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TVGuide Getting Lost (spoilers ahead)

By triangulatedsignal,

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61029a1-mitchell-e-b-gr-05-elizabeth-mitchell-v-series-abc-lost-brThis weeks episode of Getting Lost with TVGuides Matt Mitovich contains some spoilers so I have warned! These will not be spoilers for those of you who read spoilers, but for all spoilerphobes – look away now.

This week Matt :

– discusses fan theories on Illana and why she is there

– talks to Elizabeth Mitchell aboutthe season finale death

– looks at the results from the TVGuide Death Pool

– and once again wears an awesome t-shirt!

Source : TVGuide

  • Cecil

    This is why I love Lost… a show where you can utter a sentence like “what and when has he been up to?” and have it almost make grammatical sense.

  • theglasseye

    Aww, no Seanie B this week? I hope he hasn’t done something to piss off the entire fan base and ruin his credibility. Ah well, maybe next week.

    • staind420