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What Was the Purpose of the Finale’s Parting Images? UPDATED

By Koobie,

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After the final LOST logo faded away, we were left with the end credits and several images of the Flight 815 wreckage. At first I thought it was a look back at the series-an homage to where we started.  Then I saw it was being used as an argument that the island was purgatory the whole time-showing that no one survived the initial crash.

A comment someone made on reddit got me thinking about a third option.  One of the biggest gripes of  the finale was that we did not receive the answers to the mythology that we have been analyzing and theorizing over for years.  I think these images may give us the answer we’re looking for or at least some closure to the mythology.

The hatches, the temple, the statue, the lighthouse, the smoldering black rock, and all those confusing hieroglyphs are all just remnants of people who have come to the island and now are long gone.  Each one of these places has a compelling story to tell, but the details are locked away in the past.  Well, add another mysterious location to that list-the 815 wreckage, risen up from the tides.

Imagine if our show took place after Jack closed his eyes for the last time.  A group of strangers crash-lands onto a strange and wonderful island, just as confused as the Losties were when they first arrived.  The first couple of days, an adventurous few discover this huge crash site, along with make-shift tents and branded food that oddly resembles the Wal-Mart Great Value brand.  At night, instead of hearing scary New York City cab sounds, these people are greeted by a pair of beady eyes staring out at them from the jungle.  The next day, a big guy with Yoda-like wisdom and a knack for Ranch dressing comes out to meet the newcomers.  Besides the obvious question of how does this guy retain his figure on a deserted island, they ask, “What’s up with the plane crash?”  The friendly sage would smile and simply reply, “Oh, heh, that’s how me and my friends got here.”  And thats pretty much all the information you would get about it.  Sure, there might be a flashback episode detailing how Hurley got the job right before he passes the job to the capable Ji Yeon-who, coincidentally, was among the newcomers.  But the 815 plane wreckage would be just another point of interest on mystery island.

Thankfully, our show wasn’t about the animated Ben and Hurley spin-off, Number One n’ Two, nor was it about the people who built the temple, the statue, or even the Swan Station.  Lost was about Jack and Kate getting caught in a net, Hurley offering Ben an Apollo Bar, Sawyer and Juliet finding love in time travel, and Claire and Charlie eating invisible peanut butter.  It was about the characters and their paths to happiness, love, and redemption. And now, the only thing that remains is this oceanic plane wreckage.  All their struggles, pain, and joy wrapped up in one set piece.

I think that’s exactly what they were showing with the final images.  Lost was a character story through and through, but now their story is just another part of the island’s complex and perplexing mythology.

What do you guys think? Sound off below!

Edit: Looks like ABC has come clean.  A spokesperson said, “The images shown during the end credits of the ‘Lost’ finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story but were a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news.” [LA Times]

I think the perfect way to decompress is to let the story of Lost slip peacefully into the island’s mythology. 😉

  • TheLBEffect

    I love that idea! And I agree.

    • jay

      Every character in the program was violent, untrustworthy, constantly swapping sides and confused. Then everyone ends up in the church happy. What a crock. No lessons learnt, no moral, no point. They could have done anything for 6 years and ended up in the church smiling. It is all so pointless. The writers obvious had no idea where they were taking this in season 1 and added any sort of pseudo-mystic stuff for the next 5 seasons trying to hide this.

  • TheLBEffect

    Also, the rainbow in that picture makes me think of the wizard of oz and over the rainbow….

  • Zemus101

    I swear, every article I read on the finale gives me even more to think about. I will always cherish Lost. Changed the way I think about life and television shows.

  • I also love that idea. It is the best one out there and I will pass it on to those who are still confused. Kudos!!!!

  • sommery

    This summed it up beautifully. I originally thought this was meant to tell us that nobody originally survived the plane crash. But after some thought, I didn’t believe that to be true. Your theory is much more plausible. I’m tearing up again… Thank you.

  • Matt

    It is immediately how I felt upon viewing it as well. Just another piece to add to the island’s mythology. All of these people were here, and now they are gone, and this is just another part of the island.

    • Pantagathus

      Yep, count me in to that view as well

  • Ole

    If everybody died in the plane crash,why is Penny and Desmond in the church?
    If the island was real, why is Hugo, Kate, Sawyer, Aron and Claire in the church?

    However you look at it this was a shitty ending to a great series. It does not make internal sense with the ending we got. Obviously they had no clue as to how to end it, and just piled on all the crap they could think of for the finale.

    The show would have been better served by ending with a mushroom cloud at the end of season 5. Anything else is just people rationalizing for themselves that it made sense.

    • dp2

      After everyone had died, they all reunited one last time as their Island selves. I thought Christian made it pretty clear.

    • Koobie

      The island was real, and Christian said the explanation for Hugo, Kate, Sawyer etc being in the church, “Some of them have died before you and some long after.”

      The flash sideways or “transitional realm” (as Doc calls it) didn’t exist in time-another point that Christian made, so the Losties found it after they died together. I thought it was a beautiful ending to an awesome series, but hey, to each his own. 🙂

    • chadwick

      Ole, who is to say when Hugo, Kate, Sawyer, Aaron and Claire died. Listen again to Christian’s dialogue with Jack. Everyone dies at different times, some before you and some after you. He also said where they were at, there was no “Now” which means time is irrelevant. The church scene could have been a couple hundred years in the future.

    • Ah, see, it was a shitty ending for you, because you didn’t understand it. But eh, it still remains to shitty to those who did understand it. I think it actually has to do with where people are in their lives – their opinions in life and whatnot shape their opinions of the show.

      Anyway, I don’t know why you even consider they all died in the plane crash – Christian made it very clear they didn’t. He said everything really happened and the time they spent together was the most important time of their lives, and therefore they are all gathered together at the church to move on together once again.

      Hugo, Kate, etc. are in the Church because, again, as Christian said… “There is no now here.” and “Everybody dies, kiddo. Some before you, some long after.” They died long after Jack. And because there is no time where they were, they were all together. If you want to put a time to it, I’d guess they all met when Hurley died, assuming he ran the island for a long time like Jacob did.

      And actually, now with that information, if you go back to season one – there were hints all over the plane. Not to mention, they knew how they were gonna end it with Jack. There would have been no way around that. But going back to hints in season one – “Live Together or Die Alone”. Jack’s famous line ended up not only ringing true on the island but it carried onto the after-life, or whatever you want to call the place we were watching in s6. If they didn’t connect in help one another on the island, they wouldn’t have been able to help one another move on in what we had been watching in s6.

      Lastly, what Daniel said in s5 actually solves what happened at the end of s5. “The record is skipping, and we’re not on the track we want to be on.” The bomb at the end did nothing but set the island back to its proper track. Locke only helped them stay on one track, so that they wouldn’t experience anymore trauma. None of them knew all this of course, how could they? But there you have it. I knew right when s6 started that that bomb did not put them back on the plane. That made no sense whatsoever. I was convinced we were watching something entirely different. And I was pleased to find out I was right. Did I know it was a sort of after-life? Nope. lol But it makes complete sense to me; In season one we saw their issues of their past life as we watched them deal with said issues on the island. And then is season 6, we watched them solve their issues by remembering, letting go and moving on. It’s beautiful. There could have been no better ending than that for these characters we’ve come to know and care about.

      • There were hints all over the PLACE* haha What a typo, eh?

      • Alex

        Have you seen this – It’s showing the last and first scenes of lost together. Awesome.

        • What an awesome visual……….thanks.

    • Shawn

      The people I’ve seen that didn’t like it usually are like Ole – they didn’t understand it. They didn’t all die at the same time, they didn’t all die in the plane crash. Christian made it clear some died earlier (Boone, Shannon, Libby), some died much later (i.e. Hugo after his time as the guardian was up). To say they had no idea what to do and just threw this together is a pretty asinine statement considering how much detail was put into every other episode of this series.

      What I don’t understand is, if this was Jack’s “homecoming”, then why did we see everyone else realizing their connection to each other? Did they all have to do it near the same time? Couldn’t they have each done it throughout the season? I think it would have been a little neater to see some of them happen throughout the season, but maybe they thought that would have given away too much too soon.

      • Jimmyford

        I’m thinking they had to do it as a collective soul – a 3 muskateers approach towards soul redemption. Lost was predominantly told via jack’s perspective and time has no meaning

        • Thiga

          I think they all needed to touch each other, much akin to “Jacob’s Touch’ as a kind of key for them to all pass over. I believe none of them could move on until Jack finally gave in and let go.

        • I agree. Have you heard of the idea of souls who travel together throughout lifetimes, meet up again and again to resolve the same issues, life after life, until they can be done? This was a collective soul.

          • Mama Lost


            That was my take on the closing. In fact, I was floored that they seemed to be pulling from that. Have you read _Journey of Souls_? Check it out. I can highly recommend the “LIfe Between Lives” sessions, FWIW. Will blow your mind.

            The gist is that we all have soul groups that we are connected with (not just one ‘soulmate’ that is our one big connection in life), and each person has parts agreed upon for each person to complete what the need to. The Losties were a soul group. Wild. And so appropriate. Just like Jack said to Des at the End: It all matters.

            Mama Lost

    • Carmen

      They didn’t all die in the plane crash.. that is the point here. Everything that happened on the island really happened. Christian told Jack that some died before him and some died after him.. The sideways time line was purgatory and when they died on the island they went to this place to find one another and when they were all finally together they were able to cross over. The sideways timeline “purgatory” was timeless.. when they were ready to all come together.. they would all be there waiting for their soul mates. Hurley and Ben remained on the island to rule for a long time (they died after Jack, just like Christian said) and the ones that took off in the plane died after a while (just like Christian said) and finally, when they were all dead and were awakened by their soul mates (and had redeemed themselves), they were able to cross over all together. The wreckage they showed us was just as this article says, I believe it to be anyways. As for the ending, from what I understand, the creators made the ending when they 1st started this show and never changed it, they just filled in from there.

      Maybe you just weren’t listening to what Christian said to Jack in the church, but he told him exactly what was up. Everyone dies some time in their life, the island was the most important time of their lives.. they were all connected and all needed each other to cross over.

      • Dan Berry

        perhaps it is like them returning to the island. they can only move on if they do it together. all of them.

      • Okay the ones on the Ajira plane died later, but what happeed to Lapidus, Miles, and Richard?

        • meems

          They didn’t have the same connection to the rest of the group. It wasn’t necessary for them to meet up and collectively go to the next stage together.

        • Chip

          They died later, too. In life, friends and acquaintances take separate paths. Some we keep up with, others we don’t. We find out when some die; others, we never do.

    • newotherton

      I wasn’t a fan of the ending, not because of not understanding it, but because it goes against everything that was done in season 1. Yes, character development was key, but so was the island and the mystery it contained. The mystery is what captivated a lot of the viewers. Without the mystery you have just a regular show about people. From the beginning of the rumbling noise, the polar bear, the hatch, etc. the island was a character and to see Lost end the way it did made the island pointless. They could have all be crash landed on the moon, and could use the same ending and make it work.

      If the show was purely about relationships, as the ending would have you believe, then why the flash back of Walt with his “mysterious” gift. Why the flashback of Claire with the psychic proclaiming the importance that Claire raise Aaron? Why did the others want Walt so badly? These crucial points in the first and second season are pointless with the ending.

      The first two seasons were just beyond awesome, I felt the ending should be as well and it didn’t compare. Boone’s death was so emotional there was really nothing comparable to it. Everything from the circumstances that surrounded it to the events after it. You get a real sense of Jack and Locke at that point in time that the ending fight just did it no justice.

      The ending was just a huge disappointment. If they are all in a transitional world and everyone is dead, how did Keamy die? How is Aaron born? How is there a near death experience for those who are already dead?

      • Stephan

        I totally agree with your comments. This is the point everyone is missing. Without the mysteries of the Island this would’ve just been another show. It was good seeing everyone reunited in purgatory (which is still hard to believe) and it made for a happy and emotional ending but it did not give the show proper closure. Just because you cried a couple of times does not make this a proper LOST Finale. The Island was the show and to not give us proper answers is pretty much telling the viewers that they had no clue what they were doing the entire time and just threw things out there to create buzz and confusion.

        • jessea

          i hate that this is so true…

          • dudeski

            no it isn’t. 98% of everything we have seen the last 120-or-so hours were the characters, and their reactions to the mysteries – not the other way around.

        • Chip

          I started watching the show interested in the mysteries and the mythology, with fairly little interest in the characters themselves. I was surprised to find out not too much later that I had become far more interested in the characters than the mythology. There are always going to be some people more interested in either one. LOST is about both, but in the end, the characters got preeminence. Such a turn is not surprising if you keep in mind the fact that Darlton said that the show was a way for them to explore the meaning of life. That makes an ending like the one we got inevitable, as the meaning of life impacts characters, and the Island mysteries do not necessarily deal with that. Any show that deals with the meaning of life, unless it is something presenting the view of one particular religion or philosophy (which LOST did not), will end up having more questions than answers in the end.

      • Dru

        The Island was my favorite character. Where is its closure?

        • JohnnyC666

          The Island is the Island. It always has been and always will be. It was there before Jacob’s mother and will be there after Hurley. There is no closure for the Island. We found out what we needed to find out for THIS story about the Island..many more are out there and might be told some day…

          • Stephan

            We found out what we needed to find out? Are you kidding me? We have no idea what the Island is…what the ENTIRE SERIES WAS BASED UPON!!! We have no idea what was the light and why was it so important. How was the Island or the Light able to bend time and space? How did the Island move? Who were the first ones to discover the Island and who was the first protector? Plus how did the first Protector gain knowledge of the Islands powers? How did the Egyptians have pictures of the Smoke Monster before MIB became the Smoke Monster??? I can go on if you want me to. Point is many of us feel like the hours we spent theorizing about the show were wasted because Darlton had no idea or no intentions of answering our questions. They just wanted to create a buzz and confusion amongst the fans and to gain a wider viewing audience which they did.

          • Adam

            I agree…I think the point that people are missing is that Lost never was about “answers” Even when they told us something, it still left us to contemplate what they were truly saying. I loved the mythology of the island and would I like to find out more about it? Yep, but that’s not Lost’s way. They always give you a little, then you discuss the rest and it could go a few different ways. At the end of the day, I absolutely loved the finale. I thought it was incredibly well done and the perfect ending. To give a good example, when we were slapped in the face with a straight up answer, were you happy with what the whispers were?? I wasn’t, and it was one of the big secrets that was given to us. The questions that had mysteries behind them were without a doubt my favorite of the series

          • dudeski

            answers for steven:

            1) yes, we did.
            2) no, i am not kidding you.
            3) electromagnetism.
            4) see #3.
            5) who cares? seriously.
            6) another worthless question.
            7) because mother was the smoke monster before mib

            you sit there and claim that darlton had no intention of ever answering questions and just wanted to spread confusion – but it’s not the writer’s fault your questions posed here are meritless and silly.

          • Chip

            Stephan, jump over to USA Today and watch the video where the Darlton says that the Island was a means for them to explore ideas about God. That’s not to say that the Island *is* God (although you could make the case that it’s the closest thing the show has to God), but it was a setting that enabled them to raise the various issues.

            Darlton said before this season ever started not to look for any type of explanation for the Island. And they’re right that to do so would be to ruin the story.

        • Where as I also would love to have Island closer let’s think about it. Most of the world has always wanted to know for sure what the Island is, what heaven is, what hell is, what purgatory is. Is there really any of them. Peoples faith in these places has always been personal. Just like the writers in the end made it personal. Their idea of what happens when you die. The cool thing was they took many perspectives through all the seasons by throwing in all the mythology and human history. When a NEW leader would turn the wheel there would start a new collective idea based on that leaders belief in what was reality. Just like in real life some peoples belief in what comes after death is ever evolving. That’s where in the end the Island will always be the sweet mystery.

          • shea

            the island was explained. the mother said the light at the hart of the island was life, death, rebirth. if your looking for the how then thats a bit much. how do crystels power the enterprise. how does peter parker getting bit by a spider make him strong and able to stick to walls. but if your asking the phyosophical what is the island what is life what is death then then usualy theese are questions that rely on some sort of fate

          • JRIZZ

            I agree with Shea. Do we sit here and question and wonder what The Force is in Star Wars? We dont. We take it for what it is and recognize that it just exists. The lady told Jacob and MIB’s mother that every question she answers will just lead to other questions. I had alot of questions going into the fianle however when it ended, to me, it felt complete and I was satisfied. Sure it would be nice to know a few more details buy I am enjoying talking with my friends about the ending and coming up with our own theories on what it all meant. That is what a good series finale is supposed to do

      • donuteyes

        how was kramer on ‘seinfeld’ able to do all the things he did (install a hot tub in his living room, merv griffin show also in his living room, start a bus tour of nyc, etc.) without a job or any steady income? that’s a question that seinfeld never answered, among many. what religion is george? why does jerry mention a sister once, but never again? where is elaine from anyway? her history is rarely touched upon. sometimes you just don’t know shit.

    • Huckelberry

      If rationalyzing is the goal, then you should have stopped watching LOST during(!) the Pilot. When Christian showed up on the beach, it pretty much set the scene, saying that this show is not like the real world. Smokey did its own part..

      LOST was a TV show, and it created its own world. Rationalyzing within that world is great, and part of what made the LOST-experience amazing, but it was within the limits of the show.

      The ending was epic. It made me feel like I was at a funeral, and that was exactly what it was. It made we realize how much I loved it.

    • LeeBee

      Ole – you are entitled to your opinion. But it is just that. How ever YOU look at it – it was a bad ending. All I kept saying was “beautiful” – up until the last scene in the church. It has confused me but like others have said the more I read the more I have to think about it. I think it wasn’t the best ending for me – but it was mostly beautiful. I cherish he 6 years I have watched and obsessed over this show and the characters. Judging others because they liked the ending is just not fair.

  • Jacob’s Tie

    I think this is a beautiful idea. I loved the end of the show, and now I love it just a little bit more.

  • Silas

    Gasp! You read r/lost?

    • Koobie

      I just started reading reddit a few months ago, and I didn’t find out about r/lost until after the finale. I wish I would have found out about it sooner!

  • AliciaMc

    Dear Ole… Please go back and re-watch the last 15 minutes of the finale again. If you do, you’ll hear Christian quite clearly tell Jack that while everyone in the church is dead, some died before him and some (ie. Hugo, Kate, Sawyer, Aaron and Claire) died long after him. The sideways world exists outside of time as we know it.

  • I like it. 🙂 Who knows if that was their intent (I, too, just assumed nostalgia), but I like it.

  • Jake

    I think that’s a perfect explanation for those final images. They don’t really explain the mythology, but they do show that its now been added to.

  • Josh

    I think it was confirmed that the images were only put there as a “buffer” between the final scene and the local news. One complaint about Jin and Sun’s death was that it went immediately to commercial, and I believe they were trying to avoid that same situation.

    • Ben (Benmanben)

      Probably because it was followed by a silly shark commercial.

    • JJJJacob

      Oh my God, I was in the chat room for that episode, and they had the music playing and it was just like, CUT, look, it’s a shark. Wtf? It was horrible editing.

    • Wanda

      So they put a powerful image that contradicts everything revealed in the previous 10 minutes as the answer to the series? Bad move, unless they want to call all that gospel into question.

  • Ann

    “Lost was a character story through and through, but now their story is just another part of the island’s complex and perplexing mythology.” That was excellent! Perfect explanation for me. I really thought it was some pics to revisit where we started off, like a tribute to Lost or something. But now with your explanation, I think it means a lot and is beautiful.

    I love this quote because you reinforced the idea that Lost is about the characters, who finally found redemption or whatever they’re looking for from their experience on the island. The Island remained mysterious as it always had been. If this story is told in the perspective of our Losties, then if they do not understand everything about the Island, we wouldn’t too.

    • chadwick


    • Stephan

      So the show was as big as it was because of the characters? So without the mysterious Island the show would’ve still been a huge success? Comon now.

      • elginmiller

        The island mythology is vague and depends a lot on perspective, and that is the whole point. There are enough clues there for you to puzzle a lot of it out with a little speculation and critical thinking if you’re so inclined, but the search for meaning always leads to more questions. If Lost had provided definitive answers for all the mysteries, that would have been most disappointing, because it would have undermined the entire message of the show.

        Once the finale was over and I started thinking about the many questions I had that hadn’t been answered, I realized that if I really thought about it, I had answers that make sense from my perspective.

        Walt? I have answers.
        Eloise and the red-shoe guy? I have answers.
        Jacob’s cabin? I have answers.
        Fertility problems? The incident? I have answers.

        Also, a show with great characters and no mysterious island or dense mythology has a lot better chance of surviving than a show with a mysterious island and a dense mythology but no great characters. But that’s entirely beside the point.

      • dudeski

        that is EXACTLY what we are saying, stephan. 98% of the 120-or-so hours we’ve watched were the characters, their lives and motivations, and their reactions to the mysterious situations they found themselves in. see: 2% donkey wheels and four-toed statues.

  • chadwick

    Koobie, eloquently stated. You are spot on.

    The Losties adventures/story became part of the islands long history of events along with those that had previously ventured on it.

    Most people think that the title “Lost” is about the Losties who crashed on the island. The title could be referring to that but also be referring to all people and history that has been “Lost” on the island. Those that created the hyroglyphs, Eloise’s people, Dharma, the others, etc. Or it could be referring to the island mysteries that have been “Lost” and the reason why we do not have all of the answers. No one remains that has the answers and keys to the island’s existance. Jacob didn’t even know the reason the island existed.

    • dudeski

      i honestly believe that the title of the show is referring to the character’s themselves, and their souls – NOT their location

      • vpflueg

        Jacob explained that when he told the candidates why they were on the island- They were all lost within their own lives, the island gave them purpose and ultimately gave them an eternity to share with the people they met on the island, the people they loved. Out of all the experiences in their lives, they all returned to be reunited with all these lost souls that found meaning in each others lives. Lost is the ultimate story of love. The existance of the island was to protect the light. The light that resides in all of us, the light that welcomes us into heaven, the light that has been described by many surviors of near death experience. We experienced Jack going into the light at the final scene of his death where he experienced peace and he let go. We experienced it when everyone was finally together after their deaths and they were enveloped in the light when Christian opened the doors of the all beliefs church.

  • Pantagathus

    I’ve also read some remarks by someone on the wirting staff that it was also there to mess with peoples heads a little as well… Even though it was just homage to the Pilot & Season 1

  • They’reNotDead… wait…

    That is a perfect idea, and honestly fits in with the style of storytelling we have been privy to for the last 6 years. This will probably be my go to point when discussing the concepts in Lost. Thanks for that

  • lookingglass

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the 815 plane wreckage was washed away in the Ist season itself. So, the question of it remaining there for eons is a moot point, if any.

    • Koobie

      Good point, thats why I wrote that the wreckage was “risen up from the tides.”

      I was thinking of the lost at sea wreckage while I was writing the theory. Sure, the wreckage coming back to shore after it washed away is a silly idea. But if you think of the island as a character, the 815 wreckage is one hell of a trait.

      Don’t forget that the cockpit is still hanging around in the jungle too.

    • Buzzkiller

      Even if the wreckage has disappeared over time – I have no idea on that – the point made in the original post is still an excelent one and very relevent. The Flight 815 storyline has concluded and is now just one of many in the history of the island. The island and its mysteries, including 815, will remain for years to come, waiting to be found by other arrivals. Even if much of the plane itself disappeared, i’m sure there will still be plenty of evidence of the 815 story intact in one way or another.

      • lookingglass

        Some smatterings of camp and pieces of fuselage I don’t think the 815ers left much of a legacy. Their time on the island also cannot be compared to the other people before them both in the time spent as well as in the relics they left behind.

  • Love it.

    Another simple explanation I’ve heard is that it’s a common theme for a series to end with one last shot of an empty set. Simple and poetic.

  • Calebspeaks

    I totally like how you put it. My only thought was that since the alt-timeline ended up being purgatory and the island was real, that the final shots of the wreckage was just a confirmation that the Island was real, and would remain even after all the “losties” moved on.

    • Finally one that makes sense.

  • Dan Berry

    @Ole you should improve your listening skills.

    I believe the sideways was created by the bomb, with a combination of the energy it interacted with, making a sort of carbon copy of the world- a safety net of sorts to filter out the losties souls during their passage to the great beyond. It enabled them to face the final journey together. People argue that the scene in the church nullifies all the loss and stakes the survivors faced during the show, I say that the scene is comforting. They in fact built it together, each person contributing in a way. This inbetween world is meant to deliver Darltons important message. That they were never lost when seperated through death. And neither are we. That this is only one plane of reality. And that death on this one is a birth into another. Had faraday never suggested the bomb, and jack taken up the job, and Sawyer convinced Juliet to stay in order for them to blow it up while everyone else held up weapons at the swan site, Desmond wouldn’t have been able to experience that safety net during his catastrophic electromagnetic experience- allowing him to wake up everyone before they moved on together. In fact, had it not been for DES- they would have moved on at some point alone, rather than dying together. Perhaps the island had a tumor, hydra island, that was destroyed during jacks surgical interaction with the light. He removed the curse of Mother and gave the world a chance to live their own lives through free will.

    Essentially, all the questions we faced were just remnants from other past loves and lives that interacted with the island overlapping with the real story at hand. The only one that matters. As if the lost castaways paths are placed on a sheet of paper with layers of transparent sheets and various other paths placed over theirs, confusing us and the characters as we all attempt to make it through the tumultous reality that is LOST. We are meant to realize that, like our own lives, questions of what is our purpose, where did we come from, and what came before the Big Bang- the one that created our universe, as well as the one that created their failsafe world. These things do not matter after it is all said and done. They are irrelevant in the face of true love. We are not alive to figure out the mysteries of the world. We are alive to experience the reality of true love.

    And a life without LOVE.. Is truly LOST.

    • Luddite

      I kind of love this idea.

      • Luddite

        I didn’t mean that to be a reply. But that’s okay, because I kind of love what you wrote as well.

      • imfromthefuture

        i second thatt.. nice job Dan

    • wtf?

      You are kidding no? Still talking about the bomb? You said to @ole to improve listinening skills and you can’t understand something so obvious?

      • Dan Berry

        I was just connecting the dots. Giving the bomb a purpose other than to create the button and leap them into the present. So lost ends and you suddenly don’t want to discuss it peacefully?

    • Very Nice..

  • mesa

    That is an excellent way to put it. Thanks for this beautiful explanation.

  • hilltrader

    I guess there are some fill-in-the-blank opportunities for us to use our imagination so I have chosen to believe the following…
    Shortly after Jack died Hurley found his body. There was a funeral attended by Hurly, Ben, Desmond, Rose and Bernard. Then Hurley sent Desmond home to Penny. I thin the Ajira flight crashed and all aboard perished. This would explain why, in the sideways, Jack is still Kate’s love, Juliet is still Sawyer’s love and Charlie is still Claire’s love. None of the people ever had the opportunity to move on in life to find another love or anyone else of high importance. It would expain why Aaron is shown as a baby in the sideways. Neither Claire nor Kate ever saw him grow up and therefore will always see him as a baby. Richard moved on immediately to be with his wife. Frank and Miles had their own reasons for not joining with the group. Hurley and Ben protected the island for many years. They used their power to spread goodness and love throughout the world. When Hurley became ready to move on he found a new island protector in a much kinder way than Jacob or Mother had. He left the island and life with a sense of peace and accomplishment. Although the LOSTIES created the sideways Hurley made it manifest with his power because he would be the one to value their relationships and reunion to the highest degree.
    Sappy, I know… 🙂

    • Stephan

      Doesn’t it bother you that we were promised that the majority of questions would be answered and weren’t? Now we have even more questions to ponder! Point is we shouldn’t have to fill in the blanks. The majority of questions should’ve been answered. They clearly rushed to finish the series and we have suffered because of it. They have stated they wanted to explain more but didn’t have enough time which is hard to believe. I’m sure we didn’t have to spend as much time in the Temple as we did. Truth is they didn’t have the answers and are spinning it in a way not to look bad.

    • naultz

      At first I was dissapointed that some of the mysteries were never addressed. I felt betrayed by the shows promises. The more I thought about it the more I realized this could be a great opportunity for the fan community to “fill in” the blanks, hypothisize our own answers, and in that way, we can add our own part to the epic of Lost. I am going to watch through all six seasons and make a list of all the mysteries that have been left for us, not to complain about how many there are, but to present to everyone to come up with our OWN Lost answers. let’s stop complaining and starting creating our own solutions with the clues that have been left behind. anyone interested?

      • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

        In the immortal words of Francis Lapidus: “Amen!”

        I’m not upset about the lack of answers one bit. I love that there are still things to talk about and piece together. Lost has always been a puzzle and what fun is a puzzle when it’s all done for you? While the writers failed to answer several things due to time and story constraints, I think it ended up working in their favor for viewers like myself. They found a way for Lost to live on and I appreciate that more than anything.

        • I LOVE your name!

  • Nicely put, but overly obvious at the same time…I don’t understand how people still don’t understand the finale(and therefore, why people would think that the ending indicated that they all died in the plane crash).

    • hilltrader

      I agree. I am so amazed at how many people think that everyone died in the Oceanic 815 plane crash!

  • Buzzkiller

    Very well put – I just found out about the credits (not being on the download version) and was just thinking along the same lines. That’s the way i’m interpreting it anyway!

  • Rachel

    Thanks, Koobie! This is a beautiful interpretation. This explanation is also a large part of what I like about Lost: it gives us many opportunities to continue our discussion as a community and interpret meaning for ourselves personally. Thank you for all of your valuable contributions to the discussion!

  • Bulut

    I love this idea. One of the best articles I’ve read after the series finale. It definitely makes more sense than the images hinting the island was purgatory.

  • Mack

    It was a reflective moment, that’s all.

    • Handsome Smitty

      I have to agree. The idea of the wreckage tying into the mythology of the Island is a nice idea, but that would have had to been supported by cut-shots of the temple, the foot, the cork, the Dharma compound. These were all civilizations built and abandoned (or died out). The wreckage of our Losties is literally that: There is nothing of note left behind by its passengers.

      The Losties invested their lives in finding themselves rather than understanding the mystery of the Island. Even John Locke, a true fool, was more obsessed with being important (just like Ben, imagine that) and special rather than truly understanding the mystery of the Island.

      • imfromthefuture

        locke was obsessed with they mystery of the island.. what show were u watching.. Did you watch season three or four? his entire mission once post sweat lodge was protection/discover of the island.. forgot what ep in season four but on the way to new otherton when he was about to kill ben, ben told him he needed him cause he had info.. lockes question wasnt am i special? it was, what is the monster?

        smitty you are the true fool.. one thing for sure is that i wont miss you..

        • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

          Sick burn.

  • Beena

    I like your spin on this very much, and it is the idea that makes for the best ending to me, and is closest to my other over all interpretations.

    And yet, I still think the way they ended the finale leaves room for an additional interpretation that is close to how the movie Jacob’s Ladder ended. Suppose Jack is lying there dying after the plane crash, and the whole island adventure and after life experience was all in his head as he was lying there half dead…

    There is something very deliberately ambiguous about the way they ended the show.

  • sabrina

    Yep, time marches on. Thanks for that interpretation of the final scene. I am at peace (so dramatic!) with how they concluded the show except for the nagging question of WHO BUILT EVERYTHING? It doesn’t really matter, I know, but that part of the story has always been interesting to me. But now, the idea that our losties were essentially just another one of those strange and fantastical “cultures” who left their mark on the island brings the mystery factor down a little.

  • mw

    this is not confusing – why are people confused by what happened?

    Jack died, hurley and ben and whoever stayed on the island, the others left. the “alt” universe was a kind of purgatory formed after everyone had died. in other words, basically, the show simply doesn’t tell any of the stories from after jack died – which is what made the ending so bittersweet, for me. Kate tells jack she had missed him, because she left the island and lived her life without him. The fact that others were there does NOT mean they all died in the plane crash – just that everyone eventually died and then they were all together. everyone present was united by the fact that the time they shared together was the most important thing in their lives, and that they had left things undone, unsaid, or simply weren’t ready to let go and accept that it was over just yet.

    simple. touching, too.

    • mw


      • brlebu

        If Damon and Carlton wanted us to stop theorizing, they wouldn’t have given us such an open-ended show.

        • naultz

          agreed, its the exact opposite. we have even more to theorize about than before.

          • mw

            lol, how was it open ended? they didn’t explain everything, granted, but it wasn’t open ended in the sense that the ending was vague etc: Jack died, others got away, world didn’t end, everyone eventually died. It wasn’t ambiguous about their fates, it just didn’t cover them beyond the island’s current story arc. I mean…sure, you can theorise all you want about how the supply drops happened etc, but youve got to understand that it would be fan-fiction. The show doesn’t really have any more answers to give up, i’d say. Not important ones, at any rate. The writers dealt with the relevant and/or important questions.

            What you’re basically saying is like..if a starwars fan said that they didn’t explain how hyperdrives worked in detail, or what happened to the famillies of those guys obi wan lightsabered in that bar in the first movie, therefore the story was open ended. It wasn’t open ended.

  • jessea

    YES. Thank you, this is what I instinctively felt and it helps a LOT to hear someone else explain it so well. It also helps me reconcile some parts of the Finale that are still not sitting right with me. I like this and I think it’s sound Lost-ology. Thanks again.

  • Stephan

    Since we have some people that have figured it out can you please answer me a couple of questions. How did the Losties create purgatory? How did Desmond get to purgatory? Wasn’t he sent to different times in the real world during the show? Now all of a sudden he can go to spiritual worlds? Doesn’t make sense to me. Why did Jack have a kid in Purgatory? We did they all awaken at that exact time? Why didn’t Jack awaken with Juliet prior? Why did Sayid choose Shannon as his soulmate instead of Nadia…who was the love of his life the entire series except for a few episodes with Shannon? Thanks for the help.

    • weezie1317

      How did the Losties create purgatory?
      There’s no answer for this. It’s like asking how God made the sky. There’s no recipe.

      How did Desmond get to purgatory? Wasn’t he sent to different times in the real world during the show? Now all of a sudden he can go to spiritual worlds?
      At the end of the show he got to purgatory like everyone else. He died. Earlier in the season when he was in the electromagnetic box with Widmore, I think he came close to dying and got a glimpse of their purgatory. Just like Juliet did when she was dying.

      Why did Jack have a kid in Purgatory?
      David was a construct to help him work through his father issues. Also, the characters alt lives were different than their real lives. Sawyer wasn’t a con man, Jack was married to Juliet. Jack had a kid. All things that were different.

      We did they all awaken at that exact time?
      Because they were all together and ready to go together. They idea is that they had to or chose to go together.

      Why didn’t Jack awaken with Juliet prior? They didn’t have enough of a connection on the island. He needed Kate, his father and Locke.

      Why did Sayid choose Shannon as his soulmate instead of Nadia…who was the love of his life the entire series except for a few episodes with Shannon? He loved Nadia, but he did not love himself with Nadia. With Nadia he was a torturer. With Shannon he was a good man. Nadia loved Sayid but she did not see the best in him. For example, in the alt. world, when the police came to the door, Nadia immediately looked horrified at Sayid and accusingly asked him what he did.

      • Oly

        A much better reply than mine, listen to this guy Stephan!

      • Stephan

        Weezie I appreciate your responses but still have issues with them. So they just created purgatory and we are supposed to be ok with that? Guess it goes along with the numerous other mysteries that were never solved. So let me get this straight…Juliet set off the bomb that was supposed to create another universe where they never crashed on the Island. She then stated that it worked. Obviously that isn’t the case because she died and what she was seeing was purgatory. So it didn’t work. So what was the whole purpose of exploding the bomb? The create the Incident? Whatever happened happened? Holes holes everyone we look.

        • icy_one

          She said “it worked” but she didn’t say the bomb worked. She was obviously crossing over and telling Sawyer that the vending machine worked, when you look back. Yes, they created the Incident. There are no holes. If they didn’t create the Incident, there are many more holes, like:

          1) Why did they have to cement off part of the Swan? Now we know its because Jughead was leaking because it never exploded.
          2) Why did MIBChristian have a photo of Jack/Kate/Hurley in 1977? Because they were sent back in time.
          3) Why was there an Incident? Because the Losties caused it. No Losties, no Incident. Everything took place in a time loop, just like Daniel original said – everything that happened, happened. Jack was wrong about his bomb, just like Sawyer was wrong about his. Just like Locke was wrong about the button.

          There are so many other things that happen in this show that you’re “just ok with” without any other explanation:

          How did Jacob make Richard immortal?
          How does drinking from a cup make Jacob the protector?
          How does turning a key make the sky purple?

          Why aren’t you as anal about these questions as you are about how they create purgatory? It’s a story for crying out loud, not a scientific documentary. How does warp drive work? How does a ring enslave races? How does the Force work?

          • dharmabum

            Midichlorians, obviously =P

          • Carlos

            Great answers. If you don’t mind, why do you think they went back to their own time (Juliet, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, etc) right there before they could detonate the bomb? I mean the skipping had stopped, right? Also, why did they flashed to the past (when the Ajira flight arrived), but Sun, Ben didn’t? Honest questions, maybe you have a better answer that i can come up with. Thanks

          • icy_one

            Carlos, I think Jacob was responsible for bringing everyone back to the present from 1977. But I think that the time loop is what sent them back in the first place. Its sort of a paradox, I suppose – but Jack/Kate/Hurley always flashed back to 1977, therefore, they always flash back to 1977. Everything that happened, happened.

        • weezie1317

          Why not be okay with the idea that they created a piece of purgatory, although I don’t think purgatory is the right word; it’s just the familiar word to use. Who is to say what happens after we die. It’s not impossible that we meet up with our most loved ones before crossing over into our afterlives.

          Juliet didn’t create another universe with the bomb. Nothing happened with the bomb other than it killed Juliet and it made the castaways flash to present day. The castaways were trying to change history but instead they just made what happened happen. The bomb always went off, they never changed that, they were the cause of it. Just like taking Ben to Richard.

          When Juliet said it worked, she was talking about the candy bar from the vending machine. That was a spill over from the sideways world, just as her saying they can go dutch on coffee was.

    • Oly

      Purgatory could either have been created by Jughead, or just by the collective mind of the characters.

      Desmond is special, the rules don’t apply to him. And the massive blast of electro magnetism given to him by Widmore helped.

      Jack’s son didn’t have a son. Locke figures this out. One of Jack’s biggest fears was that he would end up like his father and so by not doing that in the purgatory world, helped him get over it.

      • Stephan

        I think Purgatory is way outside the Rules. It’s one thing to time travel to other time periods but to the Spiritual Realm? Plus he was so willing to die in the Real World to get there? What about Penny in the Real World?

        • dudeski


          desmond is there because he died! same as everyone else in that scene. christian shepard was rather explicit about this. it’s not a matter of if he was willing to be there (i don’t even understand where you are basing your confusion, as the answers are right in front of your face), it’s a matter of HE’S DEAD. same with penny.

  • im2112

    Thanks to Koobie and Gina and others for explaining the ending, as far as when they died. I spent some wasted time on Lostpdia trying to find those same answers but couldn’t find discussion thread quick enough so appreciate finding concise explanation for more casual fan.

  • Blake

    To all those wanting answers to the mysteries:
    Whats the point? What do we accomplish by knowing why the psychic told Claire these things, why Walt was special. Darlton made the point several times in the past few weeks that every question leads to another question. Explaining these “mysteries” which I never felt were important to the mythology.
    BTW The claire psychic is explained by the show. Claire had to raise her baby because if she didn’t, she would go crazy and, guess what she did. I dont feel like this needs an answer. Its more important to the viewer to see that Aaron wasnt raised by Claire. This caused problems for Kate, etc. It created problems. Why? Who cares. All that matters is that it did.
    But I digress. I feel like answering all these mysteries, takes the mysteries out of the whole series. When Darlton began giving alot of answers, many people werent satisfied, ex. Across the Sea. People werent satisfied with the answers cause we all want the mystery to be solved in out own way. Darlton left us with these mysteries cause the island is a mysterious place. They want to always be that kind of place. If these mysteries didnt exist, than the island would just be a FREAKIN ISLAND. Nothing special about it. I think if these mysteries were solved more people would be angry than satisfied. The end instead leaves these mysteries open, leaving the island as a mysterious figure to discuss in this crazy story that weve been told. Ive loved every minute of it. And sure some more answers would have been nice, but we tend to forget the scope of this island. Its a lot bigger than you think.

    • Stephan

      So if we found out what the Island was or who was there before Mother it would just be anothere ISLAND? Comon now. Darlton brought up these mysteries and we all spent hours commenting and theorizing about them to see how close to the truth we would be. Now we are left here with Darlton basically telling us that Dharma and all the mysteries that were brought up weren’t as important as the characters. Then when they finally explained the Numbers that popped up throughout the series we got a half-assed answer that Jacob just liked numbers! Are you kidding me! They had no clue they entire time.

      • icy_one

        The island was a special place that had a mystic light at the center that contained all the good in the world. That’s what the island is. Done.

        Who was there before Mother? Lots of people, probably, guardians before, guardians after. What are you trying to learn from this?

        The only person who didn’t have a clue was you – you had no clue how to pick out mysteries that were central to the story. The writers even mocked you when they said “Every answer I give will just lead to more questions.” Because you’ll never be satisfied.

        Jim was there before Mother. “Who was there before Jim?” Bob. “Who was there before Bob?” There’s no end to your questions – you just make them up to be contrary.

        • AMEN! This says it best, icy! Stephan, we get it. You didn’t like. You didn’t get it. Everyone is answering your questions & you don’t like the answers! I am guessing the answer to the whispers didn’t sit well with you, eiter. No matter what we say, you won’t like it.

  • cekma

    I think Walt is the next protector. This is how Michael gets a happy ending. Walt comes to the island and spends his days with his dad who can’t leave.

    • KerriBeeLost

      Maybe. It would have been cool to hint at that in some way. THAT is the kind of “answer” I sought- not tying up every loose end, but when I was hit over the head repeatedly with things that were “special”, it would have been nice to have those things at least somewhat resolved. I know the actor playing Walt got too old to play young Walt, but there could have been a shot of a kid’s hand on Vincent that was clearly on the island, or even teh clearly older Walt with Vincent… just something to let us know that if something was important it was important!

  • pacman

    That was NOT the wreckage of the Oceanic flight but of the Ajira flight. No one left the island. They (Kate, Sawyer, Richard, the pilot, etc.) all died. Everything that happened on the island and the flashbacks and flashworwards were real. The flash-sideways were a pugatory that our beloved characters entered after they died. They remained lost in purgatory until they had their epiphanies in which they saw that they had once lived, loved and DIED. After their epiphanies, they all realized they were dead, found peace and were ready to move on. Then they all get together in the church and move on (to whatever destination you want to believe).

    What about Desmond and Penny who were still alive at the time of Jack’s death. They died later, possibly by natural causes. As Jack’s dad said,”everyone dies,” and “time does not matter here.” What about Hurley and Ben? They lived on the island as No. 1 and No. 2 (maybe for severeal hundred years) until they passed the torch to some other candidate, became mortal again, eventually died, and entered the timeless purgatory of flash sideways after which they made their final journey when they had their epiphanies.

    • The Mantis

      That is clearly the wreckage of 815. If you’re so sure Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Richard..etc died, please explain.

    • dudeski

      look @ the blue oceanic stripe running down the side of the fuselage. it’s NOT the ajira flight

      • blindjasper

        And Kate said to Jack that she hadnt seen him in a long time (in purgatory), hinting that she lived a long time after they parted on the island.

  • Matty L

    Interesting stuff BUT I want to make this point and admitidly I haven’t covered all angles. I do think everyone died in the plan crash. Jack even ends up dying pretty much the same place he “woke up”.

    My main point is you guys are confused about purgetory. Purgatory is the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment in which the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven and also the bit inbetween Heaven and hell. The Island was purgetory what was Lost were the Souls. Once the souls redeemed themselves they were ready for heaven but needed to be together to move on. If you look at all the trials most people faced before they moved to limbo. at the end the fire and lava of hell when the light went out. Anyway Desmond died in the boat race hence was in purgetory first as the most pure soul he could “survive” the light/electro magenetism also why he remebered first (I think there was an order to this based on the order people “died” on the island).

    So living your life carried on as if you hadn’t died is hardly a punishmnet. Christian says that that was a place they created so that they could all meet again before moving on anyway so I think that is Limbo.

    • jackcollins

      Jack dying where he first woke up was to symbolise the cyclical nature of the show and to place emphasis on ‘the end’.

    • They do get to live their lives!! They did not die on the island. The whole sideways world is just were the losties met up to move on to the next level, be it heaven or what ever the individual (watching) believes it. It was easier to meet up a long the same time line they met originally, there for they created the version of 815 never crashing. So, we will use Claire as an example – She left the island with Lapidis & everyone else – she was reunited with Aaron & was able to watch him grow up. In the sideways (purgatory) she was back in 04- in her mind only! So, she had to be pregnant for her mind to agree with this scenario (think Matrix!). Also – something had to make her realize she was dead & remember her life. This was the birth of Aaron. Note her face when she is like”It’s Aaron.” She is RELIVING his birth & seeing her son as an infant, again! SO – when Aaron, or Ji Yeon for that matter, die & are ready to move on – their parent will be at the next level, waiting for them.

  • troja_99

    Where do you have this image from? It’s not from the final episode. There was no rainbow and there was no shot from this exact perspective.

    • Koobie

      It’s just an image of the crash site.

  • Kupo

    I enjoy all the people complaining that the writers of this show had none of the answers. If all the above fandom can come up with some pretty decent answers to the mysteries with relatively little effort, surely the writers have had many more even better ideas. The thing to ponder is why they chose this particular way to answer everything.

    • Stephan

      They chose this way because they couldn’t tie up the loose ends. Nobody here is saying they have any answers to the show’s mysteries. What you should be asking yourself is why did the writers bring up all these mysteries if they had no intention of solving them for us? So they threw in that Walt was special, the Egyptian hieroglyphics are over the Island, the Dharma food drops, and the infertility issue on the Island to name a few without feeling as though they had to explain them? How would you like watching a murder mystery where you are never told who did it?

      • babysledge

        “if they had no intention of solving them for us?”
        “without feeling as though they had to explain them?”

        I think this is a key to the great dissatisfaction. No one wants to bother figuring things out for themselves. I like the murder mystery where all the clues are there and I figure it out myself.

      • dudeski

        jesus christ dude – you’re like a clueless broken record. answers were given for the heiroglyphics, the food drops, AND the fertility issue. they just weren’t explicitly laid out for you. see also: the architect in the matrix reloaded.

        kupo said it best!

  • jk

    I once was Lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.

    Just saying…they found each other in purgatory, and then their eyes were opened to the truth of their past lives, to which they had been blind before.

  • Pendor

    Stop theorizing. ABC already said they put the images there, not Team Darlton.

    It’s doesn’t mean anything.

    • Silas

      The idea that 815 and whatever the passengers left behind are now part of the Island’s mythology still stands.

    • Ed Holden

      Yeah, they were pretty pictures, nothing more, though I enjoyed this interpretation anyway. Still, to paraphrase Freud: sometimes a debris field of plane wreckage on a secret metaphysical island is just a debris field of plane wreckage on a secret metaphysical island.

  • Jason

    This link shows the original news that the final images of the wreck were not apart of the original ending and was something ABC put in.

  • Pat

    Welllllllll since the fuselage was burned with the bodies in Season 1 and most of the wreckage is no longer there, this theory is bogus. I like it though if they didn’t show the fuselage in the shot. I think it was just paying homage to the beginning of the show.

  • Henry Holland

    The images shown during the end credits of the ‘Lost’ finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story

    So, in The End, this is like so much of the show, utterly pointless and a waste of time speculating about. Nice.

    • Stephan

      Yup you got that right. Just something else that doesn’t tie into anything.

    • Silas

      I never knew so many people who hated LOST watched LOST until LOST ended.

  • Chris

    I agree. Nicely done. At “The End” of the day the show was about the characters, not the island.

    • Stephan

      It was? So the sci-fi and mysteries surrounding the Island had nothing to do with anything? They basically should’ve just had them crash on a regular island and went through some adventures and then meet up in purgatory. Obviously nothing in between mattered.

      • icy_one

        Everything in between mattered. All the things that happened to them mattered. “You spent the most important part of your life with these people.” What wasn’t important was HOW everything happened, but WHY everything happened. Get over the HOW, which can only be answered with “magic” or “advanced quantum mechanics” or a nice classical mechanics explanation that you’re not interested in.

        Ask WHY these things happened, and now you’re making progress.

        • MyDogHurley

          Exactly. Most of the things people want explained (moving cabins and island heart lights) have no real explanation besides magic or properties that we dont even understand. Every single one of us suspended disbelief many times during this show. For them to try and describe what The Island is would, for one probably sound very silly and laughable and two, take away so much of what the show is about MYSTERY! Believe it or not, my favorite part of LOST is the mysteries. Sure I love Des, Locke, and Ben but the second I saw a mirror lighthouse that could look into peoples lives I made the decision that knowing how things worked isnt always the best. I watched this show for the mysteries and i will continue to rewatch it forming my own opinions for many years to come. Thank you Darlton for that!

      • dudeski

        jack to desmond: “ALL of this matters.”

  • Lost held true to the main rule laid out in season one, we only know what the characters know, and we don’t know what they don’t know. So as cool as all the island mysteries were to me I am ok knowing only what Jack knew when he died.

    • Stephan

      Did you even watch the show?!? We knew a lot more than what Jack knew. LOL It had nothing to do what the characters knew and everything to do with the producers not knowing how to explain everything that happened. They threw things in there like Libby in the mental institution and giving Desmond the boat without any explaination. Doesn’t that bother you?

      • MyDogHurley

        As far as why Libby was in there, no we dont know but she made it pretty clear why she gave Des the boat I thought.

      • I said Jack because he was the center of where the show ended, but fill in any character, we lived throught their eyes and minds. Therefore we know what they know. I loved all the island mysteries, but sometimes the mystery is way better than the answer. In castaway Tom Hanks not opening the angel wing package it became way more important than if he opened it. The force was way more magical until it was explained in episode one.

      • brlebu

        Libby gave Desmond the boat “for love”.

        That was as plain as the nose on my face.

  • MyDogHurley

    I think the show gives us enough info to form logical answers to a lot of the “mysteries” people have such an issue with. True they are not canon and can be debated for ever but if you are so dissapointed with the show and think everyone should stop theorizing then dont come to LOST sites. A huge part of this show is and has always been theorizing and I for one can’t wait to here great theories and ideas on the things that weren’t given to us on a silver platter like Christian’s description of the sideways to Jack (and half the fan base still missed it!). Here’s my take on a few…

    Walt is special – Does this need an explanation? Many people all over the world are considered “special.” Mind readers, etc. Really never been a mystery to me and always thought his story was done after Live Together, Die Alone and definitely after The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.

    Egyptian stuff – came from Egyptians. Would it be cool to see them? Hell yea! but not a mystery to me at all really. Just proof that this loop had happened many times before.

    No babies on island – My gut instinct is Jughead. Main reason being that Sun got pregnant because she wasnt exposed to the radiation like people who lived on the island for so long. Jacob not wanting his candidates to be mothers could also be a reason

    Annie – evacuated with all non-essential Dharma personal in 77

    Food Drops – Dharma obviously had off island people and Eloise was using The Lampost station. She knew Des was in the hatch and could have continued the drops. Also could have been the others. Seeing as they had monitors in The Pearl that showed The Swan, they knew Des was in there and needed to continue to push the button. If he starves then the button doesnt get pushed and we have an incident.

    Malkin the psychic – Told Eko he was a fake which means him stating Claire must raise Aaron was made up and he was put up to it. By who we don’t know but the most logical guess would be Jacob since he brought them all to the island. He visited Malkin, gave him the tickets for 815 and paid him to get her on it.

    Polar Bears – Brought to the island by Dharma when they found the Donkey Wheel. Possibly thinking that it leads to a very cold place since it was frozen. The bear turned up in Tunisia because it turned the wheel. That is beyond obvious to me.

    Im sure there are plenty more that could be put together from info we have been given. And before you reply with “we shouldnt have to come up with answers” realize that this show has always been about theorizing and I for one am so glad that we can continue to do so…My Tuesday night is seeming really empty right about now:(

    • Lostfan24

      the polar bear theory of tunisia is fantastic, can’t believe i never thought of that one. makes perfect sense.

    • naultz

      great ideas. especially like your take on Malkin and Jacob’s involvement. The egyptian time on the island would have been really sweet. We are to assume that they built most of the structures on the island. the statue, the temple, The tunnels that ran all over the island. There the ancient Dharma Initiative. I wonder who finished the project with the donkey wheel? was it MIB? another shipwrecked crew? I think the polar bears were there for other expeirments though. they were on the island long before the dharma folks discovered the donkey wheel. I assume before they finished the orchid station they were testing the wheel and decided to use a polar bear. I wonder how they trained it to turn the wheel. Dharma biscuit anyone?

    • Chip

      Exactly. In some interview not too long ago, Darlton said that a lot of the things that people were asking about could be inferred from what we’ve seen on the show. I, for one, love that. I don’t need to have seen the Egyptians on the Island. In fact, I’d bet that persons from every people group have been on the Island at some time or another. Unexplored vistas, as Tolkien called unvisited locales and unexplained mysteries, are tantalizing. We may never discover *the* answer that the creators may or may not have had to begin with, but that’s fine.

    • Dharma Chameleon

      Could Claire’s psychic have been bribed by Christian? Perhaps wanted to have a relationship with his grandson one day.

  • Stephan

    The Dharma Drop happened AFTER the LOSTIES crashed. So whoever dropped it had knowledge that the LOSTIES were on the Island. So you are saying it makes sense for a DHARMA food drop to appear out of nowhere without any explaination? Here is the article from LOSTPEDIA…

    In Season 2, during a lockdown incident at the Swan, a large pallet of DHARMA food and supplies was found quite close to the entrance of the station by Kate and Jack. None of the survivors recalled hearing a plane fly over the Island, although the pallet and its cargo were attached to a parachute and had a flashing beacon attached. Charlie speculated that the station may have been deliberately locked down to keep the occupants from seeing who made the drop.

    • MyDogHurley

      What does The Losties being there have to do with anything? To me that article lends further credit to it being The Others. No plane was heard because they put it there by another means and made it look like it was dropped. We know that The Others’ fridges were full of Dharma food and Dharma had been wiped out for over 10 years. Where did that come from? Maybe there were other drops we werent aware of. Every answer leads to another question my friend.

      • Stephan

        So DHARMA was wiped out but still had food drops on the Island? A little hard to believe. There is no logical explaination to it. My theory is that they threw it in there to add some confusion and to have people talking and nothing more.

        • MyDogHurley

          Again there are ways for it to make sense if you want to dive in but if you want to just read the surface thats your decision but LOST may not be the show for you. Many ways this could work really. We have no idea how long Eloise was at The Lampost and what she was up to. Maybe there was a huge amount of Dharma food there…point being The Others had Dharma food all along. It was always there, even before The Losties. Really not a mystery to me. If that was the only time we ever saw Dharma food ok I’m with you. The fact that some could of been put on a pallet and dropped by The Swan doesnt seem so crazy to me.

        • dudeski

          yes. there is. remember the time discrepancy with farriday’s missile experiment? the food drops were carried out back in the 70’s, but the discrepancy caused the drop to occur 30 years in the future. i thought this to be rather OBVIOUS.

          • Dharma Chameleon

            I am a lost righter,

            There was a Dharma Station called ummm, Golden Arches.

            The orientation video said, “deploy food pallet every 108 days, if not the world will be destroyed.” namaste

    • Lostfan24

      I feel like they explained that when in season 4 they touched on how the island gets a little funny with time. Remember Faraday’s experiment, when they sent something to the island with a clock on it? the time on the clock and the time it was sent did not match. also, when the doctor was killed off the freighter, he appeared dead on the shores of the island almost a full day before he was actually killed. to me its enough to figure that the dharma drop was a victim of the same anomaly…meant for the dharma initiative, but arrived at a different time due to the islands properties. i could be wrong but i feel like it makes sense.

      • naultz

        i love all these different theories, all have merit and make for a more interesting LOST. The Eliose theory is plausible, having a connection to the island, being at the lamp post, and having the resources to find the island all make it a believable theory. The theory that the others staged the drop to keep desmond fed and pressing the button makes sense. Wiki did mention that no one heard a plane fly over and the others were very good at covert operations. Did the losties just happen upon it? or was it staged for them instead? This theory about time travel is also good, but is a less likely. true both the examples of time differences realated to the island would support this theory. But these both are examples of differences within a couple days, where as this theory would suggest ten years difference. Not impossible, but not as plausable.

    • Cutter XXIII

      “So whoever dropped it had knowledge that the LOSTIES were on the Island.”

      The LOSTIES first appeared on the Island, quite literally out of nowhere, 50 years before their plane ever crashed. Then LOSTIES infiltrated the DHARMA Initiative and saved the Island from Radzinsky’s drilling, by causing the Incident that necessitated a Swan Station.

      I can name you a dozen characters who knew the LOSTIES would be on the Island before they crashed. They were waiting for their arrival.

  • jessea

    i’m going to pretend I didn’t read that “edit” bit…i need, seriously cathartically NEED the above explanation to be valid…

    • Silas

      Koobie’s point is still valid because 815 still crashed. It’s still part of the Island’s history. The survivors left behind the camp site and part of the plane wreckage in the jungle.

  • Lynn

    Great post! When I saw it this is what I thought:
    God gave us the rainbow as a symbol that he will never destroy the earth again. And what is under this rainbow… a modern day ark that contained the people that saved us all from destruction.

  • Ament

    I am really surprised at what I’m reading. The plane debris at the end was a tribute scene and that is all. Points to make to verify this:

    Christian said “everything that happened on the island” was the most important time of their lives.

    When Desmond went around “showing” the losties something, they quickly flashed their lives and Jack’s specifically was running through the plane debris, and his final moment with Kate before they jumped for the boat.

    Jack seen Ajira take off, that wasn’t 815. Whether it landed or not its a different intrepretation.

    The Church was the meeting spot in purgatory where they all met up and waited for wach other so they can leave together.

    Desmond was there because he was tight with that group of people and wanted to wait for them and Penny was by Desmond’s side.

    Jack wasn’t the last to die stated again by Christian “Many people died before you, some loooong after”.

    Did Kate end up with Sawyer? Did Lapidus continue being a pilot? Did Miles move back to Encino with his diamonds? Maybe….it doesn’t matter they lived their lives and died.

    Am I the only one that gets this? Is it really difficult to grasp that Jack took the longest to get out of Purgatory? The island is underwater because at some point in time that died too (time doesn’t matter in purgatory) and was also in the purgatory world.

    • Ament

      Sorry this was Christian’s quote:

      This is a place that you–that you all made together–that you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed them and they needed you.

      If they died in the original plane crash then they never met.

  • meems

    Koobie: Thanks for this interpretation of the ending shot of the plane wreckage. I like it better than when I saw it at the end of the show. When I first saw it I immediately thought it must be that the Ajira flight with the others on it crashed right back on the island and they never got off, but I see that that doesn’t make sense! I believe that you are right (even if the execs say it was put in as a buffer), that the plane serves as just another artifact in the island’s long history. Beautiful.

  • msbuster

    I think the shots of plane wreckage at the end of the finale were intended to convey that Lost is over for everyone; fans, cast, writers, producers, crew, everyone. The creative team, et al, gave fans the end when Jack’s eye closed. Then, they gave everyone a farewell with the shots of the plane wreckage on the beach. Lost is over, for everyone. Imagine a police officer standing just off screen…”nothing to see here, folks! Move on!”. There was no music, no actors, no crew in these shots. There was just wreckage and a wonderful Hawaiian rainbow…a Lost goodbye!

  • katieb817

    Thanks, that helped me come to terms with ending of the show. One of the only times I wasn’t crying was when I confused by this screen shot but your explanation makes total sense!

  • Kafuri

    Way too much analysis. It’s more like the nature scenes they show at the end fo “Sunday Morning”; Just a little scenery. In this case, also to bring us full circle (If you didn’t already get that after being Hit Over the Head with the choice of Jack’s final death scene).

  • BNJM

    ABC put it there to remind us of when the story was actually good and not just Darlton pulling it out of their ass.

    • BNJM

      I will say I liked two things about the finale: the open ending for the Ajira escapees, and the acting. Everybody acted their hearts out, and that’s amazing considering the quality of the writing. So major kudos to Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, TOQ, et al for pulling it off. Hope somebody gets an Emmy, or at least a nomination for their efforts. D&C did not deserve a cast like this.

  • Chip

    One thing that I greatly appreciated about the finale was the way it tantalizingly addressed some of the less discussed issues on LOST message boards, although it required us to make the connections. For those who are still upset over more Island mysteries not being solved, I think the following implications are far more interesting and critical:

    *”We don’t belong here” — This saying of several characters (I think back most of all to Faraday in season 5; he and Desmond both said it in season 6, and other characters have said it too, I believe) ultimately is resolved by people being together in the afterlife. It’s in the end not about escaping from either 1977 Dharmaville or the Sideways world, but rather reaching a greater destination. Implication: People are ultimately meant to be together, both in life and, later, an afterlife. Live together, die together is LOST’s ultimate philosophy.

    *”You’re not ready yet” — This repeated phrase of Eloise Hawking refers ultimately to the “moving on” of which Christian speaks and has all along been motivated by her own guilt over killing her son. She implores Desmond not to take him away from her in the Sideways world because of her guilt and the fact that she can’t bear to lose him.

    *Eko’s and Charlie’s desire to construct a church in season 3 finds fulfillment in season 6. I know this goes against popular opinion, but I think that when Christian says that the characters created a space for themselves to meet, he’s referring specifically to the church, not the Sideways world as a whole. (Evidence? Watch Christian’s eyes scan the church as he says those lines. Also, the church’s own diverse religious symbols are partially due to the different religions held by the characters who have entered it.) It’s in the last scenes of “The End” that we find out that the church is a gateway into “another life” (the way I read it, the second level of the afterlife, with the Sideways world being the first). Did any of us think when Eko and Charlie were building a church that they were (unconsciously) building a gateway into “another life”? I didn’t, but I think that’s a reasonable inference after “The End.” (If my supposition is right, than the effort to build a church is yet another season 3 indication that it’s time for Charlie, and perhaps Eko as well, to “move on.”)

    There are more, but this is enough for one post. Like I say, I find these larger issue implications more interesting than the Island mysteries. (I don’t expect others to take the same viewpoint, however!)

    • Excellent thought on Eko and Charlie building the church as the gateway to the afterlife they shared. It makes that story and Eko’s role more meaningful.

  • Tyler

    One question about everything: All of our characters were in “purgatory” to go on together. But why was Christian there? All our the Losties somehow redeemed themselves on the island, which allowed them to move on to “heaven.” Christian however, was an alcoholic and not much of a dad, and besides his conversation with Sawyer in the bar in S1, never really redeemed himself. I just feel like all of our Losties were able to find salvation or redemption or whatever you want to call it, except for Christian.

    • Chip

      Two reasons:

      1) Most importantly, Jack had to have some level of reconciliation with his father before “moving on.”

      2) The church is a second level of afterlife, with the Sideways world being first. Christian was not in the Sideways world with our other characters because he had already “moved on.”

  • Chip

    Also, Christian *was* redeemed; only someone who had been redeemed could help people move on to the next level. (Remember that someone far worse than Christian, Ben, is still in the middle of being redeemed when the story ends.)

  • GeigerCounter

    Great article ruined by some spokesperson’s BS. The final images were better before we got the answer to them. Go figure.

    • icy_one

      But they weren’t part of the story, so if you interpreted the final images as “they all died in the crash” then a) you weren’t paying attention to the episode and b) you weren’t very observant when it came to all the foot prints and so on around the wreckage.

      Truth be told, anyone who looked at the coda and said “oh, they all died in the crash” is obsessed with finding mysteries where there were none. Bad audience.

  • milo

    So bizarre that anyone read anything into this. Hasn’t anyone seen a TV show before? They use an image from the show for under the credits. Sheesh.

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