” he thought, “I will surely be eaten. If I go to the future I will probably be vaporized by some futuristic death ray.”

What to do?

Finally, Fred gave in to his natural timidity and decided to just go back in time ten minutes, lest anything horrible happen to him. He punched in his destination and pulled the lever. The Lazy-Boy began to sputter and shake, and in an explosive blast of light vanished out from under Fred, dropping him to the floor.

Fred looked around in bewilderment. The time machine was gone. Fred looked at the clock. It was exactly ten minutes after the time machine appeared. And he had sent it back in time ten minutes.

“Figures,” muttered Fred as he returned to his Ramen Noodles.

Ok. At first blush, you may be wondering what this story has to do with Richard’s compass, or the Orchid well rope.

Hopefully you find this story absurd, because it illustrates what some people think is going on with the compass and the rope. They think that the compass first came into existence when Locke appeared in 1954 with it in his pocket, was given to Richard, and then 50 years later was given to Locke and then once he flashed ceased to exist.

Which is as ridiculous as the Lazy-Boy in the story. 

I don’t have the time or energy to spell out all the details right now, I will leave the bulk of that work to the comment section.

But I will say this before I go: If you do not think the idea of an object with a closed world line is absurd, if you do not believe that for a while there were two instances of the compass, then you are in effect saying that the events portrayed in this story are entirely possible.

And finally if that is the case, I only ask of you one thing.

Try it.

Have a time machine materialize out of thin air. Go ahead, do it.

Let me know what happens.