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TV GUIDE – Getting Lost – Spoilers ahead

By triangulatedsignal,

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sterling-beaumon2This week Matt Mitovich takes a look at ‘He’s Our You’ and talks to none other then Sterling Beaumon! They chat about young Ben being shot, whether he is dead or not, and if evil Ben really exists!

We also hear from Doug Hutchison aka Horace Goodspeed about his family and also Elizabeth Mitchell talks briefly about missing Daniel!

TVGuide have also reported that we will soon be seeing a bonus episode of ‘Getting Lost’ with an exclusive from Cuse and Lindelof themselves.

Follow the link to watch the video – spoilers ahead!

Source : TVGuide

  • Lost Mom of Four

    So the older, mean Ben we know may not exist???
    Can’t wait to see WHAT that means!

    • triangulatedsignal

      yea i cant quite get my head around that one!! i love matts videos, short and sweet!

  • Mark

    i like the idea that ben, sun and frank didn’t flash to the 70’s because they weren’t visited by Locke and Abaddon. Unlike Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sayid. Specifically Abaddon b/c “he gets people where they need to be”.

  • Lost Mom of Four

    I like that idea too!