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The Strike Is Most Definitely Over – Impact on LOST

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In advance of the meeting today, the WGA released a memo to members via e-mail at 3:00am – after the end of the media blackout for most members – stating that a deal had been made that, quote, “protects a future in which the Internet becomes the primary means of both content creation and delivery.”

Additionally, WGA President’s Patric Verrone and Michael Winship say in the memo “…we believe that continuing to strike now will not bring sufficient
gains to outweigh the potential risks and that the time has come to
accept this contract and settle the strike.”

In addition, the note contained an outline of the specifics of the new deal,  which can be downloaded here in PDF.

Taking the language of the memo at face value it is difficult to imagine that the WGA leadership is not going to tell its members to return to work Monday. 

I’ve been talking to people on the other side of the fence for weeks now about what an end to the strike means for Lost and this is what I have for information:

  • It will take 4-6 weeks to get back to actual filming.
  • NO discussions have been had regarding the logistics of a return to production.
  • The industry is planning on extending the TV season to the end of June.
  • If the season is extended a maximum of 6 episodes could be produced.
  • Regardless, a minimum of 3 new episodes will be produced.
  • There has been NO discussion with regards to whether the un-produced episodes will be made up.

The most important thing to remember is that there have been no formal discussions between the LOST writers/show runners and the studios since the strike began.  We shouldn’t expect a boatload of answers to any of these questions for at least a few days, possibly longer.

I’m going to continue to ping everybody on my radar connected to the show to get updates on what the production schedule looks like, but suffice to say we have two things to celebrate:  the writers got a deal they are happy with, and we  WILL see more than eight episodes of LOST this season.