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Some Like it Hoth screencaps

By triangulatedsignal,

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bunnyThis week was a great fun week for screencaps. We had everything from the bunny, to several numbers creeping up and even the return of Naomi.

I am sorry they are so late being posted this week and I will try to be quicker with the next set!

[nggallery id=53]

  • illegibleg

    I never noticed that Sawyer’s Dharma security badge has a star on it. He’s the sheriff of Dharmaville! Yeehaw!

  • clueless1der

    Yay! Glad you could get them up. So, did you like the ep better once you watched it without being exhausted?

    • triangulatedsignal

      yea for defs. i think i was just too tired first time around, when i rewatched i realised i didnt even remember half of it lol

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    Thanks for the screecaps! I wish we could see the left most chalk board Jack is erasing. It looks as if those heiros are similar to the countdown timer.