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What Nikki Noticed: 6.06 “Sundown”

By Nikki Stafford,

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Another fantastic episode to add to season 6. And the strange thing about last night’s episode was, it felt like we got answers. Answers!! I went into that episode wondering if they’d reveal anything, and came out of it feeling like I understood Jacob, his nemesis, and Dogen much more. But when I tried to actually list off the big questions that had been answered when I was writing my blog post last night, I couldn’t actually put the answers into words. Maybe it was more of an overall thing than specifics.

I think what we saw this week more than anything were the obvious shades of evil. Until then it’s been all grey – on the surface it would appear Jacob is the good guy, and his nemesis the baddie, but of course, this is Lost, and anything could happen. So many of us have recently been looking at Jacob as the baddie and his nemesis as the good guy. I suggested on my blog recently that maybe Jacob and his nemesis are actually one and the same. I’ve also wondered if the Artist Previously Known as the Man in Black could perhaps not be a man at all, but a woman in a man suit. What if he’s the Eve of the Adam and Eve situation? He certainly hates Jacob in the way that a former love/wife would.

This week the two entities certainly came closer to converging (everything that rises must converge, after all) than ever before. Dogen says that Jacob brought him to the island as part of a bargain to save the life of his son. Years earlier, Juliet was talked into staying on the island and in return Jacob took away her sister’s cancer. Jacob will offer you something, but you have to offer a sacrifice in return.

Similarly, the nemesis this week looked at Sayid and asked him what he’d ask for if he could have anything in the world. He’s like the snake in the Garden of Eden, holding out the forbidden fruit and tempting Sayid to take it. He’s also reminiscent of Ben in that scene, who once asked Locke what he would do if there was a box on the island that contained anything he wanted in it. We all know what Ben was up to there (i.e. NO GOOD) and so if we’re meant to hear an echo of Ben’s words in what Unlocke said, he’s clearly not a good guy, no matter what we might have thought until now. Smokey’s rage through the Temple was awesome and ferocious, and Sayid’s switch from good guy to bad appears to be complete… I think it’s probably safe to say our beloved Sayid is really gone, just like it hit me in “The Incident” that John Locke really is gone, too. At this juncture, evil appears to be winning (that black stone is heavily outweighing the empty side of the scale back at the caves), and it’s up to Ilana and her crew to try to balance things. If… they really ARE the good guys.

My head hurts.

But, of course, there is still the one major burning question… were Nikki and Paulo EVER candidates? who is coming to the island?

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 5 is now available at, and is currently working on the season 6 book. She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.

  • ryan

    to me, an interesting point of the episode was the kate/claire encounter. Is this the dreaded outcome of aaron being “raised by another”. I mean, if Aaron was never taken off the island, Claire would have not fallen in with MiB (although he orchestrated the whole thing, I mean, it looks as though he “reanimated her” after the house explosion, much like he “reanimated” sayid at the temple) and crazily wanting her baby back. So, Claire appeared to Kate in her home (as MiB, because she was actually dead at this point) and told her to not bring Aaron back, because it would have foiled his plan if she did (claire delivering the message for him because he couldn’t enter the temple, recruiting Sayid, etc). Is this the importance of Aaron overall? Because really, I cant see him being back in the central theme in any conceivable way.

    • Honestly, I think this sounds plausible and you’ve made some interesting observations, but I don’t think it’s the whole story. I’m not too sure about how this “reanimation” thing works, and in particular I think Claire has to have a bigger role than sending a message to the Temple inhabitants.

      • This probably falls under the heading of “things that will never be explained”…but I still want to see Desmond observing Claire and Aaron boarding a helicopter. Otherwise, Charlie’s death was for naught.

  • Am I the only one who found it significant that they were playing a heavily mutated version of “Catch a Falling Star” during the Smoke Monster’s temple massacre? I think Aaron will yet prove to be very important.

    • Craven: Indeed! I pointed out on my blog that it was one of the best musical moments on the show ever. It sent chills down my spine!

      • shish

        Makes me think of the end of “Full Metal Jacket” when the unit is walking through city ruins singing the ‘Mickey Mouse’ song…twisted, very twisted.

      • amy

        YES that was awesome!!

        That was an awesome episode, even if they didn’t answer a single tangible question. My jaw was dropped for the entire last scene and the ending was just spectacular!! I agree Nikki you left with an overall understanding and direction. I just wish they would stop promoting it with the “QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED!” and just let it sell itself. I am going to watch!

  • James

    desmond is coming to the island. believe it.

    • Yuppers. Bank it.

    • dust

      i’d like that, couldn’t find an explanation why, but i’d like it

    • bps

      Des will bring balance.

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        I’m thinking Des and Widmore, in tandom, leading the other ‘army’ in the war that is coming. Des finally proves to Widmore his worth, as Widmore dies. Just a roll of the dice, but it would be an intense moment

      • Iwantmykidneyback

        to the force, of course.

        • Jack’s Sidekick

          Well since it’s well known that Desmond has some scenes coming up, probably around episode 9 or so, it’s a good guess that he’s the one coming.

  • Samuel

    I’m not hating on Lost by any means, but I think the misleading advertisements need to stop. For the past two weeks we have been told “the time for questions is over!” , and nothing. Last weeks trailer took the ruse even further by saying that ABC couldn’t even show us any footage because it would reveal too much. It’s too gimmicky and cliched and far below Lost’s previously high standards. The past two episodes have created far more questions than answers and the flash sideways are completely ruining any momentum or continuity that the island scenes build during the episodes. I mean the poster of this article claims she received countless answers this episode but then goes on to add that she can’t actually name any however. I have been a fan since season one as well as most of you and for that reason I hope Lost picks it up in these last 10 episodes and gets back to the fantastic writing they are known for, but in my opinion up to this point the final season has been very disappointing. I don’t need any answers right now I am completely fine waiting until the end, but in the same respect don’t mislead me into believing I will receive said answers in each and ever episode teaser. And don’t fill half of each season 6 episode with a timeline that will be null and void because you are dancing around answering questions too early on and you have episodes to fill.

    • Matt

      You want the writers to return to their excellent style of writing, yet you believe the flash sideways are meaningless? I don’t understand your complaint. The writers have said that the flash sideways means a lot, and it doesn’t seem to be a gimmick or a ploy. They throw subtle hints into each flash sideways that things aren’t quite as they seem, or rather that, they characters know something in the flash sideways, but just can’t quite figure out what it is to them that is different.

      Secondly, I agree with Nikki, there were a lot of answers this episode. It is just the answers do not relate to any specific particular question. I’ll list out the answers that I observed this episode.

      1)Locke is definitely bad, he is building an army that only weighs to one side, and that side is getting him off this island, no matter what it takes. Anyone who can seemingly massacre any group of people has to have evil brewing inside of them, or it in this case.

      2)Locke seemed very surprised that Kate was ‘joining’ the group. We have to remember, Kate may not be one of the numbers, but she is a number, she is not crossed out, and her number has various spiritualistic meanings tied to it.

      51st Saying of Gospel of Thomas:
      His disciples said to him,
      “When will the repose of the dead come about,
      and when will the new world come?”
      He said to them, “What you look forward to
      has already come, but you do not recognize it.”

      3)We seemed to get a quick answer on Dogen, as to being that he was the guardian of the temple, that Locke(evil) could not pass as long as he was alive.

      4)Everyone is manipulative, for a story so drenched in good and evil. Why is everyone so manipulative, this goes back to Lighthouse as well. All the islanders are just “pushing” the characters into directions in order to complete their goals.

      The only question all this raises for me is why? It may be broad, but, if Smokey has manipulated people into doing his bidding to get at Jacob. And Jacob has brought these people to the island seemingly knowing the events that would unfold. The question comes down to is why?

      Is this really a message of fate or destiny? Are Locke and Jacob one in the same? But overall… why?

      • Matt

        I’m sorry, I meant “free will or destiny”.

      • bps

        I have often thought that Jacob and MIB may be split personalities of the same diety. There’s probably a better way to say that, but that’s what I got.

      • JS

        Matt – That is the ultimate question of the series. If we get that answered, nothing else really matters. What is the real conflict, and why were these people chosen to be part of it? What is their importance? Is this really as far reaching as it seems? Is this really about humanity? If they answer that, I don’t need to know where Shannon’s missing inhalers are. 🙂 Great find on the scripture, btw.

        • kiki

          It would have been a ‘great find’ on scripture IF it was IN scripture. The gospel of Thomas (Gnostic) -read early Church Fathers on this – is not considered canonical, so if the writers are using Biblical References, I doubt they would go ‘outside’ the Bible for one quote.

      • Horace

        Who told Ben to massacre the DI? Richard was complicit, so Jacob can be the only answer.

        • naultz

          I think alot of ben’s shady dealings including the death of DI was Ben’s plan, in the name of Jacob and protecting the island.

          • zilli

            I think Ben believed he was working for Jacob all along. He was working for MIB when he massacred the DI and he didn’t know it. Of course, that’s why he was angry that Jacob had never spoken to him. Perhaps Ben was unaware of the true conflict on the island. His face upon realization was amazing.

      • Samuel

        First of all how is me wanting the writing that we experienced through the first few seasons to reemerge and also not liking the new flash forwards a contradiction? I believe they are completely parallel subjects. Second of all your supposed list of answers from last night is nothing but speculative opinion. We do not know after last night that Locke is absolutely bad, we lack enough information about the history of the island and the inhabitants of the temple to rush to condemn “flockes” actions. For all we know we may see in future episodes why his reaction was completely justified. Also calling speculation about Kate’s biblical purpose on the island an answer is irresponsible at best. Answer number 3 on your list is irrelevant, receiving a semi answer on a character we have seen in approximately 3 to 4 episodes is not really an answer at all. Wow so we know Dogen was a boozer who killed his son and Jacob asked him to come to the island for a “job”. Does this explain why Dogen and his group of merry men dress up like gay pirates and try to kill everyone? Nope, so I would say the Dogen mystery is far from wrapped up. As for number 4 I would have to understand what it is you are even trying to communicate in that mess before reaching an opinion on it. Matt your undying loyalty to the show is wonderful, but I can’t help but think of you and fans like you as the band on the titanic, surely this ship will right itself soon huh guys?

      • Shaun

        I agree with much of what you said, Matt, but the whole idea of Dogen keeping Smokey out seems to ring false to me. How and why was Dogen capable of that? Now that’s he’s (apparently) dead and gone, we probably won’t find out. And what about the ash? I thought that was what kept Smokey out.

        Why was everyone in the temple previously rushing around like crazy people when they thought Smokey was on his way? If Dogen was somehow keeping them out, what were they worried about? As far as I could tell, Dogen wasn’t really some samurai… Just a guy with a problem that Jacob made a deal with (and a well-trained martial artist). Maybe there was something extra special about him, but we never found out what it was.

        I’ve mostly enjoyed season 6 thus far (although “What Kate Does” mostly sucked), but it’s the stuff like what described above that bugs me. Sloppy writing at times, cutting corners. I felt a lot of that was happening in season 5 as well, but for some reason people are just starting to notice it (or be bothered by it) now.

        Now don’t get me wrong… I mean it when I say I’m enjoying this season. I happen to really like the Sideways universe too. I’d be enjoying it even more, however, if there were more episodes left than the handful there really are. I think the show has felt rushed for the past couple of seasons, and I think the shortened seasons D&C negotiated may have been a mistake. The writer’s stirke didn’t help either.

    • Maybe “answers” was the wrong word for this episode, Samuel. I would say “clarification” is the better term. “Sundown” gave us more clarification about who Evil Locke, Jacob, and Dogen are. It also established that sides have been chosen by the castaways.

      As for the flash-sideways, I don’t feel they are a waste of time or destroying any forward momentum. They are highlighting key elements of our characters by showing that no matter what the timeline, these people have the same issues. It’s presenting these issues in unique and different ways. I like the character focus.

      • Samuel

        Ambivalentman: I appreciate and respect your answer as well as your opinion on the matter thank you

    • donuteyes

      co-sign! i love lost, but i’m getting frustrated with the ads. there was absolutely no reason to act like ‘sundown’ gave away so much that they couldn’t show a promo. if they don’t want to show promos, fine, but don’t act like they can’t because there’s too much going on that would be given away…

  • Ruth

    So explain this to me…way back in one of the episodes Kate went into Aaron’s bedroom and Clair appeared and said, “Do not bring him back!” I don’t know the exact wording was, but I assumed she was talking about Aaron? If so, why would Claire want him back now??

    • That had to be Smokey – so what is the reason for him not wanting Aaron around? Important or maybe another reason?

      • bps

        It seems to me that- even though MIB has control over Clair and Sayid’s bodies, he still need a means to control them – that is….a carrot to dangle. Arron is his carrot for Claire. However, now that they’ve taken over the temple and Aaron of course is not there, MIBs gonna have some explaining to do. Or maybe he’ll just keep feeding her the lie that the others have moved him somewhere else.

        • Matt

          Well, what about Kate telling Claire that she has had him for the last 3 years and is safe?

      • But, Smokey can no leave the island. He is trapped. At least, that is what he told Sawyer. I keep forgetting to take everything he says with a grain of salt!

    • JS

      Maybe Smokey has Claire’s body on the island, but her soul is separate and free to roam the earth.

  • Ruth

    Here is the you tube video of Claire visiting Kate in her dream:

  • Beena

    Smokey is clearly not sweet and innocent, but that doesn’t mean that Jacob is, either. Most of us keep buying into the whole good and evil angle we have been fed, that this is all black and white. But from the sideways flashes, it seems like a life without Jacob’s interference is better! That is the answer I got from this episode, and from Lighthouse…that I wouldn’t want to follow either Jacob or MIB, and be involved in their game where people are clearly so expendable! I’m really hoping our Losties wake up and decide not to choose either side!

    • Mama Lost

      I don’t think Sayid’s life was better. When they left the island, he was with Nadia one more time. Yes, things got effed up with Ben, but then he went on to work with humanitarian efforts, as I recall, building homes (this is where John found him, and isn’t it still in question that he was killing people that were Eviiiil?). It was hard, but ultimately more fulfilling than the Sideways world of constant self-hatred with no end in sight, and no Nadia in any way – not to mention watching her be with his bro!

      And Kate’s life isn’t better, either- nor does the Kwon’s life seem ‘better’ so far. I’m holding out my thoughts on exactly what the Sideways world is meant to reflect until I see SAWYERS!

      Mama Lost

  • Hipster Doofus

    I echo the jaw-dropping nature of the final scene. My jaw dropped and I grabbed my head in amazement. When Ilana burst through that door…I was like YAY, MILES MADE IT!.

    Is it weird that Miles is really growing on me? Like I feel protective of him.

    • adam118

      Not at all. He’s been on the show for a couple seasons. He’s like your favorite adopted son.
      Snappy one liners for the win

  • spacebender

    One of the pivotal moments was when Ben Linus, the one who not long before (season 4) had warped Sayid into a killing automaton, walked into the pool cavern shortly after Sayid had knifed Dogen and said, “come on, there’s still time”. It was as if he knew exactly what Sayid had done and was offering a different choice, the same he himself had been faced with after killing Jacob. Seeing Sayid turning away from it was both heartbreaking and horrifying.

  • dksrox

    Apologies if this is a stupid question: Aaron is the only one of the Oceanic 6 who did not come back to the Island…He was “left” in the timeline that the people who returned to the Island “changed” in 1977…So did he get erased, or just continue on in the multi-verse? Notwithstanding the older blonde kid running around in the jungle, is there any chance (since Des – not an 06-er – got ‘left behind’ as well in the 2007 timeline) that Aaron will accompany Desmond back – if it is Desmond that is “coming”??? We still have folks in 3 timelines right now. Is it likely, or possible, that “convergence” is the 3 timelines converging?

  • Ryan

    I thought it was important that we learned Jacob was forcing these people to stay on the island, including Dogan. Dogan’s story was very similar to how Ben manipulated Juliet into staying.

  • BasiaK

    I second, third and fourth the request to ABC to stop with the missleading and ridiculous “Questions will be Answered” promos. True fans of this show expect every episode to open up new questions. We waited several years to find out about the statue with four toes. That was part of the fun, the blogging about our theories.

    We can wait because we know when we DO learn anything that it will be soooooo cool.

    Please, ABC, stop with this line of promotion. It cheapens the show and makes me think YOU think we are the average TV viewer who expects plots to be tied up in a bow at the end of the hour. Nothing wrong with that, I watch CSI too, but this is LOST. LOST is special.

    • Horace

      The promos aren’t for the hardcores. I’ve taken to skipping them, as they no longer contain anything enticing. ABC is pretty quick with actual previews and excerpts, so that’s where I start. It’s still a ratings game, after all. Any fence-sitter you can engage for one more week is another tick in the Nielsons….botom line. Don’t blame the Lost creatives for all of that.

  • Ben

    I got my money on Walt or Michael showing up. It has happened once already with Michael being the man on the boat that was trying to get back to the island. If we are following some parallel to previous stories, maybe it is walts turn to try and find out where his father went? Shot in the dark, but I think it could be the case. Desmond is traveling through both flash sideways like he did in previous seasons (The constant)instead of back and forth. He is now traveling sideways.

  • lostinlost

    I actually thought it was very ironic that Ben was the one to go back and try to save Sayid. After all their history! Sayid shooting Ben when he was a boy, Ben turning Sayid into an assassin,etc. And Ben’s face was just as priceless as Sayid’s pure eveil one. He was scared to death! Such a knowing “Ben” look!I almost thought Sayid was going to kill Ben! I also was afraid that Sayid was going to mistakenly kill Kate when he left the temple. She was the first one he saw and I thought he might think that she was who Dogan was talking about.

    • DS

      I thought about that, too…just for a second. Then I remembered, Dogen said that the person he’d run into had DIED. He knew Locke was dead, but not Kate.

  • chris

    I am not a frequent reader of Nikki’s posts, but is her comment suggesting Flocke is a woman bent on fighting with her ex lover Jacob and in turn may be the Adam and Eve skeletons seen in prior episodes to be taken seriously or was that just a poor attempt at humor? Otherwise great review, very thorough, covered all the major points of the episode.

  • Costanza

    There is one mystery that no one seems to have brought up so far. Why is it that Kate’s shirt keeps getting tighter and tighter with each episode???

    • MacCutcheon

      I’m just glad they got her out of that awful dharma suit!

  • I might not say that Ben was up to “no good” the entire time because he was being manipulated and thought he was working for Jacob until it was too late.

    I think that either Aaron or Desmond is coming to the island. For Aaron we don’t know Thomas’ last name. And Desmond’s last name may have been a lie…

    Also, Illana is probably Jacob’s daughter. I originally thought Desmond was his son, but that makes no sense now…

    • chris

      what makes you think illana is jacobs daughter? Anyone else get this idea?

  • BakedBob

    I got this idea..thinking about Aaron..
    Im trying to fit his mystery with some known facts.

    We know Aaron is special because he is the only child born on the island.
    So.. what could this mean.?
    Maybe a child born on the island is the only way for MIB
    to leave this island and “go home”..
    Maybe Mib is looking for a new body..A Real body..not a mirage of a dead guy.
    Though we have not really seen any interest of MIB for Aaron i think its possible.

    Also during the flash sideways on the oceanic flight landing on LAX,
    i got this weird feeling that one of the losties coming back is not really himself..but a new incarnation of MIB that managed to escape his prison.
    (i doubt it, but it boosted my whole prison break through a new body for MIB)

    In general i wonder if MIB is trying to leave the island through a new body of one of the losties..and Aaron is my best catch..Even if he is not on the island…YET.

    Thats maybe why… “Dont you dare bring him back..”

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