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The Economist’s Germany

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potzdamerplatz07.jpgMy friend Sawyer840 chided the inaccuracies of the German street signs to me months ago, now she has given us a better look at the locations and the language of the episode.  For the real deal,  visit her article here: Germany In Lost.

  • Joop!

    Elsa was actually played by a Dutch actress, Thekla Reuten. So I guess she doesn’t speak german with an American accent, but with a Dutch accent 🙂
    What also surprised me was that there was a Bavarian flag waving in one of the ‘Berlin’ streets, I would expect a Bavarian flag in munich, not in Berlin!

  • Joop!

    Got a question: can anyone hear what Sayid says at 15:08 in last weeks episode? He’s talking to Miles, and says something like ‘so much like (inaudible)’.

  • lockefan3805

    He says, “So much for camaraderie,” remarking on how much Miles, “cares” for Charlotte as a partner on the team.

  • mzbxnvc

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