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Spoiler alert! Actor speaks of upcoming run on Lost.

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phpthumb_generated_thumbnailjpgEric Lange who has previously had small parts in shows such as Entourage, Ghost Whisperer and Burn Notice, will now begin a 7 episode run in Lost as the mysterious Radzinsky. According to Lange’s interview with he will appear tonight and next week, miss the following two, then appear in all five of the final episodes of the season! It appears from this we will finally find out a lot about the character.

Having signed a contract Lange refused to give much away but he did say of his role “They’ve really given me a great character to play. It’s a great, meaty part.”

Below I’ve added a few points about Radzinsky to get us all in the mood for tonight!!

. Kevin Ilman’s partner in the Swan station

. He had a photographic memory which enabled him to create the blast door map

. He edited the Swan Orientation film

. As far as we know he committed suicide and was buried by Kelvin