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jack-tattooThis weeks installment of ‘Getting Lost’ with TVGuide and Matt Mitovich is available.

Watch to hear the following:

– Will we see the smoke monster again and find out more about it?

– What hour long episode do Cuse and Lindelof wish they could take back?

– How viewers think Hurley found out about flight 316


– Find out the burning question for next week.

Also what does everyone think about his cryptic clue at the end? A possible surprise hero in the season finale?

Source : TVGuide

  • RodimusBen

    The possible surprise hero will be Vincent, no question!

    No surprise at all that SIASL is the one episode that even Darlton are willing to admit sucked. I think only the hardest of hardcore Matthew Fox fans can even tolerate that hour’s waste of life. And even they can find much better Jack episodes to enjoy.

    • Heidi

      I have seen them make reference to not liking that episode before. I hope the surprise hero is Hurley.

      • jon

        Hurley was already the surprise hero before (hurtling onto the beach in the dharma van).

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I’m pulling for Desmond to show up on the island, out of no where, and save the day. That would probably shock some people.

    • Uncle Beaver


      Or… Maybe little Ben (or big Ben) does something heroic. He’s such an awesome creep, no one would be expecting it.

  • Hexonxonx

    My bet is on adult Aaron. After 316 I tossed out the idea that the next time we see Aaron he’ll be all grown up, and (barring E511) I’m sticking to it.

    • I like that–Aaron being the surprise hero. Either him or Jacob seem to be the only people worthy of a season finale cliffhanger. I think it’s more likely to be Jacob, but we’ll see–maybe Vincent will be the surprise hero!

  • surfsup

    The real burning question should be “Is Daniel Faraday Dead?” and my answer is “No” because he still has to convince Dr. Chang that something terrible is about to happen and shoot a quick video with him warning others about the islands capabilities, right? I was just browsing so if this has been covered elsewhere, please excuse me.

    • I agree. If he is dead, then how did he film the Chang video which aired at the ComicCon which ends up broken up by Lafleur. Some could argue, that because this video wasn’t on the show that it isn’t part of he continuity, but it could just be another continuity error of the head writers. See below what I mean.

      • Damon and Carlton have said recently in an interview that the comicon stuff is sort of a promotional tool for themes we will see in the upcoming season. Just like with the bunnies in last years video.

        Also about your point on Tom in “Meet Kevin Johnson” I’ve never really had a problem with that. So much of this show is willing suspension of disbelief and I can completely believe that there was time for Tom sometime in season 3 to not be on the Island for a couple days. I see your point but its not so much a continuity error as a logic one. Like why would Desmond go to LA from England by way of the Panama Canal. Does that really make sense? No. Does it really matter? Not really. Sometimes certain decisions characters make drive me crazy, like Desmond’s aforementioned one, but I have come to accept it. You’re right, the writers make errors or jumps in plausibility but I don’t think they’ve ever betrayed what is important about this show or what is at the heart of the show, I’m sure you feel the same.

        • dappawit

          (This is a minor point, but for some reason I feel the need to say something 🙂 )

          I agree with the main idea of your post–that being a human enterprise, some continuity errors have been in the show. And I too have no problem with them (as long as they’re minor). But, I don’t see how Dez going through the Panama Canal is an example of one. To go from the UK to LA by boat there are a few choices…
          South around Africa, then across the Indian and Pacific oceans (very very long);
          Across the Atlantic, south around South America, and up the west coast of the Americas (very long, prone to storms at the southern tip of S.A.);
          Across the Atlantic, west through the Caribbean, up the west coast of Central America, and Mexico (the shortest and safest weather-wise).
          I think the Panama Canal is the best choice. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see why it doesn’t make sense.

          And again, I know this is a minor nitpick, and otherwise I agree with you. I’m just trying to figure out if I missed something.

          • dappawit

            oops… the third choice I list: Across the Atlantic, west through the Caribbean, etc… I forgot to mention actually going through the Panama canal, which should come right after going through the Caribbean. Doh…

      • Barry

        That’s true, but we’re still not certain what Faraday did before he left the island. It doesn’t really fit in that he would have done the filming before hoping on the sub, but it wouldn’t suprise me that much

  • Really? That episode is the one they regret the most? This probably means that Jack’s tatoos are a piece of plot that will never go anywhere. I always wondered what kind of special power the tatoo artist had and what was the real significance of the tatoo relating to the island and the other Losties. If that isn’t explained, I will be a little bummed.
    I’m shocked that they didnt find the Nikki and Paulo episode to be the hour that they would take back. It was an terribly written episode and a waste of plot. The only thing good about that episode was that they both end up dead. And was anyone else bothered by the fact that Sawyer dumped the diamonds? He would NEVER do that! You dont think he would have at least given one to Kate? Or hung onto them for when they would be rescued? Bad scriptwriting. I love Brian K. Vaughn, but every now and then he writes an episode where u can tell he was just rushing to meet a deadline, and this was one of them and by far the worst.
    The other big Brian k. Vaughn rushed through the script without proper thought ( and I was also surprised to hear this wasnt an episode that Darlton regrets ) was the Kevin Johnson episode where it explains what happened to Michael in the short 3 weeks he was off the island. The story of how he got back to civilization was never explained. We know he had a boat but where did it land? And I’m sure he had to take a plane back to the states; So how did he get on it with no passport or ID and the world believing him to be dead? This episode was so full of holes and the timeline of evrything that happened to him in that month is near impossible, especially Tom coming to visit him. When u do the timeline math out, Tom couldn’t have possibly come to visit him because he is on the island the whole 3rd season, which is the time Michael is in the states. Every time I bring this up, the blind diehards start pulling far fetched explanations out of thin air, the most frequently used being some sort of time travel. I don’t buy it and won’t until there is an episode which states such,; otherwise it is just bad writng. I love the show like everyone else, butg the writers do make continuity errors. Remember in the 5th episode of the series Charlie says he can”t swim, and later we find out he was a swimming champion as a child.

    • TheKaneda

      Yeah, people make mistakes — like blaming Brian K. Vaughan for an episode he didn’t write.

      To me, how Michael got home is almost as utterly irrelevant as Jack’s tattoos — he got there, and there *are* plausible (and rather simple) ways for him to do so 🙂 Not going to list any, because this is not the place, and you’ve already prejudged them as far fetched. But expecting the series to explain and extensively show every minor detail is asking for the impossible — and wouldn’t be good storytelling.

      Exposé — and Stranger in a Strange Land — *are* mostly waste of plot, at a time where plot could be wasted, because the show might go on for 10 seasons. That said, I see surprisingly many people liking the former episode as a kind of one-off. Know of no-one who likes the latter.

      As for Sawyer and the diamonds… He wouldn’t do that? The Sawyer I saw on screen for 5 seasons would totally do that. And hopefully he’d have enough sense and human insight by then to not give one to Kate of all things… 😛

      • Kudos to TheKaneda!

  • ForwardSlash

    “Remember in the 5th episode of the series Charlie says he can”t swim, and later we find out he was a swimming champion as a child.”
    well, this is possibly true, an error, but you could argue that he was still a drugged up junkie at that point, and only caring for himself so said he couldn’t swim so he didn’t appear to be a coward. Or even he lied about being a champ to justify his position as the one to dive to the looking glass. We saw a flashback of his dad teaching him to swim but no more than that, and also he died in desmonds flash swimming to save claire. A lot can be quibbled about if you concider or presume someone to be lying at any point.

    • DT

      Charlie is definitely lying about being a swimming champ just to go to the looking glass.

      • white rabbit

        The reference to Charlie not being able to swim is correct. However, in the episode where Charlie’s dad teaches him to swim, it is actually Desmond who “changes” Charlies’ swimming ability. In the background you can hear Desmond’s name being called out – he was actually at the same pool as Charlie (They were both children) Acting as a variable, Desmond slightly changes something (unwittingly) which causes Charlie to be either pushed literally or figuratively into the pool. This moment overcomes Charlie’s fear of the water, and from this moment onwards Charlie is altered to be able to swim. I don’t think this is an error, but rather a deliberate action by the writers.

  • Michael

    matt mittovitch is a terrible presenter; he gives the impression of being some kind of animatronic effigy assembled by sociopaths.

  • Matthew

    He says “I don’t swim.”

  • Adam

    Even though “stranger…” might have not been the best episode, people would have still been online complaining about the producers not saying where jacks tattoos came from. haha. Plus, the flashback parts may have been kinda lame but the part of the episode that took place in the present was pretty cool, I thought, because you kind of learn how the chain of command works in Othersville. Plus you got to see the people that got kidnapped when they first crashed. That was a big reveal. But how do you pick an episode that you dont like out of a show like lost. I would be rediculously proud of every minute. also, I hope secretly that charlie is somehow involved in the finale.

  • sk8rpro

    Is it just me or does Matt Mittovich look like Phil?

    • triangulatedsignal

      haha maybe a bit, but cuter lol

  • I think it will be Walt! He has to come back to the island & has powers. I see him being the hero.

  • Fosca

    Stranger in a Strange Land was the worst episode? Come on! Bai Ling writhing around in her underwear! Bai Ling goddammit!!!

  • Casey

    What about Rose or Bernard as the surprise hero?