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What Nikki Noticed: 6.01/02 “LA X, Parts 1 & 2”

By Nikki Stafford,

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Hello everyone! Just to re-introduce myself for the newcomers on here: My name is Nikki Stafford and I’m the author of a series of companion guides to Lost called Finding Lost. There are four books in total (the first one covers seasons 1 and 2, then there are separate guides for seasons 3, 4, and 5). I’m currently working on the sixth and final instalment of the series. I keep a blog called Nik at Nite that is host to a fantastic group of Lost fans (and we occasionally talk about other shows, too) and when DocArzt asked me last year if I’d come and post over on his site, I was thrilled. And here I am again!

It’s been a LONG summer and fall! My gang on my blog did our own Lost rewatch starting in July, and we wrapped up two weeks ago. There were Lost rewatches happening everywhere (including here with AstroJones) and I hope some of you were able to participate in them; they certainly made that hiatus go by a lot more quickly.

So… was it worth the wait? I was on the edge of my seat for the full two hours (thank you thank you, willpower, for holding up and refusing to let me click on any of those spoilery scenes!!) and at the end of it, my only thought was how envious I was of the people on the West Coast who hadn’t yet seen it and would now gasp and shriek with delight for two hours like I’d just done. There were SO many highlights, twists, turns, new questions (natch), and answers. Answers?! On LOST? Yep, answers. In this final season we’re finally going to get some answers, and it’s the first time we’re heading into a season actually knowing that in advance, which is adding to everyone’s excitement.

I’ve posted an extensive blog on last night’s episode, as I always do following an episode and today’s discussion has been fast and furious. Usually on here I’ll pull out one major point from the previous night’s episode and just talk about it, but this week I’ll be more general, since there are so many things to cover. The main questions from last night’s episode:

  • Was Desmond really on the plane or has he figured out consciousness-traveling? Will he become everyone’s Constant this season?
  • Has Jacob’s spirit gone into Sayid’s body? Does that mean the old Sayid we know and love is gone, or is the result a combination of the two personalities somehow?
  • The rebirth we saw at the Temple: is that the same thing that Young Ben went through 30 years ago?
  • Were we watching a parallel timeline of 2004 and 2007, or was the 2004 storyline actually a hint of what’s to come? In other words, will the 2007 timeline play out in such a way that sends them back to 2004 where they’ll be right where they were last night? Is the 2004 scene, then, a sort of simultaneous flashback and flashforward?
  • How have things changed BEFORE the flight that caused circumstances to be different? i.e. Shannon not being on the flight; Hurley saying he’s lucky instead of cursed; Rose not wearing Bernard’s wedding band on her necklace; Claire not sitting near Jack; Michael and Walt not sitting near Hurley (if they were on the plane at all). What led up to people making different choices beforehand?
  • Why was Richard in chains? Was he a slave on the Black Rock? Or was the Man in Black the slave on the Black Rock and Richard was the slavemaster, and somehow the tables turned with the MiB getting away, putting Richard in chains, and Jacob turning him into some guy destined (or doomed) to walk the island forever?

There’s so much to think about in this opening episode, and so many places where it can take us. I’m most excited about the Not-Locke/Alpert storyline that will continue on next week (I hope!) and I can’t believe I’ve waited patiently for eight months, and now can barely stand to wait another six days for the next instalment!!

Come on over to the blog and check out the discussion we’re having there. And also, every Wednesday from 12-1pm EST I’ll be co-hosting a live chat through the Globe and Mail website with Globe TV critic Andrew Ryan, where we’ll be taking questions and attempting to answer them as best we can. You can read the archive for today here, and I hope to see you at the same time and place next week!

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 5 is now available at, and is currently working on the season 6 book. She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.