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Speculation Over: The Statue’s Identity Officially Revealed!

By AstroJones,

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5x16_statueTwo weeks ago, during the season finale of Lost, we got the very first full glimpse of the four-toed statue, face and all, just like we were promised by the producers earlier in the season.  However, we were also told that it would be clear just who that statue was depicting, and though some obviously saw clearly who it was, there was nothing to give us the official word on it, and some of you, me included, have remained a bit frustrated at the ambiguity of exactly which Egyptian deity the statue was built to represent.

Though it was obvious that it was not Anubis (as I had personally thought), I also wasn’t entirely convinced that it was Taweret.  Suddenly, Sobek, an Egyptian god that resembled the face of a crocodile seemed a likely candidate as well.  I did post over at Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff that Taweret seemed the most likely possibility at the time but I also didn’t really want to believe it, simply because there were so many better deities in my opinion.  But ABC has settled the speculation for us, and in a rather quiet manner, I might add.  According to the most recent recap at, the statue is in fact Taweret.   I know, I know, many of you saw this from the very first moment we caught a glimpse at the back of the statue, so go ahead and use the comments below to proclaim your brilliance, cleverness, and aptitude for figuring out the mysteries of Lost, something I obviously suck at.

And now, a little about Taweret.  Wikipedia has this to say about the Egyptian Goddess:

Her name means (one) who is great. When paired with another deity, she became the demon-wife of Apep, the original god of evil. Since Apep was viewed as residing below the horizon, and only present at night, evil during the day then was envisaged as being a result of Taweret’s malfeasance.

As the counterpart of Apep, who was always below the horizon, Taweret was seen as being the northern sky, the constellation roughly covering the area of present-day Draco, which always lies above the horizon. Thus Taweret was known as mistress of the horizon, and was depicted as such on the ceiling of the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings.

Later they go into more detail about how Taweret became known as the Goddess of fertility and child birth:

Early during the Old Kingdom, the Egyptians came to see female hippopotami as less aggressive than the males, and began to view their aggression only as one of protecting their young and being good mothers, particularly since it is the males that are territorially aggressive. Consequently, Taweret became seen, very early in Egyptian history, as a deity of protection in pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnant women wore amulets with her name or likeness to protect their pregnancies. Her image could also be found on knives made from hippopotamus ivory, which would be used as wands in rituals to drive evil spirits away from mothers and children.

In most subsequent depictions, Taweret was depicted with features of a pregnant woman. In a composite addition to the animal-compound she was also seen with pendulous breasts, a full pregnant abdomen, and long, straight human hair on her head.

As a protector, she often was shown with one arm resting on the sa symbol, which symbolized protection, and on occasion she carried an ankh, the symbol of life, or a knife, which would be used to threaten evil spirits.

As the hippopotamus was associated with the Nile, these more positive ideas of Taweret allowed her to be seen as a goddess of the annual flooding of the Nile and the bountiful harvest that it brought. Ultimately, although only a household deity, since she was still considered the consort of Apep, Taweret was seen as one who protected against evil by restraining it.

When Set fell from grace in the Egyptian pantheon, as a result of being favoured by the unpopular Hyksos rulers, he gradually took over the position of Apep, as the god of evil. With this change away from Apep, Taweret became seen only as the concubine of Set. She was seen as concubine rather than wife, as Set already was married to the extremely different goddess, Nephthys, to whom no parallels could be drawn. It then was said that Taweret had been an evil goddess, but changed her ways and held Set back on a chain.

So I have to ask this question, does the reveal of the statue being Taweret give any semblance or meaning behind Jacob and his Nemesis (being called Esau by many of you)?  Could Jacob and Esau be represented in Lost as some form of Apep and Set, deities associated at times as the Gods of Evil?  It seems obvious that Jacob “took” something from Esau in order for him to have such a desire to kill him, maybe it was the taking of his status as the God of Evil.  It would certainly put an interesting spin on things, if both of them turned out to be some manifestation of this tale.  Of course, that doesn’t make much sense when we look at how Jacob was wearing white, as if the producers wanted us to realize he was a “good” guy, and he also seems to have a lot of faith in mankind as well, a trait I wouldn’t expect to see in the God of Evil.  But still, interesting none the less!

  • JJ Abrams confirmed it as Taweret as well in his puzzle edition of Wired. You can see the puzzle on the Lostpedia site for the statue: or more links here

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    I think at times we’re taking the Egyptian interpretations a little to literally. We’ve seen LOST weave various religious ideologies, from Christian to Egyptian, Muslim to Buddhist, etc. I’m sure Jacob residing in the statue has some meaning, but I don’t think it can be boiled down to just Egyptian. The Island has kind of become an amalmagam of all religions.

    • This is really the point isn’t it Crazy Bearded Jack, I think you just about nail this one. May people later in this thread seem to regard the statue as something of a prop error because it doesn’t look EXACTLY like the Google images of Tawaret. Why does the statue HAVE to be ONE God? The Egyptians merged different Gods and Deities in an attempt to unify cult worship throughout the country (check out Ra or any of the major Egytian God’s histories for more on that) so why can’t a television show do the same thing? This is not a “titanic screw up” or anything like that it’s just another in a long train of instances of how this island blends together different people/groups, religions and personal philosophies to create a truly unique television show. We all watch this show because it is different and because it is an amalgam of so many different things. I think the statue is emblematic of that.

      • Many people have said similar things to this in this very thread so do I now have to credit people individually or else fear someone accusing me of plagiarism? Oh dear…I don’t know what the etiquette is now…

      • PBR Streetgang

        Ya, I think taking the names and images and religious connotations too literally is a red herring. It is nice though to use whatever info you can glean from a little tidbit like the statue to try and figure out why it’s on the island or why Jacob lives in it. Let’s face it, Abrams put it in there for some reason and while it probably isn’t the golden goose we would hope for it’s fun to speculate even if it’s really far out there.

  • Also JJ Abrams wrote an article for Wired magazine recently where he posted a puzzle that revealed the same thing (in case you don’t believe ABC):
    from lostpedia:

    Wired magazine’s May 2009 issue, guest-edited by J.J. Abrams, included a Lost-related puzzle on pages 104-105 consisting of two pages of one- and two-digit numbers. When the first page was decrypted using a Vigenère cipher, it read:

    “ U S E L E T
    T E R S B A
    C K W A R D S F
    R O M E N D

    or, “use letters backward from end”.

    Counting letters backwards from the end of a section of an article on time travel written by Thorne Plates for the August 2003 issue of Wired, in which the Casimir effect was referenced, yielded the solution to the second page:

    “ T H E F O U
    R T O E D S
    T A T U E I S
    T A W E R E T

    or, “The four-toed statue is Taweret”.

    • stonersteve

      verry nice thanks for doing the leg work

  • Yonko

    I personally dislike the little resemblance that the face of the statue has to a hippo for it to be Taweret. It sure looks like an alligator to me!

    • AstroJones

      See, that’s exactly what I thought Yonko. Oh well. 🙂

    • PBR Streetgang

      I agree. It looks like a spitting image of Sobek from the masculine physique to the hair (Taweret had a crocodile back) to the pronounced length of the croc face. Even Sobek holds an ankh in one hand. Maybe Abrams is pulling our legs just to screw with us.

  • Jenni Lou

    Nice find, Robbie!

    Though personally, I don’t see the resemblance to Tawaret in the statue. It doesn’t look hippo-like or pregnant. But if “they” say it is, then it is and at least I don’t have to wonder anymore!

  • grayslostgirl

    One symbolism that I picked up reading this was Jacob and Egypt. When Jacob had his sons- they took Joseph and sold him into Egypt. Latter the whole family went down to Egypt where they stayed until Moses liberated them. Jacob and “Esau” could be good and evil or could be good with different points of view or could be evil with different points of view.

    I had a hard time with the look of the statue as well, but the four toes made it a cat.
    One website about gods and goddesses of Egypt says-

    Tawaret ‘The Great One’
    * Head of a hippopotamus with the arms and legs of a lion, the back and tail of a crocodile, and the breasts and stomach of a pregnant woman.

    I’m sure that Lost wanted us to be confused for a while…even after we saw the whole statue.

  • Alexb

    One bit is particularly illuminating where it says:

    “Taweret was seen as being the northern sky, the constellation roughly covering the area of present-day Draco, which always lies above the horizon.”

    This solves the long-running mystery of why Mr Eko had “LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND LOOK NORTH” carved on his stick.

    Not sure entirely how Tawaret ties in with his death at the hands of the smoke monster, but it clearly puts a link between the two…

  • DustinCahill

    Unethical reporting of someone else’s discovery, must be a Lost fansite! If Journalism of any variety prides itself on the value of truth and transperecy, is it not your obligation in reporting this to acknowledge where the kernel of the idea, or in this case, the source of the not just WHAT Tawaret is, but WHO provided you the link to this information. Also, this recap has been discovered a while ago, but in the same day DarkUfo and DocArzt are both posting it as ‘news’ that they both just happened to stumble upon. I am disgusted.

    By the way, Egyptian art as with most ancient art isn’t monolithic. That is the major problem with people’s debates over the statue’s identity. The Lost creators have been smart to design the statue in a fashion they probably assumed it would have been if their fictional Island had been inhabited by wayward Egyptians – an amagalmation (eh, spelling) of many Gods but primarily one, Tawaret. Of course, as modern westerners, we just assume all ancient people operated in uncreative, monolithic ways, developing a uniformed cultural representation of abstract things such as god. This is especially sad in the case of Lost fans, as Lost is a creative work that fuses many different religious and cultural ideas into a single show AND episode, showing the basic idea of creative representation of many indeas to create a new concept that still has a singular identity.

    Thirdly, there is close to zero resonance between the Man in Black and the biblical Esau. Though I could see that name applying later, if the show were to become something more along the lines of Hunter vs Farmer life style that Esau and Jacob represent and Locke espoused (a word?) in Further Instructions. I’d say Moses is far more aplicable because the writer’s gave us a name for him via Ben.

    • Apparently you do not understand the concept of a hyperlink. If you go back to the top of this page you will see in the article some green underlined writing. This is a hyperlink, and if you click it with your mouse-pointer your browser will be redirected to another web page. In the case of this article, the hyperlink most recent recap at will send you to the source of the information that you so desire.

      • Your posts were removed because of your bad language and attitude. Your use of bad language immediately following your assertion that your posts were removed for no reason either belies a serious malfunction in your reasoning skills or an utter lack of a grasp on reality. There is really no reason for you to continue to comment here as every new comment you post you make yourself out to be an even bigger fool than before. I humbly suggest you go away while you still retain a minuscule scrap of dignity.

    • apackofmonkeys

      Dude, if someone just points you to a public source of infomation, you don’t have to credit them. You credit the actual source itself, which they DID, with the hyperlink to ABC’s site. ABC isn’t some obscure exclusive site no one’s heard of. And you judge far too quickly- maybe they DID check the site out on their own; I’ve certainly found multiple people who checked it independently without anyone telling them. Get off your high-horse, man.

    • Andy

      “Unethical reporting of someone else’s discovery, must be a Lost fansite! If Journalism of any variety prides itself on the value of truth and transperecy, is it not your obligation in reporting this to acknowledge where the kernel of the idea, or in this case, the source of the not just WHAT Tawaret is, but WHO provided you the link to this information. Also, this recap has been discovered a while ago, but in the same day DarkUfo and DocArzt are both posting it as ‘news’ that they both just happened to stumble upon. I am disgusted.”

      Wow…for someone so full of yourself with regarding to journalistic ethics, you seem woefully ignorant of something as simple as the concept of a hyperlink. This site DID credit where the information came from–by linking to it. So the only thing you should be disgusted about is how much of an ass you just made of yourself.

    • 316 Tail Sectionite


      In your post, you disparage Lost fansites (which you frequent) and “modern westerners” (of which you are a member). Self-loathe much?


      p.s. “Journalism of any variety” to which you apparently aspire also includes not being too lazy to look up the spelling of a word you wish to use (like “amagalmation [sic]”)

      • AstroJones

        LOVE the Stripes quote. Nice!

    • AstroJones

      Dustin, thanks so much for your concern about mine (and this site’s) journalistic integrity. I feel that others have already adequately stated how an original source is typically where credit is given, but I also wanted to add that I received word about the statue reveal from a “real life” friend who called me yesterday with the news. Is it possibly he read it on DarkUFO? Sure. Or he might have read it on Entertainment Weekly’s site (which I know he frequents due to their journalistic integrity).

    • DocArzt

      Pay attention there, skippy. Perhaps you didn’t notice that Astro referenced his own theory on the statue being Tawaret over at Sledge’s Lost…Stuff, which was published the day after the finale – so he isn’t merely reporting this as something brand new.

      Now I know some people were theorizing this before it, and I have to admit I didn’t buy the Tawaret solution so I didn’t pay much attention, but it goes back to that age old fact concerning similar theories and the presumption of theft: we are all working from the same source material, so similar ideas are going to happen in large percentages without anybody ripping anybody off.

      As for the rest of your high-horse rant, you are clearly just passing through. Not only have a lot of us embraced the notion that the religious and cultural symbolism is an amalgamation, some of us have gone well beyond that obvious fact and come up with explanations for why the amalgamation exists. In short, we’re way ahead of you there buddy. So please, return to grazing the wicked ‘LOST fansite’ scene from over the tip of you nose – when you are ready to actually engage in some conversation over the show, we’ll be waiting for your superior intellect to set us all straight.

    • DustinCahill

      I apologize. I was angry at this story from another site, and didn’t consider how impossible AstroJones position was, and lazy in how I interpreted what he had written, so I apologize to AstroJones specifically should they read this. I’ll take a time out next time.

      I may have been without tact, but there still is a point I was trying to make, but I got too broad. Basically, we see so often a Lost ‘canon’ of theories or beliefs about the show develop, and this fan site reporting helps shape that ‘canon’ immensely. I have watched the most original theories become usurped by this community without any recognition, and while I believe the people posting them shouldn’t and don’t expect recognition, someone in positions similar to AstroJones or The ODI owe it to those original thinkers and sleuths to credit those people as much as possible, when they can (Thus my apology to AJones specifically, it sounds like AstroJones would in this case have just come back to EW or DarkUfo if he tried to retrace the steps the information took getting to him, and like ‘f were they going to tell AstroJones anything but ‘Well, I found it myself’).
      Needless to say, I don’t agree that just because normally things are done by just citing the Source(s). Because, without going too much into the hypocrisy (snoot snoot) of Journalism, journalism in general is treated like a science, but rarely where an idea comes from (the Observation phase of the scientific model) is reported. I probably drew that comparison too broadly and it riled me up and then I became an asshat and now I have to shovel humility (by my own choice) while being self-conscious of the language I use because I am a ‘snoot snoot’ now. But, eh, to me this important and I think apologizing is important too, even if no one comes back and reads it. Now, off to read “Learn to Use Hyperlinks in 24 Days” !

      • docarzt

        Well, glad you gave it another look at least. Without question, what you are pointing out is very very important. What I’ll say is that sourcing and citing is something we are extremely anal about. The only time I won’t cite, personally, is if to the best of my knowledge nobody has reported the same thing. I don’t think any journalist has the responsibility of tracking down a report that came before his as long as he is reporting on personal experience. But, as you’ve realize – none of these scenarios apply here.

  • I found the official ABC Lost recap right after the finale. It gives a lot of info that isn’t always apparent from the show, such as what emotions certain looks express. There’s a lot of “he gives a look of surprise” and such when I had no idea that the expression was supposed to convey surprise.

  • CorrosionX

    But, the statue didn’t look like it had the face of a hippo?

    • AstroJones

      I didn’t think so either CorrosionX, but there were Losties out there who did think that, so we must have just been missing something. 😉

  • stweedle

    Check this out.
    Last line is interesting.

    • cap10tripps

      “to protect the dead during rebirth.” I love this idea. Perhaps the island is a gateway to a higher plane of existence…

      • Love it! Reincarnation – wasn’t that on the van that’s Lockes body was in?

        • stweedle

          Yep, I think we should be focusing on what it represents not how it looks.

  • Shift

    I saw the Taweret reveal a while ago and I still don’t get it. The statue is Taweret only if it was created by someone who had a very poor description of the actual goddess, because that is a masculine-figured, not-pregnant, not-hippo-faced statue. Yes, Taweret has four toes and two ankhs, but is a rotund, hippo-headed, naked pregnant goddess, whereas this statue looks much more like Sobek, or an amalgamation of the two.

    • rile

      That’s what has been bothering me too.

  • JRBronson13

    We never actually see the front of the full statue so we don’t really know if the statue is pregnant or not, i agree that the statue from the back looks masculine. A sure way is the statue’s crown; it matches Taweret’s and not Sobek’s.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Taweret eventually left Set for Horus. Hmmm….

    Oh yeah, and ‘I told you so’….

  • Andrew

    “It seems obvious that Jacob ‘took’ something from Esau in order for him to have such a desire to kill him…”

    Obvious? Why is that obvious? It only seems that way if you are reading into the biblical connotations for Jacob AND assuming that his “enemy” is Esau.

    There’s lots of reasons to want to kill someone; you shouldn’t jump to conclusions on the nature of their antagonism.

    • AstroJones

      You’re completely correct, I was using the biblical connotations of Jacob and Esau (which is a fan created connection and not a confirmed one)in conjunction with the black shirted man’s obvious hatred for Jacob. We have no real evidence that this is the case, whatsoever. However, isn’t jumping to conclusions with random speculation and theories what being a lost fan is all about? 😉 I prescribe to the theory that if you throw enough sh*t at the wall, eventually some of it is going to stick. 🙂

      • Andrew

        it’s true about the speculation.

        the bigger failure here is why radzinsky A) made the hatch map and B) couldn’t remember where his own buildings are. for someone who is basically the second in command of dharma to not know that… dumb.

        it’ll probably along the lines of how desmond didn’t remember that one time he didn’t push the button until too late and crashed the plane, and why rousseau didn’t ever recognize jin or give him a funny look…

        i mean, desmond couldn’t get a good night’s sleep for month and a half, and rousseau suffered various traumas… maybe the incident wiped radzinsky’s brain. or maybe they’ve just all fallen prey to the REAL Sickness which makes everyone get stupider the longer they’re on the island.

        rant concluded.

        • He made the map for Kalvin, I believe. It was stated that he had a photgraphic memory – so he wasn’t doing it for himself. Perhaps to pass the time.

  • Michael

    Well, I for one am glad it’s Tawaret. The enormous themes of child kidnapping, fertility, and the conception of Sun and Jin’s child may be more important than the last two seasons have let on.

  • Michel

    I’m sorry to say so… but this article is completely pointless. No offense to anyone, of course. It’s simply obvious that the statue IS NOT Taweret. I’m osrry, I simply don’t care what ABC says if what it says doesn’t make sense. If ABC told that Jack is 16 years old, I wouldn’t believe it, because it’s simply NOT what it shows on the screen.

    That statue doesn’t look anything like Taweret. If it looks like an specific egyptian god, it looks like Sobek, bearing items or wearing attire of different other gods. But it is not Taweret. And people are receiving that news happily becaus it fits with the long-running fertility theme in the show, but that theme is already covered by the ankhs the stautue is holding. It’s not necessary to attach a false identity to the statue.

    We should in fact be happy that there isn’t a clear-cut answer to that identity problem… or that it is a completely new unrelated god like Sobek, because it adds new layers of perspective to the experience of the show. Many people have stated why Sobek fits so much more, and it’s really frustrating that the only pro-Taweret argument is “ABC says so” when everything else says otherwise.

    • Dolce

      Looks like a crocodile face to me…

    • Erikire

      Whatever it is, it does NOT appear to be a pregnant hippo…

    • stu

      i think peopele find it hard to admit they were/are wrong. ABC have confirmed who the statue depicts. you dont beleive ABC? they tell u what time the show is on and u tune in, they release accurate press statements regarding guest stars – all true, they told us 6 seasons – true. Now u dont beleive them, i think its got more to do with admitting u are wrong, rather than ABC being wrong lol….. u cant have ur cake and eat it mate.

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        haha…right on stu. ‘i don’t care what abc says….’ classic. i’m sure ‘Michel’ is in denial over the non-existence of Santa Claus too.

        • DarthBubba

          What do you mean by “non-existance”?

      • Michel

        We’ve witnessed before how the ABC recap staff doesn’t go hand in hand with the writers, like when they prematurely said Ms. Hawking’s first name in a recap. In fact, the Lost writers have said lots of things too that were innacurate or were developed differently with time, like if time travel was a possibility on the show or the potential planned for Nikki and Paulo.

        What I mean is that it’s not being in denial when you only take care of what it’s shown in the show… because that’s definitively canon, but with extra-narrative statements they can be inconsisten and get away with it.

        I don’t care if it’s ABC who says it: it’s not Taweret. ABC can say what they want, but without giving a reason, and being contradicted by what is shown on the screen, well…. I’m simply not sure who’s in denial here.

        • angjen0816

          all i have to say is Damon and Carlton (or one or the other) have stated specifically that its NOT canon if it isn’t in the show. it wouldn’t be the first time ABC has messed up. Dont believe it till someone on the actual show says it.

    • AstroJones

      Well I wouldn’t say it’s pointless. That’s kinda harsh. 😉 I mean, it aggravated you enough for you to take the time to post a comment, pointing out your specific opinion, which many people probably share, so how is that pointless? Plus the fact that it’s actually relevant news and not the boring lost crap we’re going to be forced to post for the next 7 months…

    • “Pointless”?
      I respectfully disagree. Astro was reporting on some legitimate information as it pertains to an ongoing debate.
      That is not a pointless post.

      If you want to know what a real pointless post is, try this one:

      • I LOVED this post!

    • docarzt

      What if the identity of the statue is pointless? Seriously, what if it doesn’t even matter? It’s not only possible, but likely; when Dharma was introduced we were mislead to believe that Dharma was somehow connected to the properties of the island, and they weren’t. Now we see indications of another culture that seems to have multi-ethnic influences, and we are lead to believe that they too are connected to the root of the island’s specialness. What if, though, the point is that anybody who covets the island and sees themselves as protector or custodian, is the problem because they inevitably experience envy, anger, hostility, etc. My point is, if we identify the statue what does it tell us? Zip. Jacob and Man Number Two are clearly not Egyptian themselves so the Egyptian cultural references are pretty meaningless in the quest to explain them as characters. They may be borrowing that culture’s symbols because they find them quaint.

      • El Yerbero

        I dont know if Jacob and Esau are “clearly” not Egyptian. I mean they could be ancient Egypitan dieties inhabiting bodies of English sailors, and thus their voices sound like the voices of the host bodies. . . .

    • Andrew

      i was pretty sure it wasn’t just ABC, it was Lindelof as well. wasn’t it?

      • Andrew

        i meant Abrams

  • Mathew Richardson

    Lighten up people, everyone has their own opinion and their right to voice it. If we all agreed on the same Lost and life would be completely boring, and
    websites like these would not be needed. So come on respect everyones point of view and dont dismiss it, you never know it could be right. Then who would look the t*t

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      Its tough to support a theory after abc just shot it down.

      • AstroJones

        Non-sense. You just need some good ole denial.

  • The Magician

    There have been errors in the ABC updates in the past, (even D&C have mentioned this before) so I wouldn’t put too much stock in what it says on the website.

    That said, it would make perfect sense if the statue IS Tawaret, considering the issues with pregnancies on the island.

    But even the Egyptologist/Archaeology expert popular mechanics hired for an article said the statue looked nothing like Tawaret apart from the hat. I’d be more inclined to believe a scholar than I would some ditzy ABC intern.

    The statue has the body of a human, with the face of what appears to be a crocodile. Sobek has both these things. Tawaret has a short, fat hippo body.

  • Frank

    I’m not pissed at ABC for releasing pertinent info in a press release instead of the actual show. Although I guess I should be, considering I watch shows and not press releases.

    No, I’m pissed at whoever in Props made that statue without knowing what their subject is supposed to look like. I’m pissed at the cinematographers who shot the statue from ambiguous, furtive angles. I’m pissed at the producers, who would let something like that slide without an ounce of quality control.

    Doc Jensen asked in his last EW report if we would be pissed if the apparent yet subtle prop discrepancies were meaningless in the long run — if the errant clocks, changed pictures, and figures hiding in the shadows were really just sloppy editing. At first, I could let it slide. But with something this central to the overall arc of the entire series, I can’t. I can’t respect a team who doesn’t care enough to make a clear distinction between a hippopotamus and a crocodile.


    So much on this show, from the blast door map to the logo on the shark to the rabbit in the glass, has been about subtlety. Fine, we can understand they made a new prop lotto ticket for Hurley. We can appreciate that shooting in the same place isn’t always possible, so the cabin will look different across different seasons.

    This isn’t a mistake. This is something on the scale of New Becky on Roseanne. To quote Dan Goodman, playing a grown up and psychotic DJ — “They say she’s the same, but she isn’t the same.”

  • elginmiller

    As Robbie mentioned early in these replies, the fact that the statue is Tawaret is not just something made up for the recap. It was independently verified by the issue of “Wired” guest-edited by J.J. Abrams.

    Also, if you find one image of a representation of Tawaret, and it looks different from the representation you see on Lost, that means nothing. The way Gods were depicted often changed as new generations of Egyptians added to or altered the mythology and created their own interpretations. A quick google image search turns up a whole lot of very different-looking representations of Tawaret. Some have a hippo face, some have a face that is more crocodile-like. Some are more feminine, some more masculine. Some are tall and thin, some are short and squat. Sometimes there are ankhs in Tararet’s hands, sometimes not. Etc.

    “Taweret and other closely related goddesses were created from a blending of lion, hippo, crocodile, and human attributes.”

    It would make sense that a representation of Tawaret created by Egyptians who dwelled on a mysterious moving island that may or may not be the closest place on Earth to the Gods might be a little different from other representations of Tawaret in Egyptian society.

    • Andrew

      i’m thinking that “Egyptians” were originally, for want of a better term, “Islandians” who LEFT the island via the exit hole, as opposed to a culture developing in Egypt which later on DISCOVERED the island.

      i know tunisia isn’t exactly RIGHT next to Egypt, but it’s pretty close. plus it would be pretty hard for a lot of people to turn the wheel at once. still an interesting idea, i thought.

  • doyousmellcarrots

    Lots of times the official abc website puts up noncannonical information. does anybody remember the lost diary. that turned out to be a bunch of crap. the people who run the abc site have a lot of shows to post about other than lost and they don’t have greg nations going through every page making sure everything is kosher. I still think its ammut/ammit which is a fusion of crocodile/lion/hippo and whose task in the egyptian mythology is the same as the smoke monster in lost mythology. although ammut/ammit is usually depicted more animal like it has on occasion been depicted as more humanoid, also ammut/ammit has ears and a shorter but still crocodile like snout. sobek has no ears and a long thiner crocodile snout. and tawret has a very distictive hippo snout that looks nothing like the statue.

    • elginmiller

      If the abc website is wrong and the statue is not Tawaret, why would JJ Abrams include a cypher, in the issue of Wired that he edited, where the solution is “The four-toed statue is Taweret?”

  • doyousmellcarrots

    JJ doesn’t work on lost anymore and the mag could have assumed what michael emerson and abc said was correct.

  • DarthBubba

    Here’s my thing. . . we all agree that this island seems to contain bits and pieces from a variety of world religions and cultures. We see elements of Egyptian, Judeo-Christian, Indian, Tibetian, etc. There is only one place in all of legends where all of these things suppossedly came from and it was suppossedly in the Pacific Ocean: The lost continent of Mu. Check it out: (copy and paste into your address bar)

    • DarthBubba

      that part in parethesis is part of the address

    • Dolce

      I still like this.

    • ament

      I don’t know if the Island is Mu but I can see the writers grabbing this idea and building a story behind it. Explains the multi-culture you are correct. It’s a definate thought.

  • TLE

    My thought is the statue represents both Taweret and Sobek and here is why: Taweret was the goddess of fertility and childbirth. In the Dead Is Dead episode where the back of the statue was revealed, Juliet accomplishes her first successful delivery on the Island (it’s baby Ethan – which is very cool). The head of the statue looks like Taweret’s head. In the Incident, which was a Jacob centric episode, we see him grilling some fish under the statue. The face of the statue looks like a crocodile (at least to me). Here is part of the wikipedia description of Sobek the crocodile god, “…He was also said to call on suitable gods and goddesses required for protecting people in situation, effectively having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part “. I think that is a very apt description of what we know about Jacob’s behavior. He has been nudging the Losties to there destiny what with his encounters with Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer. Each one was encouraged (aka nudged) by Jacob in some way. I think the writers are dropping us a hint. I have two entries on my blog that shows comparison pictures as well.

    • The Magician

      That’s a very, very good point, Egyptian gods (as well as the gods of other cultures) were frequently ‘combined’, so there is every possibility that the god is Sobek-Tawaret (or vice versa).

  • ament

    If we stop to look at Jacob’s tapestry hanging in the statue, it has both Greek and Egyptian on it (The Eye of Horus). Geographics show Grece and Egypt are not far apart and Tunisia is nearby to both almost forms a triangle. What if Tunisia isn’t just the exit from the island but at one point was the way to get to the island..was a statue that big carved or brought to the island.

    • The greek/macedononian times in Egypt started with Alexander conquering the place in 332bc. After his death the dynasty of the Ptolemys began, which ended with Ceopatras and Marc Anthonys death and the installation of Egypt as a roman protectorate in 30bc. So Egypt was ruled for 300 years by greeks, maybe this is where Jacob picked up his weaving style…

    • ament

      When I reviewed the transcript of Charlotte speaking gibberish she said:

      CHARLOTTE: [Reproachfully, in an adult voice] You know what my mum would say about you marrying an American. [Suddenly confident] I know more about ancient Carthage than Hannibal himself.

      I looked into Carthage and look at that a major city in Tunisia that had both Egyptian and Greek ties along with speaking latin at some point.

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