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What Nikki Noticed: “Recon”

By Nikki Stafford,

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Hello everyone! I missed you all last week when I was away in the UK and unable to actually post anything here on the episode. This week’s episode seems to have been hit-and-miss with fans. On my blog, people generally liked it. But when I did a live chat with the Globe and Mail newspaper website Wednesday at noon, I thought I was going to drown in the negativity being thrown at me.

For me, the Sawyer sideways world stuff was fine. Not mindblowing… just fine. But I was discussing the episode with someone who said it offered up absolutely no answers, and had to disagree. Because I thought that scene on the beach between Smokey and Kate was amazing.

Smokey revealed that his mother had been crazy. And then he said, in a strange, child-like way, “And now Aaron’s mom is crazy, too.” It was an odd remark, and the way he said it was even stranger. It was like he was teasing, “Nyah nyah, Aaron’s mom is crazy TOO.” But it also had a lot of weight to it: he doesn’t want Aaron to be with a crazy mom.

Here’s what I think we know about Smokey: he was brought to the island by Jacob, or arrived with Jacob, and was imprisoned. He either was turned into the smoke monster, or he manifested himself into that creature through his constant rage. He’s got severe limitations on how he can move about, what he can do, and where he can go. We don’t know who he was originally. That man in black that we saw sitting on the beach in “The Incident” was possibly just another “John Locke” suit he was wearing, and not what he originally looked like. What if he was actually a woman? Could it be possible that HE is the Eve of Adam and Eve? Or that he was Jacob’s wife? These are possibilities we discussed on my blog recently.

But in this episode, I began to wonder if perhaps Smokey was turned into this thing when he was only a child. Remember that blond-headed boy in the jungle and how he chased after it? We’ve speculated that it was his son, or someone he killed, or Jacob as a boy, or older Aaron, or Sawyer… but what if it was actually him? What if THAT is what Smokey really looked like before he was changed into this creature?

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “Where the Wild Things Are,” (I just saw it a week ago) but if you’ve ever watched a child have a tantrum, they are filled with huge emotions and uncontrolled rage. They lash out without thinking, they scream, they become primal beings. There are no filters, there is no control over anything they do. They lack the maturity, understanding and ability to control their emotions the way we do as adults. They are pure, passionate id.

So what if Smokey was turned into this as a child, and wasn’t mature enough to handle his situation? The smoke monster appears as uncontrolled, passionate rage. There is nothing organized or controlled about it. You can’t reason with the smoke monster… you can only run from it. Or, in the case of Eko, stare it in the face. Did he happen to scare the bejeezus out of the smoke monster because Smokey was essentially a child? Smokey only seems to understand good and evil, black and white, just like a child does. There’s no middle ground with a child (I say this having a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old), there’s only this side or that. Smokey lacks the moral understanding to know what he’s doing to people… and he just does it.

And what of his comment? What if HE is the reason women can’t conceive on the island? His mother was crazy, she made his life miserable (perhaps this is why he chose John Locke,  whose mother was clinically insane but she thankfully wasn’t a presence in his life) and so he’s decided he won’t let women come to term on the island. If the island is going to drive everyone insane who lives on it, then he won’t allow children to come into this world because he doesn’t want them to go through what he did. And, if a woman happens to circumvent his power and actually have a child on the island – like Rousseau and Claire did – then he will drive the mother insane and cause someone else to take that child, so there is no chance that child is raised by that woman.

This is all pure speculation, of course, something I don’t often do simply because I figure next week something else will happen that will disprove every word of it. Ha! But I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on why Smokey said what he said, and HOW he said it, and what significance you think it has on the overall story.

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