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WGA Strike Update 3 – Here’s My Serving of “I Told You So”

By docarzt,

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Despite the 48 hour vote to officially end the strike,  Patric Verrone has indicated that WGA members with a show-runner capacity can return to work effective tomorrow.  There has been no comment from the Lost camp, but since Carlton already tried to sneak in during the strike to perform some producer duties I’m betting a gang of fun-loving UnitedHollywood commentators couldn’t keep Darlton from returning to Lost labs in the morning.

  • Jimbo08lak

    You said you were serving this on Monday.
    I can’t even trust you anymore.

    Just kidding man. Despite the squabble over finalities, I’m happy Lost is gonna be back!

  • Okay so… can I finally buy Season Three of Lost on DVD now and have the writers get a better cut?

    I’ve been following media blackout (no network owned sites like which means I saw very few of the Missing Pieces, no DVD buying, etc) and I’m dying to finally have the latest seasons of Lost and Scrubs.

    So… they get better cuts now or will this go into effect at a later date or will all the new cuts only be on goods marketed after the deal was inked?

    Sorry for all the questions.

  • DocArzt

    I believe the deal is retroactive to a certain point (may 2007… anybody?) But I’ll find out for sure.

  • milo

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who stopped buying DVDs during the strike.

    Now that the strike is pretty much over, you can go ahead and start buying them again. It doesn’t matter when the new contract takes effect in regard to DVD sales because there’s no change in the royalty on DVDs. It’s too bad they didn’t get an increase, but it just didn’t happen.

  • chromaticblues

    In Germany it already is Monday. Good job, man.