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What Nikki Noticed: 5.04 “The Little Prince”

By Nikki Stafford,

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As I was saying in my post about last night’s episode, about three-quarters of the way through this episode I thought it was enjoyable and served as a great transition from one episode to the next. And then… Locke turned over the canister with the Little Prince reference written on it in French (“besixdouze”), and we cut to a raft of French people and one of them was named Montand, and I literally leapt off my couch yelling, “ROUSSEAUUUUUUU!!!!” and I hadn’t stopped jumping up and down when all of a sudden, “JIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!!”

Colour me the happiest gal on the block last night. Darlton know how to pack a wallop, and I was thrilled beyond words. And yes… I admit with the tiniest bit of shame that I then gloated on my blog about the fact that I’d never given up hope with Jin, that if we don’t SEE someone die on screen then we shouldn’t assume they’re dead, and I’d gotten a lot of, “I know this is hard Nikki, but the first step here is Acceptance.” Screw Acceptance!! My Jin is alive! Ah. (Though as one person put it on my blog, isn’t it sad that Jin finally learns enough English to communicate, and is suddenly surrounded by French people?! Hahahahahahaha….)

Well… then again I’d also predicted in the summer that Sun would go all badass and try to take out Jack or Ben or both only to get back to the island and realized she’d wrongly avenged the death of her husband, who was very much alive. You know, in a situation like that, “Oops” just doesn’t cut it. But I’m thinking this could be the beginning of a great storyline. Poor Sun. I just want to see the reunion. OH how I can’t wait for that reunion.

They’ve promised us the Rousseau flashback for four seasons now, and now it looks like we’ll get it in real time, with the survivors playing along. So far the survivors have managed to land in different time periods and not really change history too much (though in last week’s episode Widmore’s buddy was killed… would that have happened if the survivors hadn’t encountered them? Would Widmore have killed him anyway?) But how will they manage to get through the whole Rousseau thing and not alter history?

Now, this is just me wondering aloud, and certainly not making any predictions (last week I did that totally as a joke by coming up with the goofiest speculation I could think of and was surprised to see how many people took me seriously… I was JOKING), but if we recall Rousseau’s story back in season 1, she was 7 months pregnant when she landed on the island. Bad things happened, her crew got the sickness, they all died, she shot her husband Robert herself (can I just take a moment to thank the Lost casting people for giving me even MORE eye candy with the casting of Robert? Dear Desmond and Sawyer: You have competition.), and then two months after landing she gave birth to Alex. One week later, Ben stole her.

So Ben must be on the island right now, somewhere out there with the Others (or… could Future Ben have stolen her??). Will the survivors warn Rousseau this is going to happen? Will they still be around to try to stop it? Or will they realize that you shouldn’t try to change history and they’ll let the story play out the way it originally did? What would have been different if Rousseau had kept Alex? Could she have found a way off the island? Would she have lived and not died in a hail of gunfire 16 years later? Or is that tempting fate in a way Ms. Hawking warned us we definitely shouldn’t do?

I’ve always been curious about that now-legendary line in “The Shape of Things to Come.” Keamy shoots Alex in the back of the head, and when Ben is finally able to speak again, he utters, “He changed the rules.” In the first episode this season, Daniel talked about not changing history, and referred to these instructions as “the rules.” What if Ben knew that Alex was supposed to live? Keamy wasn’t supposed to have killed her? Could he have been caught in a time-hopping island-record-skipping thing once before and he’d already seen the future from behind a tree (maybe when he was flashing that mirror up into the hills he was actually communicating with himself??) and he saw that scene play out with Keamy just dropping his weapon and letting Alex go?

Could something happen in the early Rousseau story to put things right? If Alex was never meant to die in that scene, maybe the island will course correct to make it so. But who knows how that could happen. And maybe Ben was referring to completely different rules.

Someone asked me this morning how they were possibly going to bring these timelines together. I know some viewers (like my husband) are getting confused with all the time-jumping. I personally love it, but I could see how it’s throwing people. On the island, they are in January 2005. The Oceanic 6 are in January 2008. So yes, they are three years apart. The events are playing out like they’re simultaneous, but it’s a bit of a trick. I’m thinking (again, this is me thinking aloud and not saying ANYTHING for sure) that maybe Locke’s going to get to the frozen donkey wheel, turn it, and be ejected from the island into the future, just like Ben was sent to October 2005 (in Tunisia, no less). What if Locke were sent to 2005 or 2006, then he took on the code name of Jeremy Bentham and we start getting flashforwards of him meeting the Oceanic 6 and pleading with them to come back? Meanwhile we continue to watch the people on the island time-jumping and maybe that way the writers can allow some more time to pass. But if Locke jumps into the future, talks to everyone, dies, and accompanies the peeps back to the island, will we be completely up to date with the survivors? Won’t they physically still be three years younger, or are we going to somehow be able to catch them up in the meantime? It’s taken four years to get through three months on the island. Could the island simply end up in 2008 and the survivors jump ahead three years? If so, won’t Aaron be three years old, but Sawyer will have last seen him only a few weeks earlier in his own mind? Will Sawyer be physically 35, even though the calendar says he’s 38? It’ll be very interesting to see how they eventually bring these storylines together. But I can’t wait to see how they do it!

Come check out my blog to see more on the book Le Petit Prince, Sun’s surveillance records, and me talking about why I never would have found the gun in the box of chocolates.

Next week: Showdown at the marina, Locke gets closer to the Orchid, Jin and Rousseau become BFFs, and Hurley asks the guards for a jumpsuit in a more slimming colour.

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 4 is now available at She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.

  • hyperRevue

    The time discrepancy between the O6 and the Island started bothering me today too. I don’t know how it’s going to be resolved.

    • Chris

      The timeline discrepancy is easily solved.

      When the flashes finally stop they will all come to rest in whatever ‘present’ they are in at that moment, which will almost certainly be 3 years in the future, if any of them are still alive. If not and they have all died then they are timeless anyway and will probably be able to flash themselves to anywhen they want.

      No, there is no possibility of anyone changing history in the Rousseau timeline. Just because they found Jin doesn’t mean he’s going to tell them anything, he won’t be able to, something will stop him. I believe this is the same sotpping power that meant Michael couldn;t be killed before he reached his destiny. I think it’s got more to do with destiny than causality. Personally I don;t see the Rousseau timeline as anything other than a brief distraction and to fill in some historical gaps. Then again Rousseau never said she hadn;t seen any of them before. For some reason she was compelled to help Locke so maybe he will speak to her at some point.

      The other possibiilty is that the flashes will affect the remaining survivors when they return as well and they all end up in another timezone altogether if the flases stop. My crazy theory is they all end up in the distant past and end up founding an incestous civilisation where a corrupt gene pool gives rise to people with four toes…..

  • brent

    I don’t believe we’re getting all the information about how the flashes work. That’s yet to be seen. However, Nikki, you’re spot on that Locke will have to move the FDW. Currently, that is the preferred method to get off the Island. So when he pushes it, he’ll re-sync the Island with the outside world – that’s what the 70 hour window is that Ms Hawking was referring to in 5×02. With the Island and real world synced up, the O6 can return. The catch is that Locke is zapped to about January 2007, about 3 months prior to the “We have to go back, KATE!!” airport scene. Based on upcoming titles only, I think we’re going to get these answers sooner rather than later.

    • hyperRevue

      Do you follow spoilers at all?

      I ask because I have a question that is based off a spoiler photo but don’t want to say it if you avoid them.

      • brent

        Not really… I catch a few things here and there but I don’t seek spoilers because I know the show is much better without them. I knew more about the first three episodes because ABC sent screeners out to about 4 million people but now only a very small group has new episodes so spoilers are thankfully harder to accidentally stumble upon. And I trust sites like docarzt to be fair. I do read a ton of analysis of the show however and I know the titles of the upcoming episodes. Other than that, I just watch the ABC promos which help me get through the week. I would wager that 5.06 will answer a bunch of stuff about John Locke.

        • hyperRevue

          Okay, I won’t ask my question then.

          • Brent: I think the “We have to go back Kate” scene happens around December 2007 — even though the obituary read April 2007, turns out that was a prop error; in “Something Nice Back Home” we see him read a newspaper from August 2007, and his breakdown follows that a few months later. Awesome connection with Ms. Hawking’s 70-hour window and Locke moving the island!

            HyperRevue: I don’t look at spoilers either, but I really appreciate you asking first! 🙂 And trust me, with this show there are moments where I REALLY want to look, but I know it’ll be more fun in the end if I don’t.

  • The Magician

    I would suspect that 3 years passing off island is more like a week passing on the island… how could you possibly keep track of time with it changing from night to day so rapidly? I wouldn’t worry too much about time discrepancies considering the island is violating all known laws of time to begin with.

    I wonder if the islanders are ever going to be able to sleep or anything…lol

  • Benny

    Nikki, I noticed you mentioned it here but not on your blog. Rousseau claims that the Others took Alex without actually knowing who, and notice she didn`t recognize Henry Gale (though that may not matter). But even if Ben says he took Alex, he might not have been the actual one who stole her but he did end up with her.
    From DHARMA history, we know Ben is in fact on the island (1980s), but whether or not he`s already part of the Others is still relatively unknown.

    • Excellent point; you’re absolutely right. I don’t think Ben would do his own dirty work. 🙂

  • clemma

    “Will Sawyer be physically 35, even though the calendar says he’s 38?”

    In Season 3 (Every Man for Himself?), Ben asks Sawyer his age. Sawyer says 32. Ben tells him not to lie and Sawyer corrects himself and says 35. That small piece of dialogue has bothered me, much like Sawyer’s “I made this birthday wish four years ago” line. These lines are even more interesting in light of the time travel happenings.

    * I’m starting to think that we don’t know how old anyone REALLY is in this story. Two people could be interacting and one is 108 and the other hasn’t been conceived.*

  • numbersarebad

    Maybe history CAN be altered. Then Ben turned the donkey wheel just to have a chance to go back in time to save Alex. I get the impression that he may care about more than just saving the island.

    • Absolutely. I think it would be a fascinating turn of events to see what happens when they DO start changing history. Will it have a Back to the Future element to it? Maybe… but I loved that movie. 🙂 I think there’s only so far you can exist in the past before you step on the cockroach and wipe out a civilization. Whoops! 😉

  • Hipster Doofus

    I have 100% faith that they will work out the time discrepancy. Even before all the time-jumping, during the offseason, I was wondering how they would work that out, but obviously they wouldn’t have had two separate time periods acting simultaneously in the present if they didn’t already know how they were going to reunite them. Give the writers a little credit.

  • Desi’s Brother

    I think you are wrong about Jin changing history. I think the time flashes occured in the past and influences the history of the island already. That has been made clear by Richard being told by Locke to visit him at birth etc.

    So clearly Jin plays some role in the story of Rousseau and her crew. What I don’t know, that will be fun to see. But I don’t think he will change her story…it has already happened this way.

    But of course then, why does she not recognize Jin in the future?

  • brent

    Ahh yes, I forgot that the newspaper was a prop error! Thanks for reminding me. I remember the DVD techs asked Damon if they should re process it for the DVDs and he said to just leave it alone.

  • boonesghost

    I have to agree that Sawyer is acting too much like Sawyer.

  • brent

    Well, I believe the marina scene continues next week so we’ll see how that all plays out. I deeply enjoyed Ben’s glib remark to Kate about trying to take Aaron.

    And I don’t think it’s that far out of the realm of possibility that Ben was communicating with himself. Vegas odds say it was Richard but the show has been turned on its head this season.

  • Rcatz

    Alright about the time issue.

    What we are being shown, is what always happened. Jin, Sawyer, Locke and the rest of the crew CANNOT change anything because this is what already HAPPENED.

    Cunningham was ALWAYS killed by Widmore when a group of people claiming to be from the future captured them temporarily.

    Rousseau’s team ALWAYS saved a Korean man in the ocean when they first reached the island.

    No matter what they try and do, something will intervene so that no one can help Rousseau’s crew. Infact, what if the reason all the bad things happened to Rousseau was because of them? They try and warn her but the smoke monster trudges through the jungle to break that up and in the process Montand loses his arm?

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