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The Candidates: A Reflection and Projection

By nomaD,

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As of last night’s episode, the battle has finally begun, and the lines have clearly been drawn at long last. Claire, Sawyer, Sayid, Kate, and for the moment Jin have aligned themselves with the Man in Black, and Ilana is leading the Jacobians, including Sun, Miles, Frank, and Ben, presumably to soon meet up with Richard and Jack and Hurley. Have we got our two sides here, Recruits and Candidates?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Candidates recently (who hasn’t?), and I think we’ve been aware of the existence of this elite group for longer than we think. Think about it. When Ben moved the Island at the end of Season 4, only a select group of people began to move through time: the survivors, Juliet, and the science team. The Others who were already on the Island remained in the present. So what does this tell us? I’ll tell you what it tells me. Only the Candidates moved through time. People who were already crossed off the various lists strewn across the Island (the cave, the Lighthouse) were grounded in reality. Their place in the world was already decided.

However, the Candidates still had a degree of unknown affiliation; there was still a possibility that any one of them would end up being the next Jacob. So they were, in essence, “loose,” free to be sent back to wherever they had a place. They still had a job to do; Jacob still had a place for them in history. And when their use was exhausted, they stopped moving through time. That’s why Charlotte’s body remained in the time in which she died. She ceased to be a Candidate, so she became grounded in whatever time that ended. The same goes for all the survivors who died at various points in history, until finally, the only Candidates left were those who were forced to infiltrate DHARMA, and Rose and Bernard (Vincent too? Now there’s a discrepancy…).

Only the Candidates move.

This may also tell us why some people were sent back to 1977 when the Ajira flight crashed and others were not. The names Austen, Reyes, Shephard, and Jarrah were all on Jacob’s list, not crossed out. On the Island, their place in time was with the other Candidates. That was where they were supposed to be. All of them. In short, the Candidates are their own separate group of humanity, and while they can exist at a point in time with people who are grounded, they are also fluid, and can move around. And at the time of the Ajira crash, Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid weren’t supposed to be in 2007 on the Island. They were supposed to be with the rest of the Candidates in 1977.

You’ll remember that there was only one “Kwon” written in the cave and in the Lighthouse. Perhaps that is why Sun was never sent back. It could be that Jin is a Candidate and Sun is not, or that only one of them can be a Candidate, and Jin was already back where the Candidates were supposed to be. Frank, too, was not sent back, and we have never seen his name on any of the lists, despite what Ilana may think. Claire lost her Candidacy before the Island even started moving when she became Infected, and thus remained in the present, like the Others. The Candidacy seems to me to explain many of the series’ past discrepancies, although I’m not quite sure yet how Miles’ name being crossed out on the lists fits into my explanation yet.

Sun is left behind on the Ajira flight.

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter lately involving the three Season 6 cast photos recreating The Last Supper. A bunch of stuff about everyone to the left of Locke joining the Man in Black and everyone to his right joining Jacob. While this seemed plausible at first (and does seem to be working out, what with Sayid, Claire, Kate, Sawyer, Jack, and Hurley’s placements), there are certain discrepancies that lead me to believe this theory is not correct. First of all, Ilana and Richard seem to be placed incorrectly, to the left (the Man in Black side). Secondly, fans are basing this theory on only one of the three photos. The other two show different placements of the cast, on different sides of Locke. Clearly, this theory doesn’t work exactly how people originally thought. Personally, I’ve been thinking for a while that eventually the entire cast will join the Man in Black, with Jack being his last recruit. Then, the Man in Black will step in and take over for Jacob, his motive all along.

The LOST Supper (Photo 1)

My theory was shot to shreds by Jeff Jensen of Entertainment Weekly’s “Totally LOST,” who recently outlined what I find to be the most spectacular theory for the final season I’ve ever heard. He starts by breaking the season up: we’re a third of the way through, and only one day has passed since the Candidates flashed back to the present from 1977 in “LA X (Part 1).” We can postulate, then, that the remaining two thirds of the season will also each cover one day, totally three days for the final season.

Let’s look back at the cast photo for a moment. It’s the Last Supper. The Last Supper, which occurred on the Thursday before Good Friday (the early morning of “LA X?”), the first of the world’s most famous three-day period, the third of which is Easter Sunday. If we are to assume the first six episodes do indeed represent Good Friday, then they end at Sundown, the time of day Christ died on the Cross on Good Friday. And what happened mere days later, on Easter Sunday? Christ was resurrected. That’s right. And so in Season 6’s final six episodes, Easter Sunday may bleed through the pop culture fabric and bring with it the resurrection of John Locke.

This is all according to Jensen’s theory. Personally, I think it could be either John or Jacob. Regardless, LOST could be in the process of pulling off what my friend calls “the best use of Christian mythology since the Bible itself.”

Thanks to AmenRisky from TheSanatorium for this article…

Check out AMEMENRISKY’s weekly LOST reviews at TheSanatorium or @ my blog.

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  • naultz

    I think the theory of why certain people “moved” through time, and certain people did not, is spot on. I have wondered the same thing myself as I have been rewatching seasons 4 and 5. but, don’t rule out vincent not making the list( we don’t know his last name 🙂

  • Leo

    Nice analysis about the candidates moving through time.

    In terms of the Lost Supper photo, something about Claire’s body language speaks separateness. Might the three, Claire, Ilana, and Richard, be a third side?

    Also, a battle of the Lockes seems interesting. Locke as MIB and Locke as resurrected Jacob. Might this speak to Locke’s centrality in the photo?

    Lovin’ this show!

    • Good point, Claire seems to be leaning away from the middle whereas everybody else seems to be leaning towards it. Could it be that her only dedication is to Aaron, and she does not care about the island or whatever’s going on there? Hmmm… could be, but she seems at least a little dedicated to “her friend”.

      I like the thought that Ilana and Richard are on a third side, but I don’t think Claire’s there with them. We have too little evidence for the time being. A battle of Lockes would be interesting albeit confusing. I’m going to keep rooting for the real Locke to rise again.

  • I am really intrigued by your theory about the candidates and time travel. That would explain the Sun and Frank displacement issue very well. Great job with this post! Keep it up!

  • marc

    this one was much better

  • “LOST could be in the process of pulling off what my friend calls “the best use of Christian mythology since the Bible itself.”

    Shhhh, don’t tell Fishy.

  • I read in a couple places that Austen was indeed scratched out. And what about Juliet, Bernard and Rose?


  • jacksbeard

    This theory makes no sense, sorry. First of all, the people who were time-travelling at the Island were mostly redshirts, Sawyer, the science team and Juliet. From that group, only Locke and Ford’s (Sawyer) name aren’t crossed out. Miles was crossed out, still alive, not a Candidate. Plus, Ilana told Bram that Lapidus might be a Candidate and he didn’t time-travelled once in his entire life! Candidates have nothing to do with travelling through the 4th dimension.

    • wldktz10

      Perhaps they were crossed out because they all died (either during or after the flashes stopped).

  • Masheen

    nice once. the easter connection seems a little far fatched but I’ll buy it for now. But still the biggess variable of em all: what’s Desmond’s role in all of this?

  • Control

    Science xpedition time travelled? I don’t think so. In fact Rousseau pointed out tha Jin disappeared from her view. Doesn’t change your heory though, which I think is a good one. -Control.

  • Control

    Ah, just realized that what u call science expedition I call freighters. My bad, control

  • Casey

    A word of caution: I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the various “sides” established last week, and I see a lot of people listing MIB’s recruits thusly: Claire, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin and Kate.

    Well, let’s not jump the gun. Claire and Sayid? Yeah, we can safely say they are recruited. But Jin? We don’t know. All we know is that he met MIB. That doesn’t mean he’s been recruited/claimed/compromised/infected. It just means they met and talked. As for Kate, she is most definitely not on MIB’s “side”…yet. All Kate has done is survive the Temple massacre, and she’s linked up with the only living folks left that she can find – MIB’s group. That doesn’t mean she’s chosen their side (she doesn’t even know exactly what is going on). It just means she doesn’t want to stay in the destroyed temple by herself with a bunch of bodies. She has no information about the darkness or Sayid and Claire’s claiming. She doesn’t know about candidates. She has no idea “Locke” is Smokey. All she knows is she almost died, and she wants to stick with the only living folks left that she is aware of.

    Kate IS NOT a member of Smokey’s group, so quit assuming it. At least, not yet.

    As for Sawyer – he’s the wild card. Sure, he seems to want to follow MIB, but come on, we all know it’s a long con. Sawyer is the hero of Lost. He’ll die in the act, but he’s the hero. Bank on it.

    • Jack is still the HERO of our story, just because we are seeing the deeply flawed side of what makes his journey makes him no less. All the best Hero’s were flawed we just never got to see HOW flawed. Around season 2-3 I started to hate Jack he is again however redeeming himself admirably.

      • adam118

        1. a) Jack
        1. b) Locke
        1. c) Sawyer
        1. d) Desmond

        I agree with both of you

        • Handsome Smitty

          Locke a hero? How?

      • Handsome Smitty

        Originally Kate was supposed to be the main protagonist but The Darlton went all swoony on Jack: I see a possiblity that the Jack, Sawyer and Kate end up being the heroes. And maybe Hurley.

        I was thinking that perhaps Ben would redeem himself by stepping up, but from the clips for next week, uhm, not looking good for Ben Bad Bad Ben.

        Thank God!

  • greg dharma

    interesting read.

  • lennyg

    The biblical genealogy seems to be consistent with Jensen’s theory of everything. Key players, Jacob (son Benjamin), Esau (presumably MiB, and who swore to kill his brother after his father died but the brothers managed to work thngs out when they had to), Jesse (Jack), David (whose son Solomon built the First Temple and whose descendant, Joseph was the “legal” father of Jesus). The biblical Jacob was a master at striking bargains and manipulating people. Of course, LOST has an Adam (and Eve) who is the father of everybody. As for days, even true believers have to admit biblical days can be long (six days to make a universe!) and some people lived a really long time. Jacob lived to be 147.

  • Kara

    I don’t think we can say that Kate has aligned herself with the MiB yet………she may have followed them but her face seemed to portray confusion.

  • Kate is very confused right now, no one is including her.

    I think the real John Locke will come back to life!

    Don’t know how, but I have a feeling it’s not over…

  • minnie swirl

    I absolutely feel that John Locke will be resurrected a la Christ. I believe he will end up being the true Christ-like figure, more so than Jacob, which is why he is in the Christ position in all of the Last Supper inspired photos. Unless those photos are a red herring, which they absolutely could be.

  • When we die we become ‘stories’ in the minds of other people.