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What Nikki Noticed: 5.07 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”

By Nikki Stafford,

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flsmall3Last night’s episode gave several nods to some previous episodes, but mostly referred to two big ones, so this week I’m going to take a closer look at those references (I’ve done a more general analysis of the episode on my blog). There are some fans complaining that we didn’t get enough information on Bentham’s quest, and I’ll admit, I was surprised when I saw this episode title. My immediate thought was, “What, we’re only getting one episode to cover all that time?!” But I’m thinking the writers aren’t done with showing us Bentham’s work yet. 


The two major episodes we need to revisit are season 3’s “Through the Looking Glass, Part 2” and “The Shape of Things to Come.” Let’s look at the more recent one first. In TSOTTC, Ben turns the wheel and is ejected from the island 10 months into the future, in Tunisia. He was injured right before turning the wheel, and he turns, throws up in the sand, and makes a tourniquet for his arm. He makes his way violently out of the desert, immediately gets his bearings, and involves Sayid in his master plan.

Locke turns the wheel and is ejected from the island 3 years in the future, in Tunisia. He’s broken his leg, he turns and vomits into the sand, and realizes people are watching him (just as the Arab guys immediately showed up when Ben landed in the desert, as if they’d been watching him a little more surreptitiously). Ben makes his way out of the desert on his own, but, in much the same way as the rest of Locke’s life, Locke is carried out of the desert, confused, and at the mercy of others. (Let’s give kudos to the mighty Terry O’Quinn in this episode… I’m not sure there’s a better actor on television right now.) Ben figures out his quest, Locke has his quest handed to him. But both men end up facing the same person: Widmore.


I think the final scene of TSOTTC between Widmore and Ben is one of the pivotal scenes in the series. Ben is lurking in the shadows, Widmore is bathed in white light. Watch the episode as if Ben’s the victim and Widmore is the bad guy, and you’ll come up with one picture. Reverse it, with white-light Widmore the good guy and Ben the baddie, and you get quite a different picture. But despite the use of light in this scene, I think both characters come down the middle. Like so many other powerful people in history, they have an agenda, and they don’t care who gets in their way. They don’t see themselves as evil, and many of them have ardent followers, but they’re going to get the job done. These two men face off in this brilliant scene (please give me many more scenes of Ben vs. Widmore… those two men on screen are electric together) hurling insults and threats at each other, with Ben threatening Widmore’s daughter and Widmore threatening his island.


But now we get Widmore’s side of the story, and he could be genuine, or he could be as big a liar as Ben. First, he says he was 17 in 1954, and was on the island for 30 years. That makes him 71 now, and if Penny is about 30 years old, then the suggestion is that she was born on the island. This begs the bigger question, asked by a few of my readers this morning: Is Penny really Widmore’s daughter? Could he have taken her just as Ben took Alex? Could she be… Ben’s daughter? (He could technically be 16 or 17 years older than she is, and that would make it possible; that or time travel could be involved.)


Ben’s actions in his final scene with Locke in “The Life and Death of Bentham” are as shifty as his threats to Widmore in TSOTTC. He seems to be there to save Locke’s life, but when Locke mentions Eloise Hawking, all bets are off. It’s like her name was the tip-off that Locke was in cahoots with Widmore, and Ben goes nuts.


Or could Ben be trying to save John? If John really is a Christ-like figure (last episode’s title, “316” referred to many things, among them John 3:16… Locke could be the island’s only begotten son), then he cannot commit suicide. He needs to die, according to Christian, but maybe Ben knew it couldn’t be by his own hand, and he needed to save his soul.


Or he’s a conniving little bastard and killed him out of fury.


The other episode that was referred to in this one was the season 3 finale. We see the obit in Jack’s hand, which last season seemed to be nothing more than a misleading prop, and now that we saw Locke’s passport said he was born in NY, we can see where the obit got that. As for where it got the idea that Locke had a teenage son, I suggested in my blog last week that perhaps Walt will be that son. Someone suggested this week that maybe Walt will be the one to find the body and will claim to be his son, or maybe Ben writes the obit and puts in that bit of info to throw people. Or maybe the prop department wasn’t very accurate with the obit.


But more importantly, we have the timing of Locke and Jack meeting up. I loved that scene in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” and we can see Jack’s at the beginning of his downward spiral (and Fox is pretty amazing in this scene, seething with barely contained hatred for Locke). There seems to be a continuity error between this episode and the finale (either that or Locke’s body will be kept on ice for a REALLY long time). Locke meets with Jack in the hospital. That same night, he’s about to hang himself and Ben stops him, and tells him that Jack booked his first flight overseas, that Locke must have gotten to him. At the end of “Through the Looking Glass, Part 2,” Jack is holding the obituary and tells Kate that he’s been flying overseas “every Friday night” for a while, hoping the plane goes down. If he books his first flight the night Locke sees him, and is in full-beard capacity when he finds Locke’s obituary, it would appear a lot of time has passed. We’ve had to have months of Jack believing his father is alive somewhere, on that island, and Locke has seriously gotten to him. He’s got to go from insisting there’s no reason to return to becoming obsessed with going back to the island. And yet Locke dies at the beginning of the spiral, not at the end. Something isn’t adding up here.


But I know how carefully the writers are piecing things together, and they couldn’t have missed something as big as that (they’ve given me very good reason to have a lot of faith in them). There’s been too much build-up to just leave it like that. Not only that, but my biggest nitpick, as I pointed out on my blog, is the fact that at the end of season 4, we see the Oceanic 6 all referring to “Jeremy Bentham,” even in private conversations. Locke mentions it at the end of his conversation with Sayid; he’s only wearing a nametag with the name on it when he sees Hurley, he might have mentioned it to Kate but we don’t see him do so, and it was probably written on his medical sheets and Jack saw it. He never utters the name to Walt. There was no insistence… no, “You MUST call me Bentham at all times or something terrible will happen,” yet at the end of season 4, every off-island character is referring to him as Bentham. At the time I nitpicked it, saying if someone I knew closely suddenly changed his name completely, it would take me ages to switch my head around to calling that person a different name; hell, when entertainment arenas in Toronto change names it takes me a good half-decade to stop calling them by their old names. Yet they’re all calling him Bentham like it’s his real name, and he never made a big deal about it. Which turns it into nothing more than a plot device that was used to build up the big “BA-DUM!” surprise at the end of season 4 with Locke in the coffin.


So for that reason alone, I’m hoping this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this island philosopher.

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 4 is now available at She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.

  • JimD

    Very nice write up.

    One of the things I didn’t get was Kate. She was talking with John fine, but when Jack asked her about his death and if she was going to the funeral, she said “why would I?” It kind of doesn’t make sense for her to say it that way. Unless there is more to their (John and Kate) talk that we haven’t seen.

  • alkaline

    One thing about your analysis: When Widmore says he had been on the island for 30 years, he doesn’t say he was 17 when he first got there. For all we know, he could’ve been born on the island, or arrived when he was 5, etc. The point is that saying he had been on the island for 30 years doesn’t point to Penny being born on the island, although it could be an interesting plot twist.

    • Very true! I think I’m very wrong on the Widmore thing. Someone below mentions he was probably ejected into the future by the FDW, and so I no longer think Penny was born there. I think it’s wishful thinking, and now I’m trying to twist the plot to make that happen. 🙂

    • DHARMA Agent

      No, he stated two things that people are confusing.

      He met John Locke when he was 17 (in 1954).

      He lead the Others for 30 years (Sometime after 1954 but before his exile).

      All that we can garner from this is, if we can believe him, that he is 70 years old in 2007.

      Widmore does state that he was exiled by Linus…and Linus also says that he didn’t give the order for the Purge.

      Here’s a plausible scenario: Ben Workman, Undercover Other in the DHARMA Initiative, is BFF with Richard who has indicated that Linus is “special.” Ben knows that the Purge is coming, ordered by Widmore, and, for the most part, Benjamin is glad to be rid of the DHARMA Initiative.

      Except that, despite Widmore’s reassurances, the Others failed to spare the life of a girl Ben’s age: Annie. Seething with a pre-existing bitterness towards Widmore, rage at his lost love, and only his passion for the Island remaining, he manages to convince Widmore to turn the wheel in order to prevent the DHARMA Initiative from ever finding the island again…

      Which places Widmore’s rule from the late 50’s/early 60’s to the late 80’s/early 90’s, which jives with the current continuity.

  • ErasedSlate

    One possibility to add as to why Ben killed John, he no longer needed him alive. Eloise Hawking was the missing clue to find the island. Once John spilled the beans about her, then Ben no longer needed John alive to be his ticket back to the island. When Ben says that Widmore was using John to get back to island, he only revealed his true motive to befriending John and the O6.

    • Heida

      Why does everyone think that Ben did NOT know that Hawking was the key to getting back to the island? We already saw Ben with Hawking who told him the window was in 70 hours, is it a big stretch to believe he knew she knew how to get back? Then he left to start rounding people up. Did I dream this scene? I don’t know why he went ballistic on John after she mentioned Hawking. But it was a similar ballistic as when he murdered Keamey.

  • Trencher

    concerning “something isn’t adding up here”: there’s more:

    when locke goes visiting sayid, he’s working for a social project in dom. rep. … so after all these years working and killing for ben linus, he finally decided to make a change for the better and be a good guy. nice!
    but then, suddenly locke dies, and sayid goes visiting hurley at santa rosa, getting him out. and when he does, he is the same good old black-leather-jacket-hitman-sayid he was when he had been involved with ben.


    did sayid – despite his change for the better – suddenly from one day to the other change back to black, despite all his goodwill he had shown days before in his conversation with locke?


    are locke’s actions off the island triggering some bigger changes (perhaps in timelines, changes in acausal chains of events?)

    PLUS the very fact that – when locke is murdered by ben – he still has the bruises caused by the accident. but locke in the coffin (and returned locke on the isalnd) is perfectly shiny.

    • boonesghost

      Undertakers can make anyone look good.

      • Not my Ex-wife. They’ll need a chisel to get a smile on that face.

        • dolce


    • DHARMA Agent

      Regarding Sayid — maybe shortly after Bentham visited him, he became a little more paranoid, and noticed that he was being watched (and both Widmore and Ben had people watching all of the O6). A skirmish and a shootout later, and perhaps Sayid is tracking Bentham, either intentionally or unintentionally, as he moves to check on the rest of his friends and dispatch with the “agents” watching them.

      Now that everyone is on the island, though, I’m certain we’ll be having some flashbacks filling in these blanks.

  • hyperRevue

    I’ve been waiting all day to read Nikki’s write-up. But I’m going to save it for tomorrow when I’m at work.

  • ElginPaul

    Widmore is desperately searching for the island, yet he tells Desmond about Hawking. Hawking gives Desmond and the gang a detailed list of dates, times and airline flight numbers that pass over the island. According to TLE, Widmore was one of the funding partners of the Hanso Foundation/ Dharma Initiative, so he probably knows about Hawking’s role with the Lamppost. Why doesn’t he just use Hawking and go to the island himself???

    Also, remember when they explained what happened to Michael when him and Walt left in Ben’s boat. Michael had to pull off a similarly inhuman amount of tasks in a short amount of time in order to comply with the timeline of the rest of the characters.

    • Jangras

      Bravo Bravissimo EginPaul: that’s EXACTLY what I started wondering after last episode! All the Freighter-official story comes crashing down since we know that Widmore could EASILY find a way to the island. So what?
      Maybe THE point is that he CANNOT access the island for whatever magical reasons and he can only MANIPULATE other people.. BUT we saw both Ben and Locke coming back after turning the wheel, so.. what stops Widmore from going HE HIMSELF on his lovely rock??

      Hope TPTB didn’t miss that, brotha…

      • brent

        Widmore would need something more magical to get back. Ben had to have 5 of the Oceanic 6 PLUS John Locke’s body in a coffin wearing Christian Shepherd’s shoes. As Jack found out, it’s not as simple as just flying across the Pacific every Friday night. You need “magic.” As Hawking would say, “Stop thinking how ridiculous it sounds.” Right. Knowing when and where the Island is appears to be only half the battle.

        • Mark

          Maybe Ben has Sayid kill the people that Widmore needs to return to the island with.

        • Jennifer

          I don’t think Widmore is supposed to back… and I don’t think Ben was supposed to go back either. The very last scene of the episode is Ben as one of the injured– the other people on the Ajira flight that weren’t part of the O6. The very fact that Ben didn’t flash out with the O6, and is instead the victim of an apparent crash, tells me that unlike our Losties, Ben wasn’t supposed to go back. Maybe the whole reason he killed Locke wasn’t because he didn’t need him anymore, or because his death would help convince everyone else to go back, but because it was the only way he would be included in the deal. Ben needs the O6 to get back to the island, they don’t need him.

  • angjen0816

    I am guessing that wasn’t Jacks first flight, Ben never implyed that it was, just that he had booked a ticket for that night. Christian had already told him he had to go back, that wasn’t news to Jack, that was just the first time he had heard it from Bentham. I also find it interesting that other than Hurley, everyone refers to him as his alias. maybe its to keep the lie going, cause John Locke couldn’t be in LA, John Locke died on 815 when it crashed in the ocean…yeah right. lol

    • Mrs. Alpert

      Thank you! It seems that a lot of ppl have forgotten about the lie that the O6 are keeping… if they started calling him “Locke” people might notice…

      • Nikita

        One of the things I found somewhat humorous…. Widmore tells John that for the past three years the O6 have been lying about what happened etc. But that plan initiated with Locke! So, of all people, Locke would have to come up with a cover story for himself to keep with the lie he purported on the Island and Jack initiated with the press conference.

  • oz

    About Abaddon… Here’s a new LOST theory i haven’t seen yet. Matthew Abaddon = Libby. He was the new Libby. Both of them were involved in getting people to the places they needed to go. That’s why Libby gave Desmond her husband’s sailboat.

    Hurley saw Abaddon in Santa Rosa. We also know that Libby was there at one point, possibly to keep an eye on him.

    Libby may have been working for Widmore all along.

  • ForwardSlash

    I loved this episode!
    My only ???? moment apart from what you mentioned above about them refering to Locke as Bentham even though he didn’t insist upon it is: That in the scene (last one of S3 i think, when Ben asks Jack what Bentham said to him he says something allong the lines of “he said, I had to go back, or everybody we left behind dies” or something similar. (i will go check this as soon as i can) But Locke didn’t say anything like this to him.
    Does this sound familer or have i mis-remembered?

    • Jangras

      True, but I think there was no need to show everything in yesterday episode: they tried to show you also THE REST of what Locke told Jack. I think that’s a fair way of storytelling.

  • OCKi

    “There seems to be a continuity error between this episode and the finale (either that or Locke’s body will be kept on ice for a REALLY long time). Locke meets with Jack in the hospital. That same night, he’s about to hang himself and Ben stops him, and tells him that Jack booked his first flight overseas, that Locke must have gotten to him. At the end of “Through the Looking Glass, Part 2,” Jack is holding the obituary and tells Kate that he’s been flying overseas “every Friday night” for a while, hoping the plane goes down. If he books his first flight the night Locke sees him, and is in full-beard capacity when he finds Locke’s obituary, it would appear a lot of time has passed. We’ve had to have months of Jack believing his father is alive somewhere, on that island, and Locke has seriously gotten to him. He’s got to go from insisting there’s no reason to return to becoming obsessed with going back to the island. And yet Locke dies at the beginning of the spiral, not at the end. Something isn’t adding up here.”

    There is nothing indicating that Locke met jack the same night that he hanged himself.. Months could have passed with Locke having several desperate attempts of convincing Jack to join him back to the island. And there is nothing indicating that the flight Ben mentioned was the same flight we saw Jack in “Through the Looking Glass”. We know Jack has flown all over the world with the Oceanic gold pass.
    The creators don’t/didn’t need to tell that story, cause we already know Jack was ultimately convinced in the end..

    • Jangras

      Agree. Locke could have died months after his meeting with Jack in the hospital: his HEALED WOUNDS prove it, imo.

    • Preston

      It is futile building a timeline on whatever Ben says. He could very well have said what he said to Locke about Jack on the plane to get what he wants, no matter the truth.

      He lies!

  • J. Maggio


    I see no evidence that Locke kills himself the SAME night he meets with Jack in the hospital. Jack’s beard growth and further depression in the LAX/Kate scene indicate a few weeks. (And, as another poster noticed, so does Locke healing from the car accident wounds.) This is compounded by the fact that Jack tells Ben that John told him (Jack) that if he does not return that “juliet, sawyer, everyone on the island” would die, and that “some bad things will happen.” Locke didn’t really make that argument to Jack in this initial meeting. Also, Jack mentions to Ben that Locke told him that Linus was off the island. I did not hear that in this conversation.

    Plus, right after Locke died, Sayid is in “badass” mode: ready to protect Hurley, in a “safe-house,” etc. I have to believe that the Locke had at least one more meeting with Jack, and maybe Sayid. It is also possible that Walt sought out Locke. This would explain the “Bentham” code that Sayid (and Walt) use.

    In summary, I think some time past between Locke’s meeting with Jack in hospital and his suicide-attempt / murder.

  • I wonder why all the comments are centered today? 🙂

    Anyway, you are all right in saying that Ben’s words don’t indicate that Locke went to see Jack on the same day. That is absolutely correct; I’ve watched the ep 3 times now and that scene with Ben and Locke I watched very carefully to make sure he doesn’t say anything about it being the same day. That said, he does imply that Jack’s plane ticket is the first one he’s booked. He could be lying, but he definitely implies this is the first. Also, Ben says he shot Abaddon but couldn’t get to Locke in time, and Locke got into the accident. Ben needed to stay away from the hospital (he couldn’t be seen by Jack) so he’s waited for his first opportunity to get to Locke after he’s left.

    BUT… the real reason why I’m convinced it’s the same day? Look at Locke’s face. All the cuts, scrapes and bruises from the car accident — the ones he had all over his face when he talked to Jack — are all there, are all intact, are all fresh and new. Not a single one of them has healed or even begun to heal. His cast is still fresh and shiny, not covered in dirt and gnarled from months of use. His wounds are gone in the coffin, but that’s probably a really expert mortician. They are most definitely still all over his face when Ben strangles him. So yes, it did happen the same night he went to see Jack, or a day or two afterwards at most.

    • stweedle

      I’m a funeral director in Florida, and yes, we would’ve used restorative art techniques to cover any lacerations/bruising done during an accident. The fact that they are not visible while John is in the casket does not lend evidence to the fact that there was a significant amount of time between the accident and his death. Any funeral director should be able to cover those types of injuries very easily.

    • Jangras

      Oops you’re right Nikki, he still has scars and reddish wounds.. yet i’m not a medician, so maybe that could still be possible after some weeks, but it’s more likely that just a couple of days have passed after the hospital scene.
      Btw, i’ve seen your pic on your blog and you’re just gorgeous. Can I be your Paulo?? ;>>

      • LOL!! ACK, I’m haunted by references to those two!! So you want to die next to me as we’re both buried alive? Hm… might actually be the most romantic thing anyone’s said to me. 😉

        • Jangras

          Well, my pleasure and honour, then: i might end up buried alive, but i’m ready to trust my heart just like a Locke an island, mia bellissima..

    • Jennifer

      I’m inclined to believe he’s lying about it being Jack’s first flight because lying is what Ben does. If this isn’t Jack’s first flight, he certainly can’t tell Locke that… He’s trying to restore Locke’s faith. Telling Locke that his visit to Jack inspired him to book a flight can do that, but not if Jack’s been making those flights all along.

  • hyperRevue

    “Locke telling Jack that his father says hello. This explains why Jack starts seeing visions of Christian.”

    Can someone refresh my memory. Was Jack bearded or not when he saw visions of his dad?

    • ErasedSlate

      No he was not bearded. Seeing his dad started him on downward slide.

      • hyperRevue

        That’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure – Nikki has it backwards.

        • Thank you for quoting the one line that was horribly wrong on my own blog and bringing it up over on this one.


          Heehee… Yes, I got it backwards, and said so in my comments. Sorry… I should go in and change it. I’m tired at 11:30pm. I think I’m getting old. I need to go to the island to be rejuvenated. 😀

          • hyperRevue

            Ack. I’m sorry. I didn’t read through your comments. I didn’t mean to call you out, i was just curious if I was remembering things wrong.

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        He started seeing his dad in episode 2 or 3 of Season 1

        • hyperRevue

          I meant once he’s off the island, in the hospital.

          • Exactly. Things are going pretty swell for Jack — he’s with Kate and Aaron and back at the hospital — until the smoke detector goes off and he follows it out, and sees Christian there. He begins to unravel at that point.

  • Darbi

    Nikki, I have to agree with you, and it’s the one thing about what was otherwise an excellent episode that is truly bugging me. The timeline is off if we’re to believe Jack’s comment to Kate about flying every Friday to mean some time passed since their initial meeting. Jack also tells Ben that Locke came to him about a month ago. We know that Jack was already in his drug and alcohol descent when he and Locke talk, but Locke’s facial lacerations were fresh…which makes me think only a few days (possibly) no more than a week had passed otherwise those wounds wouldn’t have been so pronounced.

    I really hope the writers will clear that up, because it’s one ugly glaring continuity error right now.

  • Lebowski Achiever

    Just a couple of things…We know whoever turns the wheel cannot return to the island, and they kept up with this by having Locke and Ben land on Hydra island. They technically still have not returned to the island. You have to imagine that they will go to the real island sometime, so this will probably be disproved quickly.

    My thoughts on the debate on whether Widmore is the bad guy is this: Widmore wants Locke to die…he sends him on what he knows to be an impossible mission, getting the others to go back. He knows he will strike out and will start to question his worthiness (as he always does). They want to know if there is someone special he would like to see, and conveniently she turns up dead. Seems like a set up to break Locke down even more. Take away everything that means something to him and he then wants to end his life. Maybe unlike Michael, Locke can die off island. If he commits suicide, his faith is gone and he is no longer special. This would explain why if Widmore wanted Locke dead, he couldn’t just kill him…he needed to have Locke lose faith and do away with himself. Ben knows this and this was why he needed to stop the suicide….killing him always for other special events to occur, and he had all the information he needed to get the others back without an alive Locke.

    • Ooh, AWESOME analysis!! I was just saying this morning to someone that deep down, I believe that Ben is the good guy, Widmore the bad, and we’re being intentionally misled. (Unlike some viewers, I don’t mind being manipulated, so I say bring on the misleads!!) Discussing it with one of my readers this morning over email, we were chatting about the possibility of Locke not being allowed to commit suicide or he won’t find salvation, something I mentioned in the comments yesterday. Ben comes into the room, finds Locke about to kill himself, and needs to talk him down so he can do it himself. He needs Locke to want to live, and needs him to fight against his murder.

      But I didn’t carry that analysis any further than that and talk about Widmore’s side in all of this. I love it. You know, your drunken ramblings are awesome. 🙂

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      Widmore didn’t send Locke on the mission to bring back the O6, Richard did. And the only one who said you can’t return after turning the wheel was Ben….which you should take with a grain of salt.

      • Lebowski Achiever

        Widmore compiled all the data and sent Abbadon with Locke to try and convince the others to go back. If Richard knows what needs to happen, chances are so do Ben and Widmore. In my theory, one side thinks they need to come back with Locke and the other does not want him back. Ben stays in control of things if Locke goes back, Widmore somehow wins if Locke does not go back.

        I agree that whatever Ben says will mainly be a lie. There normally is some truth in what he says though, and maybe he is basing this fact off of the fact that Widmore has not been able to return. To go with the above theory, conditions are not right for Widmore to go back currently and he is desperately trying to change that. If he were successful, maybe then Ben would not be able to go back.

  • Jack’s Back

    Sorry to disagree with the parentage issues, but you are still thinking in a linear timeline.

    Remember, time moves differently on the island.

    For example, John Locke was born in 1956 making him 48+ when the O6 left the island. A few days later in island time, Locke fixes the FDW and Whoooshes to Tunisia sometime in late 2007 (3 years)

    Locke should be 51+, but it’s only been a few days since the O6 left to him, so he’s still 48+.

    Same thing with Ben Linus. He turned the FDW on 12/30/04 and whooshed to Tunisia 10 months in the future.

    When Widmore turned the FDW, chances are he whooshed into the future as well.

    • True, very true. Also, he says, “We were on the island” not “I was on the island” and he could have been talking about the collective, not himself. So I don’t think Penny was born on the island, after all. You’re right about jumping into the future, I didn’t think about that. 🙂

    • grayslostgirl

      also, who’s to say he doesn’t go into the past either. we know the island shifts time both future and past…who’s to say that everyone who has turned that donkey wheel found himself/herself in the future.

      • Nikita

        Interesting point! We don’t know which way Widmore pushed the wheel when he left the Island…… what if he pushed it the other way!??

        Would that send you into the past off Island?

        • Gallifreyan

          Remember the 10,000 year old Polar Bear. Maybe they somehow got the bear to push the wheel the other way.

  • Another food for thought we’re discussing over on my blog right now; is it possible that if the island heals, then you have side effects of that when you leave? So if a bullet wound is gone in 3 days, what if a scratch takes months to heal?

    I feel like I’m thinking about this way too much. 😉

  • Nikita

    I don’t think that Penny could be Ben’s daughter. I guess mostly because why would he want to kill his own biological daughter? He’s trying to seek revenge for a daughter he “adopted”…. as far as we know.

    • Yonko

      Yep, but wouldn’t it be ironic that Widmore pushed Ben into killing his own daughter (Penny)? Banged-up Ben was all covered in blood, maybe he doesn’t know Penny was his daughter… Oh so sad, poor Ben, losing two kids already…

  • dolce

    If Penny is Ben’s daughter, I will tatoo it on my face!

    • OMG. Now I REALLY want Penny to be Ben’s daughter! LOL!

      • dolce

        Seriously, I will…

  • drsneddon

    There was a lot of errors in what the O6 said that Locke told them and what he actually did.

    In the funeral home, Ben asks Jack if he told him he was off the island, and Jack said yes. This didnt happen. He then told him that Locke told him that when he left ‘very bads things happened, and it was all my fault’. This didn’t happen either.

    Walt told Hurley that Locke told him that the O6 were all lying – this didnt happen either. He didn’t even introduce himself as Bentham to anyone but Sayid.

    Great episode, but there does seem to be a major amount of continuity errors, and it did seem a little rushed no?

  • Here’s a thought, back to the whole Penny thing. In Jughead I speculated that Widmore and Ellie got together and had Daniel. But what if they got together and had Penny, but they named her Annie? She became friends with Ben as a child, Widmore didn’t like her being so close to Ben, and he told him to stay away or something. Ben figures out a way to trick him into turning the FDW, but Widmore goes to the wheel with Annie by his side, and they’re both ejected. They get sent far into the future, maybe 10 years, and that’s why Penny is 10+ years younger than Ben. That would also be why Ben hates Widmore so much, and why he looks at those wooden dolls with such longing.

    Maybe after Ben left the marina he went to Penny to vow his undying love to her and tell her that he was actually the Ben from her childhood, and Desmond walked in and went to town on him.

    This is just me thinking aloud… I’m certainly not married to this idea, but it’s a possibility. A distant, far-off, tiny possibility… 😉

    • Heida

      I’ve stared at the photo of Annie and Penny on Lostpedia and it is possible that they are one and the same. But I can’t imagine Ben would kill Penny if he knew she was Annie. That may save her at the last minute when he realizes it. Although, Annie has a lot of freckles so I have been trying to concoct a time travel story as to how it could be Kate. Remember when Ben made Kate put that dress on and have dinner with him? or did I dream that scene too? We definitely over think this show….

  • k

    even more interesting after watching that last scene- lost keeps toying with crazy time- we assume that after locke saw jack he killed himself the same night- great eagles everyone else because ben does not suggest that it was the same day just that jack booked a ticket tonight- but WHEN tonight!!!?? also eloise hawking- WHEN did she know ben!!!??? WHEN we first see ben and eloise hawking interact- of course it is as if they have known each other for ages- but after watching that last scene like others have picked up- ben had the knowledge to go meet eloise and tell her he is the one that needs to get back….further if both ben and widmore know eloise would she ot be suspect- has she met either of these two men & if she knew their personalities why help them…

  • Desi’s Brother

    I can’t believe you would say that Locke is one of the best actors on television. Do you not watch Battlestar Galactica!— Michael Hogan—Colonel Tigh is one of the best actors for sure.