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What Nikki Noticed: 5.08 “LaFleur”

By Nikki Stafford,

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flsmallMaybe it’s because I’m in love with the Widmore/Ben/Locke storyline, but last night’s episode – while still amazing and stunning – is not my favourite of the season. Unfortunately, I said that at the outset of my blog and a lot of people LOVED it, so it was the focus for the first bit. I think this is one of those episodes I’ll like more and more with each viewing, especially after the coming episodes, because I think it will be essential to the Lostverse in weeks and months and years to come.


But just to plead my case here: I still loved it. Every episode this season has been a beautiful thing to me, and “LaFleur” was no different. I just didn’t love it with the crazed passion of the last two episodes. That’s all.


And hey… an episode centered on Sawyer? Who wouldn’t love that?


The problem for me (in writing this column) is, SO much happened in that episode it’s hard to nail down just one aspect of it and focus. So I’ll mention a few things I thought were intriguing that haven’t been discussed on my blog much yet (and my blog comments are at an all-time high for a single post already, so… there’s not much left). I’ll leave the Egyptian mythology (which we’ve also been talking about on my blog) and everything that goes with that to another column, and focus on a couple of things I liked.


First of all, I somehow missed Sawyer’s line about Richard’s eyeliner. I have NO IDEA how I missed it (other than my 4-year-old daughter walked into the room the first time I watched it, and then I was furiously typing the second time) but I am thrilled that was noted, and I thought it was hilarious when four of my readers pointed it out in consecutive comment posts. I’d even written a haiku about it on my blog a few weeks ago (yeah, I’m not ALL about analysis):


Richard Alpert is
Immortal, but I must ask:
Is that eyeliner?


(It’s not eyeliner, by the way; Darlton have confirmed that Nestor Carbonell has naturally dark eyelines.)


But on to the important stuff. I can’t say enough about Jeremy Davies’ incredible performance last night as a shattered shell of a man. Charlotte is gone, and one of my readers suggested that maybe she’s become an organic part of the island, shifting along with it. He walks in a daze until he sees the little girl, and even though he’d been muttering to himself over and over that he wasn’t going to do it (i.e. run up to little Charlotte and tell her not to come to the island), I wonder if seeing her changed all of that. Though he’s with the survivors in the compound, we never see him in the Three Years Later bits. Somewhere in those three years, he presumably disappeared.


Is he living in a jungle, a mad observer to everything? Another of my readers noted that he said everything you need to know about the Dharma Initiative is in those notes, and maybe he’ll spend the next three years writing them up. We know that he’ll be down in the Orchid station when they call in Pierre Chang to look (and as he walks past him he looks the other way as if he doesn’t want to be spotted). We know from the Comic-Con video that he’ll hook up with Chang at some point to record the warning message, if that video is to be considered canon. We know that at some point, even though he’s declared otherwise, he will see Charlotte as a young girl and warn her.


I think, seeing the way he was when the others came upon him in the jungle, I know now why he was crying at the beginning of “Confirmed Dead” when he first saw an image of the underwater plane. It was all Charlotte.


The main question I have about the episode is the timeline that we saw in “The Man Behind the Curtain.” In that episode, Horace is with Olivia, and there’s no mention of a son or of Amy. The production notes on Lost indicate that Ben was born in 1963-4, and that he came to the island when he was about 10. So he should already be in the barracks when Sawyer and the gang are there. There’s a possibility that a young bug-eyed boy with glasses named Ben doesn’t trigger anything for Sawyer (especially because they would probably assume he was with the hostiles, and not with the DI) but what about Roger Workman? Wouldn’t Sawyer see him walking around, knowing that he’ll later find his skeleton? Or maybe he’s got other things on his mind.


Charlotte was born in 1979, according to Ben, but she’s racing around the DI compound and looks like she’s about three, in 1974. Maybe her mother lied about her age and name on the birth certificate when they left the island, but wouldn’t someone have noticed the difference between a 2-year-old child and a 10-year-old one?


This brings up another question about the entire series that I asked on my blog this morning, however: when we see the flashbacks, are they the actual objective events that happened, or are they shown to us from the perspective of the person featuring in them? Since season 1, when the camera has focused on the eyeball of the person before showing their flashback, I’ve wondered if what we are seeing is coloured by the memory of the person whose flashback it is. In other words, did the events in “Man Behind the Curtain” actually happen, or is Ben, in essence, telling us this story? Are these the events that he remembers, or, more importantly in his case, the events that he’s convinced himself really happened after so many years of lying about them? Could the facts be off because he’s interpreting them differently than how they actually happened?


In which case, it’s quite possible Ben WAS born on the island. In 1874. Through an immaculate conception. Who knows…


All I know is it’s going to kill me to wait two weeks for the next episode. URGH.

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 4 is now available at She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.


  • malakai

    Horace and Olivia were driving in a car together in Oregon when they came upon Roger Linus, his wife and newly born Ben. They were never seen in a seen together again and they never said “Hey i see your wife is dying, but did you know we are married or engaged or dating?”.

    We the audience just assumed they must be a couple. Since they were driving somewhere together.

    • Hexonxonx

      Well, they were together long enough to travel to the island to be in DHARMA. Olivia was Ben’s schoolteacher. Maybe they stayed good pals after they broke up and decided to take jobs on a remote island, but it’s more likely that they were married for 10 years.

      • LostinNewYork

        Olivia & Horace could have the same type of relationship as Jack & Juliet. They sorta have a thing for eachother, but are REALLY in love with other people. (Jack to Kate & now, Juliet to Sawyer). They could be just good friends.

  • lostwithout

    isn’t it possible that when charlotte leaves the island as a child she is sent into the future, making 1979 a more appropriate year of birth?

    • hyperRevue

      If she leaves by turning the wheel, then it’s possible.

      But I don’t think leaving via the sub causes time travel.

      • lostwithout

        i agree that the sub would be a flaw in the theory, but who knows how they left. just a thought.

        • Jack’s Back

          If the “incident” causes a flash, or Widmore turning the wheel causes a flash, all of the DI including Charlotte and her Mom could have popped into the future and then left the island.

          Need to stop the linear thinking on timelines…

      • Leaving via the sub may not CAUSE time travel, but hasn’t it already been established that the time on the island isn’t necessarily the same as time OFF the island? Maybe Charlotte’s mom had to re-adjust her date of birth when she brought her away?

        • perhaps something happened when Charlotte left to cause the sub to lose track of whatever bearing it should have been on, causing “unpredictable” results.

          I find it hard to believe they’d make that much of a continuity gaff. Or, who knows… maybe he just assumed it was Charlotte, and the girl is actually some other random child.

          • Mark

            Maybe the little red-haired girl in 1973 is Charlotte’s older sister.

  • RandomZombie

    If the flashbacks end up being anything other than what actually happened, that’s going to be a huge violation of trust between the writers and viewers.
    To suddenly say, after nearly five years, “Oh, by the way, a lot of the stuff we’ve showed you didn’t really happen,” well, I just can’t see the writers doing that. They have more respect for us than that.

    I trust that they know what’s going on. They haven’t let me down yet.

    • Mirko

      LOST not only is the show of countless Jackfaces but also of multitudinous Mindfucks. 😉

      • dolce

        That’s funny.

    • simplevincent

      “whatever happened, happened.”

      • RandomZombie

        I think that says it all.

  • Mirko

    “In which case, it’s quite possible Ben WAS born on the island. In 1874.”

  • Thor

    Not sure this is the right place to post this, but.. since we’re talking about Horace. I might be way off here, but could there be a connection between his and the smoke-monsters habit of blowing up trees? Several times we’ve seen smokey blowing trees up in the air.. and then we see Horace doing the same thing.

    • simplevincent

      I don’t know if that’s the connection, but that sure was an interesting story decision to make for a man who’s drunk and lovebummed. I mean I don’t need dynamite…maybe just a little karaoke.

  • simplevincent

    I kind of like to think that it wasn’t an accident that they chose nestor carbonell
    -despite- his inconsequentially dark eyelashes. Now that we have a hardcore confirmation that the Egyptian influence thrives on this most mysterious of islands, doesn’t Alpert look sort of…well…Egyptian?

    • RandomZombie

      I’m waiting for the scene when some of our… whatever you want to call them now (815ers + former other + freighter people + Dharma workers + 06ers = ???) to find themselves back in the days of the statue and meet Richard Alpert (under a different name) looking identical to how he looks now.

      That would be fun.

      • simplevincent

        yeah they’ve grown into quite the melting pot.

        man i hope we get to see some serious minutes in super way back when mode.

  • Mirko

    Regarding the timeline of Ben’s Dharma days: Wouldn’t it be possible that Roger & Ben arrive 1-2 weeks later than “Jim LaFleurs” team? I’m sure we’ll get told a lot more of their story (Ben’s apparently being the main chapter) and what happened during these ominous three years.

  • Jones507

    Remember, if it weren’t for Sawyer and Juliet, Amy would be dead. Perhaps this event brought Horace and Amy together, hence he never gets with Olivia. They are changing history.

    • longlivekingnick

      False… because Horace is with Olivia in the 1960’s when Ben is born. The events that took place on the island that day took place in the 1970’s

      • Amberlina42

        thanks Dwight!

    • hyperRevue

      Sawyer and Juliet always intervened. Whatever happened, happened.

      So…that means that a young Ben Linus would have interacted with Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jack and Kate in the 70s.

      • simplevincent

        would this explain how ben knew so much about their backgrounds (or at least who to start studying up on) during his reign s1-3?

        • hyperRevue

          That’s what I’m thinking, yeah.

          He always knew they would crash there. He knew them before they even did.

          • simplevincent

            I love this idea…I gotta rewatch the Book Club scene again.

            What if Sawyer and his gang influence young Ben into doing the things that he does in the first place (become an integral part of The Purge)…which is why he never seemed to hold any remorse for the “random” and “terrible” things he’d done to the original crashed.

          • hyperRevue

            It’s also possible he didn’t know they’d crash there.

            Maybe Sawyer, Juliet and the rest never reveal their true identities to DI or Ben and therefore he didn’t know who they were until they crashed.

            I think rewatching the Henry Gale episodes would be important to see how Ben acts around them all.

          • simplevincent

            ben doesn’t seem to be the kind to forget a friendly face

  • brent

    It’s most likely not canon, but the stuff talked about a recruitment to the DI in July 1978. I don’t think the Linus clan is on the Island yet… but will be soon. And THAT’S when it will get very, very interesting.

    • Mirko

      So you’re saying they are going to join the DI club AFTER the O6-island reunion has happened?

      • brent

        Yep. I think the DI on the Island now is a smaller unit. They know more. What I’ve gathered from “The shape of things to come” is that Ben and his dad arrived on the Island when the DI was further along. If the stuff is correct, they brought in outside people to help later on.

    • bondsinseconds

      i bet that is exactly what is going to happen.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    If Charlotte was in fact born in 1979, then I would say that the little girl was her sister. Remember her babbling about things right before she died? One thing was something she was saying to her sister, something like ‘you know what mom would say about you marrying an american guy’. So it could be her sister.

    • simplevincent

      did she say “you” or “me”? i always thought she said me but I could totally be wrong.

    • she has two sisters, but they are both younger.

  • Beena

    This time line is scary. Somewhere away from the island during this same time period, there’s younger versions of Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Faraday, etc. growing up who will one day still crash or arrive on this island. So there’s a definite time loop. And I get a sick feeling thinking that Richard Alpert and Ben wanted the O6 to come back to the island to kill them with the rest of the Dharma Initiative to maybe put an end to the loop by killing those involved in it. Charlotte warned us “this place is death”. And after seeing what is perhaps an Egyptian statue of the god of the dead does nothing to dismiss that uneasy feeling. Has anyone else noticed that Richard Alpert’s initials are RA like that other Egyptian deity? The whole thing is kind of creepy!

    • LostinNewYork

      Yes – we are all aware that Richard Alpert’s initials are RA & that stands for Ra the Egyptian deity. That’s WAY too easy. I don’t think the writers would never go that way.

      • LostinNewYork

        *would ever go that way….oops!

  • longlivekingnick

    Like I said before, I don’t think that there is any chance that Ben is on the island right now. Ben was born in the early 1960’s. Lets just say for giggles he was born in 1964 like Nikki said. Lets look at this from the perspective of every other season of the show except for the last one.

    Up until then there was only one Lostie allowed to leave the island, and that was Michael. He was told to get in that boat and follow the coordinates and he would find rescue. Locke blows up the only method that the others have of getting off the island, which is the sub, and ruins Jacks method of returning home. At no point in time so far does the show mention anything about time travel when leaving the island via the sub…. only if you leave by pushing the Donkey wheel. Lets not forget that the donkey wheel was designed as a last resort method of protecting the island by plunging it into a different time, its not to be used as a time machine.

    Ben can’t be on the island yet… think of it rationally. How many people are in that Dharma camp (50-100 tops). You don’t think that Sawyer, being the head of security knows every single persons name on that compound. You would have to be an idiot to think that he would just forget the names Roger and Ben Linus. Ben isn’t there yet. But little Ben will be there soon, and do will Big Ben… and when that happens there is going to be an incident, and it is going to be awesome.

    • hyperRevue

      “You don’t think that Sawyer, being the head of security knows every single persons name on that compound. You would have to be an idiot to think that he would just forget the names Roger and Ben Linus.”

      I don’t get it. Who’s to say he isn’t there and that they haven’t interacted at some point in those 3 years? Just because we haven’t seen it yet? It’s only been one episode. We’ve seen very little of what’s happened so far with the Losties in the 70s.

      I don’t think we have enough information to conclude one way or the other if Ben is there yet. But just because we haven’t seen them interact in those 3 years doesn’t mean they haven’t.

      • brent

        And I say no, simply because it’s “LOST.” I mean, it could be a flashback to see Ben arrive on the Island but I’m guessing we’ll see him arrive in real time. Because it is a big reveal. They’re not going to introduce Ben in 1975, let it fester for two years, and then rejoin. I don’t think it makes good storytelling at this point in season 5. I just don’t see 1974-1977 being that important. Going forward now is important.

        • hyperRevue

          And that very well might be the case. And I agree with the storytelling point.

          • simplevincent

            i agree as well. they gotta milk this.

        • dolce

          Dude… you complete me.

          • brent

            whoa… am I completing you? Cool.

            You know, at this point, we don’t really know how the narrative is going to proceed for the Left Behinders. We should have a few O6 episodes to figure out why/how Sayid, Sun, Hurley, and Ben all ended up on Flight 316. But I’m not that convinced that we need to know the details of Sawyer, Jin, and Juliet from the last three years. They infiltrated Dharma, kept looking for Locke, have been living in Old Otherton. Great. But Faraday? Oh yes. We’ll have a Faraday episode where we’ll learn what he’s been up to for the last three years, and based on upcoming titles alone, I can guess which one. I don’t know any spoilers, just episode titles.

          • simplevincent

            at this point, especially after Lalfeur, I’m not entirely interested in the logistics of how people we know are already back on the island get back on the island…unless it somehow informs me forward. i would hope that they don’t devote entire episodes to either situation for awhile and just give me a nice, slow, morphine drip of both.

          • brent

            I think we are going to have a few flashbacks to see what happened that last night before 316. It’s a given but they may condense that into a couple of episodes instead of the single character – single episode relationship of episodes past.

  • Nikita

    The birth year of 1979 is given to us from Ben. So, I guess it’s whether or not you trust Ben’s information.

    Charlotte said she had two younger sisters…..

    • simplevincent

      that’s interesting. he also proclaimed that he was born on the island and his name was henry gale (god that was a long time ago)…

      • dolce


      • hes from MINNESOTA!!! lol Best line ever!

        • s.w.a.c.

          And Minnesota’s practically Canada! Well, at least they talk funny up there, you betcha.

  • trommlee

    perhaps ben liked juliet when he was young and that was why he later on recruited her and the reason why harper said juliet looked just like “her”

    • I thought the “her” Juliet looked like, was Jack’s ex-wife?
      Why are we talking about this?

      • hyperRevue

        It was both, I think.

        Ben mentioned to Jack that Juliet looked just like his ex-wife, but didn’t Goodwin say to Juliet how she looked just like “her”? When they were on the beach, talking about Ben’s crush on her?

        • Juliet and Harper were talking about Ben’s interest in her when Harper said something along the lines of “Well, of course, you do look just like her.”

          …but nothing more was made of it. So, it stands to reason that our Juliet will play some role in young Ben Linus’s life.

          Also keep in mind that the painting of a woman (presumably of Ben’s mother?) in Ben’s house was altered in Season 4 from how it looked in Season 3. It arguably looked more like Juliet after the alteration.

  • brent

    Ok… quick question for the community.

    Was the amount of time seen by the Left Behinders (Sawyer, Juliet, etc) the same as the time seen by the O6 from the moment of Ben turning the wheel to the point of 316 crashing? That is, did all of them get about 3 years older? Locke and Ben would be the only ones who skipped a portion of this time, correct?

    • simplevincent

      hmm that sounds right. I never really thought about what being exempt from these three years might mean.

  • penny

    this questions just popped into my head one minute ago…so:


    i didn`t come up with a theory backing that up. but you know, could be, it´s lost.

    • dolce

      No, we saw Ben being born off-island in The Man Behind The Curtain.

  • meems

    I think that since we saw Emily Linus actually giving birth to Ben, it’s something that has actually happened. I don’t believe that Amy’s baby could possibly be Ben: wrong time, wrong place, wrong people.

    • penny

      i know what you mean…but in Lost there’s not right time, right place or right people. we’re been shown time travel, time loops, people that don’t age, people that lie for their lives, four toed statue, and a SMOKE MONSTER.anything is possible. we should know by this time that everything we see on screen isn’t always what we want to see.

  • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

    There has to be a critical Desmond/Penny centric episode in the works for this episode and that will clear up many of our questions about the circumstances leading up to the 316ers making it on that plane.

    I know this isn’t the right place for this, but I too was a tad disappointed by this episode and like Nikki, I must stress that I thought it great. I concur all episodes this season have been stellar (note-“the Lie” has been my least favorite thus far.) At this point I grow weary whenever the producers introduce an out-of-the-blue character such as Amy. I work in the film industry so I understand that external events, actors commitments, contract quabbles, etc can prevent a production from featuring certain characters as much as they would like (see Richard Alpert, Matthew Abbadon, Claire, et al) but I’ve grown tired of these inconsequential characters seemingly occupying roles that could have been filled by someone we have already met. Was it impossible to get the actress who played Olivia? Was Samantha Mathis really Horace’s sister? Is that how they’re justifying this meaningless complexity? Perhaps.

    Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the this season’s velocity. My biggest problem with Lost has always been the random infusion of fresh faces that seem arbitrary. In many cases it has not bothered… flashbacks, flashforwards, timeskipping meeting new groups of people (the others, the DI, Widmore’s henchman, the long awaited French Science Expedition etc.) as it is obviously essential. But there are still so many characters that have either been referred to by name and we haven’t seen (the DeGroots, the Hanso’s, Sam Toomey, Henry Gale…Radzinsky!) or have played critical roles that alluded to something even greater and have yet to fulfill that promise (Libby, Seth Norris [the Pilot], Brother Campbell, Kelvin Inman, Walt) or are just downright interesting but hardly ever seem to get enough screen time or have been killed off because they got a DUI on the REAL island (this list is endless… Richard Alpert, Dr. Pierre Chang, Eloise Hawking (young & old), Charles Widmore, Matthew Abbadon, Desmond, Rousseau, Mr. Eko, Mikhail, Bea Klugh, Isabel, Anthony Cooper, Christian Shepherd, Jacob, Smokey…………. ahhhhhh!) Give us THESE characters, please, for the love of god.

    One other thing…. while I’m sorta ranting… After it was so critical to the better part of three seasons, if this show does not revisit the Swan station, it’s significance, pushing the button every 108 minutes & the INCIDENT… I will forever feel cheated. It’s as if everyone (and I mean everyone talking Lost on the internet PLUS the writers) has forgotten about it…

    • simplevincent

      I wouldn’t worry about the possibility of Darlton not addressing The Incident…in fact I’m almost positive that event has something to do with the two-bunnies-same-room video. We’re just now seeing the effect of our good old boys informing the future from the past…someone will catch up with themselves at some point.

  • UKLostit

    Why would Daniel need to jot notes about dharma if hes already got them? Since the whole Faraday missing foot thing, I’ve been wondering about that little black book of his.
    What if he in the 70’s, gives the book to Charlotte mum (who leaves the island) and asks her to give it to his mother hmmm??? This provides motive to do the dirty on little red.

  • Vlad

    I think Smokey absorbs the souls/lives/personalities of the people it kills… I think the Purge will be (was?) Ben learning from Richard how to activate Smokey (like he did against Keamy). That way, Smokey gets Horace, and learns his habit of tree-tossing. This can probably be applied to other characteristics of Smokey, but my Lost memory isn’t all there… Fellow losties, can you fill in any blanks?

    btw…. I’ve gotten into fights with girlfriends, no way does that convince me to hold dynamite IN MY MOUTH WHILE I LIGHT IT. I don’t care HOW drunk I am.

    • hyperRevue

      The Purge was when the Others and Ben gassed the DI. We saw it. It had nothing to do with Smokey.

      • Vlad

        Riiiight right… maybe smokey gets the characteristics of everyone who ever died on the island then? The blowing up trees thing is too coincidental for a show like this. Dead people and smokey have got to be linked somehow.

  • TWR

    Does anyone else think there is any signifigance that they filmed a different scene for what happened after Locke fell down the well? In this weeks there is no Christian Shepard, Locke just stumbles over to the wheel and turns it.

    • simplevincent

      i kind of noticed that too…that seemed a bit weird. I really hope they’re not alluding to a plotline that Locke’s encounters could just be in his head.

      • TWR

        Me too but I can’t see them refilming that whole scene like that for nothing.

        • simplevincent

          I can’t imagine that they refilmed it, but rather just reedited. Even still, you’d think in a recap they’d want to reinforce the fact that Locke is on this supposedly divine mission.

    • grayslostgirl

      Perhaps we are watching the scene from Christian’s perspective.

      • accepting that the show can be “seen” from a character’s viewpoint (and therefore susceptible misrepresentations of the actual truth…whatever that is) would be a huge shift in the show.

    • LostinNewYork

      i think it’s very significant! perhaps this is our first REAL indication that people like Alpert & Christian Shepard are just figments of the Losties imaginations.

      Or perhaps it’s nothing at all….because Christian was standing in the hallway when Locke turned the wheel – he wasn’t in the chamber with him. They maybe didn’t want to waste time showing us the ENTIRE scene over again.

  • Totally just had a moment in my chair. I recently saw Memento (saw it years ago had to be refreshed). The main character goes on about this rant that we all have different memories. Maybe you view a car blue I viewed it black. Blah blah blah…

    …so when I read

    “when we see the flashbacks, are they the actual objective events that happened, or are they shown to us from the perspective of the person featuring in them?”

    I love the idea… but then I think I would also feel shocked and that the writers can use this as a cop out. Either way! Great thinking. I love reading your posts every week. Keep it up.

  • Beena

    I think Miles (the one who talks to dead people) may be Horace and Amy’s baby. Just a theory. Faraday asked him if he’d ever been on the island before because he was the next one getting the nosebleeds right after Charlotte. Faraday was convinced that the nosebleeds were happening sooner to the people who had spent more time on the island. Miles only gave Faraday a wishy washy answer, like he wasn’t totally sure he’d never been there before. It fits better than anyone else I can come up with. Though Ben seems likely, we already know his past. And we’ve seen the families or parents of almost everyone else on the show…

    • hyperRevue

      Miles is Asian.

      • Beena

        I know Miles is Asian. And that’s the only flaw to my theory (but a pretty big one) LOL. But this is of course Lost, and stranger things have happened..people rising from the dead and all.

        I’m under the impression that this baby is someone we already know. But maybe it isn’t. What if this person would never have been born in the other time line, because Juliet was not there to deliver said baby?

        On the other hand…I still think this baby is someone we already know. And I have banged my head against the wall thinking of all the characters and their flashbacks, and eliminated almost everybody.I guess time will tell, and it will be revealed. I’ll be annoyed if TPTB don’t explain Miles prior connection to the island, even if in all likelihood he’s not Horus and Amy’s baby. Miles has become nothing more than a whipping boy for Sawyer. And considering all the tid bits we’ve gotten about this character, it would be disappointing not to see how he fits in the bigger picture.

    • s.w.a.c.

      Or maybe Amy was having a fling with Dr. Chang! (Yes, I know he already has a partner…)

      Okay, just kidding. How about Ethan? I guess he was too old to be born in 1977, although maybe by studying medicine off the island, he aged at a different rate off-island than on? Does anyone think that maybe the Others kidnapped DHARMA kids the way they took the children from the tail section, prior to the Purge?

      I haven’t read many theories about the reason for the Purge; I’m wondering if they discovered after “the incident” that they couldn’t have children anymore, and decided to put an end to DHARMA’s meddling in the Island’s natural balance.

      • Beena

        Very definately think the Others could have abducted Dharma kids prior to the purge, and quite possibly this newborn. Especially since this baby almost might not have been born had not Juliet been out of the original time period to deliver him. If this baby’s future was going to pose a threat, or some sort of complication to the island’s future, I can see Richard Alpert stepping in and the Others snatching the baby!

  • Jalocke

    Okay so I havent rewatched the birth of Ben scene but here’s my thought.

    What if Ben’s mother “emily” actually lost her child in birth. I dont think we actually see the exact moment of birth for ben.

    What if the reason Horace was out and about driving around in portland, was that they were looking for this woman so they could pull the old switcheroo.

    So amy is Ben’s mother. For whatever reason Ben needs to be removed from the island. Horace takes Ben and pulls the old switcheroo on Roger.

    This could explain why Horace seemed so close to Ben in Ben’s flashback. He knows he is his real father, but can’t tell him

    Just a thought. SOmeone will prolly prove it wrong.

    • dolce


      • Jalocke

        I just wanna say that its intelligent comments like these, that make the LOST community such a wonderful group of people.

        • verylost

          Coming from the guy who used the word “switcheroo”

  • jack

    Loved your comments about the flashbacks being as they happened or as they recollect it. I know a few of these things have probably been mentioned but there have been a few instances to back up this. Two that spring to mind if I recall correctly were Sawyer’s flashbacks in ‘The long con?’ This may need disclosing but I’m sure that there was a double take on the same scene where Sawyer himself seemed to change his mind about what happened. The other being Hurley’s photo with Dave which was made for us to think it was faked but what if the whole thing was actually a curve ball about him reassesing the situation and trying to convince himself Dave was never there.
    After seeing that black smoke pluck memories from Eko’s head when they come face to face I had always assumed that the whole flashback palarva in the first few series might hvae a more importaint role that just giving background information. Furthermore if it’s feasable for the writers to send Desmond back to relive half his life there shouldn’t be much shock if it turns out the rest of the bunch flash back here and there to tidy up the odd loose end.

  • Jorja Ormond

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