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What Nikki Noticed: “Recon”

By Nikki Stafford,

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Hello everyone! I missed you all last week when I was away in the UK and unable to actually post anything here on the episode. This week’s episode seems to have been hit-and-miss with fans. On my blog, people generally liked it. But when I did a live chat with the Globe and Mail newspaper website Wednesday at noon, I thought I was going to drown in the negativity being thrown at me.

For me, the Sawyer sideways world stuff was fine. Not mindblowing… just fine. But I was discussing the episode with someone who said it offered up absolutely no answers, and had to disagree. Because I thought that scene on the beach between Smokey and Kate was amazing.

Smokey revealed that his mother had been crazy. And then he said, in a strange, child-like way, “And now Aaron’s mom is crazy, too.” It was an odd remark, and the way he said it was even stranger. It was like he was teasing, “Nyah nyah, Aaron’s mom is crazy TOO.” But it also had a lot of weight to it: he doesn’t want Aaron to be with a crazy mom.

Here’s what I think we know about Smokey: he was brought to the island by Jacob, or arrived with Jacob, and was imprisoned. He either was turned into the smoke monster, or he manifested himself into that creature through his constant rage. He’s got severe limitations on how he can move about, what he can do, and where he can go. We don’t know who he was originally. That man in black that we saw sitting on the beach in “The Incident” was possibly just another “John Locke” suit he was wearing, and not what he originally looked like. What if he was actually a woman? Could it be possible that HE is the Eve of Adam and Eve? Or that he was Jacob’s wife? These are possibilities we discussed on my blog recently.

But in this episode, I began to wonder if perhaps Smokey was turned into this thing when he was only a child. Remember that blond-headed boy in the jungle and how he chased after it? We’ve speculated that it was his son, or someone he killed, or Jacob as a boy, or older Aaron, or Sawyer… but what if it was actually him? What if THAT is what Smokey really looked like before he was changed into this creature?

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “Where the Wild Things Are,” (I just saw it a week ago) but if you’ve ever watched a child have a tantrum, they are filled with huge emotions and uncontrolled rage. They lash out without thinking, they scream, they become primal beings. There are no filters, there is no control over anything they do. They lack the maturity, understanding and ability to control their emotions the way we do as adults. They are pure, passionate id.

So what if Smokey was turned into this as a child, and wasn’t mature enough to handle his situation? The smoke monster appears as uncontrolled, passionate rage. There is nothing organized or controlled about it. You can’t reason with the smoke monster… you can only run from it. Or, in the case of Eko, stare it in the face. Did he happen to scare the bejeezus out of the smoke monster because Smokey was essentially a child? Smokey only seems to understand good and evil, black and white, just like a child does. There’s no middle ground with a child (I say this having a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old), there’s only this side or that. Smokey lacks the moral understanding to know what he’s doing to people… and he just does it.

And what of his comment? What if HE is the reason women can’t conceive on the island? His mother was crazy, she made his life miserable (perhaps this is why he chose John Locke,  whose mother was clinically insane but she thankfully wasn’t a presence in his life) and so he’s decided he won’t let women come to term on the island. If the island is going to drive everyone insane who lives on it, then he won’t allow children to come into this world because he doesn’t want them to go through what he did. And, if a woman happens to circumvent his power and actually have a child on the island – like Rousseau and Claire did – then he will drive the mother insane and cause someone else to take that child, so there is no chance that child is raised by that woman.

This is all pure speculation, of course, something I don’t often do simply because I figure next week something else will happen that will disprove every word of it. Ha! But I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on why Smokey said what he said, and HOW he said it, and what significance you think it has on the overall story.

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 5 is now available at, and is currently working on the season 6 book. She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.

  • Dharma77

    Wow, I definitely see substance in the idea of Smokey preventing birth on the Island. It makes so much sense linking with his crazy mother statement, and Aaron of course. Nice little read, by the way 🙂

  • Ugly Smitty

    It’s a fun theory and all, but I’m positive it’s incorrect. 🙂

    I think it’s pretty clear that Smokey and Jacob are brothers. What you have here is a Cain and Abel situation–and there’s even an Adam and Eve in this particular Eden, to drive the point home.

    I had briefly entertained the idea that Jacob and Smokey were Adam and Eve, but I immediately discarded it, for the simple fact that it’s not monumental enough if two characters about whom we know nothing until the very end of the series turn out to be the answer to one of the show’s very first mysteries. It’s got to be a more important pair of characters. And for that same reason, I rule out Rose and Bernard, who ceased to be important long ago, sadly enough.

    The only choices I see as possible are Kate and Sawyer. Why? Because they’re currently plotting to get off the island–so in the end, they’ll be the only ones left.

    • Casey

      The fact that you call yourself Ugly Smitty is pure win. Kudos.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Well, this is why I’m the Handsome one and you’re not – Rose and Bernie have to be the skels. They haven’t been seen in the ’07 return – think about it!

      I’m not so sure that Jake and MIB are bros, either. Jacob was searching for a candidate to replace him for a reason, and I wonder if that’s not a NORMAL cycle for his position. Smokey always finds a way to kill the jailkeeper and the Jacob figure must always be replaced. “Candidate” just seems like something that’s always part of the process.

      But one thing you got right – until the end, or at least until episode 15, we won’t know much of anything for certain!

      • MIBisSatan

        adam and eve surely wont be Rose and Bernard… too simple. They would have revealed it by now. I put my money on Kate and Sawyer… or a couple of sub-characters (which would be damn dissapointing). Isn’t it a Richard centric ep next week?
        Two words…

        • Gusteaux

          You know, if they really have an amazing finale that they know we’ll be totally satisfied with, but they wanted to f#@k with us one last time just for grins…they’d make Nikki and Paulo Adam and Eve! (and the only two diamonds that Miles missed were magically turned into a black and a white stone by the island).

        • Drew

          What if smokey is Jacob’s son. There is clearly a long history of daddy issues on the island. That could explain why MIB hates Jacob so much, especially if he drove MIB’s mother crazy. You could hypothesize that Jacob and woman would be Adam and Eve, but that wouldn’t make sense sice Jacob was consumed by fire.

          • Wow man, that’s not bad.

          • Dharma Chameleon

            Jacob is Adam – Smokey is caine – bloody boy is abel

  • LaFleur Me

    I agree that Smokey caused the lack of babies but for a different reason – I think the only way Smokey can be free and leave the island is if everyone is gone -therefore he didn’t want any new generations within the Others. When Dharma was there babies could be born and Claire was past the time when she wold have contacted the island problem (remember Juliet told Ben she thinks the problem happens at conception). Smokey has been trying to kill them all since the day they got there. He was Christina driving Jack to distraction and getting Locke to leave the island; he was Hurleys friend Dave who almost got Hurley to throw himself off the island (Hurley could have died then since he hadn’t been touched yet), and the black horse driving Kate crazy (why Sawyer could see it too -?) Smokey in the guise of Christian even got Claire to abandon the baby on the island. Perhaps until Jacob was gone he couldn’t go after the others directly -but now he is gone and the temple was the last safe haven. Just thoughts. Oh and ANY episode with a healthy heaping dose of Sawyer is just fine in my book.

  • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

    I think Smokey is going to turn out to be a collection of memories from many people on the island. That’s why the noises it makes have been heard throughout the series (the chains from when Juliet died, for instance).

    • Interesting. The sounds of smokey definitely have been from things on the island or in the lostie’s lives beforehand. However, why are these memories saying they are a person. Is it a collection of memories on a supercomputer that developed a mind of its own? Not my favorite theory but interesting to speculate. Personally, I’d like it if he was human at one time but something crazy happened. I hope they show us before the series ends.

      • Jack’s Sidekick

        Like in “Walkabout” when we see Locke’s flashback in the office. The calculator/machine thing makes a sound that resembles the primary sound of the monster.

        • The Mantis

          That’s a GREAT theory. Maybe not JUST a collection of memories… but that’s a great explanation for the sounds.

      • OtherJacob

        I’ve noticed the same thing with the collection of sounds from Smokey. Every now and again, there’s the sounds of some birds in the background that sound VERY similar to the tika-tika-tika sound that Smokey makes. That’s also a good point about the collection of memories – it’s something that most people have forgotten since this season started.

        • naultz

          That could explain all the different faces that Mr. Eko saw in the smoke during his encounter in the forest.

  • BasiaK

    I’m going to assume that it was more men than women who didn’t enjoy Recon, because I’m never going to complain about seeing James doin’ some lovin’ LOL.

    And we did learn things.

    We learned that Smokey had a mother, so he/it’s not a “thing” but more of a “was someone” or “is someone”. Smokey was/is a person who had a crazy mother.

    We learned more about the sideways world. Miles knows his dad. Miles has a career as a good guy. James is still searching for the man who caused his parents’ death.

    I know there are fans who don’t think the sideways world is important. But, as with the four-toed foot, do you have to know all there is to know about something to find it interesting, as if reading a good mystery where you are assembling facts to be put together a-la MouseTrap or Clue?

    Sit back, enjoy the ride, enjoy Squirel Baby and MIB/Unlock etc.

    Besides, next week is all about Richard. There will be answers if only because we know jack about Dick.

    • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

      True, we know jack about Dick…and there was a time when we knew dick about Jack.

      • Average-Looking, Slightly Balding But Makes It Work Smitty

        You were the dude that used ’69’ as your jersey number in high school right?

        • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

          You were the person who’s never had anything useful to say, and thus has always decided to insult people to cover up for it, right?

          • MIBisSatan

            Cmon ladies back to lost eh?

  • adam118

    Lemme tell ya…if Smokey and Jake are brothers…then mama…WOW, Mama must be something.

    I don’t buy into the idea that Smokey is a child. We’ve been shown Smokey doing calculated attacks.

    • Mama Lost

      I agree. The theory (sorry, Nikki!) has many holes. Remember when the smoke monster judged and weighed Ben? Yeah.

      Mama Lost

      • Ament

        Ben was the one who told Smokie he was going to be judged because knew nothing about this guy, except he esisted only as smoke. Locke used that knowledge and flashed memories at Ben, the happy to the sad, then came as his daughter and ultimately con’d him. I don’t think smokie is a judge of anything anymore.

  • Delia Lavender

    I’ve had the thought that maybe Smokey was NEVER truly human…but he wanted to be. Maybe he identifies with the people he “takes over”. When he said that “his mother was crazy”, I had a feeling that he was drawing upon Locke’s memories.

    • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

      Yeah, but Locke HAD no memories of his mother as a kid. He only found out she was crazy on the day his dad conned him out of a kidney.

      • Handsome Smitty

        That’s a good point – perhaps UnLocke was thinking of Locke’s mother and not his own!

  • The Magician

    The reason women can’t give birth is because of jughead. Carlton Cuse was asked the same question and he said ‘we’re going to leave it up to you to figure that out, but I think we’ve already made it quite clear.’

    As for Jacob/MIB, I think they were brothers (but NOT the biblical Jacob and Esau, by any stretch of the imagination). However, I think MIB as born disfigured and his mother tried to kill him by throwing him down that ancient wishing well we saw in the time jumps…. however, that well leads to the Orchid stations energy pocket, and as he lay dying, his consciousness merged with some of the energy in there. This pure consciousness ‘escaped’ his body and he became able to shapeshift.

    • JacobsLather

      Can you remember when Carlton said that quote? I’d like to know so I can put it in context. Thanks!

      Also, interest and specific theory about throwing deformed MIB down the well. Gives me a strange feeling of deja vu…which may be a sign you’re on to something. Hmm…

      • The Magician

        It was from a recent interview (by recent I mean since season 6 has started)… I’ll have a look for it later 🙂

    • Handsome Smitty

      Personally since they didn’t reference Jughead as the cause, my bet is it was Ben’s gassing of the Island that caused the problem – in fact there is one character of that era before-gas that was born on the Island.

      • icy_one

        Alex? Alex was also not conceived on the Island. I think that’s the problem as stated. Women who conceive on the Island die.

        • apackofmonkeys

          Except that Sun conceived on the Island, and she got off and didn’t die.

        • Handsome Smitty

          No, I forget the character’s name, but he was Claire’s doctor in the sideways(c) flash.


          • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

            You forgot Ethan’s name? 🙂

          • The Mantis

            Are we certain Ethan was conceived on the Island??

          • texgeekboy

            I strongly believe Ethan was conceived on the island.

  • The Magician

    And by the way, perhaps “Adam and eve” are Jacob/MIB’s parents – if MIB did transform like I am hypothesising, he may have turned insane and killed the pair of them.

    • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

      But Jack said the bodies had only died about 50 years prior. Jacob and Smokey have been there for centuries.

      • The Magician

        Oh ok… that rules that out then 🙂

  • rupe

    I think that Smokey could be Aaron. If all of the characters are trying to change their destiny why not Smokey. He says to Kate that he wonders what would happen if things were different( not being raised by a crazy mom). if Smokey has been Christian Sheppard then Smokey actually lured Claire away from Aaron so he could be raised by someone else. It’s no coincidence Smokey has this converation with Kate , I think Smokey knows that Kate raised him for 3 years and things were on the way to being different had Kate not returned to the island to reunite mother and son

    • bps

      I agree with this theory and am surprised it has not taken off. I think MIB is Arron. Like you said above, MIB, as Christian Shepherd somehow convinced Claire to leave Aaron so he would be taken off the island. I believe he is trying to change his past because he knows that eventually, if left on the island, Aaron (and possibly Claire)will somehow be transported back in time and grow up as MIB. However, I think what has happened is that by trying to avoid fate, MIB has actually created the circumstances that made him who he is. If MIB IS Aaron, then he’s the one who made his mom crazy.

      Prediction….In the locked room on the sub is….dum dum dum… Aaron. I see a scene possibly coming up where Widmore, inside a small sonic fence, holds a knife to baby Aaron to bargain with MIB for control of the island.

      Just a theory.

      • bps

        I should have said …toddler Aaron….not baby Aaron. LOL

      • Juliet’s Perfect Cleavage

        Actually, I’ve seen a lot of people propose that MIB is Aaron–in fact, I’d say it’s probably the prevailing fan theory.

        • Buzzkiller

          Well its the first I’ve heard of this theory – and I like it very much!

      • val

        I read a theory that said, in the alt, when Clare was on the monitor, baby Aaron flatlined(died), and came back, just like on the island. Perhaps MIB “infected” Aaron,using him as a gateway into the Alt world. Just as Sayid died and came bqck. Possible?

  • Rick_of_faith

    There was one huge answer that has been kind of looked over, I think… Smocke’s plan, as he told Sawyer, was to take the Ajira plane off of the island. The Ajira plane landed on the “Runway” that Kate and Sawyer helped build in season 3.
    Smokey saved the Ajira flight! How?
    Since the season premeire, we have decided that Smokey was the “Jacob” inside the cabin because of the ring of ash surrounding the cabin and the ring bram tried to use against it before it laid the smack down on him with the roof.
    Smokey has been planning this all along.
    PS: Didn’t you think the Widmore scene would have been a little more… awesome and a little less… bland.

    • Handsome Smitty

      It’s all a fake – UnLocke means to kill everyone and have the ISland to himself.

    • bps

      I didn’t like the Widmore/sub scene at the end of Dr. Linus. I thought it was kind of cheesy. When the periscope popped up out of the water, and the music started playing, I kind of expected Roger Moore to be in the sub. 🙂

      • Handsome Smitty

        Outside of the dramatics you could say the whole show is cheesy.

    • ashcards

      Ok but if smokey was trapped in the cabin how could he be out doing stuff to people and being summoned by ben??

      • Ugly Smitty

        I think there are two Smoke Monsters–Jacob and MIB. I think both of them have been running around the island, but one of them (MIB) was trapped in the cabin until season 3. My prediction: We’ll have a flashback that reveals the two of them were both turned into smoke. Why? To act as the island’s protectors. And I think he candidates are here to replaced them as the Smoke Monster.

        • ashcards

          I thought of that at one point too–that there are two of them–and now that MIB is out and jacob’s dead he’s like “taking back control”

    • Buzzkiller

      It was Jacob in the cabin protected by the ring of ash, before the ash was broken and smokey moved in as Christian. What has been said to make us ever doubt that?

  • rupe

    I thought the comment by Widmore to Sawyer about how sad it is that Sawyer knows so little about what is going on is very interesting. It makes me thing that everything that has happened throught the entire story has all been unknowingly caused by the candidates. They all think these things just happened to them but in the end they will have caused it all–or not — who knows.

  • OtherJacob

    Does any know the earliest time period that we saw Smokey? In other words, did we ever see Smokey pre-1974 (when Juliet helped give birth to Ethan)? If we did see him before then, then I think the theory of Smokey causing the infertility is busted otherwise it holds some substance to it.

    • ashcards

      I had the same thought about smokey causing the women to not be able to give birth because ethan was born on the island and it seems like smokey has been there a long time and he should have not let the happen if he is controlling it. But then again maybe he let ethan be born because he knew what he would as an adult and he wanted him…

    • The Magician

      There were depictions of the monster in the hieroglyphics…

    • BasiaK

      Smokey’s been around for a few thousand years, as The Magician noted. So MIB didn’t cause the labor deaths.

      Remember, women can conceive. They just can’t give birth. Julia said several times that women died in the last trimeter. Sun had weeks before she would die on the island, which is why she was fine to give birth OFF of the island.

      Either Jughead (radioactivity?) or the chemical warfare that Ben and Richard set in motion caused the inability of female humans to give birth.

      But now here’s a question: Polar bears and swine are mammals. There were plenty of those on the island, and they don’t have the life span of humans. And there were birds and insects.

      Apparently, only humans were unable to give birth after the Dharma Initiative was wiped out.

      Sounds more like a biblical curse ala the plagues on Egypt for sins done than a logical scientific reason. Because if it was purely scientific, where did all those little piggies come from?

      • Laura

        hmm….. well, maybe because no one really cares or notices if the piggie mom dies giving birth to little piggies, right? humans tend to be more concerned with humans, and animals would not really worth mentioning on the 40-some minutes they have to devote each episode.

  • spacebender

    Flocke’s statement about Aaron’s mom being crazy (like his own mother) seemed like pure manipulation (e.g. to recruit Kate out of guilt or fear), not any type of concern for her or Aaron. In fact, he had deliberately driven Claire to insanity by the story he had woven about her baby’s disappearance – a disappearance he had set up while in the guise of her father. If he had not wanted her to go insane, he could have simply told her that Aaron was safe with Kate.

    • OtherJacob

      I wonder if Locke-ness Monster saying his mother was crazy was actually a bit of the Real Locke coming out. Same way that Locke-ness Monster screamed out “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” at the blonde haired kid.

      • BasiaK

        1. LOVE “Lock-ness Monster.” Spot on!

        2. Yeah, I think there is some residual bleed-through when MIB inhabits a body. Perhaps that crazy mom speech was residual Locke popping through.

    • spacebender

      Hmmm, that is a very intriguing thought. I also recognize the “voice” of the real/residual Locke in those instances. Perhaps I am mistaken about the deliberateness of his influencing her in directions that caused her mind to become unhinged, but there is enough ambiguity in the character to leave me wondering. I like the idea of the original personality leaking through – it’s could lead to other fascinating developments such as are among many things I appreciate about Lost!

  • epic fail

    • The Mantis

      What is?

  • Rita

    Well, here is what I was thinking…

    We always heard that Claire must raise Aaron. What if the “MIB” purposefully told Claire the Others had her kid, knowing they didn’t…to make her crazy so she could never raise Aaron. Then he takes Kate out and points that fact out to her, to make her feel as if she now really does need to be the one to raise Aaron. Maybe the focus isn’t so much on Claire being crazy as it is who will raise Aaron. I still feel Aaron is instrumental to this entire story.

    • Gusteaux

      But there’s no way in hell that Kate is going to get Aaron away from Grandma Littleton!

      • Laura

        what if gramma littleton isnt really real? we dont know when/how she came out of the coma….maybe the woman was hired by the lawyer that was banging down kate’s door for blood tests in LA (the lawyer who was really working for ben, right?). ooooooooooooh!

  • katesfriend

    I don’t believe a word flock/MIB says. He could have told Kate that story about having a crazy mother to emotionally keep her on his side. I believe that Smokey is a living entity of the island in his smoke form. The only way he can leave the island is in a human form ie: that’s why when humans died on the island they had to be cremated or buried very deep in the ground.The island is magical and has magical property’s, healing Rose’s cancer,the candidates can’t die be it from the island powers or Jacob’s touch.

    No babies= jughead

    Although Ethen was born before jughead? right…..

    • Ugly Smitty

      Jughead doesn’t make any sense as an explanation. How could Jughead cause babies to die in the third trimester if the births happened on the island, but not if the mom got off-island in time to deliver? That makes no sense. Infertility from radiation doesn’t work like that, so there must be a better explanation.

      • katesfriend

        How can the island cure cancer? Same idea

        I think my thought was, they were having babies up to jughead but not after jughead..that’s all

        Ethen, I think was born before jughead

        I realize that (in the real world) radiations doesn’t work like that, but were talking about LOST here lol

        I’ve been wrong before, so who knows 🙂

        • striferaven

          Ethan was born WAY after Jughead. Jughead was leaking radiation on the island around the WWII era, around the 40’s or, at the latest, the 50’s. Definitely before the period of time when Ethan was born in DHARMAville.

          • Ugly Smitty

            Jughead was buried beneath the Barracks in 1957.

          • katesfriend

            what about Miles and Alice or where they brought to or conceived before coming to the island? 🙂

            It was my take and I could be wrong, but I thought more around the Korean War time or after that. The first atomic/bomb was dropped during WWII, so it would stand to reason, jughead was brought later then WWII. And that just brings up another question how did they find the island? WHY? We’re they going to use the island as a test site…we we’re testing these bombs for years and years..then why did they leave it there.

      • Laura

        the big four toed statue was something to do with the god of fertility, right? so if jacob lives in the shadow of the statue, and WAS somehow locked up in the cabin for a couple of decades, that might explain why women were dying….he wasnt able to be the power to ………….. oh wait, jacob was in flashbacks of the character’s lives probably at the time that he would be locked up in the cabin. huh….

  • brewsterdmb

    1. Did anyone ever consider that Smocke was lying about the “mommy-issues” story, just to manipulate Kate into killing Claire? He hasn’t been completely honest thus far, so it’s not a stretch.

    2. The childbirth issue is most likely from the radioactivity, but what if it is due to some sort of time-loop thing, where time on the island doesn’t move, or moves at a different pace, therefore affecting the development of the fetus? I used to think that was why people were healed, but I think that concept doesn’t hold anymore.

    • ashcards

      i like that theory about the time loop effecting pregnancy…it’s like they can age but no one new can start…idk about the people being healed thats still weird to me

      • katesfriend

        That would work, except what about Ethen…

    • Newbie

      – agree with # 1 Totally

    • MIBisSatan

      With the whole manipulation thing… that would surely be a cheap way of throwing us off the scent by the producers. Always hated that about lost… its not clever to give us information that is just a lie.

  • It bothers me that people are deciding whether they like an episode or not based on how many answers are given.

    • katesfriend

      It bothers me to, why not just kick back and enjoy the ride. It’s the last season…

    • MIBisSatan

      Guilty as charged… Can’t help it!

    • The Magician

      I agree completely Kevin. I think when people go back and rewatch the episodes once the season has finished, they’ll give them a far better (and fairer) appraisal.

      I for one still love that suspensful, mysterious stage of not knowing all the answers. Shame it’s all going to end soon.

  • Recently had a sex change and re-grew hair due to hormone injections and will now be known as Pretty Smitty

    Who is Alice again? Short term memory eludes me at times…

    • The Mantis

      I love that someone who calls them self “Fart Monster” can’t spell. If you’re going to say something as idiotic as “hoes” at least spell it right.

  • cap10tripps

    If Darlton said they’ve answered that, then methinks it’s all about the old women uterus’s in young women. AKA time issues. Quite possible things were fine until the release of energy from the Swan station…

    • Laura

      the mothers die, not the babies….right?

  • cap10tripps

    As far as the “who is Smokey” issue goes I like the idea that he was a young child. I seem to remember a Doc Jensen article back in the day that was trying to explain the energy in the swan station and the importance of children by saying something to that extent. I’m pretty sure he hypothesized that a child with superior mental abilities was on the island when something happened to sort of fuse his energy with the island…

  • ItalianScotsman

    Solid ideas!! I actually thought this episode was the best of the season so far, which has been a little underwhelming in my opinion.

    I actually don’t care about getting anything answered except ONE thing: Who it was that was shooting at Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Locke in Season 5 Episode: The Little Prince. When they were jumping through time and were on the little outrigger boat thing, they encountered a mysterious silhoutted group of people shooting at them. Sawyer begged for them to be taken away by the time jump and when it happens they end up in the rain storm.

    I’ve always wondered who it was that was shooting at them, it was never answered and almost seemed like it had been forgotten about and I will definitely be mad if this is one of those open-ended threads that Darlton say will inevitably happen by the end of the show (why can’t they answer everything?)…

    Anyway, ‘Recon’ led me to a point where I believe they will answer the very question of who it was shooting at them. They’ve brought the story to a point where they seem to be traveling to and from the Hydra Island via these outriggers so I’m wondering if, in the time jumps, they actually encounter themselves in time and end up shooting at themselves or some kind of variation of that.

    If anyone has any more hints, clues, things that Darlton have said, please pass it along. This has been killing me for some time.

    • Gusteaux

      Nothing but a horrible fear that Juliet’s bullet is going to kill Sawyer.

      • Ament

        That could reunite them, I mean when Juliet was dying she mentioned something about getting coffee sometime, then when she was dead her body told Miles “it worked”. How “romeo & juliet” would it be that they are reunited through death.

  • Newbie

    I agree on the manipulation of Kate — pull those strings and bring her in closer — like saying Aaron need you now, protect him . . pulling her in knowing that is her soft spot – he was not expecting heart the temple – so seeing her knowing she is not crossed off — what will her do with her now? he has to work her into the plan — a variable!!

    two Smoke monsters theory is growing on me — theory of Aaron as MIB is questionable???

    On the Baby issue – I still want to know if that has anything to do with the statue? And I thought is was conception on or off island that really made the difference?? Remember Juliette’s exchange with Sun about being the other dudes having an affair and the timing of the pregnancy?? when they were in the medical station sonogram time??? Someone help me out here!!

    • Jamaste LeFleur

      I don’t get why al this baby talk now, like it wasn’t overly explained or something.
      Juliet was brought to the Island to try and figure out the pregnancy problems – or novelties, as Richard called on “The Brig” – Women that got pregnant ON THE ISLAND, and only on the Island where not able to carry it out, passed the thir trimester. Both the mothers as well as the babies would die.
      We saw as much in a Juliet centric episode, when she pleaded to get off the Island and then Ben manipulated her by showing her sisters progress and healthy new life.
      The whole thing with Sun at the medical station was to reiterate that. Had her conceived off the Island, with the Bald English teacher dude who died of pearl necklaces she would be Scott free and not have to worry for her life, as it turned out Good old Jin Kwon had inpregnated her, therefore She and their daughter were going to die lest they leave the Island Pronto – or in a few days by a Helicopter-Lifeboat Penny’s Boat rescue mission way. The Island therefore also gave Jin superpowered sperm count (’cause he couldn’t get her pregnanat back in Korea) besides curing ROse’s cancer, giving John a new set of Legs and healing everyone injured super fast. That would be something I’d like to have touched on a little more on. Is it the energy pockets, or simply Jacob or what? And finally on the baby/pregnancy front. Ethan Goodspeed aka Ethan Ron or The Other man was both conceived and born on the Island, and that was prior to Jugghead being blown, but definetely not prior to Jugghead being buried (thought I think the blowing of an atomic bomb would effect the local eco system a tad more than the simple buryin of radioactive materilas. So 77 post “the incident” might have been when the women stopped being able to give birth to babies concevied on the Island. Both Aaron and Alex qere conceived off the Island and then crashed on it inside their crazy mommies just weeks before birth so their conceptions wouldn’t be affected by the radioactived or magical smokey thingamajig.
      Smokey could be Aaron but he couln’t be affecting the preganancies since he’s been around “Since the beggining of time” and hadn’t affected the women prior to Ethan’s birth.
      Finally Ian Cusik as well as every regular on Lost from season five are on the opening credits in every episode regardless of them been in it or not. It just means that Desmond will for sure, most defintely be part of the end game.
      And last but least Sun didn’t give brith on the Island so why were some of you saying she did. Go rewatch your boxsets people.
      Coming to a message board to discus the mithology of the show sans pertinent info is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. and Malone thought us never to do that.
      BTW- who the hell is Alice. Do people mean Alex Rouseau???
      Now enough with the baby talk and let’s get it on with “The Package”

  • PJBubbles

    Did anyone else notice that Henry Ian Cusick was listed in the opening credits, but Desmond was not in this episode? Or, was it a subtle hint that it was him in the locked door on the sub?!

    • italianscotsman

      I did notice this and was very excited!!

      • italianscotsman

        And then promptly disappointed.

        • The Mantis

          He’s been in the credits all season.

  • Gusteaux

    Actually he’s only been in the credits for the past two weeks. They made a big deal before the season about the fact that HIC had been demoted to ‘guest star’ status this season and would only be listed in episodes in which he appeared. He was listed as a ‘guest star’ in LA_X but not at all in What Kate Does, The Substitute, Sundown or Lighthouse. However, he was listed with the main cast in Dr. Linus and Recon, yet didn’t appear in either.

    • Ament

      It’s just a thought for legal purposes, that a Desmond episode will show a montage\character clash of the alternate world where HIC was filmed, but not shown yet. Just a thought.

      • Jamaste LeFleur

        Go back and watch it again. He’s listes in every single episode. he’s technically a regular. For legal reasons and fo continuity porpuses, the producers have been paying him his salary to secure his shooting of his story arch. Same way that all the other regulars are listed when sometimes they don’t show up for 2-3 episodes. The only excption was Claire in season 5 but she was secure for season 6
        HIC is listed in all 9 eps of this season so fra and I’m betting that’s because “the Island is not done with you Desmnond” and he’s in some locked room inside some submarine guarded by his father in law somewhere

  • 108

    “smokey” isnt the bad guy, jacob is.

  • Did you ever try to line up the main players in Lost with ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ (Lust, Greed, Gluttony,..etc.) It’s made for some good conversations.

  • It also seems that the ‘Seven Ancient Wonders of the World’ are being recreated… somewhat… on the Island.

    • MIBisSATAN

      Could you elaborate on that?

      • Drew

        Well ithink there have really only been 4 so far that you could parallel: Colossus of Rhodes(Taweret) The Lighthouse of Alexandria (Jacob’s lighthouse) The hanging gardens of Babylon (the place with the donkey wheel under it) The Temple of Artemis (The Temple).

        It still leaves The Great Pyramid at Giza, The statue of Zues at Olympia and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassis. Not sure what I would link to those three.