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Season 4 DVD promos from Comic-Con! (The Original)

By Tapdawg,

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Hey guys, Tapdawg here!

The ABC booth had some promo videos for the LOST season 4 DVD, coming out October 28th!

I’ll be putting all the promos and DVD extras on this page, keep checking here for new uploaded ones! The rest had to be posted on Veoh due to youtube size limitations, and the last one is my personal favorite.

  • W.AxelFoley

    Great work bro!

  • Nuage

    Could someone upload Season 4 DVD music preview to rapidshare or something? Veoh is blocked in like 200 countries including mine.

  • Amazon says that season 4 comes out December 9. Has it been moved up to October now?

  • Ms. O’

    Yeah!!!!!!! Finally some news! Way to go Tawpdawg, I have been waiting very UNpatiently!

  • Ms. O’

    uh, sorry Tapdawg for misspelling your name, and THANKS again!

  • Tapdawg

    Hey guys, sorry about not know about the whole veoh thing, i’ll try to upload the videos as flash files for the next batch…

    and according to the advertisement the DVD’s come out October 28th not December 9th…. so im excited about that!

  • Thanks for the reply! October 28 is fine by me. In fact, it’s my birthday!

  • the invisible hand of dr phil

    Ummmmmmm I’m not sure who the director was pointing at, but it sounded to me as if he was instructing michael emerson that ben didn’t want to kill him and was pointing at keamy. Is that a fantastic piece of character insight or (more likely) just my imagination?