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WGA Strike Death Throes – Update

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So here are the results of the bi-coastal WGA meetings last night:

  • There was some hesitation over the AMPTP’s apparent take it or leave it offer.  Accept the offer and return to work or the offer goes away.
  • In an applause poll, the writers overwhelmingly supported ending the strike immediately.
  • The WGA is set to vote on ending the strike within 48 hours.

I contacted several of my WGA card carrying contacts this morning (nobody from Lost unfortunately) and they paraphrased a comment that essentially said it would be perfectly okay for writers to begin working on projects.

The vote to end the strike was not expected because the AMPTP insisted that the ratification process not interfere with writers returning to work.  The option of a 48 hour vote essentially means that the writers will be officially back to work on Wednesday.  So a slight setback, but with the drop-dead date for back-nine orders and midseason programming being Februay 15th, we’re still in the pink zone.

“There was cheering for everything and standing ovation after
standing ovation for all the leadership. There is no question in my
mind that because of the atmosphere in that room this strike will be
called off. There is no gearing for a fight. It’s over.”
  – Deadline Hollywood