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Sterling Beaumon interview part two

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sterling_beaumonThe following is part two of the Sterling Beaumon interview i posted a couple of days ago. The interview which was done by Zap2it once again has no outright spoilers but does include Sterling’s opinions on where the show may be headed.

In this part of the interview Sterling talks about the women in Ben’s life, being shot by Sayid and what his plans for the future include. Enjoy!

Source : Zap2it

Zap2it: Let’s get to the last episode that aired, “He’s Our You.” What were your first thoughts upon reading about Sayid shooting Ben in the script?

Sterling Beaumon: My first reaction was, “What the heck? Why did Sayid tell Ben he was a killer?” Because being a big fan, I had only read the parts I had to read, so I hadn’t seen the other parts. So that was the first shock to me. And then I read down and the next stage direction was, “Bang! Sayid shoots Ben. OMG! Cliffhanger! Flash to black.” That’s what it says. So I said, “Oh my gosh. OMG for real. They can’t do that!”

Zap2it: Was that ending kept hidden from most of the cast/crew?

SB: Anybody who got the script knew about it, but I think that was one of the most protected secrets out of anything that happened. Because you know, when there’s something big like that in the cliffhanger, some people said that should have been the end of the season cliffhanger. I don’t know what they have planned for the end of the season, but if THAT isn’t the end of the season cliffhanger, I think what they have planned for the end is going to be big.

Zap2it: This actually leads into another reader question: have you had a response from many people who were shocked to see a kid shot on TV? Has anyone told you they had a problem with it?

SB: [laughs] Me being a fan, I read, and even sometimes comment, on message boards about theories. I never do Ben theories, because I just don’t want to get into that. But I read them, and I think some people get super creepy about this. I don’t think it’s a major problem. They have this thing when people get shot sometimes where they squib them, and shoot blood out, but they didn’t do that to me. So they told me the only reason they were doing it [this way] was it made where he got shot a “nice, clean death.” It wouldn’t be super bloody or gory. It’s just a nice shot. Boom. Dead.

Zap2it: OK, since you’re into Ben theories, even if you don’t post them, here’s a question I posed to my readers that I’d like you to answer: Who is the most influential woman in Ben’s life: his mother, Juliet, Annie, Alex? And why?

SB: Personally, I think it should be Annie. But for what we know right now…ah! I seriously don’t know.

Zap2it: But your gut’s telling you it’s Annie? That’s what feels right?

SB: Know what? I could probably tell you more after the next episode airs.

Zap2it: OK, so: Assuming this was not the last time we see you on the show, is there anything on the horizon as shocking as Sayid shooting him looming ahead?

SB: Um, I can’t say that right now, because the big question is whether I’m dead or alive. So, if there’s something more, then I’m alive. But like I said: that shot is a nice, clean death.

Zap2it: Well, OK then!

SB: And remember: they are back in time. Remember when [Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, and Daniel] first enter encounter the Dharma people, Miles says to Daniel, “We don’t get involved, right?” And Daniel says, “It doesn’t matter, we’re stuck in this time. We can do whatever we want. Whatever happened, happened.” So you can change time now. Whatever happened in the future will now be changed and will no longer exist.

Zap2it: So you’re saying you think there’s an alternate timeline that’s been created after what we just saw?

SB: I think that everything we’re seeing right now is on a different timeline and is something that COULD have happened. Who knows? Maybe Ben being shot will bring down the whole Dharma Initiative. [The writers] can do whatever they want!

Zap2it: They certainly can. With that, let’s move a bit past “Lost.” A few of the Zap2it readers were wondering if you have any other roles on film, TV or stage in the near future?

SB: Yes, actually, in the near future, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be in “Big: The Musical” at the El Centro Theatre. It’s a really fun play, based on the movie, and I play Josh’s best friend.

Zap2it: I also read on IMDB that you’ll be doing voice work in the upcoming “Astro Boy”?

SB: Yea, which is funny, because I’m wearing my Astro Boy shirt right now! Once again, I’m playing a best friend [Sludge]. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you a lot about the character and what he does…because they’ve never given me a full script. They’ve only given me my part.

Zap2it: I am sure you get asked this a lot, but talk about the difference in creating a character in a studio, behind a microphone, and physically performing in front of a camera.

SB: It’s a lot harder, because you don’t have any other actors in the booth with you. The best case scenario, you’re the last one to record that scene, and you hear everyone else’s lines the way the said it to play off of. But if you’re the first one to record, you have to say it every possible way, not knowing how they are going to [respond].

Zap2it: OK, reach for the stars: any dream roles or projects you’d like to undertake?

SB: Oh, I don’t know…I’d like to do a James Bond kind of thing. That action-adventure sort of thing. That would be ideal in the future.

Zap2it: So, Double O Sterling?

SB: Double O Sterling, yea! [laughs]

Zap2it: OK, one last question, getting back to “Lost” for a second. A lot of my readers, and myself included, plan on doing a “Lost” tour someday before they die. I’m sure they keep you busy while on location, but can you recommend anything we should do besides the tour while there?

SB: You guys have to climb to the top of Diamond Head. It’s actually a really good work out, too. And you can look out at the whole island of Oahu from there. And personally, what I love to do is go to the North Shore and watch the waves. But you have to surf while there, even if it’s on the tiny little waves. [Ed. Note: Yes, little waves for me, thank you very much.]

For the “Lost” tour, there’s two things you have to see. First of all, Dharmaville, which is actually a YMCA camp painted yellow. And then…right between the sound stages, there’s always some new thing. They had the Dharma security station there, and then they changed it to…something which I’m not going to tell you just yet. And you should also go out into the jungle where they film. Because they have five places in which they film EVERY jungle scene. They add a plant here, add a plant there, change the camera angle, and no one will ever know!

Zap2it: Well, that’s awesome. Sterling, thank you so much for your time and insight!

SB: You’re welcome. Thank you so much!