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Victory Obama State of the Union Won’t Pre-Empt ‘Lost’

By lyly ford,

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5294.news_lg_lindelof_cuseThe White House has come to its senses and won’t hold the State of the Union speech on Feb. 2.

Dharma lovers were agag when word leaked out this week that Team Obama was mulling scheduling SOTU on the same night ABC had long ago slotted the final season premiere of “Lost.” Doing so would likely result in a one-week delay of the premiere, and many fans reacted by declaring, “This will not stand.”

But today, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs assured “Lost”-ies the Prez won’t speak on Feb. 2. Just when he’ll State of the Union-ize isn’t decided, but it won’t impact “Lost.”

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also the info was confirmed by both Damon and Carlton on their twitter !

CarltonCuse No State of the Union conflict with LOST! We go Feb. 2!

source :@Twitter CarltonCuse

DamonLindelof OBAMA BACKED DOWN!!!! Groundhog Day is OURS!!!!!!! (God Bless America)

Okay. So Obama didn’t technically “back down.” He leveraged Carlton and I to do something on the show. Two words. MORE FROGURT.

source :@Twitter Damon Lindelof

so it’s official ! be ready in 25 days ! LOST IS BACK 🙂

  • As GREAT as this announcement is for all of us Lost fans,
    that’s just another demonstration of the true agenda of this administration. The “people’s president” Obama is as much a scarecrow of multinational corporations as Brown, Medwedew, Merkel and their fellow companions around the globe are. There is no need of a “New World Order”, it’s already governing the entire “democratic” western world. To adjust a speech like this just because corporations such as abc or Disney say so, not only is farcical but evidently corrupt.

    Yeah, LOST is great and an intelligent man like Obama should care about that, but still, on Feb. 2 it’s only purpose is to earn the network a great deal of money.

    • dm

      Did you know that LOST is created by trans-dimensional reptilians?

      • Well, at least you know Mr. Icke. I think his lectures are great entertainment. Certainly better than most tv productions.

    • neoloki

      and this is somehow different from the last 100 years how?

      • No, off course not.

        Obama: “Vote for me. Vote for change. Change, we can believe in!”
        Haha, good joke. That’s what I meant with “farcical”. You see?

        Seriously, as much as I love the idea of democracy, I wish we had a real one.

        • Sorry, last time posting in this thread. I just thought I should have made my point a little bit more valid.

          So what is a “real” democracy?

          It’s a political government carried out directly by the people. That makes every adult in a pure democracy an actual politician.

          The key problem is that most people are not capable of that. I mean, most of them haven’t even achieved a worldcentric or post-ethnocentric viewpoint/stage of consciousness. That is the main problem. What we really need nowadays (since we have real global crises going on) is a post-rational* or trans-national global approach on international politics. I think Obama represents this new movement as best. But we need a lot more of that and the first step would be a liberation from those economic boundaries and dependencies. They currently are destroying humanity’s future.

          That’s the reason why over-reacted way too fast.
          Honestly, I don’t even believe that Lost would ever be the true reason to adjust Obama’s address. If so, that would be really awful.

          *here is a perfect explanation for pre-, rational and post-rational stages of human consciousness and their implications/impact on politics:

    • Don’t forget; Obama is a nerd. I think he just came to his sense and realized that Lost is more important. He can’t wait to see it, too!

    • dolce

      I thought this was, not

    • RichM

      Holy shit.

      • dolce


    • Ok, sorry for my harsh reaction. But I surely won’t take it back.

      I mean, personally I do loke Mr. Obama and I think that’s how many Lost-fans feel about him, too (taking the intellectual capacity of most of us into consideration). Considering his background it seems nothing but logical that he actually watches the show himself. So there’s no way for me to attack him personally. But I’m still wondering where this decision came from.

      And I won’t let myself in talking about politics in Doc’s comments section again. Promise.

    • “LOST is great and an intelligent man like Obama should care about that, but still, on Feb. 2 it’s only purpose is to earn the network a great deal of money.”

      Uh, yeah. What’s your point!?!

      Wait, what? Oh, right – America is no longer the land of freedom and profit.

      Sieg Heil!!!

      • Smitty, no one cares about your stupid opinions. How often do you want to hear this again?

        “S*** H***!!!”

        Go, get yourself a brain. Than grow up and learn how to use it.

        That’s it for me. No more responses to any of your comments.

  • LostinLocke

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • GeigerCounter

    I seriously doubt this is because ABC said so.

    • dp2

      “Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, told reporters today that he could “allay fears” of those who watch “Lost.” He said the president’s speech will not be on Feb. 2. “I don’t foresee a scenario in which the millions of people that hope to finally get some conclusion in ‘Lost’ are preempted by the president,” Mr. Gibbs said.

      He did not explicitly say the decision was made because of the hit program, but administration officials have acknowledged being lobbied to keep the State of the Union away from Feb. 2. “I assume it’s a big deal at ABC,” Mr. Gibbs said.”

      • Seabiscuit

        I bet they have Lost Night at the White House.

        • Maybe The One is trying to figure out how to save the world through Lost’s use of myth!!!

      • GeigerCounter

        well considering the millions they have already spent on advertising, it IS a pretty big deal at ABC, but I still find it hard to believe that Lost is the only reason for having the State of the Union a week earlier

        it would be awesome if it was true, though

  • The AP story is a little less deceiving.
    LOST probably isn’t the actual reason for the move. Of course, I’m still going to rub this in every self-obsessed ‘American Idol’ and ‘Heros’ fan’s face. “Did the President postpone his State of the Union Address for your show?”

    • confidence_man

      I think Darlton offered to answer any question Obama had about LOST. Faced with such an enormous and tempting proposition that would also give his administration insight into impending exotic terrorist threats, he conceded the time slot by asking in a Lockian tone,


      • Kevin James John


        Damon: “I don’t know.”

        *Obama pulls out a microphone* “Goodbye, Lost premier.”

  • TheMantis

    I’m sure if you asked Obama, the whole thing was mostly George Bush’s fault…..

    • elginmiller

      Do we really have to start poisoning docarzt comments sections with this tiresome nonsense? I thought Lost superfans were supposed to exist on a level above your average knee-jerk partisan internet troll.

      • JacobsLather

        Yeah. We all know it’s about Jacob vs. MIB. They’re the ones really calling all the shots. Everyone else is just small potatoes. We’re ALL a part of their long con!

        • Jayman

          I’m thinking that Obama is MIB (see what I did there?) and George Bush is Jacob.

          Think about it, Jacob is “dead” (aka: out of office), and now MIB is free to rule the “island” (aka: the USA)

          My god, I think I just figured out LOST….

      • dm

        You’re familiar with Fishbisquit and her unstably ally, Moniquue, right?

      • “I thought Lost superfans were supposed to exist on a level above your average knee-jerk partisan internet troll.”


      • Iwantmykidneyback

        I’ve never met a troll with jerky knees, let alone one with an internet connection…

  • MsDee

    All of this is too funny

  • Major FX


    • Cody

      Barrack Odharma

  • Another LOST reference on a site I write for. It’s not easy squeezing a desmond/widmore scene into the daily life of a humor blogger. One of my favorite scenes from the entire show…

    • – something tells me the real Doc Holliday would be proud.

  • Rams

    Is proper punctuation too much to ask for in a post (I don’t mean the comments)?

    • dolce

      Dude, she’s French. I think she has an incredible grasp of English as a second language. Give her a break.

      • Rams

        Oh! I am sorry. I did not know that…

    • Don’t go there. For the blog post, sure, I can be picky about grammar. But posters!?! You ask too much, Ramalama! Probably everyone but me is a Twitter-hitter, texting from work and class, so sloppy – LAZY – writing follows. Waste of time to worry ’bout it.

      • Shinto

        Rams made it clear she was talking about the initial blog, not the comments section.

  • Oh my

    Oh my. Rather amazing that anyone here thinks that Obama’s not speaking on the 2nd b/c of Lost, or because of corporate interest in advertising on Lost. Look folks, this is a simple political calculation: the health care bill is more likely to be passed after Feb 2 than before. Obama wants to be able to claim a recent victory during his first SOTU. Thus, they’re weighing having the speech a week or two after Feb. 2. Nothing to do with Lost or corporate interests (no comment on the health care bill in that regard).

    • Yeah, I hope so. If it had anything to do with a tv-show, that would really piss me off. And I really liked Obama in the first place. It’s the hype around his family and the Nobel Peace Prize that turned me into a skeptic most recently.

      LOST is not that important. Otherwise I would have to question the sanity of the U.S. president and his staff.

  • jim

    isn’t the state of the union the 20th of january every year anyway? when did this become an issue on feb 2nd or is it just some PR for the show?

    • dan

      i don’t think it’s on a set date like every 1/20… but it’s usually in January. the popular thinking in political circles was that Obama might delay the speech if there was a strong possibility the health care bill could be passed at the end of Jan., giving him something to rally the SotU around in early Feb.