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Who is 108?

By professorstotch,

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Last night’s episode featured a mysterious lighthouse with an even more mysterious mirror contraption that seemed to list off 360 different names. When the dial is turned to a certain number, 23 in Jack’s case, the mirrors seem to reveal images from that person’s life. Jack saw his childhood home, and it made him furious that someone had been watching him for what was likely his entire life. The episode no doubt revealed that this lighthouse is how Jacob came to learn everything about our favorite castaways. My question is, did he program the lighthouse mirror to be set to those people, or did he just write down the candidates as he saw them in the mirror? Hmmmm.

Before they arrived at the lighthouse, Hurley was visited by dead Jacob and instructed with some important information. Someone is coming to the island, and Hurley and Jack need to help them find it. In order to do this, they need to set the lighthouse at 108 degrees. This makes us wonder about whom exactly number 108 will be. I’ve come up with a small list of potential candidates for our new mysterious stranger.

Penelope Widmore

This first one is a bit of a stretch, I know. Until now, Penny hasn’t seemed to be a very important piece of Lost’s overall mythology. Until now she’s just been Desmond’s long-lost love and father of his child. But she is the daughter of one of the island’s former leaders, so surely she has to fit in somewhere. She couldn’t possibly be just an unimportant B-character, could she? Sadly to say, the odds are not in her favor. If it’s going to be someone we already know, that person is most likely going to have a bigger influence than Penelope Widmore.

Charles Widmore

What about her dad? I know what you’re thinking, Charles Widmore could be a possibility to play the role of island savior. But let’s not forget the fact that Charles was banished by Ben for breaking the rules. As we see more and more of Jacob, I’m starting to think this banishment wasn’t handed down by him, but rather was something Ben put into effect on his own. And if it wasn’t Jacob who wanted Charles sent away from the island, then there’s nothing saying Jacob couldn’t bring Charles back to prove himself once more.

And even if you do believe Jacob was the cause of Charles being banished, it can be said that the banishment was part of a test for Charles. Send him off the island as one of those “if you love it, you’ll let it go” type of things. And just when he’s had a chance to redeem himself off-island, he can come back. The problem with this is that Charles has yet to redeem himself off-island. He’s a jerk to Desmond, a jerk to his daughter, and he’s even a jerk to Daniel and Ms. Hawking. Charles being number 108 is a possibility, but a very small one.


Walt seems like a good choice. You may remember that as a kid, he was kidnapped by the Others because he was special, only to be released a couple weeks later for being much more than they could handle. Since he left the island with his father, Michael, we’ve only seen Walt a handful of times. The problem with Walt is the actor who plays him has aged far beyond the years of the character. Puberty shows no mercy, especially when it comes to TV shows.

We have yet to see exactly why Walt is as special as the Others claimed. We’ve seen him lure birds into glass doors, and appear to Shannon in the jungle. We know he was somehow able to chat with Michael through a computer, so he obviously has some kind of psychic talent. But are any of these talents really special enough to save the island? We’ll just have to wait and find out. Chances are the island is finished with Walt, but there’s also a small part of me that wouldn’t be surprised if Walt turned out to be the savior Jacob was calling for.


Desmond is my favorite possibility. We know that he’s special, as evidenced by his ability to bend the rules of time and space. As Faraday has told us, the rules just don’t apply to Desmond because he’s special. Back in December, I had written up a theory explaining the possibility of Desmond being the son of Jacob. While this could still be a long shot, it’s starting to look less and less likely as the episodes progress.

We know that, according to Ms. Hawking, the island isn’t finished with Desmond yet. And we all know Desmond has ties to the number 108, as he pushed a button every 108 minutes for two years of his life. The only concern I have with this is the fact that getting Desmond back to the island would prove to be quite a chore. I have a feeling he wouldn’t willingly go back as long as his wife and child were still alive, which may not bode well for the Hume family. But regardless, keep your eyes on Desmond. Even if he isn’t 108, I have a feeling he’s going to turn out to be pretty important to Lost’s endgame.

Someone We Don’t Know

According to Lostpedia, and the countless screenshots already out there, the wheel shows number 108 as someone with the name “Wallace.” We have yet to meet a character with this last name, and the Lost crew rarely puts things like this in place as just placeholders. They know fans are going to hunt though the episodes for clues and pick apart every little detail they find. They would have known we’d find the name Wallace on the dial, and it was probably put there as a clue. So unless we find out that one of our characters changed their name at some point in their life (very unlikely), chances number 108 is someone we’ve never even met.

However, before I close, keep in mind one small point. The Lost crew is good on details, but sometimes they do throw in things for us to study, only to reveal it to be something we never thought of. Remember the obituary from the season three finale? Fans read over it for almost a year, trying to figure out who was in the coffin. The obituary listed things like the man having a son, and the name Jeremy Bentham. It turned out later that the name was the only thing we were supposed to take from the obit, as the rest of the story was put in there as a red herring, just a trick to mislead us and send us down the wrong track. The name on the wheel could turn out to be the same thing.

So who do you think number 108 is? Put your thoughts in the comments!

  • rick

    Kate! Well, only because she was visited by Jacob and not listed in the cave.

    • laurie

      “Austen” is #51 on the dial in the lighthouse.

    • Jay

      I think 108 was a red herring. I’m wondering about Kate as the island’s possible savior…she’s shown that she’ll do anything to protect the people she loves (however misguided, like blowing up her SOB stepdad) and while it hasn’t worked out, she seems like a real candidate for protector. I would love the mind-bending of Kate and Sawyer being the replacements for Jacob and the MIB (they were visited very young by Jacob, so perhaps the other visits were to influence those two).

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        what if Desmond’s real last name is Wallace? he did say he was from Scottland, right? i.e. william wallace a stretch, i know

  • Greg

    #108 is WALLACE, who is apparently already crossed off.

    • #109 is Friendly! LOL Mr. Friendly wasn’t a nickname after all!

  • scharron
  • laurie

    Couldn’t Wallace also be someone unimportant since Jacob just wanted Jack to see his own name there anyway?

    Like 108 is a red herring altogether.

    • Casey

      EXACTLY! I’ve been telling people that all day, Laurie, and nobody listens. Jacob straight up tells Hurley that it isn’t important. The plan was about getting Jack out of the Temple and getting him to realize his importance. Nothing else.

      108 is a red herring. It was never important.

    • dust

      that’s what i thought too…

      • Pamela

        108 is what you get when you add up the other numbers…’s the combination of the survivors that are on the wall

    • Jacob said whoever it was could somehow manage to find his way there.

      My bet is Des. He has a boat. Faraday’s mom said the Island wasn’t finished with him yet.

      Or – Wallace will be the real Keeper of the Island, come home to find his boys made a big big big mess.

  • scharron
  • scharron

    Laurie- I couldn’t agree more. After Jacob’s chat with Hurley, I think we can assume you are correct.

  • Marc


    • ohhhhh

    • don_simon

      Interesting thought!

      My addition to that is more specific: perhaps it is the name of the guy whose body MiB is occupying in “The Incident” (S5 finale).

      Of course, all the candidates’ numbers add to 108. If 108 is the number of MiB perhaps the important bit is that if Jacob dies (as he has done) ALL the candidates with “the numbers” are needed to restore the balance and stop MiB? Locke being dead is a bit of a spanner in the works, to be sure, but Eloise did indicate that Locke had to be taken to the island as well for the 316 idea to work…

      316…who’s that? 😛

  • Joe DeSanto

    This whole lighthouse thing reminds me of the eerie feeling I would get while playing Myst….Anyone else?

    • Ed Holden

      When they were turning the mirror into different positions to reveal reflections of distant places, yes I thought exactly that.

    • That’s exactly what came to mind for me, too!

    • I’m pretty sure Damon has cited Myst as an influence at some point.

      You might enjoy this article from Pop Matters about Lost’s links to video games:

    • amybic

      That is the same exact thing I thought of during that scene. I wish I played that game more.

    • Iwantmykidneyback

      except in myst I could spend hours upon hours not figuring anything out only to be greatly satified when things would start clicking…ok so myst is EXACTLY like lost.

      • s.w.a.c.

        I’ve been thinking Lost is a lot like Myst since very early on. That’s probably why I found Via Domus so disappointing.

    • nelson

      100% myst-alike. That lighthouse could perfectly be in Jnanin or Myst Island.

  • Don’t forget that the sole purpose of them coming to the lighthouse may have been so Jack would catch a glimpse of his childhood home. There may never have been any importance to 108, other than the fact Jacob knew they’d likely pass #23 on the way, triggering Jack’s reaction.

    Jacob doesn’t seem the sort to come right out and say “Sorry I used you- there’s nobody coming”

    • Joe DeSanto

      I agree, it guaranteed he would see that number

    • Senator Ackbar

      I think the “someone” coming to the island was Jack’s intestinal fortitude

  • (heh, I was still typing when Lauie posted. I agree!)

  • Sean

    If you look at the screencaps 108 is Wallace? Who is Wallace?

  • I’m going to say it doesn’t matter who 108 is. It’s apparently this person Wallace who’s crossed out–so–dead. But it doesn’t matter. We learned last night when Jacob didn’t care about his broken mirrors that turning the contraption to 108 wasn’t really what Jacob wanted done. What he wanted was for Jack to see his house. He wanted to get a reaction out of Jack. I think that 108 thing was just a mini-McGuffin.

    • dp2

      Crossed out probably just means “no longer a candidate”, not “dead”. Consider that Jacob died before Juliet, yet she’s crossed off.

      • I agree with you about crossed off not meaning dead, but Juliet died about 30 years before Jacob.

        • Benjamin

          Juliet died in 2007. Rewatch the premiere.

          • Uncle Beaver


          • Uncle Beaver

            Shit.. computer’s a piece of crap…
            What the post was SUPPOSED to say, was:


            But how would JACOB know she wasn’t a candidate before she died? What is the criteria for being a candidate?

          • Just realised you’re right.

    • Shaun

      Does being crossed out automatically mean you’re dead though? Check out that screen cap showing “Wallace” as 108… I saw the name “Linus” too (I’ll check the number again), and that was also crossed out. We know Ben’s still alive. I seriously doubt his creep of a dad was never a candidate.

      • Shaun

        Looks like Linus is 117.

        • Alex

          What if Ben IS dead? Well, sort of. Just like Sayid, and Claire. What if when he was ‘revived’ as a child from Sayid’s gunshot, he was then crossed off, because he was no longer himself…

  • Charles Wallace. A Wrinkle in time. Telepathic kid. I think its
    1. to tell us that kids are important, even though (for example) Walt hasn’t been around or his importance explained that they can be candidates
    2. a homage to the character
    3. a ploy to get Jack to pass his number and see his house.

    * Also when Jack says “did you see that?” on the way to 108 was that Hawking’s church he passed??

    • dp2

      I thought it was the church where Sawyer met Jacob.

      • naultz

        good call and sawyer 15 would be close to jack 23

      • Kier

        that is what i thought too

        • Yes, the Temple where Jacob met Jin and Sun, and the church where Sawyer met Jacob. This means Jacob met Jack or Christian at the Shepherd house, something we’ve yet to see. I think.
          Also…this person that Jacob wanted to summon…he said that they would find another way to the island. I’m pretty sure that Jacob would have liked if Jack hadn’t broken the lighthouse, but he has a cool island attitude about things not going as planned. He is the one arguing for humanity, after all. And, that takes patience.

  • Dan L

    108 is the sum of Hurley’s #s and is the time the castaways had to push the button in the hatch. I have a feeeling that 108 still has some meaning even if the reason Jack went was to get another push in the right direction. I have a feeling Wallace may be someone we dont know, or at least dont know by that name, kind of like how Sawyer is also Ford.

  • Newbie

    Agreed bdjsb7– But I also think that 108 is significant in some way–But what??

    Bit Farfetched — But my guess is the first mate of the Black Rock? Author of the Journal Widmore purchased? Wallace is a Scottish name??? and it sailed from Portsmouth??? Anyone know the Authors name — I cant find it!

    Nerd moment here — Anyone else draw parallels between this light house & the lighthouse of Alexandria? (except the size)

    • Yeah, I was thinking of the ancient wonder, too. I wonder if the civilization that built the Temple and the Statue constructed the lighthouse as well.

      • Newbie

        have to be — all Egyptian themes — all look around the same rate of decay

  • Yin Yang

    Who’s number 9?
    First I thought it’s got to be Jack’s father Christian. However, his surname’s also Shephard. Ilana?
    All in all, I believe it would be too obvious if we were already able to know who number 108 is. It’s like in a crime story, most of the time the assassin was someone you would have at least expected them to be.

    • Dominick

      we got a good ol’ Scooby-Doo mystery going here.

    • Dominick

      Jack says, “Okay gang, let’s split up and look for clues.”
      Hurley says, “Me and Scooby’ll check out the kitchen.”

  • Michel

    Wallace is obviously a fake name… only three people we know have left the Island in circumstances that have forced them to use fake names… one is Locke, who called himself jeremy Bentham… and the other two are Walt and Desmond, because they were trying not to be found. While I’m rooting for a Walt comeback, Wallace must be Des… for William Wallace, most famous Scot 😉

    • Newbie

      wow – great connect on Des —

      • lockeheart

        lol. yeah i guess that makes sense. I really think however that the idea of desmond being jacob’s son is still in play. We dont know anything about his past in terms of his childhood or family. Also I’m not sure if jacob can even have kids but when I saw illana crying in the foot last episdode it really seemed like she had some type of sibling or father-daughter relationship with him. Maybe illana and desmond are twins!

    • melisalevans

      Wallace #108-seems likely that Des and Penny have been incognito, trying to stay off of Widemore’s radar, maybe Wallace (most famous Scot) is their alias. Therefore their child…Charlie, would go by the name of Charles Wallace. Charles Wallace was a character in A Wrinkle In Time series of children’s books. He was a psychic child in stories about time/space travel, changing the past, series of “might-have-been” events, turning point events battles between the powers of good and evil, a large evil cloud called The Black Thing, and an evil intelligence called IT who controls people’s minds.

  • Could it be Ilana? We don’t know her last name.

    • The Mantis

      Ilana is already on the island yo.

      • Uncle Beaver

        … and..?

  • Yin Yang

    I agree with you there, Michel. In a way it would make sense. Not only because William Wallace is the most famous Scot but also because it was Desmond’s job to prevent the counter from reaching 108.
    Desmond’s not dead, though…perhaps a person’s name is crossed out after they have chosen one of the three options or when they die.

    Why the heck is the name “Locke” crossed out, rather than “Bentham”???
    Is it possible that “Jacob” is “Jacob Wallace”? He died, he chose the candidates and perhaps he needs Desmond or Walt to protect the island.

    • JCM

      I like the Jacob idea. I heard someone else suggest this reminds them of the Harry Potter Horcrux idea. Here the numbers of our Losties add up to 108, so they represent or make up Jacob, or something along those lines. Good possibility.

    • jon

      His name is Locke, just as Ford shows up but not Sawyer.

  • Andra

    What about Daniel Faraday? But I think Desmond is definitely a good possibility. I would be happy with either!

    • Wanda

      Faraday was killed in 1977 by his mother. If there’s a reset, it’s the other timeline, not the one on the island.

  • Jayro

    Nobody has been talking about the possibility of it being Aaron. He obviously didn’t come back to the island with the other castaways, but I thought that awhile back he was supposed to be the key to the story or something. Does anyone remember that?

    • Main in Blue

      Actually, a LOT of people have been talking about it being Aaron. That’s a pretty common theory.

  • I would definitely go with Desmond. We have nothing in regards to a backstory for him and he is 108. He sat at the computer for years, he “is the sum” of all the others…4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

  • cap10tripps

    If there is signifigance to #108 Wallace, then I’d agree Desmond makes a lot of sense. He would’ve changed his name, we’ve seen him on the plane in “LA X,” and he has an ability that makes him unique. There’s two other possibilities in my mind though.

    One is Aaron. We don’t know Aaron’s father’s last name, and we saw his paintings scattered about in the first few seasons (possible hint?). We also know that Aaron has always been very important in ways we’ve never known. He has also become prevalent in the current story arc.

    The third would be the boy we saw Smokey chasing in “The Substitute.” This fits the Charles Wallace “A Wrinkle in Time” idea. It’s possible they had this idea for Walt until he grew to over 6′ tall in a short period of time. Now they could close Walt’s story as a clue to why he was a special boy but not THE special boy. I suppose it’s also a possibility that the boy and Aaron are one in the same, but not too sure how they’d explain that…

    • cap10tripps

      …I’m sure the island’s special space and time properties would go a long way in explaining.

    • bryan

      on hugos arm, it said 108 aaron.

      and i might add that i think, aaron, the mib, and jacob are all the same person.

      being that aaron as he gets older goees back in time, again and again, always trying to make the past better. the mib would be the oldest aaron, then jacob then aaron. and perhaps the kid the mib was chassing was the aaron before him :O

  • ghanima

    I think it’s Desmond- the sum of all the numbers. And the island isn’t done with him. I wonder if being crossed out necessarily means you are dead- since #51 is Austin and she is still alive. Unless that refers to her dad or something and Kate’s name is under her real last name, Janssen. Being crossed out could just mean no longer a candidate.

    • ghanima

      Oops, rechecked the image- Austen isn’t crossed out after all. Hmmm, interesting.

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  • Yin Yang

    #51 is NOT crossed out because she (Kate) is still alive. Well, there’s a decent chance that death is not a precondition to become crossed out, I agree with you in this point.

  • Bryan

    My guess would be Aaron. The boy seems to be far too important to just go on living out his life off island. Also, we don’t know his last name because his father’s last name was never given. We’ll see!

  • ErasedSlate

    I would think that Jacob is speaking metaphorically. It is the Jack finally awakening to his purpose.

  • MsDee

    I’m calling David as 108!!! read psalm 108 written by David

    • Dominick

      Jack doesn’t have a son in the timeline where the lighthouse exists and Jack just smashed the mirrors. No son, no David.

    • Dominick

      The banner outside the recital hall where David performs does say “Welcome all Candidates”

    • Sawyer is my constant

      This is what I was thinking as well. Obviously there is some importance to the fact that Jack has a son and they have gone out of the way to NOT tell us who the mother is. Also Jack’s family has a long history with the island, his father is connected and some have speculated his grnadfather might have also had something to do with this whole saga. David could very well have his mother’s maiden name…Wallace?

  • sparafucile

    #117 reads “Linus”

    • Dominick

      Yep and he’s still alive, so you don’t have to die to get crossed off the list?
      Or does it refer to a different Linus, maybe his dad, or some blanket carrying kid?

      • Are you sure that Ben didn’t die in the temple after he was shot by Sayid?

        • Dominick

          then who eulogized Locke and is walking around with Ilana, Sun, and Lapidus on the island?

        • stweedle

          Same with Jin could’ve died in the boat blast. Maybe he’s already been claimed.

          • Benjamin

            If Jin was claimed, hew wouldn’t be reacting to Claire and her “Friend” they way he did. Let’s think kids.

      • RH

        Not everyone crossed off is dead.

        • Wanda

          Unless they all are. But presumably you’re thinking of Miles.

          • dp2

            Jacob was dead before Juliet died, and she’s crossed off.

      • shea

        could be bens father or mother. or maybe he was a candidate prior to be taken to the temple as someone below suggested.

  • Andyr

    Did anyone check out #109? does that say friendly as in tom friendly? Was that his real name? i dont recall…

    • RH

      Yep, Friendly was his last name.

  • sawdog

    What if 108 were the man in black.
    Also, Walt did not communicate with Michael via the computer; the others were manipulating Michael to draw him to them, so they could bargain with him to free Ben. I wouldve thought that was obvious.

    • lester

      Impressive! And you’re right about Walt.

      • Marc

        i said this about smokie man and black in an earlier comment jerk

        • Cutter XXIII

          Wow, you’re a genius and a child!

          A child genius! 🙂

        • Uncle Beaver

          Oh, my GOD!!

          Characters on this show are manipulating one another?

          … no way.

    • Kevin James John

      No that was Walt. But he wasn’t using a computer. Producers confirmed this.

      • Wanda

        Agreed. Walt did have special powers.

        They never did explain why the Others were in Mad Max/ZZTop garb though, did they?

  • Troy Levesque

    Wallace West is the author of the book “Lords of Atlantis” In the first episode this year they flew over the island and it was at the bottom of the ocean. An island the sank to the bottom of the ocean, sound familiar?

  • RH

    So, last night we saw a wheel with 360 names on it, each one a degree of a circle. And the mysterious 108–a very important number to Lost–bizarrely enough, had the name Wallace on it–a name we’ve never heard in relation to the series. Even more bizarrely, the number 108 was already crossed off. Those whose numbers have been crossed off are apparently either dead or unviable as candidates. And it looks like the candidacy is for who gets to be the island protector. Since Linus (Ben’s last name) is among those crossed off, that means the list also includes those who have already been island protectors. My guess is that Whidmore also appears somewhere on the wheel. And that leads me back to Wallace. See, 108 HAS to be important–it’s the most important number on Lost. So I can’t imagine that they’d introduce a guy named Wallace, three episodes before the series ends, and voila, have him replace Jacob/MIB as the savior of the island. Now, I’m still holding onto the idea that Aaron is somehow MIB, even though I admit that makes no sense whatsoever. Therefore, I think Wallace must be…Jacob’s last name. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…Jacob Wallace, #108, who was being ironic in having Hurley choose that name on the wheel, since it was his own.

    • Very nice. I like you.

  • I’m sure it has meaning, they just want us to mangle our brains trying to figure it out. Penny and her daddy Chuck will show up soon as they have been pivotal characters on the show. And Walt? He is a major key to all this and since the actor who plays Walt’s dad was on the red carpet premiere I am too assume he will show up soon as well.

    But “who is coming” next week?! The one Jacob and Flocke were both in fear of?

  • Drew

    I agree that 108=Wallace=Smokey but that Desmond is who they need to come to the island.

    I haven’t seen Lapidus anywhere on either the cave or the dial. I was hoping he was more than just the device to introduce the idea of “candidates.”

  • Anna

    I agree that the Wallace person is probably unimportant BUT if it is someone we know I think it’s Eloise Hawking. We don’t know for sure that Faraday or Hawking is her maiden name. And she’s crossed off because she had her turn as leader and left the island? She’s clearly still connected to the island and she DID help the Losties get back.

    Just a thought – I hadn’t seen anyone else post it.

    • ErasedSlate

      I don’t understand how Ben Linus is alive the sideways timeline. He went to the temple after being shot by Sayid. Presumably the Nuclear Bomb would have prevented Widmore, Hawking and even Richard’s meddling in the new timeline. Ben was not one of the ones evacuated before the incident, was he?

      • Wanda

        The sideways timeline is not the result of the incident, or Ethan would be dead too.

        • Zonker

          Not necessarily. I could believe baby Ethan got evacuated with his mother (and with baby Miles for that matter!) prior to the Incident. But seeing Ben alive & well in the flashsideways world pretty much confirms that the flashsideways island did not sink at the moment of Jughead explosion. Otherwise young Ben would be at the bottom of the ocean, as he was still recovering with the Others from his Temple-dunking.

          • Right! Also, Dogen…

    • Wallace is very important, we just don’t know how or why yet.

  • jessea

    other names i noticed on the wheel were “Friendly” for Tom Friendly (109), and “Dawson” for Michael and WALT Dawson (124)…

  • Cutter XXIII

    William Wallace.


  • Cutter XXIII

    Dick Cavett is a candidate.

  • craig

    Could Wallace be short for ‘Walt’?

    • WheresDesmond

      Do we know what Walt’s legal last name was? I don’t want to assume that it was Dawson, like Michael. If his stepfather adopted him, what was his stepfather’s last name? (Could it have been Wallace?)

      • paula

        His name is Walter; named after Michael’s father.

        • WheresDesmond

          Yes, but what is Walt’s last name? Is it, in fact, Dawson? I can’t imagine his mother allowing that after she prevented Michael from having any sort of contact with him while she was alive.

  • craig

    Also, there must only be 360 names to correlate with the 360 degrees of a circle

    • Wanda

      it looks like they add new names on top of the old ones. Shephard looks like there was another 23 under there in the past.

  • craig

    321 is the highest seen so far, right?

  • Benjamin

    Desmond, Walt or David. At this point I think bringing all the loose ends (like Desmond and Walt) would be the greatest possibility. However I do find the David theory pretty interesting…and the banner at his piano audition couldn’t just be coincidence? I know this is LOST, but still..

  • redmusic

    What if Wallace is the real name of the MIB? I mean I have nothing to go on except that 108 is an important number and the MIB said he was a man once too, but we don’t know his name. Maybe the MIB was once a candidate. Just a thought.

  • Benjamin

    While looking in the Mirrors, were the first reflections supposed to be of Sun/Jin’s past? Seems to be.

    • Jarumajoo

      Jacob told Hugo he had to use the Light House to help someone find the Island. So, doesn’t that rule out anyone who’s already on it? Including the smoke monster?

      The names on the wheel are all family/sur names right? I was thinking about Desmond but his full name is Desmond Hume. I’m just hoping it’s not a brand new character. There are too many unanswered questions already!

  • 4+8+15+16+23+42=108

    • Mike

      what about 51? that was Austen on the dial.

      • redmusic

        If you assign simple values to letters (a=1, b=2, etc) w-a-l-l-a-c-e adds up to 57. 57+51=108. Just a silly thing that probably means nothing. But why not speculate

  • Wallace is all of the candidates?

  • Ament

    Firstly, I really don’t think 108 actually has a purpose and feel it is a red herring just so Jack can see whats happening as Hurley pulls the chains (and give us fans something to blog about). Jacob knew this would happen, he knew it would trigger something in Jack to guide him to the next step and just like a lighthouse does, it guides.

    On the other hand 108 just happens to be the sum total of 4,8,15,16,23,42 (for those that didn’t realize) meaning 108 = all of them. According to the Valenzetti Equation if one of these numbers were altered, it would change the end of the world outcome. Since they posted that small DHARMA segment they would have us believe they were just numbers, with us having no clue that attached to these numbers are our losties. Locke, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, Shepard, Kwon(s). Right now, not so much in spirit, but in body all 6 are intact and on the island so the equation hasn’t changed. In my opinion smokey can’t change looks because of this equation. Ilana told us this and coincidentally she knows about the candidates. When we thought Sayid was out of the picture what were we told by Lennon at the Temple “If your friends there dies, we’re in a lot of trouble”. I’m throwing it out there but maybe the biggest problem and battle between the Temple People and Dharma (Faith Vs Science) is the ignorance in the equation and Dharma had it backwards the entire time…4,8,15,16,23,42 should NOT be altered.

    Thats my Lostpiracy Theory, but actually I do believe 108 is just and easter egg and makes for good tv.

  • harry

    im assuming that although jacob’s motive of the lighthouse was not for hugo to bring someone to the island, maybe someone is still coming! and in making the guess that its mr.108.
    maybe hes like a terminator robot that can kill MIB…but i doubt it

  • Ament

    I’m sure like most of you, I found it very odd that Jack looks at his appendix scar and has to ask his mother when he had the surgery. That moment reminded me of what happened to Desmond when he imploded the swan station he awoke on the floor, puzzled, except he seemed to be more grounded and more aware that something just wasn’t right rather than Jack. Jack is well aware of his son in the alternate world meanwhile when Jack walks through the jungle with Hurley, Hurley tells Jack he’s sorry about what happened with Kate and figured they’d have tons of kids by now…(not quoting) Jack says along the lines “me a father (shakes head) nah”. Maybe there is a connection or a slow explanation build up from when Juliet hit the bomb and Kate waking up in a friggin tree. Maybe our flashsideways segments is a giant “The Constant” episode.

    • icy_one

      I think that the original reality is starting to bleed into the new reality in terms of memories, but so far no indication that the reverse is happening. Jack had, of course, had his appendix removed as a child in the new reality, but in the original reality it was removed by Juliet in late 2004. New reality Jack sees his scar but doesn’t remember his appendix being removed because his memories are starting to sync up. There so far haven’t been any nods that there are physical things bleeding realities.

      Just my theory.

    • naultz

      so to add to the mystery of the numbers, there are now 108 posts on this thread…Ooooooooo 🙂

      • naultz

        also this episode was the 108th hour of lost…double Ooooooooo:)

  • Dharma Chameleon

    Maybe David’s mother is Juliet? Maybe it is possible that Juliet and Jack worked at the same hospital/med school?

  • Cheryl

    Jacob Wallace. 108 was Jacob, and he was the last “Candidate”.

  • ACW

    Just out of curiosity, but have they revealed who #42 is yet? I think they have shown all of the other numbers but not this one yet, maybe I’ve just missed it.

  • clueless1der

    Someone We Don’t Know…

    Wallace…. hm..

    I’m going with the theory that we haven’t seen this Wallace yet. He/She is likely someone that we haven’t met yet… and by that I mean one of our major players. As much as we might want it to be someone we know and love (Like, OMG! Sun’s middle name is WALLACE!!! I totally did not know that in the six years we’ve known her!!!) I just don’t see them doing that. It would be a total writing copout.

  • val

    Why is Daniel’s last name Faraday and not Widmore or Hawking?

  • arrow

    I think that Wallace will be someone connected to Libby. I remember reading that we will learn more of her story. How did she end up in the mental hospital with Hurley?

  • DharmaDave

    Just a quick statement about Walt. While I believe that Walt possessed special abiilities, I do not believe that had anything to do with why the other’s took him.

    It seems to me that the other’s were informed by Ethan that there was a father and son on the island and they were planning on sailing away in a raft. The others took walt and were the ones communicating with Michael (pretending to be Walt) on the hatch computer Thier whole plan was to use Walt to get Michael desperate enough that he would aid in thier plan to capture Jack Kate and Sawyer, where Ben would then use Sawyer and Kate to force Jack to do his surgery.

    So yeah, Walt had some special abilities, but as far as relevance in the show, that was just a red herring as to why the others wanted walt and really has no bearing on what happened and why he was taken.

  • andrea

    About Jack’s appendix – I found it interesting that Margo commented that Jack’s father wanted to remove it himself, but that they wouldn’t let him. This lines up with one theory that this is all happening in Jack’s head and that in the sideflash he is represented by himself, his father and David (to ‘cure’ him of his daddy issues). When Jack was ill on the island, he wanted to help remove his own appendix and was not allowed.

    Additionally, #51 may not represent Kate. It may represent Aaron. You have to assume that he is ‘legally’ an Austin too.

  • Rebbekka

    Number 42 was Kwon

    Libby’s last name was Smith

  • melisalevans

    Wallace #108-seems likely that Des and Penny have been incognito, trying to stay off of Widemore’s radar, maybe Wallace (most famous Scot) is their alias. Therefore their child…Charlie, would go by the name of Charles Wallace. Charles Wallace was a character in A Wrinkle In Time series of children’s books. He was a psychic child in stories about time/space travel, changing the past, series of “might-have-been” events, turning point events battles between the powers of good and evil, a large evil cloud called The Black Thing, and an evil intelligence called IT who controls people’s minds.

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