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The LAST Comic Con Panel – “And then there were none…”

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Personally, this week has come a lot faster than I thought it would.  For some reason, this hiatus in general is breezing by – maybe I’m time flashing and just don’t know it.  Did I mention, this isn’t exactly a good feeling?  The other day I realized that LOST season 6 will begin in 5-6 months, filming will begin next month, we’ll get our first meaningful clues on what season 6 will look like this week, and within the longest of these periods the final scene of LOST will have been conceptualized in crystal clarity.  One final beat.  The analogy of LOST as a ‘Journey’ never seemed more meaningful until now, now that the journey is coming to an end.

So, about our coverage.  This year Tapdawg is in Japan, where I’m told he is searching frantically for the house from “The Grudge.” We may never see him again.  Luckily we have Jopinionated, an equal super-being who will be tweeting, blogging, and generally spreading the love from the panel.  I do want to thank the various other folks who offered to cover the panel.  The fact is, I’d rather have a consistent stream of info than half a dozen people weighing in on the same event. 

No, what do we expect from this panel?  Over the years the panels have gotten a little smaller, but last year had the amazing Pierre Chang video that really wound up striking at the essence of the season – even if it suffered from a lack of consistency.  Chang has become a bit of a LOST panel tradition, over the last couple of seasons at least.  The question is, does Chang have anything to say at this point?  The Dharma story is mostly over, all that remains is the ‘new’ final chapter to be written.  Chang has been the gateway into stories of man’s meddling with the island since season 2, it would make sense for one last glimpse to give us an indication of where we will wind up.  Here is my prediction:

We get a video with Chang, but there is something very different about him.  Maybe it is a wrap video.  Chang addressing a party of Dharma recruits as they prepare to leave the island, having done some good science but ultimately failing in their quest to understand the island’s special properties.  Or:

Swan Station Orientation video, only a very different plot this time.  The job of the Swan Station attendees is now to watch for even the slightest fluctuation of electromagnetic energy. Or:

Maybe another variation is due, one that marks the promise of season 6 to return to the character centric episodes of season one.  With the death of Faraday symbolizing the death of science’s role with the LOST-Verse, perhaps we will be treated to an alternate perspective.  A few frames of Dr. Chang back on the mainland, long retired from his days as a physicist, at play with a young Miles – a Miles who now seems to be communicating with the ghosts of another dimension. Or:

Maybe, there will be nothing of the sort.  Maybe the final LOST panel will be the ultimate fade to white moment for the series, a chance to discuss the show, give those signature vague answers, but mostly to celebrate the fandom and say thanks.  Who knows.  Be sure to check back with us though for coverage this Saturday when the panel begins.