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We have to go back…

By professorstotch,

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lost_season_4_cast…and watch the season four finale one more time! With all the hype of the new season starting in just seven days, many may have forgotten that Lost actually starts tonight! ABC is reairing the season four finale as an enhanced broadcast. So for those of you craving a little Lost before next week, be sure to tune in at 8PM tonight. ABC will be rebroadcasting parts 1, 2, and 3 of There’s No Place Like Home. Here’s your chance to relive the magic!

I personally find the enhanced rebroadcasts to be quite amusing. They show the facts and trivia listed at the bottom, but it comes across very slowly. I’m not complaining though. Any Lost at all is better than no Lost. I’m just crossing my fingers that we’ll see a new promo tonight. Maybe some new footage will go along with it.

Get excited, guys! Season five is only 7 days away!